One America Atlanta – Strengthening Communities – Chase

Born to Sing (Singing): I believe in me. I’ll hold my ground. David Balos, Market President, Chase: We’re here at Carver High School in Atlanta and it’s exciting today. (Singing) The energy here at the event today is unbelievable. Ann Reinert, Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase: JPMorgan Chase is partnering with Points of Light for the One America Tour here in Atlanta. Keisha Knight Pulliam, Actress/Philanthropist: One America is helping children, well young adults, prepare for college, prepare for higher education, prepare for what’s beyond High School by the key, helping them figure out how to pay for it. Powerful Voices Panel: We hope that here today we’ll be able to share some stories and give you some next steps on achieving your dreams. Malcolm Peavy, Year Up Alumni: I was pretty much homeless after High School. I found out about Year Up somewhere in that homelessness. It’s a one year trade school/vocational school as well as a training program; they work on several other skills as well as giving you resources. I have a list of scholarships for going back to school. So pretty much when I go back to school now I have no student loans. Meanwhile I have friends who are 2 years with $40,000 worth of debt. Keisha Knight Pulliam: It’s imperative for them to see all of the possibilities. If they don’t know it exists, they don’t know to dream it. Delores Morton: Because of your volunteer leadership in challenging so many girls to dream big and invest in their futures, I’m honored to present you with Daily Point of Light Award #5,171. Congratulations (clapping). David Balos: The power to change communities is really driven by volunteerism. Ann Reinhart: So we have volunteers here today to help students understand: “What is FAFSA and how can it be used to help me identify additional financial resources to get to where I need to go in my career.” David Balos: They’re here to help, sit down answer any questions and help those students really understand what they’re putting down in the application and making sure they get it right. Dennis Bega: It’s important for kids to say yes to the opportunity to access the public resources for college access, whether it’s a 1 year, 2 year or 4 year institution. We know that kids with a college degree will on average earn substantially more than they would ever if they just stopped at a High School education. Keisha Knight Pulliam: It’s not about what your family has, what your family doesn’t have, it’s about what you do with the talents and the gifts that you are given. Born to Sing (Singing): I believe in me. I won’t lose hope. (clapping)

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