One World Observatory- Tourist Trap Or Must Visit? (NYC Attraction Review)

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from the Financial District of Manhattan And on this freezing cold day I’m going to be showing you around what I think is one of the coolest indoor things you can do On your next trip to New York City One World Trade Center The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere Has an observatory at the top And the team at One World Trade is giving us the opportunity to show it to you guys And I’m going to give you my honest opinion if I think It’s worth going up there and spending 34 dollars On this experience Here we go Guys I am most excited because Team Adriana Is going to go to the observatory for the first time In her New York Stay Are you excited Yes, Jon has been talking a lot about it And I really want to see it Because it seems like he has something really cool to show me up there And I want to see it And we have another special guest Tal from the Traveling Clatt He’s been running all over New York the last couple of months And it’s your first time as well right I’m so excited, I was at the top of the twin towers A week before they came down So for me this is a big moment to come to the top of this one.. Again I am just super excited to show Adriana this I’ve been wanting to take her for a long time I want to see it I want to see what you’re talking about The elevator ride is coming up guys And if you’ve never taken this elevator ride before Let me say It is the coolest elevator ride I’ve ever taken in my life You’re about to find out why Do you like lines? No.. We’re going to be waiting just a little bit Just a little.. We got through security And when you walk through.. They have videos playing.. And a lot of the construction workers Who helped build this building give their opinions On how important it is to New York City The experience begins the second you get right past security And it’s very nice This isn’t real This is plastic It’s meant to represent the granite that New York City is built on top of The building that basically allows New York to build buildings so high So that’s why we start underground and we go up Tal has gotten us a private press elevator we’ll call it Just us 4 to ride to the 102nd floor On the skypod This is one of the fastest elevators in the world We’re going to get up there in about 60 seconds And what you’re about to see On the walls of the elevator Well.. It’s very very unique Ready? Guys you’re about to see the history of New York City From the 1500s on
Here we go Wow What did you think? That’s amazing guys.. You have to come to do it It’s awesome Like you see New York How it was built.. it’s amazing I liked New York in the 15-1600s When it was just forest That was my favorite part I know.. Seeing how it sprouts up Unbelievable You believe that.. you think that New York was always there But of course it wasn’t And it’s amazing One last video before entering I don’t think most people here were expecting that you watch a little show before you go in.. And it reveals the view.. We’ve gone down 2 floors To the actual observation deck This is the moment you guys have been waiting for To see if it’s actually worth it To come here I believe we’re on floor 100 right now The tallest point that the public can get access to In the Western Hempishere First view coming up.. you ready? Look at this Oh my Man you can see so far away I can see.. The Bronx. I think I can even see Westchester County In the distance New York State And all of New Jersey right there The cool thing about the Observatory is that.. You have a 360 degree view You can walk all around And pin point different local attractions If you know what to look for Let’s see what I can recognize Just from being this high up Adriana is going to show you guys where we live We live right here.. You can see the arch Oh isee Guys look the Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan Bridge Williamsburg Bridge I feel like a god up here They do serve beer up here 10 dollars if you want a beer with your view Or 14 dollars for the cheapest glass of wine But what do you expect You are at the top of the Western Hempishere Drinks aren’t going to be cheap Right behind Jon is a show where..they talk about a lot of New York’s History And how it was built.. the way it was And why it was built the way it was It’s really interesting Don’t skip over it just because its.. Not the view.. There’s a lot of interesting information there This guy knew his stuff Recommend you sit for a few minutes A lot of people tend to focus on the views of Midtown Manhattan And the Brooklyn Bridge And the Williamsburg, Manhattan Bridges I actually prefer the views this way Of the Statue of Liberty And Governors Island You can see the water You can see the staten island ferry There’s a lot less people kind of huddled here It’s just beautiful On a sunny day like this I’d recommend making sure you’re coming on a clear day To get the views of the city It feels like you just put a green screen of New York City Behind me And i’m shooting a video but it’s actually there It’s breathtaking It was absolutely incredible For us to be working with the One World Trade Center Observatory Is so freaking cool And to be able to be sent up here And be able to see all this stuff It was just amazing to me It’s just a surreal experience I had to take a few moments to just look out the window without filming Without touching the camera And just really take it all in Because it’s so incredible.. So Adriana did One World Observatory live up to the hype? Oh definitley From the beginning To the top
It’s amazing All the way here You see how New York was built And then you get to see above New York How many chances do you have to do that It’s incredible The ride down is pretty neat also.. It’s like being in a VR Chamber Yeah All of our ears are popping right now It was so quick ! Is One World Observatory A Tourist Trap? Absolutely not Yes their are a lot of tourists who go there But for good reason It is one of the best attractions in New York City And the only attraction I think I would actually pay for myself To go to the top Although I do want to thank the folks at one world observatory For letting us check it out Guys if you want more information about how to visit I’m going to put a link down below In the description And of course if you want more information about New York City Make sure to check out all of my playlists linke down below Tal from the Traveling Clatt has a really cool video about the financial district Going to link that down below as well When I get the opportunity
Guys thank you so much for watching As always Until next time Inside the top.. The.. i’m like.. I don’t know what i’m saying I’m doing that over My name is Jon Barr And welcome to the news Thank you buddy..

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  • @Here be barr im going to nyc tomorrow; would you rather recommend going to the one world observatory or top of the rock? (And i love your channel btw! Great guide for planning my trip)

  • I moved here from LA in 84 I'm a Ambullette driver so I know 4 out of5 boros real good and i love your videos . I go to Raos once a Year I'm going tonight if you ever want to go let me know

  • We went in February had top of rock to ourselves and Empire State Building was quite
    One world was so busy I much preferred top of rock

  • It IS a tourist trap BUT it's 100% worth it. The view is unmatched by any building in North America. Maybe the CN Tower can compete but not on price! One World Trade should be on every visitors list.

  • It is very cool, however no real residents go there actually . The whole plaza is mobbed on weekends by torrents of tourists. It takes away from the somberness of 9-11 plaza

  • Hi! Love ur videos
    Am going to NY on April wanted to know what’s cheaper to take to the hotel taxi or subway? Also how is the weather in April? Thanks for ur help

  • Thanks for sharing! Good tips! Useful info! The videos in the elevator are awesome! Too bad it's just…60 seconds?? Hmm $34 is not a cheap price. But I guess it's a good thing to have a good general view of the city, specially for first timers in NYC, right?
    Btw, new subscribers here!

  • I was there on December 2018 and I am so sad that I couldn't make it to the top because all those days had zero visibility due to fog 🙁 I hope I can make it in my next trip to NYC…

  • Love both your channel and your friends . I have been to nyc twice and will go again in 2022. In the past only did Empire State Building; next time definitely going to see the ONe world building

  • Hi Jon. I have a question about 9/11 Museum. How do Free Admission Tuesday tickets are distributed? Can I book then online a week before or need to pick them at the ticket booths (physically) one day before? Thanks

  • I think Top of the Rock is better value for money, to be honest. You get views of not only midtown and downtown but also Central Park. The view from the World Trade Centre is alright but I think people go there for the location rather than the view. Does that make sense….?haha

  • I love coming here as a New Yorker, and a skyscraper fan. From above you can see New York's ever changing skyline which I document in my channel over the years. I think it is worth it.

  • I have done the observation at the Empire state building a looong time ago. The elevator rides were pretty cool and the ability to see all around NY. I would probably do it once.

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  • Your travels is great, I want to do like you but if I am successful with my videos, I will go travel like you too.

  • I always thought the observation pod on the top of the Stratosphere in Vegas was the highest spot in the Western Hemisphere…

  • Hello, great video of the OWTC as well as your other videos too. I visited back in 2016, the year it opened was very excited. Though, why would the Empire state building be a tourist trap as opposed to the WTC? I loved the Empire State building too. Especially the art deco interior inside the building and being way on top at night just to see it up and close, lit up too. In my opinion, if you are a true architect fan like myself, the Empire State building is a true must too.

  • pretty awesome, i have been there at ground zero last time in 2009. its defenetly not a rip off to pay the $42 to get on the top of the new one world obsevatory i guess. i will do it on my next stop over NYC to visit Las Vegas
    best regards from germany

  • Lived in NYC 35 yrs till my wife kidnapped me to Houston. Visiting family in May and saving ALL your videos for the trip. Great work

  • Nice but nothing compared to visiting the taller South Tower observatory in 1998 and you could go outside! The Twin Towers are such a loss. They should have been rebuilt!!!

  • Actually the Observatory on the Willis Tower in Chicago is taller than the observatory of One World Trade Center. One World Trade Center is the tallest because of it's spire which makes it 1776 feet tall. But the highest point you can get at in the tower is 1368 feet, the height of the previous World Trade Center.

  • Hope will be fun I reserved it for my wife and 12 year old daughter for Mother’s Day brunch , at 125 each and 75 for my daughter I thought good value ?

  • Hi Jon! Just wondering, what is the best time to visit one world observatory? Any good time where theres minimal crowd?

  • Thanks to this video, I am currently in line for my VIP tour of the One World Observatory. I can't wait. The Observatory is already jaw dropping from the outside. Thanks for the tips guys.

  • in future green buildings they should incorporate something called regenerative dumping, so when you take a shit or piss the energy will be harvested during the free fall to ground level.

  • Although I appreciate your opinion, it's hard to hear whether you think it's worth the $34 cost when you didn't pay it yourself. I also have to question your opinion when they allowed you up there for free, without waiting on the regular line, and sending you in a special elevator. It's hard to decry a sponsor. While I agree that the experience is amazing (and would add that the museum and memorial are even more astounding), that's after having spent all the money and experienced the WHOLE thing as a paying customer. Thanks for the fun vid!

  • On April 1st they need to have video of a plane flying towards you as to make you think it is really happening. What a great April fools joke that would be!!!

  • Adriana's hair is so beautiful 🙂 Great video guys! It will always be a regret of mine that I never got to see the twin towers, I would have absolutely loved to have seen NYC pre 9/11, so much changed here after that. My hubby who grew up here still says it seems strange looking up at the skyline and not seeing the towers even after all these years later. I think One World Observatory is a great experience and a must do for tourists, whenever our families come to visit we always take them there and they always love it, beautiful views of the city. Myself personally, the top of the Empire State Building is my favourite place to take a trip up, I think that's more of a sentimental thing though because it was one of the first places I visited when I moved here🗽

  • My only tip is to NOT buy a ticket to the top of any skyscrapers prior to your trip to NYC. I thought I was being prudent doing so, but the week of my trip was completely rained out with zero views. Since I had already spent the money, we went up anyways and made the best of the situation. We had the Empire State Building and One World Trade Centers all to ourselves. We had no lines and no one else in the elevators. Being outdoor at night in heavy fog made the Empire State Building visit and experience I won't forget. It was very eerie and even the staff said it's the only time they get creeped out. One World Trade Center was not nearly as fun since it is all indoors and was pretty much a complete bust.

  • I’d be scared to visit the top floor honestly, can only imagine the fear those people seen when the plane was coming towards the building😱😱😱😱:( I’m glad you all enjoyed the views😇‼️

  • You forgot to show the most important part of the elevator ride. You know how the counter is showing the years, well, when looking you actually see the twin tower(s) being built and then in 2001 it disappears. Very, very, powerful.

  • i agree, you have to see it – but only once. The Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building aren‘t that high, but they deliver a view without a window between you and NY. You can feel the height and smell and hear the city… I recommend the Top of the Rock for its view of all directions, for example the Empire State Building, the Central Park, and so on…

  • Dude i enjoyed your video however i wanted to let you know that the new 1 wtc aka the freedom tower is not the highest place in the east. The former sears tower now the willis tower in chicago iL. still holds the record for the highest floor level. At least until the new tower in nyc is finished called crap i forget it's name sorry at the moment. The record 1 wtc holds is with it's 408 foot tall spire included with the buildings height is 1,368 feet tall plus the 408 foot tall spire is included. However sears/willis tower still has the highest floor levels a human can stand on and it. The new 1 wtc is the tallest building in the west because of its spire included. That being said a building is going up as we speak in nyc and it will have the highest floor levels when it's completed the tower is called crap! sorry man brain fart ill remember after i get off here. But it will have the highest floor levels in the entire west.

  • Hi John now i remember you first name from in your video sorry i called you dude in my first message to you on here also i now remember the name of the tower i was telling you about in my first message to you on here and its called Nordstron tower when it's completed it will have the highest roof top and highest floor levels in the western hemp. However 1 wtc will still be the tallest only because of it's 408 foot spire & beacon.

  • I lived in Brooklyn for the first 6 months of the year. I loved going to the Freedom Tower. It is one of the best places for a date. Also, it is a giant 1776 foot tall middle finger to the Middle East (minus Eretz Yisroel)

  • After 30Rock and the Empire State Building, this will complete the holy trinity. I went a month before it opened. I've also done the CN Tower, who's SkyPod I think is 100ft / about 30+ floors taller than this observation deck. It also houses the World's tallest outdoor observation deck (Edgewalk)

  • Hey brother do a countdown for 100 k subscriber visit new york giants/jets stadium or new york yankees stadium bronx have a nice day

  • What's amazing is that the original WTC had twice the area on the top floor, and there were two of them (4 times the area total)!

    Still, this new building is beautiful, with amazing windows and views.

  • I'd like to say thank you for your videos, they've been very useful indeed and have contributed enormously to planning my itinerary when I visit for my first time. Keep up the great work! 👍

  • I am good foreign languages and one the language of Portuguese of Brazil in South America and others. The One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere in Lower Manhattan of New York City.

  • Hi, great informative videos. I'm coming with my 13-year-old boy soon so I've chosen One World based on this as opposed to Big Rock etc. Just wondering what are the restrictions on children in bars and pubs in NYC? The hotel won't allow him into the bar on a night but they will escort him up there to get the view of Empire State.

  • Must visit. The building is a tribute to first responders and families of tge victims of tge attacks of September 11th. The survivors of tge attacks. When you are purs, we support you and show up. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.🔒

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