Oonko selviytyjä Survivalist pelissä ? – Pelataan peliä video.

So, here we go It’s General Taggart here Or Pelimies Taggart (WIP) Soon I will start this game streaming I have done little thinking about what games i will going to play in near future One of these games is going to be Euro Truck Simulator 2 What is your opinion for games that you would like to watch being played on live stream You can leave some comments below this video So, now i will start this game Don’t know if it end well or not, but here we go ! This time i will play game called Survivalist Indie game So it’s about Zombies.. So Zombies… More of Zombie games It’s General Taggart or Pelimies…… Oh. It is actually Pelimies Taggart (WIP) (My other channel) I will do highlight’s video of this stream to my main Channel General Taggart Playroom This live stream is alse restreamed to Hitbox and to the Twitch Shall we start ? It has been one year since Zombie outbreak. You are Wheeler Joe So you are an ex banker or something. You are living at Soneran desert Your bunker to be containts rations fo 365 days and now it is day number 364 You also received an S.O.S message from near by Your food is going to be run out, so now it is a good day to go explore outside I am Joe Wheeler. Now i need to go outside to find some food Here is my old car Ouh Here are some kicks to your balls Zombies, man .. they creep me out. Looks like this guy couldn’t move too fast, must have hurt his leg somehow These text moves little too fast to be reactmented by me Nothing here I hear some noises, are here any Zombies Yes, so it seems Here for you Here is some more I shoot you to the same hole twice Are you dead already, are you. Yes, it seems so Do you have something nice for me. It if always good to find some ammo I have done some thinking about, if the Zombie outbreak is going to be happening in Finland It would be much of the melee type of things in here You can’t find many firearms to be held in the general population There are some hunting stores in here, so maybe there is some some guns to be found But not so much as you might have on U.S.A You go to the shop some milk and you can also ask some ammo for your 9mm Throw me a couple of Bazookas as well Here they are. You are most welcome I don’t know it this game released on PC only or for the consoles as well Don’t eat me now Reload Gold I wanted to say earlier about if this game is released on PC first and then consoles? This Zombie legs look funny What reads there Food I am hungry, but to so hungry that I could eat some parer money or not even gold Some Vodka, no No i can’t Let’s go inside to this house There are some chips on this house Now I can eat somehing Njam, Njam, Mjam…… Chips You are there No, No, No…… This time. It’s me who is going to kick some ass here Go over here. Your sister is missing. You got a key for me OK Come here to eat some of my brains Take it easy Take it easy, where are some ammo. Little panicking You worship me? General Taggart is the best. Pelimies Taggart (WIP) is the best I have one the true fan of General Taggart in here You are quite tough are you? Red stream, so it is much tougher enemy than the green one Extremely dangerous Reload Bandage, not Bondage Hey Heyy So you want to go that way. So go already She is going to her sister to say goodbye So it’s there Hombie Joe Wheeler is an… Woman beater Nothing there Pharmacy. Medication Ismah Seely Can we go from here, there is some solar panels So in this way we can enter the house Isham’s shop So you found your way in there at least Some insulin, here it is Ishan, give me some of… Couple of ammo. Please The gun shop More fans of General Taggart They don’t work shipped me long time Isham has a house key Sniper rifle ammo Let’s go to the gun shop. Shall we? Ok Hmmm What are you two doing? Hmmm Now I can use my firearms better, I can even aim to the feet or to the body I don’t need any of Vodka now Not chips either I am always going to need some gold We are quite near of my Bunker Underground I will get tired when I am running PING, PING Can you run any faster Some one’s belly is rumbling, zombies need some brains Infected Here is fridge Enter the command mode Where it is? Soon I will send you there I will send Isham also There This is probably not going to end well HELP It was it I died It’s alright. This game is now getting on my nerves, so it was the end Next time, i will play something else In a near future i am going to play some Euro Truck Simulator 2 I have planned that i will drive around the Europe in this game I will start my journey from England thru France and Spain Italy and blah blah blah And up north somewhere east of Europe area of the game Pelimies Taggart (WIP) or General Taggart end this video here Until the next time. Bye

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