Operation RENDER SAFE – HMAS Diamantina destroys munitions

HMAS Diamantina spent the last two
weeks transiting around the Solomon Islands looking for a second world war bombs that have been left behind from the war and taking around explosives for the land based disposal teams that are around. So we go in search areas utilising our sonar, our vehicles and our divers and then if we find something we have got the explosives and equipment onboard to explosively detonate anything that we find on the seabed. It’s been awesome. We’ve been traveling around all these islands and came to do some things that you don’t get to do in civvy street. So things like looking for World War Two ordnance. I’ve seen some bombs, projectiles, mortars, various types of rounds. There’s definitely quite a bit still remaining. However, there’s not as much as last time I was here in 2013 so we’re definitely making an impact. Historically, you know, there’s a lot of people from the Solomon Islands that have been injured from trying to use these explosives for fishing, ornamental purposes, people just have an
interest in what’s been left behind and they play with him and obviously people can get hurt so we’re just trying to make the area safer for the locals.

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