Opinion | Hong Kong’s protests are a universal fight for freedom. The world must join us.

-We begin here in Hong Kong, which is reeling from some of
the most dramatic scenes it has seen in years. -They want the government
to completely scrap a bill. -Authorities fired tear gas
and pepper spray. -We have been shot
by rubber bullets. We have been beaten by
the indiscriminate use of the batons
of the police officers. -And more than 1,500 activists
were arrested. -We’re following breaking news
in Hong Kong, where police say a protestor
was shot by an officer
during violent demonstrations. -We have seen the erosion
of the freedom of speech, the freedom of press. -We have 200,000 people
took to the street during the Umbrella Movement,
but for now, it’s 2 million people,
1/4 of Hong Kong’s population. -My name is Denise Ho.
-My name is Brian Leung. -I’m Nathan Law. -Joshua Wong, activist
from Hong Kong. -I protest because I believe
that autonomy and democracy are the fundamental values
that Hong Kong people deserve. -I’ve been arrested for eight
times being prosecute and jailed for three times. I will just continue to fight
until the day Hong Kong people can enjoy freedom
and democracy. -A lot of Chinese propaganda
wanted to depict Hong Kong citizens, Hong Kong protestors as rioters,
but, in fact, we are a bunch of people
who were forced to resist. -Before the protests, people probably knew me
as the rebellious singer. -China’s presence and
its suppression in Hong Kong is phenomenal. I was elected as the youngest
ever lawmaker in Hong Kong in 2016, but under China’s intervention,
I lost my seat. And more than 50,000
of the voters who voted for me
also lost their mandate. -The protestors wear masks
because they’re afraid. They’re afraid
of the totalitarian control by the government. They are afraid of
their identity being revealed. I took off my mask on July 1st because I want to appeal
to other protestors who might not agree
with our tactics. I want to show them actually
behind all the chaos, there are demands. There are young people
who really are trying to, you know,
make their voice heard. -The five demands
of the protestors are — -We urge government completely
withdraw the extradition bill. -Withdrawal of the
characterization that, you know, protestors are rioters. -Independent investigative
inquiry on police brutality. -Giving amnesty to protestors who have been arrested
or prosecuted. -Finally, with our cause
on free election. -Hong Kong is at the forefront of the clash of authoritarian
and democratic values. -We are going towards an even
more authoritarian world, actually,
where we are seeing governments ripping the rights
of their people very brutally. Hong Kong is in the front lines
of this very global fight. -I urge the US Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights
and Democracy Act. Human rights should not
be override by business interests
or trade deal. -If you care about democracy,
if you care about freedom and human rights,
you should join hands with us. -And I do call for anyone
in the international communities to wake up to the situation
where we are seeing regimes taking away
these rights from people. And we should fight
as one community in solidarity.

51 thoughts on “Opinion | Hong Kong’s protests are a universal fight for freedom. The world must join us.

  • Bloody Western World does not see the Kashmiris protest but hooligans in the Hong Kong action is against the Western world wants to the Chinese government as barbiric whereas Modi as a doll of The USA.

  • These rioters are not representative of HK. They incessantly beat up HK ppl who disagreed with their actions. They are more authoritarian than anything I've seen.

  • All my love and support for the amazing people who are resisting the Murdering Monsters known as the Criminal Chinese Communist Party leaders.
    This is a Fight for FREEDOM.
    Lose your FREEDOM and it's FOREVER!
    America threw out the British when their rule was not in the best interests of our citizens.
    Hong Kong is just doing the same thing.

  • before 1997, there is no democracy at all in HK, governor’s words are the laws. Now, it has some but limited democracy while enjoying the role as gateway to mainland China. If the democracy comes with a price including long lasting violence, divided society, and economy recession for years, it will just teach both sides a lesson.

  • ☠🕯☠🌹🌹🙏🌹🌹☠🕯☠
    I appreciate to all Hong kong's protesters & hope God give some positive thoughts to China's so called wise government….if china doesn't understand Hong Kong's people pain & problems then God's Power will never understand China's existence….!!
    ☠🕯☠ह्रौं बुद्धं ह्रौं☠🕯☠

  • i dont consider the posts attempts to advertise corrupt polluted democrat impeachment inquiry expectations as very much beyond the traditionally dishonest leftist reactions to all their rigged efforts scams schemes ploys unable to impress intimidate or persuade. but i do think their frustrations with the presidents accuracy and unapologetic approach is better emphasized and more enthusiastically evaluated by libbys leverage of language as opposed to wemples weeping and wailing. as a result, the president can remain confident in his commitment to confronting clinton scam guilt while still advancing the policy corrections and creations promised and elected. perhaps if the post spent more time covering the actual context of concern, instead of demanding attention for reasons why the president doesnt respect lying leftist leadership or their exploitation of agency obligation, then the post would be on the same side as democracy instead of always angrily denying ignoring and failing to manipulate or control it. asking what that has to do with activist josh is the wrong way to go about it guys.

  • The whole world should denounce Wong, Ho, Leung and Law for their crimes against the Hong Kong people. They have done more than enough damage and harm to the peace-loving people of Hong Kong. I support the Hong Kong Police and Government to maintain law and order. These criminals should be severely punished.

  • Hong Kong's protests are a universal fight for freedom lol/ excuse me they are too freedom all of telling lies and make a case

  • Disabled, health issues, fixed income, chronically unemployed-I work when I can.
    As I type, I am thirty-three days away from homelessness (By the way, I'm typing this over a free internet connection at the public library, where I went this morning because of the job search resources available here).
    I have nothing for the protesters in Hong Kong.

  • Stop calling protesters rioters? Go look up the word “riot” then go watch a video of the Hong Kong “protest”. LOL!!

  • Denise Ho is a terrorist leader . Not once has she condemned the violence. Her terrorist actions have damaged the citizens of Hong Kong . China hasn't done a thing , yet these terrorists continue to lie to the world while hiding behind my flag .

  • Турция заявила о начале военных действий в "безопасной зоне" Сирии. Это означает экспансию в сопредельное государство с целью ползучей оккупацию, и с целью воссоздания Османской Империи. Вы можете закрывать на это глаза, а можете помочь курдам в борьбе за Свободу на своей земле, я бы даже сказал вам в создании сирийской автономии Свободный Курдистан.
    Этим сегодня должен заниматься и сенат и другие органы власти в США. Это дает смысл незаконного нахождения США в Сирии. Лично мне Турецкая империя не к чему, эта империя всегда воевала с европейскими странами в том числе Украиной.

  • As a US citizen who lived in China for years and has visited Hong Kong, I support the fight for democracy. I have contacted my Congressman and encouraged him to support the bill. Add oil!

  • The protesters and activist should be arrested. I am disappointed at China doing really nothing to stop protesters. Thus is rediculous.

  • Good…fascists have revealed themselves, this a matter of national security now, clearly there is outside influence instigating the violence….China must step in to protect the people if the HK government can not…

  • This is the new faces of "Gang of Four"? Look like it. These kids miseducated and thought that place where they are living is actually belong to them. Sorry to tell you this, but when English rented that place they promised to return it to China one day. As you should know, China has been a communist country for a very long time. Your compatriots who did not wanted to be slave or coolie of the English master already left to Thailand, Taiwan and they even stole Singapore from the natives and claimed that their new home. What you kids were waiting for all these years for? Should have left HK before it was returned to China. Claiming you are fighting for your freedom is kind of a joke right now since there are billion of Chinese in mainland are doing just find.

  • This boy's crime was that he was breathing the air of Freedom. Freedom is not tolerated in the
    prison of the People's Republic of China. This teenage boy thought he lived in quasi-democratic Hong Kong, only to discover that he was just another inmate in PRC. The Chinese model is what the Democrat/Communist Party intends for America. Gavin Newsom, Sanders, Warren, and all the Commie Traitors in the Democratic/Communist Party and the RINOs as well. All want this Chinese Model for America.

  • They just proved HK has more freedom than the US. Can you imagine a reciprocal situation happening where an American asks for Russian parliamentary relegating economic hardship of his home country and get away with it afterwards. In HK high treason is legal, but can’t run for the office. Btw, this was the point of contention at this moment.

  • Aside from leaching off our economy and stealing our technology for the last 50 years, there are three main accomplishments of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in China. These are:
    1) The Chinese "cultural revolution" which executed countless traditional Chinese and destroyed China's rich heritage. 2) Tiananmen Square,which slaughtered hundreds of Freedom seeking Chinese. and 3) Organ harvesting from inmates in their many prisons and others. This is the future the Democratsand RINO sell-out politicians have in mind for us.

  • I wish we had Patriots of Freedom as sincere as these brave young Chinese protesters in America. These protesters are absolutely right. what we see in Hong Kong is a glimpse of what the Globalist bankers worldwide have in store for all of Humanity. Humanity must push back relentlessly. Stop voting for Sell-Out crap politicians like Newsom, Sanders, Clinton, Warren, AOC, etc. These Traitors have already joined the Communists. Believe it.

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