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WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! I’m Oprah Winfrey welcome to super-soul
conversations the podcast I believe that one of the most valuable gifts you can
give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to
become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right
now WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! born in Chicago and raised a devout
Catholic Carolyn May says she was just eight
years old when she discovered her gift her intuition I first met Carolyn in
1998 by then she had become well known for doing readings to help people heal
Carolyn said she could also gauge people’s health without a physical
examination and referred to herself as a medical intuitive I invited Carolyn to
Harpo Studios to get together and talk and hear her unique perspective on some
of life’s big questions that will help us all feed our soul 1998 we’re sitting
in the other studio right across this wall and we were talking about this book
yeah anatomy of the spirit and you and I were really into it and having a
conversation I look out in the audience and I see people’s eyes I’m not glazing
over but just I could tell they were not with us and I stopped do you remember
this yes I stopped taping and I say okay everybody stop do you all understand
what we’re talking about I said we’re talking about anatomy of the Spirit and
a woman stood up and said no we really don’t what’s what are you talking about
spirit you stopped to explain what we meant by spirit can you do that again
for all of our super-soul family I think this the way to understand your spirit
is that it’s the part of you that is seeking meaning and purpose that’s one
way someone can relate to that another way to understand spirit is that it’s
the part of you that feels that is drawn to hope
that’s one way to understand spirit the part of you that is drawn to hope
everyone can relate to that right the part of your spirit that is simply drawn
to hope that will not give in to despair the part of you that has to believe in
goodness yeah that has to believe in something more it’s the light of you
it’s the light of you but but light needs to have a word like what does that
feel like it feels like hope feels like home it feels like grace because that’s
really clear I got that everyone can get WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! that yeah because nobody wants to be
hopeless it’s the part that says no no I gotta have hope it’s a tweetable quote
there your spirit is a part of you that feels like hope yep there it is
tweet-tweet there is there it is there it is and and everyone says I I get that
I get that I get that okay you say in anatomy of spirit page 170 from a
spiritual perspective in fact the entire physical world is nothing more than our
classroom but the challenge each of us in this classroom is will you make the
choices that you make to enhance your WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! spirit or those that drain your power
yeah I love that you said that because I adjust earlier today was explaining to
someone that I think the world is a whole classroom and probably I read it
in this book 50 years ago and I’m now taking that on to be my own exploration
but that’s how I see the world as this super classroom and that’s why the idea
of what we do on this channel like class I you know using other people’s life as
a life as a class using your life as a WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! class is so stimulating to me well
that’s the whole and and this is the WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! earth school it is an earth school it is
an earth school and if you saw everything about your life as a learning
as a lesson yes I’m looking for truth WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! and I’m looking for is does this drain
power is am i empowering with every WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! choice I make I am either choosing to
grace somebody or withhold it too give power or to take it back if if
people understand that every single thing I’m either gonna learn something
from this or I’m not hmm so every single choice we make is
either going to enhance the spirit right or it’s going to drain totally the
spirit there’s nothing in between there is nothing in between what one child
will give me one choice that could be in between there isn’t there isn’t there
isn’t another way to say that is either you either walking in the direction of
love or you’re walking away but you’re walking to fear well there is no other
choice WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! mm-hmm but even if even if you thought
even if you’re in a grocery store and you’re thinking should I buy this or
that and your gut says you know you can’t eat that mm-hmm and you decide I’m
not gonna listen to that for us right there even that tiny thing you’ve walked
towards fear Wow because you lacked you’ve lacked your intuitive Zoar every
day in the smallest of ways in the largest of ways yeah we’re either giving
ourselves power or tits right from it I guess right I get that I get that you
said back in 1998 I’m not born here to have a personality
I’m born here to have a spirit and you say that each of us is born with a
purpose for being alive you call that and actually wrote a book called sacred
contracts right the sacred contract is the reason you were born then it is the
reason you were born why are so many people confused about what the contract
says WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! because you know what its first a
contracts not a literal document mm-hmm that’s the first thing we have to
understand right our sacred contract is a what we could think of as a spiritual
document that our soul recognizes and I love that a spiritual document that our
soul recognizes sometimes I have to repeat it to get it you know yeah push
it all the way through yeah okay you know how we say things like I just have
to be true to myself yes yeah and if someone said you know like what is that
you say there’s something I know I was meant to do there’s something I know I
mean Abraham Lincoln felt that way and then all these great people who’ve
always said through something I know I was meant to do
that knowingness is what the soul understands I was born and it was for a
purpose you have agreements fundamental agreements that you simply feel you
can’t you can’t put your finger on them because they reveal themselves to you
within the context of your life through coincidence through synchronicity mm-hmm
through through obligations you can’t get out of em hmm
through mad love you can’t stop no matter what you do that was your sacred
contract these are all parts of it parts of using the contract parts of it that
together form the whole of your contract yeah you say many people are confused or
completely in the dark about their reason for living that’s what I was
saying how can how can you be so confused about your reason for being
here you know why because they define it by what they want versus what they have
oh this is the thing that you say that I love the most well lots of things I love
the most but okay you say that people suffer when they pursue a life or chase
a dream that doesn’t belong to them there there it is there it is there you
go you said it you know I mean explain what you mean by that though that I
thought that was so profound absolutely well you know you they people
get fixated on something and they have to have it or they especially in this
culture of literally American Idol exactly American Idol something that yep
that it doesn’t belong to you that life doesn’t belong to you yes but in this
but in our society we’re taught to imitate something to want something that
doesn’t belong and that is what causes the suffering and yes it has you you
pursuing a life that really even wasn’t meant for you right so then the question
becomes how do you know what is the life or the path that is
meant for you well you know that is not so difficult as people think
yeah first of all it’s not it’s really really not well that’s a question though
yeah it is if you can answer that this Sunday morning you are good okay so how
do you know that’s a big question okay how do you know you’re on the right
path you were saying that it’s not as hard as we may think no it’s not it’s
not okay before you answer that does everybody before you answer that does
everybody have a path totally that is the best path for them everyone has a
path no one falls from a tree without yeah just right and so there’s nobody
here on earth whose life doesn’t have a purpose or a path correct correct
absolutely no one okay if you have life you have purpose okay that’s and and you
know as an exercise on the aside that’s a good tweak if you have life you have
purpose WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! that’s a good one if you have life you
can have purpose and that is true of every one of the seven billion of the
holy it can’t be otherwise and this is why I absolutely love studying the work
of the Mystics because this is what’s so extraordinary the tiniest tiniest truth
is she is the same at the big level if you have life one in drop of luck one
one atom is as purposeful as our planet what is in one is in the whole well it
can’t be otherwise it cannot now you now I knew that and I say that but I just
got that in a different way makes me want a week it does yeah yeah the the
magnitude of the magnets me we cannot me otherwise
yeah isn’t it something you cannot take this one atom out and say it is separate
from the whole you cannot yeah I cannot take you out yeah and say you are
separate from the whole yeah I know there it is yeah I know that now you
just reminded me it goes to yourself you go
and and someone says well how do I find my life purpose I first say to you
you’ve never lost your life purpose okay now we’re going to get over that in a
minute number two okay I have to say to you yeah have no judgments about your
life no expectations and give up the need to know what happens tomorrow I
have no judgments no expectations no expectations give up the need to know
what happens to and give up the need to know what happens tomorrow
tweet tweet on that too okay I need you to be fully present just fully present
and to appreciate all that is in your life right now just no matter where it
is no matter where it is no matter what it is to appreciate fully and what a
person doesn’t can’t pay my bills I lost my job okay I mean I’m subscribe for
watching her I absolutely still I would say to these people I’m in the depths of
desire in the depths of despair until I need to say to you you need to say to me
you had your life focused on something that didn’t belong to you and a path
that didn’t belong to you yes you did or you wouldn’t be here you locked in on
something that did not belong to you someone that didn’t belong to you you
didn’t let go over yesterday that didn’t belong to you you hung on to a rage that did belong to WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! you you wouldn’t let it go you lost
track of being here and that is true or this is what you did attract of being
here yes now or something happened to you and you said this it shouldn’t have
and you never got over it mm one of those things happen and you said it
shouldn’t have happened to me I promise you that happened when someone finally
said it’s not my life I don’t know how I lost my purpose no you didn’t you did
not lose your purpose what you lost was this sense that you thought certain
things shouldn’t happen to you and they did as if you were excluded from the
ordinary everyday things of life and you can’t get over it so to live with no
judgment no expectation and no expectations yeah no expectation
in the sun’s think about this expectations are that certain things
should not happen to you that happened to ordinary people I got it people hold
the idea of being ordinary and absolute contempt please God make me anything but
not ordinary uh-huh right yes yes yes and because they do
that they they feel like they should be protected from ordinary things that’s
right so when something happens like an illness poverty any kind of catastrophe
I can’t believe this happened to me right so so many people spend so much
time in the shock I never get to move through the other stages right because
they’re stuck in I can’t believe this happened to me
what did you think it was going to happen to them them the person across
the street and it makes them think I must be on the wrong path yeah and why
is that because something bad happened to you yeah something you thought was
bad what if it was the best thing that ever happened one of the stories I love
to tell which is st. Agustin it’s the old story from st. Augustine when this
man said to agustin I’ve been praying praying praying for what gold and why do
you want gold because I’m poor and what what else but what would you do
with it it says got a Gustin system tell me about your life he says well I have
family and I have food and I have friends and he said that sounds like
gold to me is this but I don’t have real gold and Agustin said well what would
you do with it well I would hire my friends and they would work for me and
then I wouldn’t have to work and Agustin said hmm well I can understand why God
hasn’t given you gold why because it would turn your heart and do up into
someone bitter and you would abuse your friends and I can see why God has been
so fair and just by not giving you the answer to your prayer by not giving you
what you think you want mmm he’s protected you from the worst of you and
given you the best of you but is God always fair and just life on Earth will
never be fair the way we want it to be and it will never be for everyone cause
there’s one effect there’s not for every there’s millions
of causes for a million and millions of effects for every single breath we take
you don’t recognize that every choice you’ve ever made in your life is leading
to whatever decision you’re making and in any given moment and not only that
that for every one choice we make we’re actually making 30 because of our
emotions are making a choice our mind is making a choice our hearts making
choices our unconsciousness make so every moment we’re probably making 500
million choices okay okay I got a really good question yeah how do you know when
you are on the right path you and what dream belongs to you or what husband
belongs to you or what job belongs to you yeah you know you’re on the right
path here’s your clue you’re not beat you’re not put in a position to betray
yourself you don’t betray yourself anymore you don’t
you’re not put in a position where you feel like you have to negotiate your
sense of integrity hmm which is an act of betrayal your heart
an active betrayal mm-hmm you don’t feel like you have to compromise who you are
it feels right you can fully I got that it’s like if you’re at a job you know
you’re really gifted and talented people are not paying you for what you value
yourself to be you come into work every day feeling like I’m really not valued
I’m not being respected for what I do or my boss is unkind or whatever the
situation might be there’s an unease with you that’s right yeah and so when
you have more respect for yourself put yourself in a position where you can you
know fill your sense of value or worth that turns around that’s right and
that’s how you know you know you know because you don’t feel like this isn’t
costing me my power this isn’t costing me my psyche this isn’t costing me my
soul okay this is Ruby this isn’t costing me my sense of I don’t feel
confused in some deep level I’m not drained I be tired after a day
his work but I’m not psychically drained where I feel like I’m losing life and
losing myself and losing my foot a lot say I’m losing myself why because I’m
I’m betraying myself in some way what is the difference because I have a lot of
married friends I’ve interviewed a lot of people over the years who are married
and everybody talks about how difficult I’ll you know it’s work a relationship
it’s work its work its work what is the difference between betraying
yourself and compromising because that’s what I have to do to get along I’d say
that a compromise mmm-hmm compromises when you willingly willingly willingly
willingly and out of love say that’s all right a little bit little that little
this little that but in a compromise you don’t go away feeling like I betrayed
myself I’ve betrayed myself I’ve allowed myself I’ve put poison in my mouth here
okay it goes back to exactly what you said earlier that every choice is either
going to enhance your spirit or it’s going to drain your spirit so if you
have been compromised to the point where you feel drained or depleted right then
you’ve betrayed yourself you have I mean and I’ve got and the numbers of times
someone will say to themselves I want to get out of this circumstance but I’m too
afraid to take care of myself so I will lie about how happy I am in this
marriage I will I will put up a front I will lie about this but they’re
betraying everything that’s in their heart they’re betraying everything when
they say to me am I on the right path here’s what’s true you’re on your right
path you’re just not managing it that well right now you’re never on the wrong
they’re on the wrong path you’re just not managing it well you’re making
choices that are harming you uh-huh and that’s why it’s hurting right now you’re
making unwise choices and your intuition is trying to tell making the unwise
choices including the path that you’re on right
right and the way you’re managing the path you run and it’s harming you okay
and when your life path begins to harm you then we have to sit back and say
you’ve taken a detour you know I just had an aha listening to you I love it
when that happens to me I’ve often WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! thought that and it’s because of your
use of the word betrayal I’ve often thought having experienced being
betrayed by a close member of my family years ago thinking you that was the
worst that there’s no nothing worse than being betrayed and just hearing you talk
about it today I think there’s nothing worse than betraying yourself that the
worst most ultimate betrayal is the betrayal to yourself you’re right yeah
especially conscious when you have an opportunity to protect yourself yes and
you choose otherwise oh it’s hard that is hard that that’s brutal you’re right
and it’s brutal because it’s you saying to God saying to the forces to universal
energy that you’re not worth protecting I think in some cases you’re saying
you’re not worth protecting and the other one is saying you are no different
than the people who hurt you big-big what’s the difference between those
people who hurt you and what you are doing to yourself that is big
how does grace work works like this oh this is good we’re gonna get the answer
to that question you ever have that in an argument with
someone where you got so fired up and you thought oh I could just say this
yeah and all this simple voice says you sure you want to do that yeah you sure
you want to say that yeah because it’s a game changer if you say that it’s just
grace that’s grace the grace that comes in and
says don’t say that cuz you can never take it back you can never take a bear
yeah there are some places in an argument everybody who’s married knows
this the voice that comes in and says I’m gonna I’m gonna prevent you from
doing something really ruinous right now that’s grace here’s grace grace is the
kind of thing that comes in you’d be alright and goes away grace is
the kind of thing that says put your hand on that person just for a minute
mm-hmm and you could feel an energy go through you and an energy calm them down
yep and it doesn’t give you an explanation
no it just says when you are flushed with worry and you think am I gonna be
alright and then you suddenly no yes yes you are okay now I I tend to think that
I live in the space of grace I just feel that I just feel that I’m flooded with
it all the time I see it all that I literally see it all the time
and then sometimes exactly what you described also happens but I feel that
are we not in a constant state of grace grace is a power that comes in and
transforms a moment to something better you love that okay yeah it transforms
this moment to something better and it takes us with it so let’s talk about
prayer what does the word Prayer mean to you oh I love prayer so much prayer is
truly that inner it’s an inner mystical awakening to me prayer so many things
Oprah prayer is dialogue with God mm okay it’s not petition you know most
people know prayer through petition planner can I have can I want yeah yeah
you know camera stuff yes my stuff but this not really not the holiness of
prayer prayer is when you withdraw from your five senses I closed my eyes and I
quote closed my ears and I withdraw and I go into a world where rational thought
no longer commands and distracts my intellect where rational thought no
longer commands me where I go inside and I think about like there’s a Catholic
saint I’m I’m very enchanted by name Teresa of ávila who here’s one of her
prayers hover over me God hover hover over me God remind me you’re there hover
over me god I don’t need more than that what that does is it just reminds me
reminds me of everything reminds me be kind to that person be kind kindness is
much better than anything else be kind yeah you know my favorite line is
actually from Marianne Williamson in her daily prayer I think it’s called a
morning prayer from Illuminata and there’s a line that says please enter
where you already abide isn’t it yeah please enter were you already absolutely
so isn’t it interesting that I heard here that people say to you all the time
can you give me a prayer can you give me a prayer that works yeah they want magic
they want to take what they have and they want to get what they want and and
and prayer is truly saying you know there’s a lot more pain that comes from
answered prayers than unanswered ones I got news for you how so it because if
people really got what they wanted they would be in deep grief this is why you
know how they say be careful what you pray for that you might get it yes there
is a lot of wisdom to saying I trust I just trust I don’t know what is in my
own best interest no judgment no expectation and give up the needs of why
things happen as they do what is the difference between I’m going to accept
and not resist because I have learned that which what
you resist only shows up more that’s right yeah you’re just building the
muscle for that thing that you you don’t want what is the difference between
knowing how to surrender the thing and knowing when to surrender uh-huh and in
doing nothing and doing nothing a person he has to try a person he has to put
their energy into their own life in their own effort you you have to do that
yeah we have an intuitive voice in us we have a we are born intuitive we are we
are so intuitive that it’s actually for most people the source of their greatest
suffering all right that inner guidance tells us I’m just gonna let you I don’t
even know what you mean by that how is your intuition your intuitiveness
the the the cause of your greatest suffering I think would be the opposite
oh no no no it isn’t Oprah it’s actually the source of people’s greatest
suffering hi because people here when they betrayed themselves people are very
much aware when they are not honest with themselves people it’s that voice that
says you shouldn’t have said that you know that’s not right or you’re still
with this person you know you should have left ten years ago yeah this is the
voice your conscience it’s the voice of your consciousness it’s the voice of
your gut instinct it’s the voice it’s the voice you don’t want to hear that
never turns off okay and when you follow this voice and you push this is the part
that says you should push and you should do this so it’s the part that keeps us
moving and turning the wheel of our life it’s also the part that says you’ve done
as much as you could now this is it you’ve done everything you can so it’s
the part that will say that’s as far as you can go yeah it will guide you it
will say this is it so what you’re saying is is exactly what I’ve always
believed and how I’ve operated the being able to accept lives with within the
range of doing all that you can do is when you have done every threat you can
do you surrender it that’s it let it go that’s right to the power and energy
that’s greater than your assault it that’s what you do that’s right you
gotta give it your all give it your all give it your all give it your best and
this inner voice and then not be attached to the totally you got it
that’s it so did you always know these things were
you intuitively attuned to knowing these things I was born I was very intuitive
from all my whole life yes yeah your mother saw it in you yeah yeah yeah when
I went to the world of medical intuition and that whole life began then my inner
world developed very rapidly very clearly along a certain line and it just
has been that ever since okay let’s go to to the big questions I already
answered all those one big questions big questions okay what is your definition
of God law to me God is law I’ve never heard that before
total God to me is mystical law because law is the nature of the universe it is
the order of things order it’s it’s you know universal it is consistent it is
the nature of life and the negotiating principle with mystical laws is prayer
that’s what makes them intimate miracle is when God bends these laws for you in
an intimate way and that’s a miracle mmm well I’ve never heard that before
I’m not sentimental about God I do not personalize God with emotion like love
and I don’t go there and God’s not a he or her it’s a complete legal
transcendent cosmic force force do you personalize ever and make intimate is
God ever intimate with you you know it’s strange
totally intimate and totally cosmic both simultaneously wow that’s a good guy
yeah that bad yeah market it yes have you always considered yourself
spiritual or was there a moment and AHA an epiphany a revelatory experience no
I’ve always you know I was so lucky I I was so ridiculously no I was blessed
bless I’ll take the word luck out no luck I was blessed totally blessed yeah
I never had that from the earliest memory yeah well I grew up in a house
where my parents always said prayers literally at night with us
picture of an angel above my bed and and then I I was educated you know you were
raised Catholic raised Cal you still practicing Catholic and you know what
you don’t ask a while so no I’m not going I don’t go to that place because
they have all those gargoyles and all that other stuff I don’t look like a
Catholic but I’m gonna die like one and that’s what’s true
that’s what’s true what do you think happens when we die
well I think our bodies obviously die all life I observe the law all life dies
all physical life dies I don’t and is transformed into it we’re afraid of
death I actually think one of the functions of grace is that when we are
not afraid of death when it actually shows itself yeah yeah I think what
we’re afraid of is how we are going to die we’re not
afraid of death because if you Tristan we’re not we’ve never been afraid of
death we’re terrified of dying the process who isn’t I don’t care to
disintegrate and and go through some kind of horrible death neither do you
neither does your family members we don’t want to say goodbye to each other
we want to look at each other in the face and say fare thee well I’ll meet
you on the other side right we won’t say that that’s heartbreaking but we’re not
afraid to be dead because it’s not possible I assure you that I promise you
that I promise you yeah wouldn’t said that to him leaves of grass that we
complain about it complain about it but it may be the most exciting thing that’s
ever happened actually on the other side all right finish this sentence all right
I believe in God love is beautiful healing perfect the
person I most want to be proud of me is I think my mom she’s been my greatest
sidekick and I love her dearly I am ready to forgive
that would be myself from some not so hot choices I’ve made in this life and
you’re ready to forgive I work on it I’ll get there yeah as a spiritual
leader and teacher one would think that you never have problems and that you’re
always in the flow and that you’re connected to the law do you have good
days and bad days too like regular books your mind oh come on come on I take my
calendar bad day good day bad day absolutely are you kidding is there
something you’re still striving for or you were able to operate in that flow of
grace most of the time I get back to Center a lot easier mmm I absolutely do
I hold myself accountable totally accountable if I if I slip up I’m I do
not take it out on I don’t say it’s someone else’s fault I hold myself my
own feet to the fire I absolutely do I’m real good about that you know that
and I’m really good about also owning that I’ve become pretty pretty good
person you know I think of myself now is like fine wine I’ve had a I’ve reached
that point in my life where I feel like it’s time for me to treat myself better
so you’re gonna actually practice what you teach totally and give back to
yourself more and these next next decade I am yeah that’s great you got it
yeah and I’m gonna take my lesson from you so I’m taking my cues from you all
right okay you guys show me the way all right all right promise promise you got
those great I’m Oprah Winfrey and you’ve been listening to super soul
conversations the podcast WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO SUBSCRIBE, THANKS!

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