OPTAVIA Transformational Stories 9.11.19

The following audio may contain
the personal testimonials of some OPTAVIA Coaches
or Clients of OPTAVIA. The results relayed in these
messages are basically unique experiences of the participants
and we cannot guarantee like or similar outcomes. While you may be inspired
by these accounts, please note that any
stories of success have not been verified
and your individual path to optimal health will vary. As always, it is
our recommendation that you consult with
a healthcare provider before starting a
weight loss program. Yours in health,
the OPTAVIA team. All right well,
welcome everybody. My name is David Bush, and
for the next 30 minutes I get the awesome
opportunity to share the full offering of OPTAVIA. We call it our
Trilogy presentation. And what we’re going to
cover in the next 30 minutes is a detailed look
at what OPTAVIA has to offer to help you to
create more optimal health and well-being in your life. And if you’ve just
joined the presentation, buckle up because we’re going
to share some pretty powerful transformation stories. We’ve got some unique
transformation stories to share with you tonight. Each one of our
transformation stories that we’re going to
share with you tonight comes with a background
in playing football. High school football,
college football, professional football in the
NFL, or coaching football. And we use these
niche specific topics because everybody’s story
speaks a little differently to different individuals. And you might be in
a position right now where you have a
connection to football from a personal standpoint. You’ve either played or coached. Or maybe you just
enjoy the sport. Or maybe you might be the
loved one, the spouse, the mom, the grandmother, of
a football player. Or maybe a son that
played football or have a child, grandson
that maybe has played and maybe that individual is
not doing as well as they’d like to do in life. They’re not as healthy
as they like to be. And we hope that tonight, might
be an inspiration for you. Might be an opportunity
to share this recording. If you’re watching
this as a recording, we’re glad that you’re
here and watching it. And we’d love for you to
share this story with others and if you have an
opportunity to inspire others, wouldn’t that be the best
thing that we could do? Is to pass along a good story. My personal story OPTAVIA
started about 10 years ago. But I had a story that
started way beyond that that’s got me going in the wrong
direction with my health. I grew up in a family where we
like to eat for entertainment. It was about getting bigger,
faster, and stronger. This picture here, that
you see on your screen is a picture of my grandfather. He played at the University
of Southern California. That was the school
that I wanted to go to because that was the
one that my parents and family and everybody cheered for. It was the hometown team for
us in Southern California. And because my grandfather
played the sport, it was something that I desire
to participate in myself. But what happened for me was,
is that my life was considerably altered in terms of football
because I continued to become bigger and faster and stronger. But as life went
through the processes of growing into
different teams, I grew unhealthier in my habits. And after my career
ended, after playing as a All-American offensive
center at the University of South Dakota, and
then playing a thing called arena football
for four years, I suffered what a lot
of talented experts call a career ending
lack of talent. And I had to move
on with my life. Football was no longer. I got into coaching football
but nothing could really be compared to the same
thing as playing football. And what happened for me
is, all of those bad habits that I had learned by becoming
bigger and faster and stronger began to play against me. So at the age of 35,
weighing 310 pounds and having two
back injuries that were totally unrelated
to my football. But because I was
playing basketball and I was 310 pounds. And I wasn’t as healthy
as I should have been. I ended up having the
suffering of being in pain. Being on Percocet,
Oxycontin, Oxycodone, which so many athletes
have become addicted to over the years. And I began to see my life
kind of spiraling downwards. My three beautiful kids were
not getting the attention or the activity that I desired. And I really wanted to change. And that’s when I found OPTAVIA. 10 years ago, a good friend of
mine, who’s also an athlete, invited me and challenged me
to get healthier with OPTAVIA. I didn’t know if I could do it,
but I tried it for one month. With the help of a Coach
and with the OPTAVIA system I ended up losing
hundreds pounds and that transformed the way
that I thought about my health. Going through this
educational program called the Habits of Health
and working with a Coach and really
understanding what was available to me,
transformed not only my life but it began to
transform my kids and my family and my friends. And I decided to become
an OPTAVIA Coach because of this mission of OPTAVIA,
which is to get America healthy and then the world. And what I saw out
there in the world was a lot of unhealthy
family members and friends. Dr. Wayne Andersen, our founder,
co-founder and our author of the Habits of Health System. He left critical care
medicine after becoming the 10th physician board
certified in critical care. He left critical care medicine. He left his education. He was the valedictorian
of his medical class. And what he saw was that the
medical system wasn’t serving the problem behind the problem. More and more people
were becoming unhealthy and as a critical
care physician he couldn’t continue to manage the
challenge of trying to keep up. He himself began to suffer
his own consequences of unhealthy habits just
because he was trying to save everybody else’s life. So what he decided to
do is to move upstream to create a company
that was built on creating health and
well-being in people’s lives. Not just reacting to disease. He partnered with one
of the most trusted companies in the
country and we’ve also been ranked as one of the top
100 most trusted companies in 2016 and 2017
by Forbes magazine. Because of Dr. Andersen’s
pioneering thought processes and because of the staunch
financial status of our parent company, we actually
have created one of the most dynamic
business models in the country. And it’s fast-growing. The credibility of our
company is unmatched. We have scientific research
and clinical studies. And we have documented
clinical studies that shows the medical
efficacy of our program. But what Dr. Andersen was
the most passionate about was this idea of creating
a health coaching model. He himself, a football player,
an athlete, and a star athlete in high school. He had a passion
for helping people to come together in teams. Coming together with
individual Coaches because he knew the value
of having a personal Coach. What it could do for a person. To awaken them, to
guide them, to encourage them to overcome the
barriers and to take the path of resistance
that they may have fallen short on once before. And what he wanted
to do is, he didn’t want to just help people
to get healthy physically. He wanted them to get
healthy physically, mentally, and financially. To climb the mountain
of optimal health. To actually win the game
of life and to create lifelong transformation
habits that could be sustained for not only
just a individual’s lifetime, but could be passed on from
generation to generation. And that mission
inspired me because I saw so many of my
friends that were playing football that were
suffering from this health epidemic. I saw their wives and
their family members, their kids becoming more and
more overweight and obese. Now we have 39.8%
of adults in America are now considered to be obese. We also have 18.5%
of our youth that are considered to be obese. This is a growing epidemic. We are not slowing down
the obesity epidemic and overweight and obesity
is the number one preventable disease in America. It’s the mother and
father of all disease. And we want to change that. Not just the weight physically,
but the weight mentally and the weight financially that
is burdening our family members and friends. So Dr. Andersen created
this comprehensive system using this four
component system. I’m going to give you a
quick little overview of what that system is. It might be a reminder
for some of you that are currently
using our program. But then we’re going
to talk specifically about how the Coach
opportunity works and how you can create
healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finances
using the OPTAVIA system. In OPTAVIA, every
Client has a Coach. Every Coach has a Coach. Every Client and
Coach is on a team. You’re a part of a system. You’re a part of a process. You’re part of an
encouragement system that it empowers you with
one-on-one support using a healthy lifestyle program. Dr. Andersen’s Habits
of Health System is a comprehensive system that
actually helps you to adopt those healthy lifestyle habits. It’s as simple as using
an App and a website. Or using an actual LifeBook and
the reference book of Habits of Health. All four of these components
of the Habits of Health System are kind of like our playbook. For those of you
that played football, you remember that the
playbook was the guide. It was the thing that
we all strive to adopt. We weren’t always perfect
in executing the plays but what we were, we were
dedicated to winning. And that’s what the Habits
of Health is all about. It’s a winner’s game plan. It’s a winner’s strategy
with tactics and ideas and resources to help you
to win the game of health no matter where you
are in your journey. And why it’s so simple to
start with a simple App and with a Coach
that’s guiding you. Nearly every person
that has an opportunity to jump in this program
can find success. The third component of our
program is our vast Community. Our vast team. We have over 27,000
active health coaches and have been growing in
terms of getting healthier and expanding our mission. And we have access to this
vibrant, virtual Community. We also have webinars like the
webinar that you’re on now, encouraging and
inspiring individuals. We have a weekly Habits
of Health webinar that educates individuals on
a topic from our life book or from the Habits
of Health System. And we have experts, just like
medical teams or medical staff on a football team. We have our medical staff
which is our nutrition support team, registered dietitians,
and licensed nutritionists to customize nutrition
plans to meet the needs of each one of
our individual Clients. The fourth component of our
program is the Fueling system. Just like in football we fuel
our bodies before a game, OPTAVIA is designed to fuel our
bodies for peak performance. Optimal health and performance. Each individual Client is
a little bit individualized based on what their
interests are, but most Americans will
use a simple meal plan using the six meals a day
plan, where we will actually provide them done-for-you
portable grab and go Fuelings. And they’ll combine those with
a healthy, low glycemic, Lean & Green meal each and every day. Fast, simple, convenient. Most of us, we had prepared
meals before game day. We knew the importance
of fueling ourself for performance. But when we got
done with football, we never really fueled
our body for performance. We fueled it for entertainment. OPTAVIA is here to get people
back into the game of life by giving them balanced
protein carbohydrate fuelings that are not complex. And they’re not larger
in portion size, but they’re really healthy
in terms of the nutrition that it takes into them. So as I want to introduce our
first testimonial tonight, I want to introduce
to you to Pete Drury. Pete played high
school football, was a multiple sport athlete. But I want you to actually
hear a little bit more about his story and how he went
from being athlete, to football coach, to health coach, and
now to inspirational leader inside of OPTAVIA. Pete, welcome to the webinar. Hey, David. Thank you so much
for the opportunity to come and share tonight. It’s amazing how
technology can link us across this entire country. Sitting here in the middle
of Iowa, out on a farm, and literally talking
to thousands of people and being able to share. I am excited to be
part of this panel, I can’t wait to hear the
stories that are to come. I know you guys are going
to be inspired tonight. I want to start with
a quote tonight, and actually a couple quotes. And both of these
quotes have really helped me not only on
this journey, but in life. One of them is, “you can’t
pour from an empty cup.” I’m a school counselor and I
love helping people and working with kids and families. And what I had found
was, my cup started to run dry because I
wasn’t filling my cup. So that was something
that really spoke to me. The other one is, it was
shared with me by somebody I consider a mentor that
I’ve known for years. He was discussing
life with me one day and he said, “Pete,
don’t sacrifice the great upon the altar of the good.” You see, before this
journey, I was involved in lots of good things. Life was good, and
I was enjoying life. But I was not filling
my cup back up and I was sacrificing
the great things in this life for a
lot of good things, and that caught up with me. Actually two years ago
today, was my day one. And on my day one, I stepped
in at over 300 pounds. And I was struggling
with my energy. I was struggling with
new aches and pains. We live out on a
farm, at the time I had a six-year-old boy
that loved playing with dad. And I’d come home from work
and it just wasn’t happening. It was a struggle and
I made a decision. I wanted something different. And thankfully, somebody was
willing to share the fact that they were a Coach and
partnering with others. And I was ready. And so I made a
decision, stepped in, and hit my goal weight. Which was a weight
that I had not seen since my senior
year of high school. And so the coaching
opportunity actually came about because as I
was going on my journey, my parents noticed and they
had started asking questions. And they had health challenges
that they were up against. And so I thought, I’ll
step in as a Coach to help my mom and dad. And what has taken place
over the last year and a half has been phenomenal. I’ve been able to find a
deeper level of passion. I love my school counseling
position, I love the kids. But the health coaching has
also been an added blessing to be able to Coach
others and help plug them into the system and work
towards their health goals. Help them to discover things
that they once thought was not possible. Just like when I stepped in,
I laughed at my health coach when we were talking about
what my goals should be. And so, over the years
over the year and half, we’ve been able to do more
things, more time, freedom. We grew our family this last
spring by adopting a newborn and we have the
blessing of my wife not needing to teach full time. And so, all things
that I had not even considered when I
first stepped in. One of the things I really like
about OPTAVIA is our game plan. David was talking about as a
football player, as a coach, you always come into a game
prepared with a game plan. And that was something that
as an athlete I always did. I loved going I
loved study hall was my favorite class in the fall
because I took care of business in the classroom. So in study hall I could
go down and study film with a couple of the other
guys and we could kind of get an idea of what the
coach’s game plan was. As I grew up and
became a coach myself, I was developing the
game plan for each game. And as a coach, I
would never step into a game not fully prepared. Not having my team prepared. And yet, for years and
years I was living life with not a very good game plan. I wasn’t living out my
best life in regards to my health, which was
impacting everything else I was passionate about. And so with OPTAVIA, we
have an excellent game plan, and it’s simple. David just talked about
the four components. I think about and
this will date me but, one of my favorite
video games back in the day was Tecmo. And Tecmo football
had four plays. It wasn’t all this like
crazy game plan stuff, there were four plays. And even if the other team
had Lawrence Taylor or Mike Singletary, if you
used all four plays you were going to
score touchdowns. And you were going
to have success. And really it’s that
simple with OPTAVIA, with the support of a
Coach and the Community, our Healthy Habits
System, the nutrition. If you make a decision and
step in, you will have success. You will move forward. The coaching is the same. We have, what I love about
it is we work as a team. And it’s been another great
layer of accountability for me on my own journey. Another sense of encouragement. And people that I’ve met here
the last year and a half, have become really
close friends. And so, the last thing I
want to leave you with. As we went through and
looked at old pictures and trying to pick out kind
of how to represent what’s taken place, I came
across the picture from about three years ago. And it’s one of my
favorite ones because it’s me walking off the field as a
coach, coming off the field. Friday Night Lights
are behind me, and my five-year-old
son is right behind me. And all you can see is
the silhouette of dad and the silhouette of my son. And so my question to you
is, what is your game plan? Dads, what is your game plan? Husbands, what’s your game plan? Because people are watching. The next generation is watching
every step and every move that you make. And so, I encourage you
to plug into a good game plan, a solid game plan, and
think about the type of legacy you want to leave
the next generation. Thanks again, David. So great, Pete. I love hearing your
story and you’re right. If you don’t have a game plan
for your life, for your health, your plans are going to be
subject to the punishment of the competition. And the competition’s
fierce out there. And what we have
with OPTAVIA is we have the ability to
help people to win in all three areas of life. And so if right now you’re
losing the game of health in all three of these
areas, do not be dismayed. You’re not the only one. Many of us have
recovered from being very unhealthy physically,
mentally, and financially. And this is a great
opportunity for you to get back into the
game of health and life by just taking a first step. The idea of coaching
others, that may be a secondary step for
you or you may be ready for it right now. There’s lots of reasons of why
people become OPTAVIA Coaches. You don’t have to
leave your full time job if that’s not your desire. You do not have to make
ongoing purchases of any amount or there’s no sales
quotas to meet. It’s really about do you
want to help another person to get healthy and if
you were to do that, would that serve
you in some way? If you have that desire
and you have that interest, then this is a good
opportunity to explore. One of our other great
success stories is Geoff. And Geoff was a player
at the 1989 Holiday Bowl for Penn State University. And what a great
outside linebacker that has gone to the size of
a defensive lineman and then back to the size of
the D.B. now, I think. Geoff so, tell us
a little bit more about how OPTAVIA
has transformed you. Thanks, David. And it’s great to
be here tonight, and I loved hearing Pete. Love his story. So, like a lot of
people, my story started right after college. As I got done
football, I basically struggled with my
weight my entire life for the last 30 plus years. And it was really six months ago
my health coach, Lisa Daigle, I saw pictures of her. She shared her story
on Facebook and that led to me reaching out to her. I was a little obviously,
a little apprehensive in the beginning. And I waited a couple weeks. Eventually I saw her
husband at a hockey event, our sons played hockey
together for two years. And that basically led to a
conversation of me reaching out to her and just asking
her “hey, can you help me? What are you doing?’ And I tell people,
I tell Clients now all the time besides
marrying my wife, and my kids, it’s one of the best
decisions I’ve ever made. What’s happened in the last
six months using the program, I’ve been able to
lose 96 pounds. I still have 39
more pounds to go. So I’m a work in progress. This is more of a
journey, as people say. But it’s been a huge
learning curve for myself. I learned a ton about myself and
you know, how to stay healthy. It’s one thing to
get healthy and then obviously to stay healthy. So that’s been huge. Like Pete mentioned,
having a game plan. One of the things that I
was drawn to initially, with the program was the
accountability, which we all deal with as athletes. And that kind of
drew me in and I related to that accountability. And that’s kind of I knew
two months into my process, as far as getting healthy,
I knew I wanted to coach. But at the same point in time
it was more of an issue of just, when was that going to happen? And I think there was
some gentle nudging and some growth there that was
involved with my support team and you, David. And so, the transition
from my own health journey then to becoming a
Coach was really smooth. It made sense to me for
me to be accountable. I obviously have
to be accountable if I’m coaching clients
as far as their health. I have to be accountable. And so that was the
attractive thing. And I started out really in
the beginning doing it more I’d say, selfishly for myself. But really what’s
happened in the last, I’m going to say four
months is, it’s really become so much more than that. And what I have
found is is that as big as your physical
transformation is and mine has been pretty big. I mean, it’s hard for me to look
at those pictures and realize, holy cow, that was me. But what I’ve found is is that
the mental transformations been three times as big. And it’s that sharing that
and that projection of what happens with you mentally. I never really understood
how the mental aspect was connected to the physical. So it’s been an
incredible journey and I’m really, really
excited for the future. And one of the
things that stuck. I have a quote that’s
kind of stuck with me. And it reads, “If you want
something you’ve never had ” and that was truly me, “you have
to do something you’ve never done.” I’m that in a nutshell. I’m no different
than anyone else. I sat here six months ago and
I was in really bad shape. So I’m super excited. I love the program, the
simplicity and so forth. As far as my journey goes, I
look forward to the future. So good, Geoff. And yeah. What you’re saying in natural
progression is is that, you come in and you
don’t know the plays, you’re just learning them. And you’re thinking,
how in the world can I coach another person
on how to do this when I’m still figuring it out? But that’s part
of the process, is that if you have to help another
person to learn how to do it, you immerse yourself. So as an offensive
center, what most people call the most valuable
player on the field, is we’d have to actually
know the other plays for the other players. And so I got to become a
better player in football by knowing the plays
for other people. And if I hadn’t
had to do that, I wouldn’t have become
as good of a player as I could have been because I
didn’t know what I didn’t know. So what the opportunity
is here with OPTAVIA is you become an OPTAVIA Client. You can also become
an OPTAVIA Coach. You can also progress to
becoming a Business Coach where you Coach other Coaches. And then you can become
a Business Leader, by leading teams of other
Coaches and Business Coaches. And what the opportunity
here is up to you to decide what’s right for you. You may decide
that you just want to help a few friends and
family members get healthier. You may decide that you want
to get the world healthy. It’s up to you to decide
how big you’d like to grow in this opportunity. And to give us
another testimonial, I’d like to introduce
you to coach Storms. Coach Storms has been into
some of the biggest schools in the NCAA. Coaching lots of major athletes
and we’ll introduce you to one later tonight. But he’s also been
around the NFL coaching peak performance athletes
to reach that next level. But I want him to tell you a
little bit more about his story and how he was able to improve
his health and his life with OPTAVIA. Coach Storms, welcome
to the webinar. David, thank you very much. Yes, when I discovered
OPTAVIA, my Coach was introduced to
me last October. I was you know, I love my
life but I was in a funk. I wasn’t living my best life. I wasn’t doing great. And I was able to get back. If you look at the pictures
when I was really big, it’s because I was
assistant defensive line coach with the Saints and
I was eating all my meals with the defensive line. But I wasn’t a defensive lineman
in the NFL, I was a coach. So I ballooned up to the
biggest I’ve ever been. And then I was challenged
to get back in the best shape of my life last fall. And with OPTAVIA, with my
Coach, with the support and with the Community,
with the program, I was able to do
it very quickly. And my wife said
to me, so when’d you get your spark
back in your eyes? And I want to really
focus on that, David, because I said to the
people that I have the privilege of
coaching that you’re going to have better sleep. You’re going to have more
energy for your spouse and your hobbies
and your family. You’re going to feel better. You’re going to have more
focus for your career, for your dreams, for your job. Oh by the way,
there’s a side effect that you’re going to
lose some weight too. Because I want
everybody to understand, and the Coaches on the panel
and the Coaches and Clients want you to know this,
it’s more about what we gain doing OPTAVIA than what
we lose by dropping the weight. So it was kind of,
because I’m a Coach, it was a natural thing when
I was invited by my Coach. Hey, you think about
helping some people? And then as everybody
listening to the call knows, when you start
changing physiologically, people go wow,
what are you doing? You look great. And I looked at it as
a responsibility to me to share with people
and pay it forward. I feel better than
I felt in 30 years. I’m in the same shape
I was in 1983 when I was in the Marine Corps. And it’s just restored
so much of our life and our hope and our dreams,
professionally and personally. And I have eight things
I want to tell people about that I think have happened
to us because of OPTAVIA and because of the opportunity
we decided to become Coaches. My wife is my co-Coach. Number one is, I’m
saving and transforming more lives than I
ever did before. I have the opportunity to
impact people with zero geographical boundaries. We’ve had a brick and mortar
business for many, many years that I love and I’m
very passionate about. But we were only
able to impact people within really a 20 or 30
minute drive time radius. Where now, we can visit
friends and referrals and family members. And we have Clients in 27
different states, which means that we have
the opportunity to pour our heart for
people with no limits and no restrictions other than
our ability to follow the map. Because it’s all given
to you how to succeed. If you can paint by numbers,
you can be a successful OPTAVIA Coach. So number one, it’s change
and transforming lives. We’re going to be
able to replace the income from our brick
and mortar business, which became our goal. Because as you know, markets
are finicky, towns are finicky. Businesses things change. I’ve been in
business for 32 years and I didn’t want to become
a victim of circumstance. I wanted another
additional stream of income that spoke to my purpose. Which is serving other human
beings and transforming lives. And that’s what we were
able to find with OPTAVIA. The next thing was, I didn’t
want any limits on myself placed on me by others. And what you’re going to
find with the OPTAVIA Coach Community and the
OPTAVIA Community is, everybody wants
everybody to win. They’re no misaligned
incentives. So there’s this massive team of
everybody pulling everybody up the ladder to grow and succeed. Healthy body,
healthy mind, healthy finances, to win this game
of life that we’re in. Lots of people think
it’s a competition. I think it’s a
competition to love and serve as much as we can. And I want everybody
to be successful that’s within arm’s reach of me. Or within the sound of my voice. So that was a big
thing I just wanted to be responsible and
own my family’s future and wanted to do more
things for my wife. I was telling the panelists
before we got here, I’m speaking to everybody
from Vail, Colorado right now. I live in New Orleans,
but one of the things is we wanted freedom. And so I’m sitting at a
condo, in the Ritz Carlton with my wife and
daughter in Vail enjoying hiking and biking
and beautiful weather. So I wanted to have
the freedom to choose. A really big thing happened in
my life about six months ago. My mother, who’s one of the most
important people in my life, fell and broke her pelvis. It really advanced her
dementia, dramatically. I write a bunch of
checks to support my mom before her long term care
insurance policy kicked in, to help get repairs done on
her house to list her house, and to be available
to her nearly daily. And because of the
OPTAVIA coaching business, the brick and
mortar business was taken care of by
my fantastic team, and for the last
six months, I’ve been able to spend irreplaceable
time with my mother, take care of her needs. And I didn’t sweat it. It didn’t stress me out. Because it wasn’t going
into my regular income. It was coming from my
other stream of income. So, the best part
of it is it’s fun. Right? Everybody’s awesome. The trainings are amazing. The tools are getting
better every month it seems like with the company. But don’t be like,
I can’t be a Coach. I’m not like Mike,
or Geoff, or Dave. Or you’re going to hear from
Jared, one of my best friends in a few minutes. You don’t have to be. Just be you and put your passion
for people in health, mind, body, and finances. And share it with people. That’s all you got to do. And I would say if you’re
a Coach, fantastic. Raise your game. Challenge yourself. Dream bigger, act bigger. Link arms with your team,
reach out to your mentor, and they’ll give you all
the juice and all the things you need. Never miss a training. If you’re a Client, well
what’s holding you back? There are people
in your Community, in your family that
need this program. And you have the answer. So it’s been a thrill
to talk to everybody. Thanks so much. And you’re going to love
hearing from my buddy J.T. Thanks, David. You bet. Thanks coach Storms, and
man this is powerful. This last testimonial is
just going to wrap it all up. I don’t know if some of
you remember Jared Tomich. He was an All-American at
the University of Nebraska. And he was one of the favorite
guys of mine to watch. When we weren’t playing
at South Dakota, we got a chance to watch
Jared and all the madness that he was doing in his
national championship years. And with a professional
career to boot, I never thought that
Jerry would ever have a weight problem in his life. The dude was a stud
and rock solid. But I’m going to have him
tell a little bit more about how he
transformed his health and how he decided to
become an OPTAVIA Coach. Jared, welcome to the webinar. Hi David. Thank you very
much for having me. I am thrilled to
be here and super excited to share my story. And thank you to Michael too. He’s been my coach
for 25 years now. So we go way back from
when I first got in the NFL and he helped me then, and
he’s helping me again now. My story you know, I played
I’ve been in collegiate ball and in seven years in the NFL. I went through that
entrepreneurship thing for a little while and
had some businesses, got rid of all those
four or five years ago. I became a stay-at-home
dad for two little boys and it’s fantastic. It’s wonderful. I love it. But being around the house and
being around the refrigerator all day pays its price. And I put on lots
of weight and still wasn’t training like I
was when I was in the NFL. So it was a big deal and I kept
packing it on, and packing it on, and just getting more and
more sore through the years too. And I just thought, I had
kind of accepted that. I thought that part
of my career was going to be costing me
some of my pain and things like that through the years. And about six months ago now,
Michael made the challenge to me to try the program. And to my wife, to us both. And so we did and
it’s been fantastic. It has been a complete reset
of life for the both of us. I myself I first got in
and he turned me on to it. You know, the weight loss
thing I thought was great. But it was really
the inflammation that he would stop and talk and
really drive straight to me. And I tell you, after
I got on the program, I was on for about
two weeks, I went from walking down the
stairs sideways first thing in the morning to almost dancing
down the stairs day after day, everyday after that. And it’s just been fantastic and
it’s just growing every month. It’s gotten better and better. Our health has gotten
better and better and I’ve become a you know, it
helps me to be a better dad. Helps me to be a better husband. And it’s just it’s fantastic. We are truly grateful
for the program and once we got our bodies and
lost the weight, the two of us have collectively
lost over 100 pounds. And most of that being the great
majority of that being mine. Then the mindset
came after that. The confidence came back. And just being able to run
around more with my boys. I felt like I was being
a stay at home dad, by six, seven o’clock,
I was worn out. You know, these two little
guys were just wearing me down. And so, after being on the
program for about a month, I noticed, hey, it’s seven
o’clock and I’m still trucking. It’s 8 o’clock, I’m still here. All right, now
it’s time for bed. Now it’s time for you guys to
go to bed so that everybody can wind down. But it’s been just
fantastic for us. We’re thrilled. And soon after I got on
the program, it was in, I think, within the
first week or two, Michael made me the
challenge of doing the coaching and kind of
getting involved in doing that. And so I started that right
away and just with the idea that I love helping people,
I love talking with people and really just kind
of reaching out. And because I believe
in it so wholeheartedly with this program, it’s very
easy for me to talk to people. And it’s just going out and
living out loud and just getting that out for myself. Getting Coaches
that I’m coaching. It’s been just a lot of fun. And it’s really fulfilling. It’s just for myself, and for my
wife, and for our whole family. It’s just a complete
reset and it’s ignited a new spark,
a new purpose for me. I know, you know,
it’s just me being able to be a stay at home dad
and now contribute financially. What a huge deal. I was for years, you know,
I was staying at home but I wasn’t
contributing financially. My wife was the breadwinner. And for me to now be able to
contribute by just working with clients in the nooks
and crannies of my day, it is just truly,
truly just awesome. And I’m loving every day of
it and I’m still early at it, and I can’t wait for the future. Great stuff Jared. Thanks so much for
sharing your story with us and that kind of
gives you a full range from 10 years in the business
to a couple of years, to just being in the
business for six months and having an experience
on the program. No matter where you are, the
timing couldn’t be better. The opportunity to be trained
and actually learn as you earn. You don’t have to go pro in
becoming a Coach to actually be successful as a Coach. You can actually start
helping people, immediately. So it’s a great
opportunity for all of us to reflect on, hey, what
do we really want and begin to reach out to the person that
invited you to watch this video and let them know
what you want and what you’d like to explore further. And explore the opportunity
of partnering with us because we need more Coaches. We need more people back
in the game of health. And we need more Coaches to
be able to bring more people to become healthier physically,
mentally, and financially. And might just be you. So reach out to the person
that shared this video with you and let them know that you’d
like to explore this further and get your questions answered. And I’ll give you more details. So on behalf of all
the panelists tonight, thanks so much for joining us. Wish you guys all a very
healthy and wonderful night. Thanks everybody. This audio may have contained
the personal testimonials of some OPTAVIA Coaches
or Clients of OPTAVIA. The results relayed in
these messages are based on the unique experiences
of the participants, and we cannot guarantee
like or similar outcomes. While you may be inspired
by these accounts, please note that any
stories of success have not been verified
and your individual path to optimal health will vary. As always, it is
our recommendation that you consult with
a healthcare provider before starting a
weight loss program. Yours in health,
the OPTAVIA team.

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