OPTAVIA Transformational Stories 9.25.19

[MUSIC PLAYING] The following audio may contain
the personal testimonials of some OPTAVIA Coaches
or Clients of OPTAVIA. The results relayed in
these messages are based on the unique experiences of
the participants and we cannot guarantee like or
similar outcomes. While you may be inspired
by these accounts, please note that any
stories of success have not been verified
and your individual path to optimal health will vary. As always, it is
our recommendation that you consult with
a healthcare provider before starting a
weight-loss program. Yours in health,
the OPTAVIA Team. All right, thank you, everybody. That was a great event. So glad you guys
are still with us. I’m actually very
excited tonight to introduce my great friend. Speaking of environments
and people that have really impacted your life,
I actually just got to spend some time with
her in the Northwest here, this last weekend,
talking about how many great people
impact your lives and the environment
you get to be in. My good friend, Patty
Glick and actually talking about her leading
a leptogenic environment, Patty, you used to be in
the healthcare environment, and you left that
because you noticed that you were able to create
a leptogenic environment for other people
outside of the clinic. So I’m very excited for
her to be sharing that. I’m going to turn
it over to her. And thank you,
guys, for tuning in. I’m excited to hear you, Patty. Well, hey, hey. Thank you so much, Brad. And we are going to just do
a little screen share here. Do you want to stop your screen? There we go. Awesome. So hey, thanks, Brad. Great, great, great Habits
of Health webinar tonight. Are your pens on fire,
y’all, from just writing? It’s crazy. So I am so excited to get to
spend a little bit of time with you all here tonight. And we are going to
talk about something that gets me just a
little bit fired up and get a little bit excited. I’ve got three
amazing Coach partners that are going to be
joining us here tonight. And what we’re really
going to be talking about is we’re going to be talking
about what it might look like to really pay this gift
forward and join our coaching team. And I’m going to share with you
a little bit about my story, as we get rocking and rolling. But let me get my
PowerPoint started here and let’s get going. Before we get started,
I want you all to chime in down in the
chat and share with me what is one of the biggest
things that coaching has impacted your life. How has coaching
impacted your life? What has it done for you? Or maybe you’re not a Coach
yet and you’re on here because you’re checking us out. So how would you say that coming
into our OPTAVIA Community has really impacted your life? Because when I think
about who we are and what it is that
we do, we’re actually a Community of people who are so
like-minded and coming together because we all
have a big mission. And that big mission
is to help people to live a bigger, greater life. So let me share with you a
little bit about my story. My story began 11 years ago. And I’m married to my husband
Mike, here in the picture. You can see our
children, who are grown. And we are so blessed to have
two beautiful grandchildren, Hudson and Parker. A shout-out to them. But I had a very busy OB/GYN
practice, and one of the things that I began to find after time
was that I was losing myself. I was working long hours. I was unhealthy. I was tired, and I wasn’t
making a difference. We were up to our
eyeballs in debt. I felt like we, Mike and I,
had done everything right. Mike was a landscape contractor. He had his own business. We were doing what we
were supposed to do. But what we were finding
is that our lives seemed to be slipping away lack
of meaning and purpose, fatigue, certainly,
lack of health. As a healthcare provider, I felt
like I was swimming upstream. Dr. Andersen talks
about that a lot. I felt like I went
into healthcare because I wanted to be
able to have a vehicle to help others live a healthier
life, to have a high quality, to be able to enjoy
time with their family. But what I found was
that what I was doing was no longer serving others. It wasn’t serving my patients,
and it wasn’t serving me. I was tired all the time. I had pretty much given up
that I could ever get healthy. I sat there in a white
coat, and I told my patients what they needed to do, and
the reality is every visit that they came back to, they
were heavier and heavier, they were sicker and sicker,
and their quality of life was declining. I wasn’t helping me. I wasn’t helping my patients. I wasn’t living the
life that I thought that I had gone to school
for and created a very busy practice to be able to enjoy. And then I got inspired
by a really dear friend. I watched Lori and her
husband Robert get healthy. I watched them not
only lose weight, but I watched them come
back to life again. And so I started thinking,
what if that could be me? Could I find the courage
one more time to try? And so I did. And as I started
getting healthy, that’s when the pieces of the
puzzle really came together. Because what I
really found next was why my level of dissatisfaction
was growing in my practice. Why wasn’t I making
a difference? Why weren’t my patients
getting healthy? It’s because we were
in the wrong structure. Brad talked a little
bit on the Zoom before this about structure. I was functioning
within a medical model, instead of being in a place
where I could really help people to transform their life. So fast forward. Here I am 11 years later,
living an incredibly healthy lifestyle. And what I also have
is I have the ability to live a life of abundance. The OPTAVIA Community
gave me abundance in terms of my health. It gave myself and my family
abundance in terms of time. It gave us abundance in
terms of meaning and purpose. And it gave us abundance
in terms of finances. We now get to live the life
that I went to school I’m not telling you how many years
ago, but many years ago I went to school, and I
thought that that path I was on was going to help me to
have a vehicle to help others live their best life. The reality is I had my
ladder up the wrong tree. The good news is
I began to realize that in order for things to
change, things need to change. So I am so excited that I
made the decision, Mike and I together, to choose
health for ourselves, and I’m super excited
that we made the decision to join the coaching
team because together we are leaving an impact and we’re
having so much fun doing it. My daughter, in this picture
here, is also a health coach. And instead of her children
being raised in daycare, like she was, she
now gets the ability to be a stay-at-home mom. So I want to spend a
little bit of time with you tonight and visit a little
bit about who we are and what we’re doing. Dr. Andersen is our medical
director and Co-founder. What I love about Dr. A
is that he has a vision. He is a visionary and what
he saw was a different path. The difference is
that he envisioned what that path in which
coaching was going to look like, and he created our
OPTAVIA Community. And so what he envisioned
was a healthier world, a place where people were
physically healthy, where they were enjoying life with
themselves and their family, but they were also
focusing every day around the things
that mattered most. So we are talking about
lifelong transformation. We’re talking about creating
one healthy habit at a time. I’m not talking about
a diet that you go on and you start and
stop, where you find the courage for
a little bit to do, but I’m talking about
coming into a Community. And in this Community we
get to lift each other up. We get to partner with others. And there is no bigger blessing. There is no bigger reward of
the heart that I have ever received, even in all
my years of healthcare. And health coaching
totally trumps that. Y’all, we know we’ve got a
health epidemic in the United States. And we know that the obesity
and the overweight epidemic is going up. People are sicker. They’re having an
increasing decline in their quality of life. They’re taking more
and more medications. They’re not living
their best life. They’re hanging on by a thread. They’re barely surviving. They’re not happy. But the reality is
you all on this Zoom, you know what the
other path can be. And that is exactly what
we’re going to talk about. I know that when I came
into OPTAVIA as a Client, I wanted to shout it
from the rooftops. I wanted to shout it because
I found those missing pieces. And then when I became
a Coach, and I realized the even bigger gift
I had in my hand, I wanted to shout that
from the rooftops as well. So we’re going to talk
very briefly about our four components. And this is really important
to me because in my practice my patients came in
to me to get healthy. But the reality is I
had the wrong model. I had the wrong structure
to do it because I did it like a healthcare provider. But what I found
through the genius of Dr. Andersen and
our OPTAVIA Community is they got it all going on
because one-on-one personal health coach, a Habits of
Health education system, an amazing Community
that lifts people up, and an individualized meal plan. These are the four pieces
that nobody else has. These are the four pieces
that help us to be unique, and I really believe
make a difference. One thing about
your Coach or maybe you want to think about
as we’re talking tonight, could this be you? And what would this look like? I would imagine
that you’re pretty caring and knowledgeable. You’re in our Community. You love the results. You love the one-on-one support. Everything that your health
coach is pouring into you, what would it look like if
you just paid that forward to your friends and family? How would that
feel on your heart? The Habits of Health
education system. I had to be a one-man
show in my practice and try to teach my patients
and tell them what to do. The reality was I
wasn’t doing it well. Imagine having that
Habits of Health System at your fingertips. So as a health
coach, you’re tapping into that for your
personal health journey, but what you’re also doing
is now you have the tools. You don’t have to reinvent the
wheel because everything is right there at your fingertips. You’re learning it for
yourself, and then you’re learning to share that and
pay that amazing gift forward. Our OPTAVIA Community
this kind of blew me away. Coming from a
traditional background, I knew a medical world. I didn’t know a
world of OPTAVIA. And in the very beginning I
thought, who are these people? They’re so positive. They’re so upbeat. They’re so genuine
and authentic. And I just thought,
who are these people and what are they all about? And when I decided
to let my guard down, and when I decided to
embrace the Community, it was then that I really found
who the Community of OPTAVIA was all about. I also discovered how little I
knew as a healthcare provider about how to fuel my
body and how little I knew about helping others. But now as a health
coach, I have the knowledge that is not
only helping my husband and I and our family, but I have
that knowledge and the support of our Community
and OPTAVIA Program to be able to help others
to learn how to fuel their body in a healthy way. And that healthy way may not
necessarily be weight loss. It might be just fine
tuning your health or optimizing your health
or learning to fuel your body in a healthier way. Based on what your
goals are, your Coach is going to be there to
help guide and support you to the meal plan that
is specific for you. So, y’all, I’ve got a couple
of amazing guests on tonight. So we’re going to go
shoot on over to Texas. And I want to invite Matt and
April to go ahead and come off mute and come on
and share your story and your beautiful family. Well, hey, you guys. Can y’all hear us OK? You’re good. All right, awesome. Well, we are so excited
to have the opportunity to come to you all tonight
and share our story. So Matt is very few
of words, but he will be talking in a little bit. So just to kind of give you
a little bit of background of us, as you can see, that’s
our beautiful family here. We have two daughters. And they were the reason that we
decided to get on this journey. So our journey started
off way long before. About six years ago, we were
struggling with infertility. They’re saying that
they can’t see us. So we were struggling
with infertility and five years of that. And so it was through that
process, the ups and downs, the physical, the mental,
the emotional stress of going through that that
we just found ourselves in a very unhealthy place. And we ended up
going through IVF and having our baby
girl, Faith, but it was a very trying time for us. And I ended up putting on
a whole lot of weight, got into a very unhealthy place. And my husband was
right along with me. We were falling apart. Had a lot of different
issues, y’all. I mean, we could sit
here and name them all, but I had postpartum
pre-eclampsia. He had a lot of
different issues. But really when we were shared
the story with, we had no idea, we had no idea how much
it would change our lives, completely, totally. We lost 50 pounds
on the Program. I lost 50 pounds and
Matt lost 75 pounds. All the good, wonderful
things, got healthy. I got healthy. But the most
important thing we did is we gained our life
back with our kids. We have the energy now to
do so many different things with them. But we were struggling
through this whole process. Matt had been working three
jobs for many, many years, and that’s what
had really caused him and us to be
unhealthy, financially, to be able to have our baby
and go through the IVF process. But it also the physical health
and the emotional, all of it. And we had no idea that
when we started coaching how much it would not
only change our lives, but impact so many
other people’s lives. So pretty early on,
I would say whenever probably like three
weeks into the Program, I was just blown away. And I was like, oh my gosh,
Matt, this is amazing. I cannot wait to share
this with everybody. So we started health
coaching very early on. And just the ripple
effect really just went more than we
could have ever imagined. And Matt went from
his three jobs, where he was tired all
the time, coming home with very little energy. He now had the physical part
of it, losing 75 pounds. I allowed him back
into the bedroom because he stopped snoring. [LAUGHS] And life
was just grand. But we were still
struggling financially. And so the coaching part came
into this at a perfect time. And so little did
we know that we would be able to pay
off all of our debt from infertility, all
of our medical debt. And then the blessings
just kept on coming. So he was able to leave
not only that third job, he also walked away
from job number two. And he just walked away
from that final job, and he is now a full-time
health coach with me. And we are fully
present parents. And we get to wake up every
day and just do this together. It’s just amazing. It’s blessed us in so many ways. And it’s an incredible gift. And for me, I mean, the getting
healthy and losing 70 pounds, I mean, it was pretty amazing. But what was even
better was sharing this with the other people. I mean, seeing lives
being transformed. And in return it
gave us the freedom to do what we had
only dreamed of doing. I mean, to spend a life with our
kids as fully present parents, to create memories with them
that will pass by way too quickly, and to do
everything in my power to know one day I will be able
to walk them down the aisle. And I will look back
and have no regrets. I mean, that is the gift that
OPTAVIA and health coaching has given to me. Yeah, and it’s just
completely changed our lives in so many ways. We are so thankful for the
gift that OPTAVIA has brought into our lives, not only
physically, the mental clarity that we have, the physical,
the financial blessings that we get from
coaching and doing this, every day we get to wake up
and say, whose life do we get to help change today? And we get to do it together. And it’s just amazing
and we absolutely have been blown away by the
gift that we’ve been given. And now we love to just pay
that forward to everyone else. Awesome. You have such an
amazing story, you guys. And it’s been so fun
partnering with you and just getting to know
you and hear your heart and looking at the
lives that have changed, and your two beautiful girls. What an absolute
blessing in your life. So as we talked a little
bit about in the beginning, I really think of
OPTAVIA as a Community that offers folks
the opportunity to really live their best life. And if you think for
a little bit in fact, chime in in the chat. If you could live
your best life, what would that look like? What would you be doing? Where would you be? Who would you be with? Think about what that is. Because really optimal health
is about your best life healthy body, healthy
mind, and healthy finances, and having the abundance
in all of those areas to really live your best self. So with that said, I’ve asked
an amazingly dear friend, Wendy, to come on tonight. Wendy’s got a little bit
of a different story. My entry point was my
physical body and weight loss. April and Matt had the same. But Wendy’s story is just
a little bit different. So Wendy, can you go
ahead and come off mute? And I would love to have
everyone hear your story. Oh gosh, thanks so much, Patty. And how fun is this? Yes, I’m Wendy Asarch. I’m coming to you from
Southern California. And Patty is such a
dear friend of mine. And thank you, Patty, for
really changing my life. Patty’s a colleague of mine. And you heard how much she was
helping her patients outside of her office. And as she said, my
story is quite different. It is not the weight loss story. My entry point into OPTAVIA
really were my struggles with my emotional and
my financial health. So my story kind of
goes back about 11 years when my life was really
turned upside down. I was diagnosed with cancer. I’m a cancer survivor. And the realization at that
time of living our life to its fullest every
day was so important that I wanted to live that life. And coming into OPTAVIA, I
wanted to fine tune my eating. And yeah, I needed
to gain some energy, and I did put on a few
pounds with my chemotherapy that I wanted to
drop, but I needed to figure out a way to
get through my crazy days at my office with more energy. So you see, as Patty
and I are colleagues, I’ve been in healthcare
for 40 years. I’m a nurse practitioner
by training as well. I loved helping people
create that healthier life for themselves. And we know, we’ve all said
how healthcare’s changed to more of a sick care society. And like Patty, I was
frustrated with that. But I was mostly
frustrated with my life and not being able to live
it the way I had dreamed. I married and had
kids later in life. And I did want to plan for
retirement one of these days, but I was way too financially
stressed for that. I had worked very long
hours seeing patients. I was exhausted. I have two awesome
sons, and my husband and I had promised both of
them four years of college limited it, there
but we were not going to go into debt for that. And we also didn’t
want to take out loans. But they did choose
out-of-state schools, and that was quite a
stress for both of us. I also love to travel. And I was so tired about
saying no to every trip that I was offered. I kind of felt guilty that I’d
spend money on myself instead of putting it aside
and earmarking it for college or retirement. And I didn’t see any way out. I began coaching five years ago. Patty introduced me to this,
seeing where my stress was. And, of course, very quickly
I fell in love with everything that OPTAVIA had to offer,
but more importantly, I loved because at
the beginning, I was seeing how my patients
were getting healthier, and as they started
to lose weight, their lifestyle-related
issues began to improve. And then I actually
started to realize that I was getting paid
really well to do what I was falling in love with. So less than one year after
beginning my health coaching, both of my kids were in
out-of-state schools together. That was a really
big stress for me. One week after I dropped
my youngest off at school, I took my first trip
to Italy, the first of many European
trips since then. And this past year,
I actually retired from my medical practice just
to focus on my health coaching, and I’ve never been happier. My entire life has
flipped 180 degrees since I started coaching. My finances are better than
when I was working as a nurse practitioner I’m fulfilled
knowing that I can still help people create health
without writing prescriptions, and I just love our
Community and the support. And I feel like I have a
whole new family that I never expected to have. So I just wanted to say to
everyone that, you know what? There is hope. And there’s a life that
you dreamed of right behind those closed doors. So don’t give up hope. And just take a look
at what we’re doing, if it’s a fit for you or not. Because it can
change so many lives. And thanks so much, Patty,
for allowing me to share. You’re so welcome, Wendy. And so thrilled to be
partnering with you. You have an amazing story. So what would be the benefits
of becoming a health coach? I like to think about when
we come into the Community at a higher level, it really
reinforces our decision for our long-term health. There is nothing more
rewarding than to be able to pay this gift forward. I just sort of like
to think we’re all going to become Coaches because
we’re either going to support our friends and family,
refer our friends and family to our Coach, or we’re going
to come alongside and walk alongside others and utilize
the vehicle of coaching as a way to create a future,
to create a future of meaning and purpose, to think about
what would it look like to even augment or replace your income? And what would it look like
to leave an even bigger legacy in your life? So with that said, we’re
going on now all the way over to Utah. And I’m super excited to invite
Heather and Sam to join us tonight. All right, thanks, Patty. Well, this is one of
my favorite things to do is to talk about how much
OPTAVIA has blessed our lives. But to kind of paint the
picture of where we were, I go back eight years ago, and
things were a little different. We were living in California,
and we had five young kids. Heather was a stay-at-home mom. And I had a decent job,
but I was gone a lot, and it was pretty stressful. So what my days looked
like is I was usually gone before the kids woke up. And most days I’d come home
just in time to put them to bed. And it just never seemed to end. And the sad thing was
most of the people I knew were kind of in a
similar boat, most of the guys I talked to. It sort of felt normal
to live like that. You got a big mortgage, and
you just got to work hard. And we sacrificed so
she could stay home and that this was our life. It was stressful. We had ideas and thoughts
of trying to get out, but it didn’t seem like
it was really possible. We didn’t really take
great family vacations. We went camping because
that was pretty cheap. We could take all the kids. So life was a little different. And Heather was a
stay-at-home mom, and then eventually she
wanted to try and help me try to bring some
income in, but she was a little intimidated by that. And then she started talking
about this health coaching thing. So you want to tell
them about that? Yeah, so I was a little fearful
about going back into even just the work world after being a
stay-at-home mom for 12 years. And OPTAVIA kind of
fell into my lap. I was introduced to
it by my parents who wanted to start the program. So my entry point to OPTAVIA
was a brand new health coach and a brand new Client,
all on the same day. So if I can do that,
anybody can do it. But I was nervous. I was wondering, oh
my gosh, I don’t even know what I’m doing myself. But you know what? One of the first things
that I learned with OPTAVIA was the amount of support
and mentorship that you have. Now, you have support and
mentorship as a Client, but when you come in as a health
coach, that just skyrockets. And that amount of just
Community and support, I was not alone. They would say, you’re
in business for yourself, but not by yourself. And I had mentorship
surrounded around that helped me learn, guide
me, and becoming really the best version of myself. Because if we can’t
lead ourselves, it’s really hard to lead others. So we’re learning alongside
our Clients as Coaches to lead ourselves, become the
best we can be, and, in turn, help others. So I absolutely love that. And the amount of
personal growth that I had, and I think
we all do as coaches, was just incredible. I didn’t realize how much
training and emphasis OPTAVIA would help us Coaches
with on personal growth, really developing as people. And what that has done is
it’s given me confidence. It’s improved our marriage, the
way we communicate, as parents. And it’s just really
incredible to be able to serve other
people in this capacity. And the other thing that I
absolutely, I wasn’t expecting, was the Community of Coaches. So these people that
we’re surrounded with that are all
working on becoming the best version of themselves,
they’re all striving. And we just got back from a
four-day retreat in Portland with about 160 health coaches,
and we were just saying this morning, I miss them. Because they’re just
the energy there. They’re uplifting. It’s positive. Everyone’s cheering
each other on. So that Community was huge. I came into it to try
to financially help our family, which has
blown us away, that, but these I wanted to
lead with because it was something I wasn’t expecting. But as far as financially,
this has changed the whole course of our life. It has given us options. It’s given us opportunities,
time, freedom. Like Sam said, we
didn’t take vacations. We’re able to create
memories with our kids. Sam left his job in California. We now do this for our living. I never thought he would
coach with me, but he is. And we just feel really blessed. So if you’re thinking
of this at all, I encourage you just
to at least ask. You don’t know until you know. Because it blew me
away how much was included in the whole thing. So that’s our story. Awesome. Oh my gosh, you guys, thank you
so much for sharing tonight. And what an absolute
blessing, I know, that coaching has been
to you and your family. And it’s so fun to
partner with you. So as we’re closing up here
today a couple of thoughts. How would coaching work? You know what? We are a Community
that’s really focusing on linking arms together. We’re in this because
we’re making a decision to live our best life
in terms of our health, but we’re also looking for more. We’re looking to share
this gift with others, and we’re looking to live our
dreams and create the dreams and be able to have
a vehicle to do that. I love Heather’s point, is that
with coaching you have support all along the way. You have support as a Client. You have the same
support as a health coach because we are all
in this together to further that mission, to
create a healthier America in all aspects. So that coaching and
mentorship training, you’re going to learn as you go along. We’re going to be there
to guide and support you. On your health journey, we’re
going to guide and support you to move forward at your pace. It’s one day, it’s one
healthy habit at a time. And when you come into
the Community as a Coach, we’re going to move you
forward at your pace to create the dreams,
to have the fulfillment, to serve others in the way that
you choose to with the support all along the way. So I want to take a minute as we
close here tonight and just say congratulations to
every one of you. You’ve come into this Community. You’re either looking and
thinking, what should I do? Is this a Community that I
can get in alignment with? Is this a Community that’s
going to help me to move forward in my health? And that’s where it starts. It’s looking at where
are you and where is it that you want to go in
terms of your healthy body. It’s looking at are you really
living your best life in terms of meaning and purpose? Are you serving others? Are you leaving a legacy? Are you leaving an impact
on the lives of others? Do you have the time to spend
with your friends and family? Do you have the time to
spend with your children and your grandchildren? Are you doing
something every day where you know that you
are making a difference? Where are you financially? Are you trading time for money? What would it look
like if you could live that life of abundance? And that every day
you had the ability to know that you were changing
the life of another, who was changing the life of
another, who was changing the life of another? And as that ripple
effect comes, your heart is going to be
filled, and you’re going to have so many options
available to you in your life. So I want to thank
all of our guests. I want to thank Heather and Sam. I want to thank Wendy. And I want to thank
April and Matt. And I want to extend
congratulations to every one of you
for taking time out. Whether you’re listening
live or whether you’re listening recorded,
connect with the Coach that shared this video with you. Have a story. Have a conversation
about your story. Where are you today? Where would you like to go? Is your ladder up
the right tree? In order for things to change,
things will need to change. And I’m excited to
meet every one of you and to hear your story one day. So thank you for joining us
and have a wonderful evening. Good night. This audio may have contained
the personal testimonials of some OPTAVIA Coaches
or Clients of OPTAVIA. The results relayed in
these messages are based on the unique experiences of
the participants and we cannot guarantee like or
similar outcomes. While you may be inspired
by these accounts, please note that any
stories of success have not been verified
and your individual path to optimal health will vary. As always, it is
our recommendation that you consult with
a healthcare provider before starting a
weight-loss program. Yours in health,

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