Opus Dei – Freedom and friendship (5 of 7)

FINDING CHRIST IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD Freedom & Friendship “Through real, personal loyal friendship you create in others a hunger for God and you help them to discover new horizons.” [St. Josemaría] St Josemaria was very passionate about freedom, that we have the freedom to do what we wanted to do. But he also said that true freedom
was to choose the right thing. Not to choose anything,
but to choose the right thing. The right thing is always something that will lead us to God. I’ve got friends in the neighbourhood
and I’m surprised because a couple of the ladies
don’t know the neighbours down the road. You have to be open to say hello to everyone – you have to open your heart and be generous to everyone. I saw the life that people were living, that were involved in Opus Dei. What particularly stood out was their commitment
to live the Christian life. They were people that would not only talk about the faith,
but would live it seriously. That really appealed to me. Opus Dei has very much helped me to learn to be generous, to give of myself,
and to give that within friendship. We don’t see friendship as something we benefit from, but we very much see it’s something we can put a lot
into to help our friends. Our friendships viewed not just with things on a human level but also we try and raise them to a supernatural level. Ultimately to help our friends come closer to God. One of the teachings that have really stood out
from St Josemaria in my life has been his writings on freedom, and the importance of freedom in love –
to have real love, true love. Reading this has helped me
in my relationship with Christ and to understand how Christ loves us.
Basically giving us free will, and the necessity of free will to have real love with Our Lord. People are always coming up to us and saying, ‘I’ve got my problems, I’ve got this and that –
can you give me some advice?’ I usually say to them,
‘I’ll do better than that, I’ll pray for you.’ If you go into a Church, if you swing by on the way home, you can give that to Our Lord and you know that he’s heard it,
because you are right in front of Him in the Eucharist, in the Tabernacle.
When the light is on, you know He’s home. Since its foundation, Opus Dei has spread to 70 countries. St Josemaria’s life and message has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Venezuela, 1975 As Christins, our love has to be: Jesus Christ, our Blessed Lady, St. Joseph, the Pope! In 1963 Opus Dei was invited to carry on
its apostolic work in Australia, followed by New Zealand in 1989. Since then, Opus Dei has helped many ordinary Australians
and New Zealanders turn their work and daily activities
into occasions for growing closer to God, serving others and improving society. FINDING CHRIST IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD St. Josemaría Escrivá, Founder of Opus Dei

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