Oregon Republicans Backed By Right-Wing Militias Flee State to Stall Vote on Historic Climate Bill

this is democracy now I'm Amy Goodman as returned to Oregon where the state governments in a standoff after 11 Republican lawmakers fled the Capitol Thursday to avoid voting on landmark climate change bill some are believed to be hiding out in Idaho in an unbelievable turn of events threats of violence from right-wing militias supporting the rogue Republican legislators then led the remaining lawmakers in the Capitol to shut down the state capitol building in Salem it's now been nearly a week since all of Oregon's Republican senators went into hiding to prevent voting on the bill which aims to decrease emissions by implementing a statewide cap-and-trade model without at least two of the rogue Republican senators present Oregon Democrats who control both the state Senate and House of Representatives don't have the necessary quorum to vote on the legislation Oregon Democratic governor Kate brown sent out the state police to track down the Senators last week but they have not returned to the capital this is Oregon Republican senator Brian BOE quest one of the lawmakers who fled the capital speaking last week before the standoff began presenting the threat out like oh we're gonna have a special session or I'm going to send a state police to arrest you well I'm quotable so here's the quote this is what I told the superintendent send bachelors and come heavily-armed I'm not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon it's just that simple that was Oregon Republican state senator Brian Bach was saying send bachelors and heavily-armed well Oregon governor Kate brown said Monday she won't negotiate with the lawmakers until they return to the capital for more we go to Portland Oregon where we're joined by Oregon democratic state representative Karen power she's co-chair of the state's Joint Committee on carbon reduction and co-sponsor of the cap-and-trade bill welcome to Democracy Now what is going on in your state Republican legislators apparently some have fled to auric to Idaho and you've got the far-right militias threatening the state capitol so it was shut down this weekend yes and our Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate issued a statement last week condemning any threats of ireland's towards our state police and comments that would make our state capitol unsafe and Senate Republican leadership has set out to the media that they are not welcoming help from the militia that their senators are out of state but they have not condemned it as strongly as I myself and I think others would have liked but they have distanced themselves from those militia comments as well but explain what is going on so they're in Idaho and how did far-right militias threaten the state capitol so earlier in session the Senate Republicans walked out on their job to halt progress on passing a really significant landmark education funding bill as well we have underfunded our stools in Oregon for about 20 years when they walked out our governor and the Senate Democratic leadership negotiated two bills that didn't move forward this session in exchange for their return to business for the rest of session now they've walked out again less than just a few weeks later and I think the clip that you played earlier from senator beau quest perhaps led to some of these militia groups stepping in to presumably defend our senators born out of state but I think at least one other senator late last night said publicly that any threat of violence towards us as members towards the public is unacceptable and explain what this is all over talk about the climate change legislation you're pushing for yeah this is all over our climate bill we've been working to study carbon pricing for the last almost a decade over the last couple years we've been working intensely on a cap-and-trade bill to align with California Quebec formally Ontario along the Western climate initiative for the last eight months I've been helping to lead a terrific committee of both Republicans and Democrats as we've traveled the state to hear from citizens its coalesced into a final version of the bill that was going to be voted on by the Senate last Thursday when the Republicans walked out denying them quorum and explained that cap-and-trade bill it we are seeking to regulate the largest carbon and carbon equivalent polluters in the state and pricing carbon a little bit to start with the way that California has started but Oregon would be the second statement nation to price all sectors our production our transportation and in our energy and utilities it's been a tremendous amount of work to get us this far we have a number of groups and all major utilities and support and it's really just incredibly disappointing that with the climate crisis before us we were unable to take this last step and get it to our governor's desk so what happens now Oregon Democrats have tweeted a wanted poster for the missing GOP senators last week wanted fugitives from justice and their jobs have you've seen these people if you do find them do not harm them or Agra needs them back at work five seconds Karen sure we our session ends June 30th this Sunday so if they don't come back all bills will be dead well I want to thank you continue with part two of our discussion we'll post it online at democracynow.org Karen powers democratic state representative you

49 thoughts on “Oregon Republicans Backed By Right-Wing Militias Flee State to Stall Vote on Historic Climate Bill

  • They should be fired and replaced immediately. Don't know how their laws work, but it's easy to see they don't work for the people of Oregon.

  • Great Reporting Ami. This is my take on this issue, if you are not present to do your duties, you should be fired, and the vote should continue as usual. This is total non-sense, and elected official dereliction of duty should be a jail-able offense. I bet that all of them are white, if they were any other color they would all go to jail, this system is rigged and needs to be changed it only works for the powerful criminals who happen to be white. This is just another attempt for the GOP to disregard the law, hell with the example we got at the WH today no wonder that the GOP think they are above the law, foking wynni party, Hey? THE BLUE TSUNAMI IS COMING FOLKS without militia or with militia! IMPEACH GOP NOW!

  • Interesting to note that an education bill was also involved. Climate science deniers trying to dumb down the nation.

  • Thank You Militia ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘Š – Democrat Shit Below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ 3/4 of them are C 12 Accounts / AI Accounts / Fake Accounts

  • The Nazis did the same sort of thing to disrupt the elected German parliament from conducting government business in the early 1930's! History is repeating itself in Oregon … with the Republicans playing the role of Hitler's Nazis! I never thought I would see this happen in the United States but I am no longer surprised about the absurd goings on in Trump's neo-fascist America. The very fabric of a democratic American political system is being shredded by these extreme purveyors of the extreme right! God help America. This will not end well! Trump has empowered all the CRAZIES, ANARCHISTS DISGUISED AS REPUBLICANS, to adopt fascist ideology that contravenes every democratic principle the country was founded on! The threat of violence harkens back to the days of the WILD WEST! There will be blood in the streets of America!

  • "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

  • This is what democracy looks like!!!! Get over it Democrats. You perfected these tactics and now youโ€™re upset that the Republicans are using them against you. Get over it!!!

  • Oregon is a perfect example of why democracy does not work. Corruptuon, lazy cops, poverty, bums, no one gets along here. Democrats can go fuck off. Im tired of working hard at skilled jobs, actually producing things people use. And half my money goes to these bastards who can only take care of their lazy lives, then completely neglect the native residents and flood the market… Yeah great going ignorant liberal baby boomer idiots. You all look like gremlins even.

  • They should all be replaced. Fired for "job abandonment" and replaced. That should be a law, that if a representative purposefully flees from the job and refuses to return — in an attempt to prevent the function of government — they should be subject to a vote by the people to be removed and replaced. And then barred from holding a government office (at least in Oregon, you can't barr them from other states unfortunately).

    This is simply unacceptable behavior. Climate change is a massive issue and must be dealt with decisively and without timidity nor favoring the corporations (the big polluters). And if this law is so "terrible" as the MIA republicans insist, then it would be politically prudent for them to return to their jobs, vote against it, and then when it supposedly will turn out to be awful none of those who voted for it will get re-elected. But they know that won't happen, it won't be terrible for anyone except the greedy corporation who will be forced to treat the environment with a modicum of respect rather than indifference and greed-fueled contempt.

  • "a landmark climate change bill" that is being forced on an entire state by a super-majority of city-slickers in Portland. "a landmark climate change bill" is nothing more than oppressive Cap&Trade nonsense that will kill the economy of the entire state. Just another example of stupid group-think city dwellers thinkin they can tell everybody how to live their lives. This is a republic, the majority do not get to vote to violate the rights of others.

  • Republican wouldn't win if they vote against the bill because they are a minority. Every bill must favor everybody and not just leftist. So the best thing to do is not to vote.

  • Anyone who thinks that police coming to your homes or tracking you down in order to point guns at your head to force you to work deserve the same. the governor made the first threat. Its astonishing how people completely ignore this tyrannical government in Oregon. Self defense is exactly what the people should be doing in the face of tyranny by their government. If they get away with it once it won't stop there…you'll be next.

  • It is interesting to read these comments, as some videos have a completely different viewpoint. Most of these viewers are obviously democrats, while some of the videos have largely republican viewers and support the missing senators. This is not the first time this has been done, the democrats have walked out several times as well. The reason so many support what the republicans have done is because supporters come from rural Oregon (the areas represented by the republicans). Those in rural Oregon are tired of city dwellers who are clueless about rural issues making up laws that negatively affect those in small communities. Portland has been bullying those rural areas since the Great Depression (yes, during FDR's time) and they have had enough. Maybe it is time to once again look at dividing the state.

  • Your state of OR should be burned at the stake togheter with CA…. You NAZIS LEFTIST SCUM… OH I FORGOT… COMMUNISTS!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • WHY DONT YOU SAY THE TRUTH… the reason they are not present is because the presence of at least 2 of them there even if they don't vote
    allows the demoncrats to pass the bill… Thats why they're not present… The militia thingy here is being used to hype the drama effects… By the way this sort of BS is what made me QUIT THE "DEMOCRAT" PARTY.

  • For "climate change". Can anyone of you idiots tell me when the climate wasnt changing. Im going to become a democrat used car salesman. Apparently, democrats will buy ANYTHING.

  • The "landmark" Bill will would cost us jobs. Read it before you condemn it. They've already instituted a corporate sales tax that will cost us all more money, as well as drive business out of the state.

  • The Oregon governor called forth all state police to bring in these republican senators and this is a response to people standing up to the governor and vowing to not let republican senators be political prisoners to pass a socialist agenda. They have a right not to attend according to Oregon state constitution and without at least 18 people present them the law canโ€™t be passed. People are pissed that their governor is ignoring their state constitution

  • No offense, Amy- but you've really got to up the professionalism just a tad. It's a excellent show that's spoiled by a lot of high school, AV flubs ….

  • Free and brave Americans would take up arms and actually fight for their land and their lives, right? maybe they have – they're the militias disrupting civic life and playing skirmish games for the fugitive royals…

  • Outsiders of Oregon have no clue how the state is on the brink of a civil conflict. Portland has been strangling the rest of the state's economy with new laws and taxes. I wouldn't normally condone this behavior either, however it's much past that point now. . . if you don't understand that, you don't understand how pissed off everyone outside of Portland is of state government has been lately. Washington state is no different, everyone outside of Seattle is in the same situation.

  • It's like a zombie movie where everyone is holed up in a safe house and there's an idiot or two who end up getting everyone killed.

  • a horrible green deal got beaten! and democrates give up today ;D oregon is saved! no more horrible crappy climate scam

  • We can't get along. We see you liberals as pathetic animals, you see us the same way.
    Let's just do this and be done with it. Let's see who will back their convictions in the ultimate currency.
    There is no reconciliation, only the utter destruction of one of the two factions. Remember, you leftists pushed it this far.

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