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silence shared in words presents I Respect Money …because it can make you multidimensionally rich From Death to Deathlessness #22 “My talking to you has not the ordinary purpose that talking serves: indoctrination — that is not the purpose of my talks. I don’t have any doctrine; my talking is really a process of dehypnosis. Just listening to me, slowly, slowly you will be free of all the programs that the society has forced you to believe in.” Can you talk about money? What are all these feelings which are around money? What makes it so powerful that people sacrifice their lives for it? This is a very significant question. All the religions have been against wealth because wealth can give you all that can be purchased in life. And almost everything can be purchased except those spiritual values love, compassion, enlightenment, freedom. But these few things are exceptions, and exceptions always prove the rule. Everything else you can purchase with money. Because all the religions have been against life, they were bound to be against money. That is a natural corollary. Life needs money because life needs comforts, life needs good food, life needs good clothes, good houses. Life needs beautiful literature, music, art, poetry Life is vast! And a man who cannot understand classical music is poor. He is deaf. He may hear his eyes, his ears, his nose, all his senses will be perfectly right medically but metaphysically… Can you see the beauty of great literature, like The Book of Mirdad? If you cannot see it, you are blind. I have come across people who have not even heard the name of The Book of Mirdad. If I am to make a list of the great books, that will be the first. But to see the beauty of it you will need a tremendous discipline. To understand classical music is possible only if you learn and it is a long learning. It is not like jazz music, for which no learning is needed. Even monkeys can understand jazz in fact, only monkeys understand it. It is not music, just a few crackpots making all kinds of noises, and you think it is music. You will find better music in a waterfall, or when the wind blows through the pine trees, or simply when you walk in the forest in autumn on dry leaves, and sounds are created. But to understand that, you will need to be free from hunger, free from poverty, free from all kinds of prejudices.

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  • In all of his videos he is trying to convey the importance of technology or basically material advancement by speaking so slow that if there was not a 1.25 speed button in youtube , I would have fallen in slumber …

  • Can someone explain to me why he thinks jazz music is bad? i was expecting him to say something like 'if someone doesn't learn to appreciate all music, then he is poor' but NO. jazz is shit haha

  • Ho studiato x 30 anni la Bibbia con testimoni di geova e ora sono uscito ma le poche parole lette dal maestro mi hanno dato una forsa e una conoscenza di cose nascoste che sono dentro di noi in modo sublime grazie OSHO

  • have he heard Pa Metheny for instance I wonder. yes there a 're some Latin stuff I can't understand But many jazz pieces are full of sophisticated rhythms and fine melodies

  • Ya no me gustó, habló sobre que el Jazz no es música y que solo nosotros los monos podemos escucharla y al final dice que hay que quitarse todo tipo de prejuicios.
    No endiosen a Osho.

  • Dressed like a turtle to match his speaking style. Did he write his books or people transcribe him? He must of started at 6 years old. Jazz it up tortuga

  • Watching Osho talk about money so I can convince myself that doing my research paper isnt all that important, and that graduating isnt all that important

  • No Religion can compete OSHO.Other Religion can promote through their fake magic or musical shows.OSHO tells the truth

  • "Mirdad: O Amor é a Lei de Deus. Viveis para que aprendais a amar. Amais para que aprendais a viver. Nenhuma outra lição é exigida do homem."

  • I agree with him on jazz music, im a pianist and ive done experiments, playing to animals, cows, elephants etcc, when I play classical music they dont seem to care too much, however when i do jazz, oh man how easy was to get their attention!

  • Yoo does anyone know how can we find the book that his talking about in this interview?

    The one that he says that It's the first great book that he would recommend :D?

    Help please

  • Indudablemente Osho es un humano común y corriente como el mismo lo reconoce. Y por lo tanto expuesto a la contradicción, esto lo digo por el comentario acerca del jazz. Yo no soy racista por eso hago esta anotación, aun así es muy atinado en lo que refiere a cerca del dinero. Es la pura verdad.

  • Osho only spoke about the fact, that money is very very important in our everyday life. That's all he spoke about during his speeches, and there are some people who want to misunderstand him on purpose, and say that he was a capitalist……No, in the sense they mean it, he wasn't money-centered, he just used his common sense. and tried to open religions' eyes for the fact that we can't survive without money. That's all. God/Allah/Brahman bless and protect him in every step.

  • Por favor traduzca en castellano ….español .para a quellos que no saben leer ….ver desde ya muchas gracias un abrazo desde Argentina.

  • most of west countries are rich by in terms of money and technology but most of them addicted to drugs ,violence . india is poor in terms of money but very rich in spirituality, peace , meditation but the problem is ego western people wont accept they are poor …

  • He is not God .. He is a Human.. sometimes he can give you some answers which are acceptable , sometimes not.. that's it..

  • Osho doesn't like Jazz but its ok .. and his opinion could have expressed in a different way.
    Moreover he just says what he thinks. that's is not accepted all the time

  • those who feel life little deeply find jazz..noisy and annoying, so do i,but before i used to love jazz, hip hop loud music..feel his word. .music of water drops, wind blow, dry leafs sound when u walk on it…

  • I am someone who totally loves jazz, and, I totally love Osho! go figure! I was there in Pune 1, in Rajneeshpuram, and in Pune 2, love, the field of consciousness as love and grace is the field we all live in if only we are awake 😉

  • I've been to Antelope. Was there last summer for the eclipse. Those stupid yokel Republican dipshits destroyed their own best chance for a real economy in that nowhere town. The fricking compoud is like a half hour by dirt road anyway. Now, it's been taken over by christian religious psychos. Fuck that. Oregon has smart people in its state, but not in yokel dirtwaters like Antelope. What a joke of a town.

  • Jazz is good, but to listen Classical you need to have certain qualities and diiplines that is what he mean, take it funny dont feel for monkey.

  • Jazz = Chaos so what's the big puff about that anyway??
    It's like hardcore/metal – some feel it for life, some can't stand it a second — it's all about diversity taste and vibes > i mean Thank god we're not all the same!!

  • He is contradictory..In his other talks he claims that there is no God. Yet he compliments the book of Mirdad as his top book. Did he even know that the book of Mirdad suggests that there is a God? Oh and it was only written in 1948, but he dismisses the Bible which is Thousands of years old.

  • Wonder what he thinks about hip hop and rap…. G Eazy? Too Short? Rihanna? Beyoncé? JLo? Cardi B? Gwen Stefani? And so on…

  • People getting all riled up about his Jazz music comment, don’t understand classical music. Having g been trained in classical music myself, I agree with him 100000 percent. Even monkeys can understand Jazz. But it requires years of learning to be able to appreciate classical. So hakuna your Tatas everyone. And don’t act so defensive when you haven’t even known the flip side of his argument. They say classical is for class!!!

  • Even sages make mistakes. Osho is incorrect to say that jazz is not music. He simply does not understand it. Still love him tho.

  • Regarding Osho's Jazz comment – it didn't seem to strike a chord with me either, seems rather off key?! (pardon the puns :P)
    Here's a few points that came to mind in Osho's defence:
    i) i've heard Osho say he often contradicts himself, as in – the next day Osho may have said Jazz is the coolest thing since sliced bread, funky outfits, snazzy watches and uber armchairs…
    ii) It looks like Osho hasn't slept in a very long time (or blinked) , so theoretically Osho could have actually meant another genre of music by mistake? Its a long shot but you never know! (Benefit of the doubt guys?)
    iii) Osho has also indicated that he enjoys controversy…and likes people talking about him…(agreeing & disagreeing but not ignoring).
    ps. In the comments below there is a video link to a video about Osho and his view on music so it might be quite enlightening for those that want to dive deeper….

  • The problem is people often have to engage, and go along with, corruption
    in order to make money. I find his idea on this outdated. He advocated some
    sort of bartering system- between communes-in his later books. I prefer the ideas
    of Peter Joseph on this topic. Osho’s spiritual understandings are deep and inspired.

  • I absolutely disagree. Money doesn't exist in nature. Money is a religion. It thwarts forward progress and binds you. Human beings, and every other species, got along just fine without money before man invented it. Life absolutely does not need money. No one human being is right about everything. It's just a bit shocking that someone so wise is so wrong about something that is easy to see.

  • This is where I totally disagree with him. You can feel what he's talking about in every moment of life if you just stay quiet and listen. We have with in us this all the time. Its actually a lot easier too see it when you are poor. We all have our own way of getting to here and now. Money actually gets in the way of knowing and realizing who we are

  • Also, his comments about jazz put a nice dent in the respect I had for him. If you actually know anything about how music works, how it's constructed, jazz is a highly organized form of music that requires many years of dedicated study to master. The vast majority of classical musicians can't even begin to touch jazz. It's way over their heads. They're stuck to the written score and can't improvise. Not to mention the connection between the freedom of expression that is sought in improvisation and the kind of spiritual freedom Osho talks about. How does he not see that?

    Come on Osho, you're smarter than that!

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