OUAT 04x22x23 Hook&Henry Rescue Emma From the Tower ❤ CS First Meeting w/subs

Look! We found it! There’s a black knight standing guard. Only one. We can take him out. Well, you perhaps you hadn’t noticed, but I’m a deckhand, not a soldier. Then maybe we don’t need to fight. I’m here on official business for the Queen delivering a dangerous prisoner from the Kingdom of Kashyyk Well done, lad. The Wookiee prisoner gag– it always work The what? Never mind. Lock the guard in the cell. I’ll be back with my mom as soon as I can. What– Uh, Killian, this is my mom Mom, Killian. Yeah, um… pleasure. Yeah. Right. Look, we need to… get going. We’ve got a wedding to stop. Thank you for your help, Killian. Uh, yeah, of course. I’m pleased you regained your, uh, your freedom. Me too. Unfortunately, it’s not gonna last unless we put some distance between that tower and us before the guard wakes up. Why? Because that was not any ordinary black knight. Her name is Lily. She’s dangerous. I don’t understand. What’s the problem with this Lily? Henry, get below now! I need you to load the cannon with a chain shot. Come on! Now! Hold your fire till I tell you! Lily, over here! Come on, Lily! Come on! NOW! That was close. Cheers. You did it. We did it. What is that? It’s goat’s milk. Where’s your rum? I’m allergic. Never touch the stuff. Of course you are. Can I ask you a question? You trusted me with your life just now. Why? It’s complicated. Might take a while. My schedule’s pretty clear. Okay. Let’s first work on your fighting skills. Then we’ve got to help Regina stop that wedding.

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