Our First Cruise – April 2019 on Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas – Part Two | 2FabDudes

with your… backrolls backrolls? it’s Post uh-oh here comes a wave c’mon Ariel there’s no insta-tuck something only said on vacation I haven’t had any alcohol since coffee or at work double double trouble there not be a poke coming through yeah girl! right now we’re back at the dock here mon have a Red Stripe mon this is all juice! there ain’t nothing in it Liza Minnelli lies that beach, so the water was even warmer than yesterday are they filming themselves being booed? i would that’s hilarious well like if it’s an excursion that’s fine it’s still fun to boo people you’re fine but I’m still booing you Boooo! we’re moving tiny tiny bit yeah we’re pushing off here we go! full steam ahead! iceberg right ahead! not in these waters we drank a lot now Hulk in there just slams it open She Hulk what? with your… backrolls backrolls? why is it so quiet?
we need music at first it hurts the knees but for this
view come on over Rhino they ask you how you are you just have
to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine that you just can’t get into
it you’re lucky these windows don’t open what? you’re lucky these windows don’t open why is that? gay overboard why mon? ooh she salty! c’mon everybody
here we go! how was it? wet! mama mia
here I go again deck 11 it’s the final Washy deck 8 deck 5 it’s 9:00 in the morning and we’re
waiting to get off the ship we’re waiting to be called I’m ready to go back to bed now we’re getting off the ship this sucks i love caution tape on the beach

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  • Great video Thanks for sharing your cruise experience We think you guys had a lot of fun. Sincerely, Adventures of David and Aaron.βš“βš“βš“πŸŒˆ

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