Our Plan to Travel the World as Nomadic House Sitters

Hi, it’s Amy And Tim from GoWithLess. Today is a beautiful fall day in Colorado and we are out enjoying nature. The skies are blue. It’s a crisp, cool, perfect fall day. We’re in one of Colorado’s Incredible state parks. It’s called Castle Wood Canyon. It’s right outside of Frank Town, Colorado. What a glorious place. We’re on a trail today Just walking around. There’s nobody here at the park. On a weekend, this place is packed. And so we’re lucky to be here on a Thursday afternoon. In today’s video we’re gonna be sharing about our new direction. So I hope that you will stay tuned Last week at FinCon. We had two mentors and they both gave us some consistent advice and that was get off your couch! And so we’re doing exactly that. We’re out today having an amazing day. Most of our days are like this but our videos don’t necessarily show that so from here on out, we’re planning to be off the couch and showing you guys what we’re doing that makes our life incredible. Here’s the crazy thing. When we talk with people about how we retired in our 40s – They might say – we’ve had many people say – I couldn’t imagine doing that. I just be bored watching Netflix on my couch. So kind of the worst fear that we’ve heard is what we’re showing in most of our videos, which is crazy. We’ve been trying to watch a Two-hour movie for three weeks that we both want to watch. We haven’t had any time because we haven’t been on our couch So we’re not on our couch in our life. Why would we be showing that to you as our life? So like Tim says no more couch. Okay, Tim. We’re gonna be off our couch. What are we gonna be doing instead? Well, we are going to be full-time Nomads and so… We had such an amazing time in Europe, in our nine weeks in Europe. I like to say two months. Amy wants to throw that extra week in there at all times…because it was so extraordinary who would want to shortchange a whole week? There you have it. So we’re planning to sell our house, sell our cars, put all of our belongings that are left in storage. We’re not gonna have any furniture left. And so we’ll be talking about that process as we transition to being full-time nomads. But, our plan is to travel the world And basically live out of a suitcase for an undefined amount of time but starting in eighteen months This is our plan. And what we’re planning to do is use a combination of travel hacking, Airbnb and house sitting to do that. We have many many many friends who are full-time International nomadic house sitters and we are following in their footsteps. We have been so jealous for the three plus years We’ve been doing this and it’s time to join them in a year and a half. But we are looking to do Something like three or four weeks at a house sit and then travel for a week or two and then three or four week house sit And then travel for a week or two because as we’ve said before house-sitting isn’t normally a vacation. It’s just kind of trying someone else’s life on so it’s not really a normal vacation. Anyway, we’re going to be talking about how we get our house-sitting and our traveling going. So in that you’re gonna learn as well. We met a couple about a month ago Sue and Dave from Australia and they told us about their model and we are very interested in doing something very similar Their model is is that they do house sits in places that are a little bit more expensive so if they’re gonna they’re gonna be in Australia if they’re gonna be in Western Europe if they’re gonna be here in the States, They like to do house sits. They’ll look for house It’s these more expensive locations and then whenever they’re not house sitting they’ll fill in the gaps in less expensive locations. So places like Mexico or Chiang Mai, Thailand or other places – Eastern Europe – places that are very inexpensive. And so we really like that idea. So we’re gonna steal that idea. Thank you. Sue and Dave for your idea. Something that we talked about quite a bit Especially as sort of we we’ve honed in what it seems like our budget is going to be or at least our life here That’s fixed in Colorado for the moment. We’re spending about $36,000 a year. And so we think that a lot of people when they hear that they’re like Oh my gosh As we would have been are sort of almost turned off by that idea of how could I possibly live on $36,000 a year? we are here to tell you that our life of freedom is so much better When we’re spending this little amount of money versus…we were spending a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars a year in our prior life. Spending! That doesn’t mean we were earning that’s how much we were spending. That also didn’t include the principle on our mortgage, That didn’t include any money we’re putting in savings. We were spending $115,000 a year (or taxes). We lived in a big fancy house. These things mean nothing. Our life now is so much better than it was whenever we were spending all that money. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be here. I think that’s part of the reason that we have this channel is basically to get this message out there. Amy says sometimes we feel like (or she feels like and I would be there I guess behind her waving the flag)… But basically we should be standing on the street corner telling people about how amazing our life is. And not because we’re trying to brag. Let’s just stop right there. That’s not the point here. The point is to give (hopefully) some inspiration and education. Here’s a big reason why we do the videos. It’s to show that this can be done. So we didn’t really know that this was an option for us until we found others in our community showing the way. And so once we saw the way we were all in and it was the most exciting thing for us to Go down that path and to have our freedom. And we’re just trying to show that for others. That’s why I want to do it. I actually think it’s our responsibility To just teach people that this is an option. Tim has a bit of a different reason. It’s just similar but a little bit different take on it. And I think the reason is we’re looking for a community. We’re looking for a tribe. We’ve talked about this some before. But we’re looking for people who are interested in this idea or who will even challenge our ideas We want people to…we want to have an interaction. But so Amy and I like to say we think we’re a little crazy That’s okay. We don’t mind being a little crazy. (I love being crazy). We think crazy is good. However, we’re looking for a community of people who think that crazy is likewise pretty cool. Something else we’d really like to see in your comments is what are your thoughts about us getting off the couch? So we think this is an obvious thing. We should have been doing this. Why didn’t you tell us? Our mentor said we want to see go with less. We want to go with you. We wanna go on your adventures. We don’t want to go with you and sit on your couch. And tell us what you’d like to see. So if there are things you would like to see from us… We live in this amazing state. Colorado is beautiful so if there are things There’s tons of Colorado that we haven’t seen and so we have things in our brains about where we want to go. But if you have some thoughts about where you would like for us to go, we’d love to hear that as well. And maybe not just Colorado. The United States, the world. Where do you want to go? Where do you want to see us go? Where do you want us to blaze the trail before you? PS…It isn’t gonna be somewhere cold. So if it’s Antarctica, (or expensive). Yeah, not cold, not expensive. But…leave it down below if it is cold and expensive I’ll just say no thank you, but you can still leave it below.Thanks. If you’ve made it to the end thank you so so much. What we want from you is to know where your hometown is. We travel a lot and we go all over the place and meet people in our tribe all the time. So whether you are already retired, whether this is a completely new concept for you (And maybe you want to learn more), wherever you are on your journey Or even if it just sounds interesting and you’re not even on the early retirement journey, that’s fine. We want to meet you. We want to meet this tribe. That’s it when we talk about community I think that we’re hoping that this video series is a forum also where there could be a conversation that goes on And that could happen in the comments. So basically just commenting on our videos and commenting on other people’s comments What what do you have? What do you think about what we’re doing? What do you think about what people say about what we’re doing? We really love the idea of building community. And this is just one way that we’re hoping to do this. That’s right so comment below because we just love that kind of dialogue and engagement and Also again, remember your hometown down below because we are coming to visit you. If you liked today’s video Please give it a thumbs up If you want to see more about our adventures on our journey Please subscribe at that little button that Tim is pointing to. And again, we love comments Please comment on other people’s comments. That would be wonderful (down below). And if you want to share this with anybody who is interested in that kind of nomadic lifestyle, Please ask them to subscribe so we can share this journey with as many as we possibly can. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll be back next Wednesday with a new video!

13 thoughts on “Our Plan to Travel the World as Nomadic House Sitters

  • So excited for both of you! My husband and I went through this exact same process of selling all we had to be FT world nomads! We have no regrets after being in South America for almost two months now. We are so much healthier and happier. I hope you do videos on your process of becoming world nomads!

    P.s. I’m glad you are out in nature! I love seeing the world through your eyes!

  • Amazing news! I don't care where you go as long as you keep the videos coming. Actually, I take that back. I would love to see some time spend down in South America… I hear it's pretty warm down there most of the time. 🙂

  • Congratulations on finally coming out with your decision to go homeless and become nomads. Love seeing you off the couch! I never thought about that which is probably why I'm not a mentor 😉 I agree with you about finding your tribe and I really feel that since we became retired nomads we have made lifelong friends in a wonderful community, our tribe if you like, through other house sitters and travelers. Your enthusiasm is electric and that is what will get you through some of the more challenging times on the road. Dave and I are both looking forward to following your journey to divesting yourselves of your worldly goods, I wonder if you'll last the 18 months…..

  • You guys are adorable! I'm not a video expert, but what I will say is I think you "speak" great thoughtful content. I think the "Get off the couch" comment is along the lines of keep the video moving. I wonder if there's a way to even show you moving with conversation laid over it, if that makes sense. Love the plan, excited for your travels and thoughtful talks about it. As inspiration, Casey Neistat is someone on youtube I've watched who does an amazing job of incorporating movement into his videos. Best wishes, Sarah

  • I love watching your videos. Once our children are grown our goal is to significantly downsize then spend a month each year or twice a year in different European countries, traveling out from a home base. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  • I love that you got off the couch! Can't wait to watch your journey. I look forward to seeing wherever you go, but I'd love to vicariously visit Croatia through GoWithLess.

  • Just stumbled on your channel, I love your energy. You guys are great, I'm inspired and I like the idea of being in the nature👍

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