Our Society Is Breaking Apart For An Obvious Reason

so last week prosecutors stunned to the city of Flint Michigan by dropping all charges against officials accused of ruining the community's drinking water they claim they're doing this in order to extend the investigation and charge more people yeah you know all those times you've heard of investigators dropping all charges on a case just so they can really do a good job next time around like if I had a nickel for every time that has happened I would owe 30 five cents so anyway it's been five years the water in Flint is still tainted despite claims to the contrary and no one has been prosecuted for it but it's not just Flint successive lead levels have been found in almost 2000 water systems across all 50 states so there's something nationwide going on here and it has to do with how we view the common good our water systems used to benefit everyone right whether you're you're rich poor sexy ugly didn't matter it used to be turn on the faucet and you get nice clean water our country used to care about the common good unless you were indigenous or black or something but to some degree we used to care for the common good but now water systems around the nation are collapsing and poisoning people how about public drinking fountains you see in one of those recently there's spiders living in them this fighters in the bounds you ever seen a repairman fixing a public water fountain no of course not that's because the common good doesn't matter to us anymore and letting water fountains die just means that Nestle and Coke can sell more bottles of water and the wealthy who generally have much more political power they don't care because they can afford a million bottles of water every year their dogs only drink bottled water all right they're their plants only drink coconut water which might count as cannibalism but our corporate media isn't going to lament the death of the common good either with the exception of a rare article like this one public drinking fountains are disappearing and that's a bad thing which is literally from Smithsonian magazine check out the Smithsonian's new exhibit water fountains for that remember hydration but it's not just fountains that suffer as our selfish and divided society abandons the common good what about public transportation the New York City subway system looks like the lower intestine of a 68 Chevy the Washington DC metro catches fire once a week and their slogan is I'm not kidding back to good Wow way to set the bar really high DC what the fuck was that slogan meeting like here are the final options folks DC metro back to me DC metro less than shitty DC metro elite you know live in fucking Detroit and finally DC metro only rarely the center of an Ebola outbreak so what are the reasons that motivate a city to have a really great public transit system well it's not generally meant to make a lot of money right so that means it has to be maintained because the people and the elected officials want a great transit system they have to want to help create a a positive living experience which is done by having things meant for the common good like oh I don't know bridges bridges are useful rights they get everybody over things they want to get over and and they rarely ever discriminate between rich or poor dumb or old you know bridge don't care bridges like here is your destination well we have 58,000 US bridges found to be structurally deficient across the u.s. structurally deficient doesn't mean they're collapsing this minute but it also doesn't mean they're back to good you know not a lot of people want to use a bridge where there's a sign saying we're pretty sure you'll get across it's highly likely maybe but our infrastructure is breaking down because common good doesn't matter anymore public restrooms hardly exist anymore public swimming pools were once abundant in America now they're mainly where people go to do meth you know what about community centers community gardens libraries now all three are generally only used as a quiet place to poop in a corner because there aren't any public restrooms and then there's the question of where have all the jungle gyms gone and that article is coming from the website free range kids org which I'm opposed to all right I think all kids should be in cages at all times the acceptors they're immigrants that is racism all right I want all kids in cages not racist when I was a kid public jungle gyms were they still existed you know they were like the bare-knuckle boxing version of day care jungle gyms the kids that hung out at the public ones they were tougher than the ones at the Sheik bouncy rubber expensive day care your your kids not gonna die jungle gyms you know and and it was good for us you built up an immunity to eating lead paint it was good it was good for a kid to learn how to get by without his front teeth it was good a life lesson the idea that the common good is scary or flawed is so ingrained in our cultural psyche that when I see something like I'm not kidding when I see something like a community garden I think what do you mean free for all to use what kind of racket you run in here is this sir it's just carding some kind of front for sex trafficking is it yeah right pick your own basil fuck yeah not falling for the pick your own basil gambit how fucked up is it that we're skeptical of things that are good or pure or cooperative that's a messed up society right there I've gotten so accustomed to a culture based on profit and manipulation that if I saw someone like like giving away free vegetables on a corner would cross the street and tell parents like keep their kids away okay hey hey hey hey white watch out there there's some sort of free broccolini thing going on over there I don't know what it is to stay back but if I saw someone charging $50 for back alley organ transplants no questions asked I'd be like that's an entrepreneur right there sir he's a good guy down here working hard right right I mean that's how we've been so we do it now we have to evolve we need a revolution of the mind of our culture we have to again appreciate the common good cuz selfish consumerist unfettered capitalism is a death spiral that's where it leads haven't even watch the DC the belly the basses are interactive [Applause]

28 thoughts on “Our Society Is Breaking Apart For An Obvious Reason

  • Hate canned laughter. This show is not funny nor accurate. Do humor or news not both because you a failing at both. Get good at one before trying another.

  • Interesting side note. My neighboring street has water main that is getting repaired. The city sent letters to a bunch of people on that street that they need to either pay thousands of dollars to get their lead service lines replaced or sign a waiver. Some of them are consulting lawyers.

  • Fracking oil is more important than water
    ..bombing iraq and many other countries killing millions is fine…its for oil…. meanwhile in switzerland….

  • free range children in decent smaller towns is a great thing. public restrooms are needed in all cities

  • News from the future… New coin operated drinking fountains found to contain lead and other heavy metals.

  • A national water restoration project would restore our water infrastructure and create millions of jobs. Pipes, treatment centers, holding facilities,etc. And the best thing is that all those jobs would be local.

  • Where is all the lead coming from in the water. Obviously industrial pollution, but why lead specifically?

  • A human being is around seventy percent water, if we're being deprived of water it's no mystery what the consequences will be, it's killing people!

  • At some point the laughter will have to settle to deal with a mode of production specifically geared for the production of surplus-value.

  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely!! Knock it out the park as always thanks people great program! 🤠🇦🇺

  • If you want to crash the monetary system then stop buying things. The irony is that as the masses get poor as the wealthy take it all and store it, soon no one will be buying products and the system will crash.

  • The wealthy have all their hands inside the tax pool. They want more money for their greedy little hands and dont want to waste tax payers money on the filthy tax payers.

  • The human species.Earths pest problem.Like cockroaches in the kitchen.How do you get rid of cockroaches?Flood them.

  • We've been brain-washed into believing that everyone needs to have their own personal everything. No common wealth…just personal wealth. Because…the wealthy, who control everything, already have their own personal everything. And they don't want to help pay for the common wealth(good). Even though they're more than happy to share the cost of their mistakes. Upwards of a trillion dollars for the military comes to mind.

  • "Absolute power corrupts absolutely. "

    The Oligarchy American Capitalism has created has given certain people absolute power, and we will suffer for it.

    "The fish rots from the head down"

  • I knew there was something in the water over there! I’ve been citing the same thing for years excusing the bad behaviour of Americans.

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