Out of Control: Ukraine’s Rogue Militias

Hidden away on the frontlines of eastern Ukraine is a potentially deadly force. volunteer fighters save the nation from invaders being armed and dangerous they could always turn their weapons on own gonvernent we got through military checkpoint everyone keeps talking about snipers so, lets go hang out with snipers this used to be an oprhanage kids clearly its not that anymore its an extra set piece for the walking dead is this basically your home ? well, its cozy that’s for sure no windows what do you like about the war right now , what do you like about what you’re doing

100 thoughts on “Out of Control: Ukraine’s Rogue Militias

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  • I enjoy how bias they are, like neo nazi's and the people the left don't like could never do any good let alone change, just a reminder the left has most of the sex offenders they're called male feminists.
    In a similar situation i can imagine any country doing the same, the president doesn't seem to think its a problem and the people aren't overthrowing him so its fine for now.
    you'd think more of the focus would be on how russia is trying to take the country.. but no its about how people the left don't like have guns, damn nationalist people don't they know the left doesn't want borders.

  • You paint them out to be the bad guys. They’re just fighting a bullshit war for their families & I respect the hell out of those guys.

  • Vice should consider hiring veterans to cover war zones. They’d do a much better job without being such an embarrassment.

  • Pool is a a bit too deep for kids. Dude keeps stating the obvious instead of digging for real facts and truths. Liberal journalist who covers a story the same way one would use cliff notes to write a book report instead of reading the entire book.

  • 18:00 what happened with his right eye it was pointing down like if u he has a lazy eye then I'm not making fun of it it just creeped me out for a second no offense

  • 12:21 a swastika Come on Vice, first you do videos about the New York lesbians who cultivate the garden with their menstruation and then the reportage together with the neo-Nazis. What a joke you are.

  • Ego self Vs True self – (google it)
    We are not 1 but 2 (the ego and the soul) but only one of them is real, and you can only ever be living in one or the other.

    The most cowardly thing there is is creating distance and disconnect between you and others; fear: inauthenticity
    Eg hate and war (increasing the distance of the kill throughout history) – went from fist fights, to sword battles, to guns, to now drone warefare that can be controlled from another country

    Vs the most brave thing is surrending to the present moment, loving yourself as you are now, being close to others, and being as intimately close to somebody else as possible through your authentic self
    Love: Authenticity

    Fuck praising ‘war heroes’
    Us men are mainly fucking cowards. Women on the whole are far far braver

  • These are the people that Europe need to take in as immigrants, not people from the middle east or africa .

  • Thank Bill Clinton for disarming Ukraine. They once possessed the world's third largest nuclear arsenal and all they got in exchange for surrendering that vast deterrent were empty promises and Clinton's slimey cigar.

  • I didn't actually hear any incoming fire during the firefight scene? Is it possible that they simply staged an attack?

  • Vice is horrible. The reporter asks about the volunteers and their past as to suggest something.
    Vice journalist ….learn code

  • 21:30 "Bunch of angry dudes in masks, what could go wrong"

    This is the main difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals believe their fears should be a problem for everyone to adjust to, while conservatives believe that fear simply shouldn't be allowed to exist.

    If your friends were dieing you'd be a pretty angry dude yourself. Anger Is a reasonable emotion, just because something has the potential to go awry or become destructive doesn't mean the answer is to ban them from expressing themselves, then you're just going to get a bunch of mass shootings.

  • War doesn't do any good. You waste resources and precious lives. Why not give love to the world instead.

  • We get it vice. You hate neo Nazis (like the majority of us) but neo Nazis ain’t a real problem anymore, when it comes to defending your home.

  • 02:55 This bald comedian says that they saved Ukraine from Russia? Russia didn't go any further because of international pressure and its strategic goals. We all have seen what you super heroes do when you come face to face with the Russians. These cowards couldn't even root out the rebels. They are only good at terrorising civilians.

  • Having watched a lot of old VBS/vice lately, these kinds of journalists piss me off. Ten years ago vice founders/journalists where looking for North Koreans in Sibiria with Russian mob fixers. Now this hipster is wearing a bulletproof and a helmet, but the helmet open, for “swag points”

  • "We would form a circle and destroy them" or they would just bomb you guys….
    They really think they can take on a country or state?! Idiots and this is why they are dangerous! stupid thinking like that

  • His reflections on his time at the front when at the museum was hilarious. If I were him I wouldnt judge the citizens of Kiev after only one night on the front lines either, no doubt the east is more invested in the war than civilians in Kiev, but theyve still experienced far more hardship the last few yrs than he could handle in his hometown & much more than his overnighter entailed.

  • Half you dickheads complaining about sending a greenhorn to a warzone probably haven't left your own state before. At least these guys are getting a bit of life experience.

  • Vice literally always sends the biggest prick they can find to places where people are literally fighting for their lives, usually just to crack jokes at them.

  • VICE BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU REPORT. SOME OF US WATCH YOUR SHOWS. ALL OF THEM. Now suddenly this guy is parroting the same words that that Misha fucking girl and serious parity quotation it looks like an apocalyptic movie set, it looks like an apocalyptic movie set, it’s the fuck out of here

  • To be sure this is one of the most informative videos I’ve ever seen on Ukraine, and some damn fine reporting and the camera work guys shots out to you both and thank you I wish you long life

  • Sad, sad to see vice losing everything, that was good about it. Did Simon Ostrovsky break up with you? From the choice of the reported to the incorrect translations of the featured volunteers, very sensation-hunting. "Clearly nationalist" – can you expand on that, please? Where's the evidence? In that march of 2018, a couple of thousand people marched, who easily dilute in a 44,8 million of the population of Ukraine. It was cringe-worthy to watch an ignorant outsider, fail to understand this version of reality, and attempting to simplify it to help himself digest it.

  • I want to like what Vice puts out. Great stories. Great filming. But their moronic reporters ruin every segment I watch. This clown in this video is unwatchable.

  • Well that is why Americans have there right to have forearms is so they can stand up to the government……but I guess the government way to stop that is arrest them on terrorism before they can organize

  • Men are idiot…give us a war , we will be addicted to it…give us no general…we will become warlord.

  • I’m glad they do what they do because it is obvious the government and its military can’t defend the people

  • Like how vice wants to make these guys seem like a bunch of dumb idiots who are air quotes playing soldier meanwhile antifa acts a fucking fool but they ain’t got shit to say

  • How can you be out of control when Russia is invading your homes, towns and country..
    Fight back or be murdered by Putin

  • all finance by America's neocon Jews who suck Ukraine dry of it's gold and all it's natural resources. All these soldiers are just goats and sheep. Go home goats and sheep and kick out the swamp rats from your own town. Most with any power are the swamp rats.

  • The problem with focusing on "rogue militias" is that it suggests they are no better than the so-called separatists. It's a known fact that Russian agents enlisted "ultras," organized soccer hooligan clubs, in the east, as well as corrupt cops and politicians, to provide cover for their hybrid warfare invasion. Separatist commanders like Givi, Motorola, Zaharchenko, Strelkov and the rest were either recruited from the dregs of society, or directly imported from Russia. When they were no longer useful they were liquidated, or sent back to "Mother Russia." Despite some progress, Ukraine still has a problem with public corruption. The members of these militias have a reason for striving to maintain their independence.

  • I pray for my countryman and hope that one day peace will be restored to the ukraine but I fear without the USSR blanket we are destined for destruction because Putin can see the will and strength of the Ukrainian people…something the Russians lost a long time ago and replaced with capitalism and greed amongst the powerful.

  • This was such a sad war. The Russians could have made an ultimatum to claim the land they wanted. Ukraine, knowing that they had no chance against Russia, could have let the occupants of the "new" Russian territory choose to stay or move to the new, slightly smaller, Ukraine. No need for vigilant forces like this and many lives saved.

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