Overview and Testing Canon Vixia R500 Camera with external Mic at our off grid solar cabin

good morning youtube bill and rosa our off
grid solar cabin im trying to test out this new camera. with a microphone and also i have
no clue what it sounds like. but as you can see its pretty foggy here.
drawing in about 130 watts of solar of the roof up there
but uh see if i can get you a better shot out of this but i did change out the uh turbine
with a new tail wider longer tail. and uh put the little barrings up there
and i will editing more video cause i did about 20 to 30 minutes of me taking it off
and putting it on and all the work I did so that will take a little time to try and go
through and clean it up I did that and see if i can get around here
without getting to muddy. its a mess around here. and then i put in
another piece of stove pipe and just because I wanted to and gave it support straps cause
its pretty high up there now. and we got our first egg off of one of our
hens. a little brown hen that came off the nest
she did lay in the nest. which was cool.
usually they dont start off laying in the nest.
but we took care of them and had to go pull my pickup truck out of
the bog went to help my neighbor and sunk the pickup truck
its a mess. but we came home and thats what we pretty
much attacked. let me get up here and walk across my little
path be glad when it dries out a little bit.
but thats what we did. the video is coming out
were i put that up there and respond and a little bit a wind that thing will turn now
with out any questions so we will see how that little barring works
out. thats about all we did. cloudy and overcast
thats what we had going on. there will be some video coming out shortly
after I get them all cleaned up and the turbine work and a few other things
I was doing but yall have a blessed day. My dad is still kicking but not very high
but he is having some good days and bad days I am making sure I forward all his post on
google plus so yall can read his post and the post my mother puts out about whats and
how his day has been. appreciate yall watching appreciate your prayers
God Bless

24 thoughts on “Overview and Testing Canon Vixia R500 Camera with external Mic at our off grid solar cabin

  • Even in the fog, it's pretty decent.  I like the new turbine tail.  You're gonna like that camera over time.  It's fun to play with for sure.

  • Good quality picture and great sound quality coming from that camera.
    It's been raining since Wednesday here and have mud about four inches deep, just off my front steps coming out of my cabin. No end to the rain expected until Sunday.
    Glad you were able to have a visit with your dad and pray for a smooth transition.
    Be safe my friends.

  • Wow, what a difference Bill, great picture and the sound was perfect, no wind noise. I read the post from your dad and mom…Bless them and prayers going out to them. Safe travels and God Bless y'all, xxx

  • Both video and  audio are great. I enjoyed the old recordings even though they were not as s clean as the new camera.

  • God bless and be safe out there. May I ask how the chickens are taken care of while your gone. Do you just put a bunch of feed and water out for them before you go? The reason I ask is were thinking about some chickens but we don't know of we can leave them for a couple of days. Thanks.

  • This sounds MUCH better.  Congrats on the purchase.  Hope the new equipment works well for you.  It sounds and looks like its off to a great start.

  • Camera and audio were great…  that fog is as thick as peanut butter…lol…  all the best and prayers to you and your family as your Dad ready's for the next life…

  • Nice video Bill.  Jeff has a set up like that I like the handle thing the camera mounts to. I seen the one Jeff has.  man you guys are getting light years a head of me.  

  • I have not seen all your vids, but the quality is better for  sure.  Look forward to more vids.  Now I want to get that camera.

  • Hey Bill, our prayers for you and your family. God bless you through and through.  I wanted to mention that the sound is really good and the picture is very good. Looks great. God Bless.

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