Overview of the Leveraged Freedom Chair

The Leveraged Freedom Chair is a lever-propelled
mobility aid designed for the 20 million people in developing countries who need a wheelchair
but do not have one. The key innovation behind the LFC is its single-speed, variable mechanical
advantage drivetrain. To go fast, the user grasps the levers near
the pivots, pushing through a large angle with every stroke. When the going gets tougher,
the user can simply slide his hands up the levers to create more leverage and higher
torque at the wheels. This means the LFC can travel up to 80% faster
than a wheelchair on the road and produce 53% higher peak wheel torque, enabling it
to go off road like no other mobility aid available. Every moving component on the LFC is made
from locally-available bicycle parts found anywhere in the developing world. This allows
the chair to be manufactured in small workshops to large factories for the same price or less
than existing products, and be repaired by local technicians using only local tools and
materials. To use the LFC indoors, the user simply removes
the levers and stows them within the frame, transforming the chair into a conventional
pushrim-propelled wheelchair that is small enough to fit through a standard doorway,
low enough to fit under a table, and maneuverable within a bathroom, allowing the user to easily
transfer onto a toilet.

9 thoughts on “Overview of the Leveraged Freedom Chair

  • Is there any way to donate one of these to people who cannot afford it? I am in a wheelchair myself and would like to help.

  • I added a dislike, anybody who has used or is using a normal wheelchair can tell you in 1 second it is far easier than this.
    Just look this is a strong young person working very hard to move at a gentle pace.

  • So…..If I live in a 3rd world country I can get this for $200  But if I live in the USA/UK/EUR/AUS You Bone me for $3K  Ohhh Thank you Sir! my I have another……….

  • Another Good Idea: a toilet seat that doesn't break so easily – hint, take off the little bumpers it has underneath. All the bumpers do is make the seat rock & move until it gets loose, cattywampus & breaks. At the end, the man clearly shows my point.

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