PA Live 2017 Community Options 5k Cupid Chase

time now for a segment we call your
community live this is where we feature people from all across north eastern and
central Pennsylvania today we’re talking about the cupid chase 5k held by
community options joining us right now or peter fisher and amanda bidgood thank
you both for being here today thank you for having us thank you for having us. great Peter why don’t we start with you why don’t you tell us a little bit about
this 5k cupid chase is a 5k race it’s held in 10 states and 35 cities it’s one
of the largest simultaneously run races in the country this is their first year
running the race we have 57 runner signed up we’re looking to get about a
hundred to join us community options offers a wide range of programs we offer
a residential program a supported living program a day program we also offer a
transitional service program for high school kids to have real-world working
experience and we offer supportive employment as well as some job coaching
now the 5k goes down on February 11th in Kirby park in wilkes-barre and amanda
talk a little bit more about the day itself theses going to be some racing some
some fun i’m sure and raising money for a good cause yes definitely we have
we’re all ready for the cold we’re going to have outdoor heaters sweet lush
cupcake campers going to be there to help provide cupcakes to all the runners
the walkers joggers we welcome them all it’s definitely going to be a good time we’re going
to have second wind timing company so they’re going to have lots of music
we’re going to good times they’re going to be selling goodies boas headbands
heart costumes so you can wear as you’re running down the track it’s going to be
a good time so the excuse I don’t run is not so workable for this event correct
all right folks need more information to sign up how do they get that information
they definitely want to go on to our website and there is a
section on there for Cupid’s chase just click on it and make sure to click on
wilkes-barre great or you can also visit you folks on facebook it’s February 11th
Cupid’s chase 5k thank you both for being here today thank you so much all
right look around we

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