Pact Manifest Session 11 Part 1 A New Direction

all right so we're left we left our well I hesitate to call you heroes but we're last we left our adventurers you were somewhat licking your wounds III would think it's fair to say after a fairly eventful evening at the carnival that is that safe to say yeah yeah oh yeah you're not I mean it's metaphorical wounds you still we still lost a contact you're still involved yet he's somewhere completely else metaphorical wounds of us being screwed he still suffered them as well realize I'm trying to remedy some other stuff yes so you were attempting to track down to rock dose is where we left off yeah well I wanted to as soon as they saw me where where I was taking this – I just want to run away and then circle back to them yeah are you trying to catch them in the act of looting so you can ambush them or yeah okay like I'm running away but not really okay me just finish this for our particular reason he's just making snap locks for these guys I'm sure there's nothing to worry about oh no they already had I'm just finishing mapping out the street yeah so exactly you you we we didn't say that earlier but I think we need to look for like at least one other person so because they're doing it yeah what's gonna be and it's not gonna be reliable for a while I went through about 30 to find the two guys with two new guys we've got here alright so dynamic lighting on you make sure the token has sight they have updated rule 20 again yep got a surprise okay so Melgar I need to drop you on to the right map that is not the right button to do that see you make that joke but I've actually done that before alright here we are so you managed to evade these guys and then circle back around the block after they started looting I'll just put the treasure chest that's there of the air pack all right so there is your situation at the moment okay you can see them they have not yet seen you some kind of juggler blade jig whoo there is a blade juggler and the find there is a guy that looks like a very bizarre-looking jester so while they're standing there I want to let's see this right here is that a building all of the blocks that you can see our buildings okay oh how tall is it most of them are either two or three stories okay so I can get up on top with a 30-foot climb speedin oh yeah okay so I want to climb on top of it it's just purposes say I'm here let me just adjust the lighting okay now if you move back on top of that building you'll be able to see the blade okay while they're still standing there and the Slayers pray give them any kind of an indication of anything very handy designate one creature okay then on my next turn I'm just going to fire very unsporting of you shooting a man in the back I already cast hunter's mark on him at the end of last session you did yes okay so I have stairs prune hunters okay can you also drop us onto that map so we can see what's happening well I want you to see what's happening they visited yeah I will do one different oh hey there we go how's that you that's a lot of white squares yep I went all out on building this now yeah hey you should shouldn't spend that much time on making maps man I mean suddenly I know I know but I did it for you yeah this this shows you how much you mean to me mad man hunters mark these new situations okay okay anything else but I'm going to just yeah attack him that's a winning strategy that usually works better than not attacking and it's also that is most definitely a hit oh no dude we can see his stat blocks now yeah this guy's not not very impressive now what you mean is it'll be even more embarrassing to flip he dies okay which point it's initiative between you and the other guy yep do I get a bonus section before that happens or as the initiative is well you'd get a bonus action as part of the attack you've just made so yeah yeah yeah because I have I took an extra level of rope so I can do a hide action as a bonus section now so I'm just going to fire the arrow and hide stuff right away got it hold on just a second guys just one second sorry where did that arrow come from hey Sikh what's up okay nice you you you you actually just let me because I have advantage on um the attack there since they don't know it's coming with sorry about that guys I'm back I'm just rolling the attack again to see if it could be critical well he's dead so I mean you can't you can't you can't tell them any more than than death yeah I could have done it you know very fleshy manner okay so oh the other guy nice roll initiative doesn't you how how does someone with a +4 initiative well I haven't plus five and that's the 9 + 4 2 + 5 and we end up with a 9 and a 6 I mean yeah okay so yeah you're up first okay so because the other guy died I'm going to change my so I'll switch the hunter's mark to the other guy then okay it's a bonus action to move it across yeah should be also advantage on them so that's certainly a hit a little bit more Hardy than the last one though 23 domes although his token is wrong so Inlet 1421 damage 23:23 that's right man now where is it 23 it's 12 piercing for poison and 2d6 from hundreds oh sorry I'm looking at the second rule about the first one yeah oh yeah 23 does hurt him see if we can do anything at all before you kill him and his spells nanshy properly you I'm just watching my players try and figure out the plan and now they're on I wonder how the people got on the tightening rail in the first place maybe it was a celebration certain it was literally it they bought tickets yes crazy stuff I mean where how would you ever expect that to be how you will get on to something you so he is going to turn around and because you did not hide after that last attack he does see you and of course it's not going to populate sooo mr. Savage it is a wisdom save Danton does he swears that you thank you and you do fail to save so you're going to take a d4 psychic and disadvantage on your next attack role – – psychic damage and he's moving to the there he is legging it so I'm gonna use another bonus action to use air spray on him why am I not surprised you would 14 does miss that disadvantage might have just saved his ass oh I wasn't advantage because of high ground no no you don't I just need to shift the map slightly so I apologize you because if you have not guessed at this point with you being in that position his goal is to get around that next corner so he is running so you missed on your girl 30 and it's your go again action – – over there can you – to the bonus action yeah cunning cunning action okay you got that extra level and rogue that you yeah so it's 30 feet down and then 30 feet across to there yeah yeah or just jump yeah well I take the falling damage that's sort of part of well but by actually counting the defeat downwards you're not gonna be susceptible to either now acrobatics check or falling them and face basically either this or this Matic says I drop down yeah you're fine and so ice I can I can't see him from there yes you can and do I still have disadvantage not you do not okay let's say I'm going to use my no I'm just gonna stay there 24 it's not any sneak attack on it 2d6 1919 damage okay nineteen oh it does not leave him with much love I think with that he is going to try to do something so it will be a dick save you make it so that's his reaction okay and then on his turn he's going to tell us rebuked again it's about the only thing he can do so it's another wisdom save and you make that as well and then he's gonna move to there just like year ago no I still have an action I can use it to move right UK yeah he looks like he's just fleeing right oh yeah he's most definitely fleeing yeah I don't want to let him get away either he's just gonna call someone else so I mean I will say that sure no witnesses but you know presumably the rectus won't go well why law enforcement I gotta go get them he's looting a house no more like I don't wanna die yeah he gets some ways he might come back with yeah really don't enter the Undercity yeah no no I'm that idea it's fairly uncommon for the borough's to which is why it pissed off people whenever you let them down here and also why it was quite unusual that they followed you down here it's almost like they take flowing up a large portion of a major industrial building is a big deal you are still so few are still suspects there yes but main suspects I mean yes because the only ones that have the evidence that it wasn't you is you use a wish spell for there to be other evidence there we go you can happily do so would you let's do a Boris is asleep in shed because stuff okay so are you continuing to chase him yeah for the moment just to see what he does next okay you can move on to the building now where you were heading because I adjusted it okay for his action there he goes I don't think he's actually managed to get far enough out of sight and it's your go first take a bonus action to hide you vanish and he was never seen again ooh you create the guy with two hit points left yeah and it's 3d six extra damage on top of that yeah he can't be any more dead Rowlf attack again kill him again make fractus proud I just want to I just want to see how much damage it wasn't exactly 66 yeah 66 you know three you double those dice as well your or your bonus poison damage like that's another rock to stir just walking around the corner and you're basically just making him into a hedgehog with arrows a over there I'm just going to run after him and drop down from the building okay sigh oh it would have been so funny if you called broken angle I run up to him grab him and drag him over to where the other guys okay just if one of them has a cloak or anything I'm just going to rip it off and tuck them in it and just cover them up a little bit it's Rick's body they're used to finding bodies around here you don't have to work so I'll retrieve my arrows and I just looped them for any valuables and of course take the rest of the stuff and find my way back to the wrist that's nice what you verb embedding right party loot I don't think you did he groped it down the last it doesn't say anything about a chain or anything so I think I wrote something down but no there was two mithril meat hooks one one dagger black crystal dagger something Abbot our our note keeper has abandoned us you I don't have it I seek listening give us the notes hey you know hey hello how are you right a congressional act ating congressional gratulations again on the whole job thing but you are not notes notes keeper and we need so do you remember what was in that chest we're in that house which malgor looted mm-hmm awesome it was the chain the dagger to meet hooks and just that all yeah obsidian chains with blood rubies yeah you just had it there on extenders him it was in the group chat oh I'm sorry him in the game chat yeah okay cool quite a ways up but yeah I'll I'll add it to the thing these guys I'll just take the money and the spoke importance class let me ask you or should I also add the money to the sheet or are you keeping bed and that's mine that's fair you stuck your neck out take one torch how dare you where was this thing okay it don't went for me go ahead oh I wanna put you on the spot I got a type art takes time okay so after retrieving the items from the chest malgor what do you do next I'm just going to try and sneak my way out of the Undercity into the rest of the game staying inconspicuous first give me a stealth check I wrote nine and twenty and thirty on myself chase you were supposed to run roll a one there yeah that would have been really funny now I just have to say that you managed to escape where's the fun in that [Laughter] now then row me a survival check to see if you can find your way back to the farm didn't and he was never and he was never seen again [Laughter] did Dover make some indications for him last I remember Dovan was going and removing all of the footprints and everything that was yeah yeah I was purposely adding for Princeton because mouthguard like and so kindly she's left my water swept my walk making it very obvious that we went that right yeah I don't get lost I don't find my way apparently so yeah you find your way somewhere it's just not the form yep it's deeper into Rick's muddy no he does get out of Rick's body you actually find your way into what looks to be a gold gory bazaar don't eat any of the food that's that's my first instinct try I'll make one more attempt to just find my way to where you can and if I can't make it then I'll just head back to the Civic if somebody ever finds a group so like a green know so oh you are being accosted by people trying to sell you things oh gosh well I'm still sneaky because I can okay you're managing to avoid the hawkers done yeah you can move stealthily out of normal pace if you're traveling alone natural explore I'm just I don't want to move through any crowd do I get another survival check – yeah after wandering the market for a while yeah go for it probably find a broke find a fine burger they'll tell you how to find me because they Soleri their job find things when it costs something but yeah that this form is really well in at least in your opinion what do I know of the Goguryeo are there any they have like any some guides that can lead you through the other city for just a few money um well like it was said you're a fine brokers probably your best bet they're not necessarily the cheapest but they're not overly expensive for someone like yourself that's great I'll just I'll head back to the Simek they know that we have the box and that's at the moment our only clue so I'll take your bail they'll eventually figure it out and do they still have the box yeah oh should be okay I thought they took it from them okay no no it's still with them okeydoke so yeah I'll head back there so roll me one more stealth check for once you get above ground that's Jim worst worst one yet interesting but he could actually be there but he didn't he wasn't he wasn't arrested this is true so the boys aren't actively looking for you yeah no fee after you're fine you're the only member of the group who can move freely above-ground right now but let's be honest he's still gonna move stealthily but with the 19 there's some people's like that guy sneaking over there that's weird I'm just laughing now at the fact that you've now gone above-ground to hope the rest of the group comes for you when the rest of the group can't come last time we saw you using Rick's body I'm assuming dead oh yeah yeah we saw caravan of like juggling murderers coming towards you were gone all of a sudden and we haven't seen you since like go back to the Civic and see if they can help me identify the box that I found no I'm not talking about the box in boiler works the chest I mean god food yeah the chest and the chain okay all that stuff if there's anything cursed about Tinker you can open it for you I mean if things explode that's just more interesting okay can we do stuff in the meantime it's not like I don't need the walls of my King wrought farm go ahead just blow out more wall you don't have all stare anymore it blew up I should know this about I have more than one wall okay I am on yeah he has one less than he used to have buck III nearly when the when the laksa didn't showed up earlier I nearly had him walk through one of the walls but I thought that was just adding insult to injury oh come on why meanwhile Wow well there we lost two people they're dead now and no we lost three people if we include our witness I hit we lost four people if include the carpet 5h still in the yeah yeah I don't I don't know what we gotta find then how yes I used to pierce I don't I don't know but we have to figure something out because like these warrants over ahead we can't do anything above ground we've lost our main witness we have something to give him like we got a hope that it's enough because we can't go above ground to start looking for information Zaria sir it's long enough where this aureus or like it least most of this aureus in 10th district have our faces on something to look for us good I'm I'm fine with just you know trying to get out of here no not that your place isn't great it's fantastic I like the decor just the thing is I hate it so I'm just thinking we should maybe try to go somewhere where this like stone for them so I just want to see this guy again please to rearrange your face if just dream if Cedric keeps talking I am sure Dovan will rearrange his face no hope you start gagging on spores okay Casey I mean if I also got hair cut yeah well I'm getting ready to move well I'm gonna do a holiday in warmer climates so I have to get used to the shorter just the long is no good yeah I work in a hundred degree warehouse so long hair had to go yep right I don't like this like okay we don't know how to get in touch with this fella right then figure out something if we go above ground to dry and Yorkshire should I get more evidence than a little bit we have it is extremely likely we will be arrested again yeah my my thought was rather like the smelling guy he seemed like the really sneaky like Baxter B son of a bitch can a guy and I think offense to that you keep saying villain I think you mean then then villain yet first stuff with Bentley you're saying Kim's character is neat well okay that's true well my point is we we have across one of these guys once I knew him kind of well but it was just an assistant at the warehouse or work we cannot load all the things that we were storing for our experiments turned out he was kept in here or at least but that's what they said I'm thinking maybe like we don't drink I talk talk what can I just send out a message try to get touching him and let him know that he's taught to his friend well what do you think I mean do you know the way to contact him without no no but we've all right eglee letters sometimes hang on I need to kick something out again like the thing is I've read like hey and I said it to his old address in there sometimes it gets like a thump my mail or something like that I don't know which ones but I don't know sometimes hey I don't like your notes but it's no nicer said I don't know his real name but the one I knew was Alex Alex well Alex Mack I mean you can face wasn't is free fake real obviously that was not his real name no well a real fake name either the question is is there a way that you know that we can contact him without us having to go above ground too much because wait can't you just turn into an animal just have a little letter just put it in the mailbox and then run back in then we have insulted me sir oh I thought you would that's what you did you turn it into a dog that's all I've seen so far that one unit one I can only turn into things I've seen before it's going to be kind of obvious if things from the Undercity start flapping out above ground the people up there tend not to like when our things go up there it is true I mean that's that's the only way I would know how to get in maybe get a hold of this but I don't even know if these guys talk or if he was really was him it may be the formalist didn't like him at all have you talked to him since us again we I sometimes send angry letters and he sometimes sent insulting letters back very insult my glorious work doesn't sound like he'd be very willing to help us like you don't even know what he's calling my fantastic all time all of Wonders Ness he called it a man I I will not even repeat it I will not utter the word see you see but it doesn't sound like he'd be very willing to help us I mean I think we have a certain bond of hatred for each other that we can use I don't know whether to like just walk away shaking my head or slap you upside the head could do one of them the other I mean this is true but again that's the only guy I knew in the biz how do you send him letters normally oh I address it to his old name in the mailbox or the name that I knew him by Alex work quite well Alex Ruben but you know that's not that fun think I can get us to a domestic station so you can get them a message I'm pretty sure there's an entrance around one over there somewhere right I mean there are post offices in in the understanding I mean yeah that would sound weird mmm that sounds weird that there would be like that anyway well I mean the goal gory form of function in the city the Damier deliver messages here Esther you know I can you you know of one just a few miles away in in one of the local bazaars yeah there's a message station one of the bazaars I can go there go there you can send your message hopefully they're willing to help us let's go so you guys are heading to the bazaar yep on your way there roll made perception 12 perception come on up come on up come on up this is where you're rolling against nine how did you guess we just walk right past like farts in the wind I thought as soon as I thought about it I said yeah there would be one in there yeah no one sees the sneaky Simic slipping past you Eddie doesn't see us yeah roll roll perception malgor okay you guys are not being stealthy are you I mean I don't know hey Boris are down here though sorry I don't know we're Boros down here yeah they were forced out here because they were following us because somebody swept the tunnels leading to my rock farm other say repeating the things you did things like you know I know the truth don't confuse me with facts yeah I stopped blaming you for blowing up the boiler works I would say it's up to Dovan if we were to stop there not because I don't know yeah I'm going to advise still okay guys East Romeo spell say actually wait I have advantage I just realized that because I have the cloak of elven kind are you as you are leaving the market Melgar you you hear Dothan and Belen stomping down the road Belen still quite talking quite loudly confused about what's going on he still seems very disoriented by whatever happened to him and and dovid telling him is shut up as he hobbles along hello you're alive are you a ghost on pokeo I didn't find my way back to the spore form I think that's the point of that farm but I still I have some stuff here that I stole from the sisters I say that in a hushed voice so that the rest of the crew crowd around here down here yeah also I have a melon stuff I'm sure he after it's not very much does appreciate not being walking around in yeah oh yeah I was wondering when someone was gonna pick up on the fact the lamp was in Belem stop engine with that shoot because he thing he used one without our knowledge should be not good but he back that's particular one item Dovan looks as enteric and then or didn't valid who's standing right next to zener he's still confused but he's don't know he's with us yeah yes he's here he's reaching for his clothing to get dressed from toys from the carnival yeah I meant I didn't say that muga what would you say such a thing about a frontier and actually the carpet is with his stuff as well because it was with him yeah I don't give back the laugh though you don't okay I keep left and I say yes I don't want you to make any other wishes without the rest of his newing which he would protest about loudly because he's still confused can we not do this right in front of us people guys okay don't wouldn't you take it in the meanwhile whose muted himself Dovan takes it yeah I was eating a cookie anyone guess you're crashing sorry you're just moving yourself to talk bad about us nope cookies Doven takes it puts in his bag his actual pet spider that's not suresh starts crawling on it i'm like you're gonna do and you just closes up the bag okay let's go to the messenger station okay head towards the message station which being a official Damir outpost completely unrelated to any extracurriculars that might be attributed to the Damier is a fairly standard business operation it's got a front counter and behind the counter you actually see a guy attaching messages to messenger spiders because that's the best way to get messages around the Undercity birds don't work very well about here but bats do bats do even if you have no ceilings bats annoy people are you going to send a message to the sis's I'll be this complicated it's a hunch really I I don't really know how to deal with these like on the ecology like I I was always thought it was a bit of a thing for the firing but if it's like correct I might know someone who might be on the inside no this is potentially like a like it's a former is it assistant that apparently wasn't an assistant he was like some kind of spy thing and because allspice know each other as we all know no I'm talking about tractors I need to type of thing that's why you shouldn't eat cookies during game and what was the name of the guy I miss writing rest miss red lettuces and then yeah that's one okay needs to find us all right how about this Alex Reuben I mean it sounds it seems weird not to right Alex Mike are you sure he might just know that name better it's your letter I'm not gonna stop you go ahead hello it's me again i I do enjoy our usual correspondence about how you confuse my ingenious inventions with death traps and how I need to explain said genius to you because you don't understand them it's great however I think I need something I may need to ask you for a favor small one I know a colleague of yours named Ben underline that I need you to tell him that he needs to find us with all haters of my hearts your friend Cedric heartwarming rather letter really thanks I'll just scribble Mack facing like parentheses after Alex Ruebens name yes taxi here you go and canikin few to silver to Sandman highway robbery but alright or three if you want to deliver today alright because you have so many silver coins I appreciate it yeah Cedric put it like on the counter like I think I don't know what to say here but it needs to be delivered and the guy the kind of jalapenos yes that is what we do here I know that's what you do here I usually get sent oh good you've paid for same-day delivery yeah if the address and the recipient are valid then it will be delivered today are we talking two hours he kind of looks at the letter and it's actually addressed in the into the is it area and he says well the traffic's still quite bad in that area at the moment after all of the well with the construction lately rebuilding starting and the kind of security this letter is after absolutely not concerning that well I didn't presume that it was good because it's not stop stops okay I know I know it's an impossibility for you but I need you to stop I like Chinese stuff he looks at all of you very confused pieces it will go into the the the afternoon delivery and it should be delivered within the next three to six hours obviously depending on where on the route what order on the route it is I mean I'll usually get my mail home to me so I don't know like we don't actually need to wait for a reply unless his reply is gonna be like off which isn't an impossibility yeah the last place you went to go visit us was spore farm action for remind me why not maybe we should take this what what address what return address are you putting on this message by rot farm okay yeah okay yeah I don't game the reason why well I'm saying all that out of the game like we can't go back to the spore farm because I turned the spore farm over to the person who the rot grass were making drugs for yeah we could you stand at the oh yes yeah we could you stand at the entrance like hey are you guys here for to fight no no no we waiting for mail and we forget to like it's like it's our mail that's something else we can give then what the drug ring of black Spore yeah there we go that's another thing cool do you think he cares about I mean that black sport can I imagine it would be something that he might find an address somebody go after yeah right now my prospects you think he doesn't already know of the black Spore who do you think owns it alright this again is the governor and the government owns everything you you just don't know yeah yeah that boiling the story orizaba knows everything yeah I mean I guess he will find us he knows stuff right go back to do this if we manage to disguise you guys so we need that we're William to be to the Civic get a drink real quick but I can still hear you guys yeah can we talk to event first and in case if we're not doing this at the counter I think it'd be a bad idea talking about contest nine and missions right in the middle of the Civic guild hall yeah I don't think he's gonna go in there my ice poor farm is not right in the middle of course ah so yeah it's out of the way I still think we should talk to them first at the rot form also again there's that whole thing of like me Belem and Cedric you can't really go above ground or risk being arrested we are not very good at the whole stuff but I don't I don't think of Ellen it's super-easy disguise and it's gonna be like okay Venice I am loudly shouting yeah I'm very discreet so is a sledgehammer to the face exactly I mean I I don't want meaty melons at Rs be arrested you're the only one that can go above ground safely so you going back to the guild hall and getting information from your guild and us waiting for Ben sounds like a better option than all of us going to the guild hall okay yeah barb yeah there's a difference rod Bratz farm girls mushrooms spore farms harvest is the spores from said market maker oh yeah and should we decide on the time of day where we should go or should though I should go get you so you don't get lost again so be time at nightfall young man will get you its I will say it is quite early in the morning right now yeah because bear in mind that the carnival was through the night yeah and you guys have not rested so you are all quite tired at this point as well I'm fine I had a long rest oh right you did yeah but everyone else is very tired yeah so risk lifting the party again you can any of this stuff I mean I don't have detect Madigan spell the chests and stuff I could identify as a ritual but I don't actually have to check many oh I should I didn't have either I thought I had but I didn't but if if if we don't one can do it as a ritual at a small pad this poor film me me check Colin's character because I think he actually had a thing didn't he he has a way to detect magic I think it's one of his class features so this is some stuff that I acquired whilst I also acquired develop stuff the sisters house um really just despite them and I assume they'll I noticed very very quickly that it's gone missing but might be with something and it might help us do some recompense for our troubles as long as they can't track it down and that's what I sort of want so why don't you guys have a look at it while I go that's probably the best bet yeah he actually has detect magic as well I have identify it on I have detect the second magic is not a cancer if it's the first little spell yeah but it can be casted slowly yeah so so we would go back to my rock farm and I would detect magic and all the stuff and no one would probably take magic on some of the stuff and so the Obsidian chains are magical and carry an aura of evil the mythril meat hooks are magical and carry an aura of chaos and evil okay and the blood would chest you can't actually tell if the chest is magical or if the item inside is magical but there is definitely an aura of magic on that chest that is both chaotic and evil of course is someone everything should I write it in yeah Govan just takes all this stuff puts it in front of Ellen and goes knock yourself out yeah sorry me Abby throw a chaotic evil chaotic any evil yeah the chains are evil and the other two are chaotic and evil okay evil and the chest just is magical and you know Velo going to want to destroy these things right oh yeah he certainly once wants to get them yeah which is literally wide Dovan just win knock yourself out yeah but we should check what's inside the blood wood chest first right I guess the sealed and it has a magical effect i Ted not to open them can I do an investigate to find traps you can make an attempt yes I will say that the blood would chest you you can't you can elicit it is chaotic and evil as well of course I just have this image of opening it up and it's like Pandora's box except hope is the only thing missing from it so literally every bad thing in existence just slap Cedric in the face you guys keep giving me great ideas so Cedric rule made perception and Arcana it contains 2 octaves big brother I can't do an investigator for ya investigate and Arcana okeydoke investigation first and an Arcana oh-ho this is fine guys I've been handing the de belem and go knock yourself out and instead Eric tries to go open it I just start slapping his hands away from it Cedric yeah also roll me an insight Oh doesn't take his hands away a certain slapping them with the staff like a teacher would with a roar it's funny the box Wow with those rolls it's a box I believe I've studied it thoroughly and I believe it's a containment unit to house things inside it and then you lock it that is basically what you get with those rolls yeah so really fancy Govans gonna cast identify on it Rick Rowley but the it's not trapped I only know it's magical so if there is any magic if there's any spell effect currently active on it like say a glyph of warding I would know sorry you could out there I hurt you there's any magical effect active on it if there's any magical effect active on it like say glyph of warding identify lets me now but with while we're gathered there are any of you still wounded I didn't get hit I didn't take a single shot this villain look like he's hurt yeah he's I I did some healing on hit on him but I but I suggest spelling you could take a nap little teeny socks don't use the mattress on the floor you use the cot the mattress on the floor is for people I don't like with the second level cure yeah but doesn't he have like 40 or 45 hit points yeah Oh 60 that's a lot of typing for something we don't need to worry about as you identify the box this is the information that you get in the back of your mind yeah doping looks at the box and goes um no no no no Bella knock yourself out give it to jury jury is now your depositor of all evil things give the evil things to velan to destroy the jury sit there now I'm sad I just didn't take it to a market and just sell it straight yeah yeah I can't understand why that would be off-putting so you don't want to open I mean it's not all phrase the phrase rape the world is enough for me to go no clue what's the problem with them yeah you some sort of tentacle demon III don't understand the problem Govan just hands everything to felony goes knock yourself out no it's just juries twenty evil brother all right so aren't you happy that you made that roundabout trip to get all that loot all that from orbit yeah but it doesn't Belen get like a feel like like an oh good job fee or something when he returns this to the Boris for destroy but it gets evil and then he could actually get some kind of reward for something like that right oh yeah that's a small thing so maybe we should I have some LED pipings down there we can hide these things underneath it in this case somewhat tries to like magical detected I'm not letting you bury lit underneath my farm damn it well I have this other stuff that I also wanted to put there but if you don't wanna burn stuff in get yard like that was your master plan all along very well I mean that and some vials that I would rather not people would find on my person in your phone okay okay okay all right I'm gonna go sleep on the mattress and we'll and we'll hopefully Shh I was about to whisper to you pry up a few of the floorboards in my head Oh to fit to get something out of beneath it yeah and you don't want to know what's living underneath those floorboards yeah okay I'm not there's a reason why the floor mattress is the one I leave for people I don't like I see okay on the floor mattress so you head back to the farm you do manage to get a long rest so you all get to recover your stuff by the time you awaken it's almost evening it's very hard to tell that underground don't just like hey guess what sunset like an hour ago how can you tell feel it my bones pretty much sorry is mark are going to decimate Carl while we sleep or is he gonna sleep and then go to the hall well if he's sleepwalking there I need to know that's a different kind of a roll well if I'm feeling like that much of a fatigue that I would need to rest I'm going to rest first and then head to them okay we awake I look around for then maybe he's standing outside the door maybe he's looking over slightly sleeps while we sleep well they're all sleeping I'm sitting there whittling a dried piece of mushroom like you wouldn't wanna look he would talk about us this way like that's a lot of good rules and then one horrible one so my plan was to go to first to the Civic guild hall rest there and then head to the guild pact to find ven wasn't that the idea no he sent a letter to his Damir to try and find Ben for us yeah and the letters and would go to the spore form the rock farm the raw form yeah well we do well we kind of wrote it like at Darwin's place or something like that we didn't like that I guess there's not an address for the rot form right so I'm basically just going to the Civic resting and retrieving the box and then heading back to you then because you do remember that the last time you were there they seemed fairly reluctant to give the box back while they were still investigating it I know and I said that it would take a few more days that's right yeah it's been like a day or two but even one more day since then oh it's been one day yeah we haven't done in time skips well I'm going to retrieve it anyway okay this box has become the bane of our existence what's in the box Romi a persuasion yes – do I have any sort of advantage or anything because of my standing in the UM what's your current rank rank for nine yeah what yeah yeah oh sorry renown yeah yeah okay so yeah because rank four that's like guild master level lower a kielbasa conferred on ein renowned yeah you have advantage means such terrible he did roll terrible the scientist that you meet with when you're asking for the box be returned he is very reluctant to return it to you he does explain that it although they have not finished their investigations it does seem to be a very powerful and unknown form of translocation magical some kind and they would advise against you taking it without fully understanding it but if you insist he will give it to you in pressed for time here and certainly whatever you do I would not recommend activating the item and how would that be and speaking of that how do you activate the item that's good embrace your inner isset do it you have – – yeah oh he's doing not only here's the password here are all my notes and my firstborn ego have everything I own he gives you the activation word which actually he points out seems to have been discovered purely by chance as it's a set of syllables that don't actually seem to account for any word in a language that they're aware of hmm [Applause] I'm not gonna write it down but no race otherwise he's gonna have your role for okay-kay remember it's that which that which is in their word yeah I was expecting mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho no I will endeavour to return the box there are other concerns and he does also say to you if although he does not recommend it if you do find the need to activate the box they would appreciate knowing what happened to Marty's yes okie-doke what's writing that down so they return you to box you open it and jump through does a little comedic Swan die then okay romi perception malgor and Dovan Romi perception at disadvantage odd second we are supposed to rural perception with this road with the semantics and me no give me a mag are the road okay odd that it was a disadvantage [Applause] malgor as you are heading back because now you you I'm assuming at this point we're giving directions on getting back from the Simic yep on your way back in the tunnels on the way you hear something ahead of you as you're approaching the farm it sounds like very soft footsteps okay and one set of footsteps or several one and is it it's on the way to the rod farm yes is it coming from ahead of me or behind me you are heading towards the rock farm the flip steps seem to be heading in the same direction that you are and our closer to the rock farm than you are yes do a good rule for once you begin front of stealth after these footsteps and you hear them stop ahead of you don't attend tan tan-tan tan tan-tan tan tan-tan tan God know what Saturday but let you already hiding well I was trying to but I sort of noticed that they stopped so I figured they might have heard me but okay at which point you do hear a voice that you recognize saying you can step out of the shadows I did though the means of its delivery was a bit public for my liking I can't work short of too many good options but anyway speak your allies and find out what information you have for me that has caused you to summon me I do not much like being summoned maybe you've gotten this pardon so we didn't have to sell me the sarcasm can be heard for long electronics at which point he does turn and start walking towards the farm again I heard you took the fair fourth wall breaking feet and take it you following as you are sat there carving just probably no more than 30 minutes before the others are due to wake you hear footsteps walking down the tunnel I'm going to pick up my quarter staff and watch the direction okay and within a few moments you seemed Algar and then walking down the corridor yo Vinny looks and goes wait she steps to the right you're about to step on zombie fungus you actually noticed that he was already shifting directions as he said them well good someone I don't have to worry about stepping on my crop it is good to know a number of key items about those who work for you now where are the others uh about to wake up in like 30 minutes except jury he's at Rick's mati well you can yeah as long as you're not heading straight into something you would be able to wake them at this point I did still get benefits of the full arrest I uh I tap on the door to wake the other two up this the spiders are come to get me uh it wasn't spiders that was centipedes one on your neck and as you all kind of as the others of you sleepily make your way outside VIN is standing there in the middle of the open area outside the house look at that door and didn't I tell you Alex Mike face was the real deal I don't like being summoned what information you have for me well we have good news bad news if Kourt was involved with the individual that we found in the hidden lab we have no way of knowing now unless we actually break into his house and whatnot the good news is we did find out some information though for instance what do you know of the cult of NIMH is it a cult of malcontents troublemakers even more so than most of the is it well apparently they are under the belief that NIV misset and one or more other dragons are devouring the mana of the world which seems like a bigger like I don't like I mean I never met Lou the guy but it doesn't seem like the source the cult is normally under one delusion or another I take it you have more than this we have what was found by Gary's associate when she went to go pick up Court which was just what I told you any more information and that you would have to get from Gary who is currently in Rick's mati because Jerry fed with Court Jerry fed court Tareq dos seems more than counterproductive yeah yeah yeah and we have a problem because three of the four of us here can't go topside without getting arrested so any more info we can't get without risking being arrested well there is one more option but we haven't pursued yet and that is that is that is this box right here it has been studied to some degree by human life physics and they've discovered how to activate it I assume we might find other clues inside as it leads into it leads somewhere that's a teleportation effect or transdimensional gates thing they they might already know that it's well they probably know it's missing so they might have some sort of countermeasures on the other side I assume but I say our the way I see it almost our only option at this point is to head into it and see what we can find from there we have the name of a cult of NIMH miss it that's that's it and we have this box that's all we have to go on it is beginning to sound to me as if you have summoned me to tell me that you have very little information for a being we're saying that we could find out more but we can't really move up our track that much right now which is making our lives difficult move about find stuff which is more on the about places well I'd like to clarify one thing that we've discovered is that whatever I did down in the boiler works did not cause the explosion priorities for the reckons how did you come by this information that would be balanced let's just say a little miracle happened we found some yeah let's just leave for that miracle only jury was there it's currently big and Judith but you know what we actually say what I say yeah no you said it was felon but I guess it's Velan story to tell yeah I mean his characters here yeah yeah yeah yeah I guess he's go from would tell the truth yeah well do we need it I think it's better in his hands anyway I put it and that is something that's better in nobody's hands yeah I don't fully understand how you guys okay the thing is then we have come into the possession of a lamp a highly magical lamp that contains a genie grant wishes and Velan Hera used one of those wishes to well he wanted to acquire some information and I understand it is that the information that he did not get out I've indicated my oh yeah basically put the genie said he didn't do it it's fine and everything is happy there was no information that could be given that proved that mal gar was the one that caused the explosion meaning the information doesn't exist so your claim to innocence is the word of an entrapped being in a magic lamp with cosmic powers itty-bitty living space somebody had to go for it I'm sorry yeah I I was I was building up to it but you do it yeah but I mean yeah right I'm also there's there's one other point I would like to make though what is more likely that I accidentally blew up one-third of the boiler works by removing a few that the ones who actively tried to sabotage the entire boiler works actually managed to succeed because somebody did a saving throw that was velan I know everyone wrote me perception if I see something I have counterspell I'm saying 23:22 dodeth in' and Cedric as this conversation is going on you notice from off to the side a billowing red smoke starting to form sort of up after a rug on it it's well I throw it on the stress is that me is that the typical is it reaction just no compares to throw a flammable object you know I would assume it is but I don't have the ball bearings down the flue like fellows I told you to get the cork in there damn it okay yeah I mean what can we do about this yeah exactly like dove is just like well now my life just got more shitty go yep so what happens we hate existence that's what happens I keep trying to compose myself and then you keep making me laugh I aim to please yeah you watch as this red smoke billows and starts taking shape and solidifies into this red skinned efreet it kind of looks around and smiles are you doing here nobody called you nobody wants you here yes and yet I don't seem to care I should really thank those sisters for removing the enchantment on those chains you so rudely used on me now dou viens just in the background going I ate everything now it seems that my word has been called into question I mean to be fair you're a kini in a lamp it would probably do anything to get free credibility is not a thing hi sorry about the cork are you here to defend your word is that it Your Honor I am simply here to observe my and he kind of sneers at Velan a bit who's being uncharacteristically silent because my master and his band of fool it was too much he quit it did say if it might die again our continuing or passing will give him a minute a minute or two I'm mood lighting all set nice monster – just blue well we're not in no this is this is now the the efreet lighting oh yeah I could change it over to the the blue theme like mad man I can't really do a blue red I like us what color theme yeah because I'm just going by the color of my monitors you know if I used to if you just have been red here oh no it's red there to stop it red there you go blue and red you know red look Bluetooth blue blue okay red blue red blue and hang on all the colors damn right I know that was impressive remote thank you thank you I didn't do it myself though had it installed by professional Minds also done mmm I like my new setup yeah it's cool are you done with the room or at least still have stuff left to do oh no there's still a lot left to do you just can't see the piles of boxes out of camera site come on Chris well give him a couple more minutes and then if he's not back we will continue and he will just fall over dad oh I got something in the meantime from the kitchen I stay here I still hear you then resurrects him when his back light and those are my powers fear them I am powerful and now one of his roles doesn't bring back the dead remember well I mean this is the red one though he doesn't have rules seek we can hear you typing sorry hold on boss battle Oh I am really really tough possible last time it took like ten minutes for him to get back yeah we will continue on if anyone else wants to speak to again thankfully the Lea Friedman has come out and mocked you a bit and is now just kind of standing smiling innocently at you all right go ahead tell them this totally wasn't our fault it was someone else's tell him why would I do that well because I asked very nicely please pretty please with sugar on top is this my master's wish no when you see this and then convert says yes he seems greatly reliable mm-hmm oh yeah every single time but I mean yes I mean I'm just saying here like a we we are very sure with into it and you kind of hired us to rely on our information and I'm a significant we know the organization behind the supposed explosion no miss it you have information that the cult has some fanciful idea of eating magic yeah wait that to them destroying the boiler works no no we equate that to the men who we think are responsible to that motel and do you have any evidence of business ability No but we hardly have anything that connects the two circumstantial well what we did have that hopefully would have connected them was fed to rock those I don't think we need to point out that the federal yeah you have circumstantial evidence that a member of the is it claimed to be a member of the cult of nemezit the patron of the is it but you are unsure of anything that actually links him to the crime at the boiler works you have no evidence of his collusion with man who is believed to have caused damage to the waterworks I struggle to understand how these are not two separate incidents see here's the thing we could connect the dots but for that we need to move about more than we currently can and considering your well connected we're hoping that you can at the very least help us with that so we can can't continue our hard work so you say again so your argument is that you cannot complete the Accord which we reached without me giving you in advance that what I promised you with the conclusion advanced no we simply need your help with this because it's in your best interest for us to succeed and it was our previous agreement that your freedom as it were your ability to move freely and without danger of any arrest would be granted upon receipt of this information right but now the two are conflicting you see why many things in life conflict that is more your issue than mine well I mean I don't you want to know who blew up the boiler works isn't that one of your issues that is why I hired so it's ethically also your issue that we can't effectively help you with that fact or it could be said that it is my she that I hired those who are not capable of the task I'm sure anyone would have have encountered these problems given these circumstances yes I'm sure that almost anyone that I hired will have found themselves arrested for the very crime which they were hired to stop in that circumstance I see no other outcome someone needs to find doneness to find out what we do yeah like there's a lot of blaming here governor Ritchie frankly I don't really appreciate it is to give him a panic attack making us a reasonable point though just because it's a trick doesn't mean all the things he says is nonsense it kind of does in previous experience well what he said now kind of makes sense though yeah for sure totally oh there we go almost back hang on wait nothing to worry about Cedric's doing the talking hey I actually made a fair a pretty good point yeah I can recap what I said was that given the circumstances I I think that a lot of people would have encountered same problems we did and had the same outcome and that given the circumstances right now you're saying yes yes blaming isn't constructive but we should rather figure out our solution and the best solution right now is for us to gather more evidence for him to complete his goal which is to find out about the boiler works and him actively not helping us do that is hampering his like objective we'll also make another argument that yeah if this boiler works were that easy to be 30% dismantled I would argue that anyone who has well-trained skills enough to sneak inside unscrew three or four bolts from a machine and sneak out could have sabotage the whole place ages ago oh yeah I know yeah I don't think there's any question of you actually being the one who did it noticed the our counter evidence to the fact that I did it or to the assumption that I did it he's being questioned so I'd like to have that out of the way but anyway as we stand it's clear to me at least that we have one path forward and that is we need to track down molten Creek roll crit all which is more or less what we're trying to do but we don't know where he is and it is hard for the rest of the group to move about topside which restricts their access to contacts and other associates that might help us in gaining the information we need I can move around topside without problem but they are being hunted by the Burroughs and the S aureus and well if if you want me to hunt down this molten Creek column on my own because they are unable to move around then you can expect the mission to fail I'm not saying that I am incompetent but I am saying that the chance of success is severe lessened so what do you think as a heads up though my camera is dead yep we ain't seen no I mean like a couple of times and then went off again no like I think it's dead dead like the actual way to him itself I think is dead it was a bit blurry sometimes earlier that was the autofocus but I think the webcam is what's been causing the bullish screens okay hmm so I'm not turning it back on because that's literally the only difference now of what's been when it'll blue screen and when it won't is the webcams on mm-hmm so I need to figure out why the hell that's go or get a new webcam I don't have the money for a new okay so then what do you say romi it pick one of you to Rome with persuasion with advantage how about not to do with – – in persuasion hey I did persuade the scientists very well yeah he rolled on that one and uh not three are you a charisma based character I am then I excuse you sorry i iose did i sorry I forgot that you because I didn't see your cam I didn't equal with that to you being in role 20 that's right that's right I'm waiting for all 20 to load back up he kind of Sighs looking at you and he says I suppose you are in need of some additional aid at least he reaches into his pocket and he pulls out a small leather pouch and he tosses that I use that drink hmm okay he says these will not solve all of your problems but they will at least give you some freedom to move around in order to complete this task thanks sir what a desert I look inside he look you look inside and there are four rings treaty and I thanks for the Rings I hope they are like not just fancy but magical fancy as I said they will allow you some freedom to move around above in order to complete your task it's very cryptic that if you do not have the ability to discover their use for yourself that I have most certainly hired the wrong individual although these rings I now remember it's the Reese oh yeah you can see it by the markings on the side I see identify them in a little bit oh my god I mean now I think you should get back to work right away sir right therefore I think Fury is unavailable to continue the mission he there were some guilt issues that I do we can't I left him at the mercy of practice and we haven't checked up on him how that one is erectus this is not the worst thing he's ever been through should you need any further assistance I will see what can be done to replenish your ranks and thank you thank you I for one will not endeavor to contact you unless we have some concrete good should you actually discover something of use and he produces a small car and he hands it to whichever one of you was closest to him probably Mao's act you just contact me by this means no more sending messengers looking for me sure I don't like that guy anyway yes this would have been very useful I say with a straight face but this I have written down four rings of walking around topside not yet identified and one card of contacting them vulgar okay yeah ven's business card is that it basically um Cedric okay as you look at the part whatever you do notice it's a completely different name and address this seems to have nothing at all to do with the gold packed what what Dame does to say it's urns Alex done I you it back fake Mac himself standing right in front of me well well well where the hell is the document you you it has been undocumented now I have the document I just can't put it on my drive I have too many google documents that's the problem you you that is the name on the car oh fancy okay and all of you are aware that a minister the title of Minister is actually an azureus title oh that's why you can pull strings specifically a member of the Liev who are the law enforcement column of the authorities at which point after giving you those items he does say now I do hope for the next time you contact me you have something worth my time and he turns to walk away shoot him in the back yeah would you like to because I have sneak attack so every time I see an exposed back I just have to you you can certainly make the role no until he's out of earshot I believe anyway okay then I'll turn to the rest of you guys and well did you find out anything about the stuff I gave you oh yeah yes it's all evil it's all what it's all evil oh I thought you said oh it's legally evil us okay and cuz so we can be left it in the ditch what does it do specifically I don't wanna know over knows but he's not telling everyone he has cried in the corner for a little while ah the box was begging to be opened when I tried to identify it therefore nobody opens that damn box it was begging to be opened it was literally begging me to be opened okay and tried to offer power yeah I'm saying if it's begging it means be know is the standing in the room Casey sorry I didn't know I was on yes he Freitas stood grinning okay so why don't you just go back into your little holder nice a felon so much more rooming out here you know you belong here a little itty-bitty living space not in mine do you wish me to return to my lab I could wish all I want I'm not the one who makes the wishes for you very good someone here at least has a measure of intelligence small a compliment okay so we have it can you fill us with these rings are please because I I mean I can't identify on the room one of the Rings thank you cuz I'm assuming all four exactly like they do yes yeah so I guess identify on one of whom the Rings are rings of disguise kinda figured that they have three charges and the disguises will drop if you take any aggressive actions while while they're active how long will the disguises last eight hours of not interrupting cool I pass on the information during its skies last eight hours as long as you don't do that do something stupid cetera k– oh I don't know what you mean genius stuff great aggressive drops skies eight hours charge eight hours let's go to the house and do some damage I mean let's not do some damage because then our disguise won't be dropped see I'm listening to you because I can I really care don't touch me you're greasy says no God was covered no I was about to say sorry that was me I just want to quickly say I finally beat a boss after 12 deaths okay never winner oh oh the frame and oh oh the free mm okay I thought you meant never went tonight no yeah yeah the anniversary event should still be going on isn't it yeah did you believe thing whatever yeah yeah because they released mod 16 which is the whole new expansion yep and about you know that well said do you think of Elder Scrolls every night since I was about in by a different girl so I hand off the rings I'm assuming we get to craft our own disguises or do they have a default disguise cuz I would love if said Erick just wound up looking like a visitor kiss looks like of a doll can just they do have any default disguise I'm guessing we also have the ability to control what it was if we want to some extent yes all right cool I'm not going to tell Zetter ik any of that yeah just pop it on and go bloop what am I gonna activate it now no I won't four will first walk out of the thing and then what we like to eat it yeah so the box is bad news oh no it's all evil yeah all of its chaotic evil the box is the only one I tried to identify everything else is coming up is either chaotic evil or chaotic and evil yeah so we're thinking we're just gonna not touch it for a little while while we focus on this and then we can focus on the chains and what to do with them when we are not being hunted well are there any sort of instances either the burros or the asaurus maybe who would pay for these items to be confiscated maybe I mean I've already given them to our Boris so and it's literally his job to destroy these things well I turn to villain so I did your job for you though she should know he would open them now he's gonna open the box and release the other Freight anyway so let's leave that stuff sisters are unable to track it down because if they are I was wrong that once were updated and they will probably have noticed by now that it's missing right so guess we're going hopefully they will not have noticed me and you guys have alibis oh yeah that well I mean well the way I understand it now is that we have more or less one well very direct way of trying to find more clues and that is this box which is activated when I say these words good and I look at no not and I don't say the words I just but I memorize MKC annoyance in the middle of my arm please are we going are we going there to the box as you feel that note the efreet is going to look at it in just chuckles I'm assuming I would not recognize the common jerk it juridic elvish and crow I speak thieves Kent and draconic I was debating on taking comprehend language too and I chose not to I'll put it this way if you have the language that that word is in then something is probably wrong because I didn't specify that you could take that language and it's not a standard language yeah so it would be a amazing feat of guesswork I mean like I said I was just thinking of taking comprehend languages and I said I would have possibly done it yeah well should we go to the four months place first or should we open it this thing up and go in there first where's the formulas place in the University right that's where was the university because what's the last thing that happened to the foreman well he got kidnapped well I mean but yeah but it's been half a day and that's alright one day to be specific the last thing that happened to the foreman was he was fed directors yes anyone might know someone it's someone's house no he's not he's not missing no I'm saying he's not missing after after one day of not going to work well I mean it's the is it they would normally like take off work to randomly blow themselves up yeah I mean and you don't kick someone else someone's house in the door to someone's house in just because you didn't come into work one day otherwise someone will kick in the door to my house a lot maybe the service has actually done it now because I'm a prime suspect I hope don't find my files see it I guess if there's like coating of tapes or something like that I don't think this is taking place out but ya know the university is our best bet yeah and I will try to stay out of sight it has worked so far so I'll just be nearby hey you're not the only stealth character anymore oh I took the skilled feet so I took I gain proficiency in three skills so I took stealth investigation and what was the last one and insight that helps I suppose I'm the only one yeah I said you're not I said you're not the only stealth character anymore I didn't say I didn't say you were the best stealth character just not the only one anymore well yeah we haven't seen him at all exactly who is the aura saw that was meant to join us oh that's true he's like always in the shadows I white for my bottom there biding his time waiting to put us into debt be honest he's kind of the reason why I I don't want to try to add someone back into the group because I did speak to Taylor last week and he is hoping that family stuff will calm down in the next three or four weeks and he might have to go to rejoin but I thought we might like it because Gary will pare down the team in and out exactly exactly yeah that's my forever we lost jury I wasn't necessarily thinking recruit but if Kim's gonna be unstable as well then we might still have to recruit one more yeah I have a friend if you can recommend him then yeah definitely I'd much rather take someone that that someone at least has a background with so that we don't get some complete get him to get him to message me on skype and if he's interested I'm not sure if he's ever tried roll20 that shouldn't be that hard to get into no it's not that hard to set up oh yes you guys are heading towards the University yep I put on my ring okay do you alternate all you're the only one who knows you cannot hurt I mean still gonna look like a gold re just not gonna look like Dothan okay for one thing I'm going to look female they're looking for a guy ain't gonna fired me and what what race are you attempting to Adam still deaf Karen okay you put on your ring and the rest of you look as you see a a female deaf Karen so a female elf Dark Elf if you want but they're not lead there's no black color they are quite copper skinned in this world yep wearing what appears to be robes of the guild packed tomatoes oh yeah I forgot to tell you you can modify what what this guy's looks like I just activate it to see how happens you just activate it as is yeah and you see narcissus them standing there in front of you hang on that's that's an awful idea to give us purchase guys and uh what's his name Oh Ari this has been and this might we may have still never seen what he actually looks like this entire time son of a bitch okay now a moment of realization if there's four of these rings and their default program is to look like him we we might have never been talking to the same person twice see I just been writing down Ben so I want to try and I'd like to look like some kind of yeah just regular commoner dude very what right what race a human human you become a human fairly nondescript dressed in robes of the guild packed you don't seem to be able to I still look like and but I haven't I'm going to need to contact that one fine broker I know because I'm gonna need some false identification to go with this disguise I'm crazy I'm not stupid if somebody stops me I need to have papers to give okay so you're doing that before going to the University I would say we should probably get some false papers just to be safe I mean do I know a guy okay if you know a guy that literally the most Italian line to come out of my mouth I know a guy I didn't know again but well if you know a guy who am I to okay so I Casey if you will get my miscellaneous notes on my character sheet the one I'm referring to you is under the Allies when I randomly rolled on my table the one I came was I know a fine broker who can locate just about anything for the right price so that's the one I've been acting right now okay so let's go see a friend of mine did it say what guild your fine brokers a mine workers are always dog re fine brokers are called re titles right that's that's the title yeah there are people like them in mini guilds but you have the fine motives you're running yeah okay uh yeah so I don't even have to leave the Undercity for that then you have to have you sided with groups that the rings have three charges yes okay so I'm gonna dismiss the costume because it's gonna be weird like me walking in there and going hey I need some papers and he just like do I know you so okay so yeah just mark off one of those charges yep I'll put the ring on my sheet yeah helpful yeah yeah you head back through the market and then just out the other side of it and to the what do they actually do just send to the book binders where your contact works so I'm gonna go in gonna look for him and Maggie knees not too hard to find no I mean there's only one person in here at the moment and as the door opens he's that kind of bail on it as many shops do he looks up as the bell rings and if he kind of sees you and goes hey there hey do the others do the rest of you all keep your disguises on yeah yeah and then following you in he sees the other three and goes what what's going on during turns Latinos really guys miss me I have a moustache he that he doesn't he gets official and then what how you actually would not have a moustache at this time because that would require recasting the spell so unless you burn the charge so it's he gets official and then what right I was is like not what they look like look I need four identification papers for false identities identities today okay is there a rush on these uh yes like the quickest you can get them to me the happier I'll be well the the standard is three to five days and fifty gold if you need them faster I can do two sets today for 150 each two more tomorrow for the same works for me and he hands him the he hands him it but he hands it to him as thirty plot okay there's like here we go he happily takes it and says give him an hour okay that that's brilliant yeah gonna save with the dad dialect this is a magenta I yell back to him as he goes I need one of those to be female oh no no do these need to be guild backed papers if you can make them look like guild pack papers office of the girl fact all the better just needs to be believable enough so somebody stops us we can give them information it'll be a 20 it will be 25 extra each yep not a problem I don't spend money you do I do he said it was 20 an additional 25 each yeah okay so that's theirs well no he's adding it onto the Express so that's 30 another 30 tomorrow and then two now so I hand him another 20 gold 20 pot all right well I've only paid for the two for today and I've basically put a down payment for the ones we're picking up tomorrow by paying him for the guilt pack service now mm-hmm yeah so all 300 do tomorrow I'll still owe him another 30 pot tomorrow I know a single cloud of skin gold right yes and it's 300 for the papers it's 150 yes yes god I thought it was per se never mind no no it's 150 per set I'm sorry it's 150 per papers and you need 4 of them in total due today to tomorrow yep plus the 25 so it's basically 350 today 350 tomorrow yep I think I've had like okay maybe I've spent more than I thought you got on invention stuff yeah any much any money that I've gotten I haven't spent I've had no reason to I'm a druid first more than anything else so most of my stuff is just stuff I can pick up off the ground I've restocked arrows once jury spent a lot of money for the power healing potions visit his contacts yeah your contacts contacts seem to be the number one way you guys are spending money yeah I mean I owe Hauer I owe hallory a favor but I can't find her to return that favor oh yes I will note that while you guys do not know Jerry location of his new house that's where his contacts bring in the second person we're trying to find right the guy who we captured by the was Thea's aureus and then escaped right if it went if and when they find him is mm-hmm so you know that juries places baby will be where that person has dropped off and most likely by the time you get there he will already be tortured and information as we found out okay so this jury didn't get to torture the foreman exactly so juries a little said but he's performing in the skull carnival so he's like I don't think he really cares that much about okay so you guys spend an hour wandering through the bazaar I take it yeah yeah I can maybe buy some supplies yeah three three offers of the guild pack wandering around a cold gory bizarre doesn't draw any attention at all of that mouth I don't know why you're all still in your disguise I was just coming you didn't want to waste the charge I mean the key lasts for eight hours so we said when stark isn't yeah a complete horrible that commit I'm do they do they reach well yeah that's a standard rule now 450 – unites with charges where their recharge charges at the end of a long rest actually in these cases they are expendable items they don't do charge oh okay that would have been nice to know yeah I I thought that I I thought what I said three charges that but yeah so that was what I was saying about you would have had to waste a charge to form admitted put a mustache on I see okay I thought it was just for the day or something like that yeah okay okay so I will I will retract that and then say you guys knew that and would not have used the charges yet okay that's that's yeah I won't completely screw you over this time this time as they go to wander while we're waiting for the hour I'm like don't eat anything anyone offers you but there there are street vendors selling assorted meat meat sticks unless you see me eat it don't eat it there are some some moss-covered Soylent wraps they're grilled fungus burgers it's fine man think with time skipped I do need a price from you eventually Casey would mark paint wood marker pains mood to mark mood mark because is listed as a common magic item but there's no is that from the dmg or that's from the rabbinic a book radical right one second I'll get that now probably find it in the market oh I know you can definitely find in the market but there's no point in me using it now that's why I said just eventually it's nice having my life for every back down here with me I'm not actually familiar with Wow I'm an idiot I would say why are you looking through there when you have access to the because I'm okay yeah absorb that's gonna cost you 72 gold all right cool just so I know for future reference yep see ya you guys spend an hour you head back and you have to set some paperwork this is one of them the female one or yeah well when you said that he would have done that one first so that one so it's for me and for Dolan or a fedora and belen that's for you to decide I know mine is the female one whoever gets the other one is up to you you three to decide mal gar said he's gonna wait and velen's not here so he actually shouldn't have claim yet so yeah okay thanks I've had it fake identity papers okay it's not in the center it's Greg regarde right Gregg are now maybe I should because it wouldn't be Cedric choosing the name it's something real so if you had its own guild it would be called gregarious how about that how about this Anders Johnson sounds good real enough you stick a name tag on the guild park robes I don't have that fun prepared I mean I have prepared name tags this I get a ride by hand this whole process okay and what are you doing University yep okay you head to the University by this time you're approaching the end of actually no the university wouldn't be open right now we're your about your back into the evening yeah alright because you slept at an odd schedules yeah you're already after dog the university's closed I mean I could drug the party so we they wake up in the morning and that screw up their sleep schedule I'm sure there's something in my rot farm for that we I mean you you could just say that you take you take a long rest and let's go to the rock or a farm and do drugs oh that's right it's empty that's true sure what do you guys think because we either way we couldn't just go into someone's place like as us even if you have identity papers sneaking in and how it would be easier to do without people around it's the whole universities closed like is there like there there is a gate on the University and there is a guard on the gate 24 hours a day Cedric you do know that yeah during the day the gate is open and the guards just kind of there to make sure that idiots aren't stumbling in for no reason it's kind of just a you know pre factory thing at night obviously because the gates closed you would actually have to speak to him and get him to and and convince him to open the gates for some reason anyway house fell friends I mean no you also do know where the guy's office is there about I say there abouts because you don't actually know which office is his but you know which area of the building offices of the faculty are in but I know like there's name tag on the building or here lives editor or it's just University University University of the arcane okay so it's probably some arcane warnings them very likely yes yes and you do know that most of the faculty do have markings on their office door of some kind it may be a name or in some cases it may be a title you know some cases you might actually have an office that's shared by two or three at which point they might just have you know the the department that their titles are from all of that nature I wanna point out this is arcane warnings probably equals out chemical tripmines all right let's say there are two options either we sneak in there I can find us a way there or we need to talk our way in there by fooling or a lot of people what do you think is more likely to succeed sneaking all right then let's go now I mean those are the two options really because when it's daytime that's gonna be a lot of people we're gonna fool or get in there you do know that the faculty building is one of the least busy buildings in the place it's not like it's the hub of activity still though people are on about Cindy gonna oh yeah there will be people about yeah they're gonna kill tech people or in the building and why they I want to get into that office and then they want to know what we take from that office and then there's gonna be get become more people they're sneaking we might just need to convince the guard we you you do all know from experience and I'll give you this because you're not as we're with the world but most times people don't necessarily question members of the guild pact they might question after the fact why you were there asking other people what was going on but they may not necessarily ask you stopping you and ask you to what you're doing there yep it's very often more of a case of hey guys you see the police going in there all about rather than a wolves anybody know why the feds were here sitting out why are you here feds yeah yeah yeah okay that's that's very often not only very often the case let's go in now I agree sneaking does we have our master thief with us here and let's use his skills because every time we've gotten into trouble he has not gotten into trouble so let's follow his lead this time I mean I think you have it figured out I will advise just out of character that this might be the kind of situation that you will probably leave that one behind me for anyway yeah yeah breakin in part because he's not here and in part because it's breaking the law and being delicious yeah I mean yeah aunt Indian and and in part because Nolan and stuff is like you know I think all three of us have or at least proficient in stealth and I have he has disadvantage on all Deauville yeah and I have persuasion and deception so and I'm a sorcerer so yeah so you know this time sure but I can do this I have the issed lingo and by is it lingo you mean you blow things up yeah like I don't trust you and I light a spy crack in my hand like oh okay he knows what he's doing either deep need to know exactly what you're doing or be a fool to do something that reckless get in here either way your is it yeah either one of those is not a wrong answer yeah yeah if we are walking into any magical traps yeah I think we just need to do visual inspections for I think it's more likely it's related to a tripwire or maybe a button or of such that can trigger a magical text and just you know all a serious like with certain stuff if you get my drift like we like to tinker with our magics tinker that's what you call it oh you haven't read my paper about electrical balls that you can fit in your pocket okay I don't want to hear about you putting your balls in your pocket okay let's just take around around the table and see if we can find a good way to peek inside okay I mean there is a huge compound yeah I mean it is a unit is a you know one of the largest universities there are multiple buildings there are on-site dorms I mean if you imagine you know a UCLA or Yale or you know one of the Lord's campus universities that's that's the scale you're talking about with this place and the building that you're looking for is basically a faculty building acti in this case it's not even really a faculty building but it's more of a building where basically the people that are in this building most are not able to teach classes per se but they're either like researchers attached to the University or people who graduated from the University and have some form of investment in it or might might be a patron of the university and so they're people that would have an on-site office for when they choose to be here so should we all agree on that we go there in disguise but we don't we don't we still try to move stealthily right like but not if we were to use the disguises of the girl fact we probably wouldn't need to go in there so okay yeah likely blown all right but you still but we still need to break into the office so thirdly I think that okay all right yes so we're on the same page so we don't well if we're using if we're using the the disguises we can probably use our authority to just make the janitor or whatever a night guard just take us to the exact room where we need to be in open the door I'm worried they are gonna get someone in charge that will see through it all well and I don't feel confident in my subterfuge abilities really you don't time out okay let me reformulate that my deception abilities where my oral deception abilities if you will well I mean I'll talk and you old sneak will split fair enough and Turin here he'll helps us with magic I only make know how to make some things will stop and boom I'm good at not being seen but I'm not good at explaining why I was I'm great at being hurt [Laughter] thank you very much all too kind yeah let's do this uniform yeah and then burn way inside we can add that depending on situation sure yeah okay very nondescript person then okay so are you going to the gate or are you trying to bypass the game gate and talk to the guard guarding it yep and we're using or one of the characters from our rings mm-hmm say and I'm gonna alter it slightly so I looked like older version of then with a mustache I I suggest don't grow hair that's not right not to get there normally completely Bowl Oh fuckity still has mustache try not to get into a prolonged discussion or okay no no mustache that's gonna be suspicious and I don't want to be some do something stupid just for the little loves it looked like him but and older him and we are there say that with an air of confidence that okay we're here just take us to where we need to go I'll do it the confidence confidence this is how we die I mean that's enough to wipe out the world so yeah the bane of existence okay so you know you are looking at probably it's ten PMS and you head up to the gates and you are met at the gates by a human wearing what appears to be an is it Guard uniform I guess um and kind of looking more nervous as you're approaching or we go up to the gates mm-hm I am going to cast enhance ability on Zetter ik and it's going to be eagles splendor he now has advantage on charisma checks nice suddenly becomes even more or a confident like puffed out chest like this awesome just growing i guess a little bit more of a devilish charm in this I like your chests we're walking he starts doing the Vince McMahon strut I'm just mistakes were made that's like the catchphrase of this group isn't it that will last up to an hour as long as I'm concentrated yeah you head up to the gate the guard looks a bit nervous as for members of the guild Packer approaching but because it is after-hours and it is let me the norm for what you do he does kind of stop you at the game say good evening sirs them and madam can I and and and and ma'am can I can I assist yes we are here on official business and we need to enter I see of course but that is quite quite unusual can I ask the nature of the business it is not concern you but we need to get to the offices enticed off-court Esther now Quartus quarters who were trying to go for sorry you were right and I'm wrong yes you almost did the grim Bob thing again yes again sorry sorry you should be he kind of looks a little bit confused this is ah yes of course um I

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