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top of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called pact with a demon this is chapter 1 apparently it's got to do it Richard and this is the only one that's out right now I'm assuming that you're gonna add a lot more to the game afterwards but I've heard good things about this game so I thought I'd check it out so let's get right in him play musics kind of cool Richard Benjamin Abram Erik Paul and Antonio six-man of different ages medieval age World War two nowadays and even the future of automated packs of demon named Abaddon to get the thing they most wanted most of the world Jesus game let me read Richard wants to be rich after a week at the pact he did a good job a nice car a beautiful wife and a beautiful home he had succeeded in his life but soon he won't understand his gifts was poison one day or another at his pyre will give his life story begins in the road as Richard must return home after his work fork not a breath already Oh this is cool press Facebook the jump intro no I'd want to watch this this is cool this is really well done by the French youtuber blast craft I've never heard of him but I'm gonna check him out now after this bass craft made the scenario as well this is really cool I don't know why the flashlight on my dashboard is actually on he crashed I'm gonna go a medium I am a boss but for the sake of video purposes let's just go a medium I am really liking this already I'm really into this already zero demonic objects out of six press escape to put the game on pause and view the controls no I'm okay oh really you got that fucking bouncy animation – it's like I swear I'm playing heroin addicts all this time just freakin jumpy ass guys I said I was just a fountain welcome Jesus okay press e or left cleats take an object or no try to take this paper for example a skull a book a devil's sword looks like snored ahead of a statue of the devil a red blood potion and a bone sounds like I'm cooking up a meal for my buddies this sounds like freaking Epic Meal Time first times view two objects okay so just 60 monic objects I need a skull got one a book my webcam is sitting I want a devil sword I really want one of those a head of a statue of the devil there's just fountain up there or maybe there's one of that a red blood potion and a bone okay I got a bone for you a bone right here booyah [Applause] crazy-ass shit is this what was that no fountain it looks like it dates from the era of the Italian Renaissance okay this guy's a history buff please don't tell me my flashlights gonna run out at some stage because that would suck that would suck the Big D so far though this is cool I'm liking this setting oh I'm gonna forest now it's slender time basically I'm really gonna howling my fucking dog does it all the time it's so goddamn annoying howling dog is so annoying cuz you can't shut them up once they start howling they just howl all day every day whoo go it there who goes there I have a flashlight I will throw it at you I can throw things pretty hard I will knock your ass out do I have a shadow no I'm a vampire okay the games of its Daughtery my shorts that's gonna come across in the video but it's a bit janky okay I haven't found anything yet Oh who's talking to me Oh God is that you sounds like a godly voice I think what animal makes that sound is that like an owl or did you always look behind me why did I do what he said why did I do that just keep going man I'm so lost lost in the forest with a flashlight and no idea of what do I do have an idea I got to do this but I don't know we're gonna find them flashlights not very good flashlights in these games are never good why buy a freaking good flashlight don't be making noise over there I don't know what it is why do we got here this supposed to be like a house cuz those are some shitty textures okay thought it was like pylons constructing additional pylons it's a Starcraft thing isn't it I've never play Starcraft a demo sword why I got the devil's sword okey-dokey okeyday I am on my way to victory it's like Adventure Time now somebody asked me before do you know what Adventure Time is or and I was like no they asked me to I watched Adventure Time I was like I have no idea what that is and at the time I didn't but I actually did it's that Jake and Finn thing isn't it Jake the dog Jake the dog Finn the human I actually really liked that show and I started watching it well I didn't actually watch it before I hadn't seen any episodes of it but I started washing it recently I've been watching every episode of it I think I got truly like the whole first season in about three days such a funny show I wish there was a show like that when I was a kid I would I would be a much funnier person right now if I had watched a show like that as a kid that's some grade-a humor let's got that hold ren and stimpy kind of drawing to it where every scene the characters are never the same giant scorpion spider thing hate it get anyway I don't like spiders especially giant ones run run run run run this is where I was Oh me and I went that way didn't I okay let's try this way then so lost I suck at directions my footsteps sound like someone munching on Cheerios what's that oh there's nothing walking towards me is there what are you get away run this way run away from it it's very slow it's very fat I can get away in time oh my god that's how you do scares you don't show the person what it is straight away you don't flash a big image in their face and say hey be scared now you make a sound come out of nowhere and then as it comes out of nowhere the image slowly gets into focus and when it gets into focus then you shit your pants something over here there's a red light red usually means demons this place is on fire apparently so what am I gonna find in here you know it would be really nice if you crossed off the things I had what in the holy but Jubilee okay ah you fucking skull I got a red blood potion whoa why is that music happening the fuckin spiders back that's why running away get away from me don't have a shoe big enough to walk on you where the hell am I going yeah I hear your lady crying in the distance I really don't care I could sprint infinitely which is awesome not playing as a fat dick anymore man this is good this is scary I'm like this this is unconventional hmm that's the fountain crap back to where it was the wolf is howling again come on I told you oh no dog howls you can't shut them up they just keep going and going and all the sound effects are playing the exact same way again did I go left or right back there at that time what I came here first I can't remember when I get scared I remember I forget things really quickly spiders coming after me where is he spiders got some badass music oh he's really scary okay that's where the fire thing is hmm lost I am mm-hmm lost you are that's my very bad Yoda impression haste we have to do it so much better but no I suck at it okay I've no idea where I'm going and back down through the light monsters it's just a sound effect to try and scare me this is where we found the fat ass isn't it I went that way I'm gonna go this way whoa ambien side effects are really good it's very windy here though man forget where it was cool this way okay another light great this doesn't help me oh man I'm like freaking 11 minutes I only found two objects I'm not good at this am i I'm so lost I need to drop some breadcrumbs yeah yeah dog do you miss your mommy after the dog howls an owl oh hi ru you daylian okay you know what that dudes deal was he was just taking a stroll through the forest he's just as confused as I am a barrel is that something that I need for my demon pact remind me to never make a pact or a demon in real life apparently used to go through a bunch of shit why am i making a pact of the demon anyway okay some things just make sound effects come back here why oh I suck no sense of direction and real life I do I have a great sense of direction actually do I I don't think I do ah progress I haven't been here before what are we gonna find out here guess we're gonna find a bone I got a bone to pick with you I do it a bone why is that thing spraying everywhere okay good see you could see a big blob things let's make some progress on this way this is like a better kind a better kind of version of slender because it has a lot of variety to it such as collecting shit pages like at least this has a purpose apparently I need these things to make a pact with a demon and a demon apparently requires a lot of witchcraft I think I'm back to where I was before and if i am i really freaking suck I suck all the sock I've no idea or to go the further I go the more lost I get Oh a bridge high bridge ah do that to me you want a mission fast that there's more than a time would you easily the Buddha shut the fuck up can I read um the game crashed hey back in the game I have zero out of six and this is the first place I came across this time I went left at the fountain this time to see if anything would change nice music I don't know where it's coming from there's no radio in here where is that sound coming from I like that song though there is a floating a fire extinguisher that's scarier than anything else the game showed me okay there's nothing in here oh wait I think I saw something no okay thank you room of pointlessness I really like that song I'm such a girl I'd hurt wolf shut up ah there's a door here something's gonna jump scare me it's a door in the other room too and I just missed it I had a book what kind of book isn't supposed to be I can't turn it off I kind of don't want to either Oh what the hell is this place it is exactly 613 p.m. on 22nd of October 1966 I'm alone in this very strange Island it happened after the expiration of whoa okay I don't know what that's about what is this place so confused I'm getting out of here though it's very loud yes so is this over here god I'm stupid I missed it completely I want to go back out this way because this is where I came and if I go with the other way I'm just gonna get lost I want to keep my bearings my ball bearings a lot of leaves falling everywhere a lot of Canadian leaves Canadia okay go this way this time okay I'm not gonna crouch this time I'm not gonna attempt to crouch I can't read the note though so screw you okay there's a skull on the propeller someone did not have a good time Thank You mysterious SOS from a French soldier engaged in the American Aviation during the World War two what is happening here this is really strange this is very strange did you boys do belong here boy this is your affair do you like my perfect French you crashed in a very inconspicuous location dude thank you for your skull I'll be taking that and I get out of here now okay spiders chasing me I hear his badass song there he is look at him I want that to be my team tune in real I just okay sounds like it's very close behind me right I'm gonna stay on the outside I got a plan this time before I just kind of wandered anywhere I wanted to but now I'm staying on the outside path follow the yellow brick road Jack yeah here we come to our what we get here a bone or I think it was a pound yes it was alone I'm gonna wash the dirt off though ah spray me full of your love that sounded wrong give me the damn bone thank you three out of six halfway there dudes yep thanks for that belching in my ear what are the words can somebody tell me yeah there's the alien dude what's up alien dude okay he disappears when you get close he doesn't like human contact apparently not looking behind me this time there's nothing there last time you're such a liar shut up talking about year forever you are yeah yeah yeah yeah I know for that yeah yeah was that a UFO there's a light it was an UFO what is this I didn't get this before the head of the statue yeah thanks that's a lighthouse oh okay so gonna go this way I'm doing well I got my plan down so happy now fun something doesn't try and kill me this is the fireplace no it's just a light okay so I gotta go to the fireplace to get the red potion I don't setting it before I gotta go into the placing at the sword are those are the only two left I now know what I need all you need is love I don't know where those are though okay here's the big fire thing it's my red potion get ready for the skull people don't let this girl get you this time ain't no thang ain't no thang but a half a chicken Wang okay now where would this building be somebody ate all the cream crackers I wanted some for a midnight snack that happened to me my dad ate all the cream crackers and I couldn't have them for midnight snack I wanted cream crackers and butter with some milk couldn't do it couldn't do it so I ended up crying into my pillow for about 16 hours true story true story bro just a fountain okay so the building should be up here somewhere so I went straight before the stupid downtown song I stuck on my head badass fighter dudes back done where is this cooling okay the dude is after me the slow walking dude hi leave me alone I'm a good boy oh man I'm so freakin lost I just need one thing one thing one thing where is this building run faster damn it I'm on a mission here it is here it is found it yeah yeah I gotta get my sword my sword on diamond diamond diamond time okay I did it now I'm running through the forest for no reason it's the exact same end a slender that's a bit odd are we gonna meet the demon please meet the demon I made a pact with running back to my car I'm not just running aimlessly oh okay so something's gonna pop up back to your Cara dude I don't know why we just collected all that shit why did I collect all that stuff I crashed my care whoa that made no sense no sense at all I I was driving along I crashed my car I'm gonna have to find out this crazy stuff don't parently make a pact with a demon for witchcraft and that was it there was no reason for that I just got back on my Karen went off again Pachulia Clark downtown let's go let's go search that game yo he's gotta say that game all day but song goddamnit I'm so confused but I would leave it down a link in the description for you guys if you want to play it that was pretty cool that was different than a lot of the other indie horror games that I normally play so well done thank you guys so much for watching click the annotations at the end of the video for more stuff to jacksepticeye has done a punch that like button in its diamond please thank you guys and I will see all you dudes

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