Palazzo Lombardia || Milano in 90 secondi (o quasi) #44

Milan in 90 seconds (or nearly so) Are you really sure you know Milan? Did you know that the headquarters of Lombardy Region is one of the tallest skyscrapers of the city? Lombardy Building 161 meters tall and 43 floors in total: this skyscraper is a real giant, located between Melchiorre Gioia, Luigi Galvani and Francesco Restelli streets. The palace was realized in 2010 by the New York studio Pei Cobb Freed and Partners to meet the needs of Lombardy Region for whom the spaces of Pirellone had become too narrow. The name of the structure, Palazzo Lombardia (literally “Lombardy Building”), was chosen by the Lombards themselves through an online survey. The building is composed of three parts: the main tower, the lower buildings and the large covered empty spaces at the base of the structure. The tower has a wavy shape resulting from the combination of two opposite bodies, one a little lower than the other. The final solution is described by the creators as the idea of a book that is leafed through. he announcement made by the Region for the assignment of the project specified that the new skyscraper had to somehow dialog with Pirellone. This is the element chosen for this dialog: there we have a closed and convex form, here we are in front of the exact opposite, a shape that opens up to the outside. This, combined with the huge transparent glass area, is a metaphor for the openness and transparency of the Lombardy Region in relation to its citizens. At the base of the skyscraper we can find the largest covered square in Europe. Its name is “Piazza Città di Lombardia” (literally “Lombardy City Square”) and in the intention of the designers it represents a kind of Third Millennium Gallery. A space open to citizens, covered, that becomes a place of aggregation and events for the entire city. The palace of our region, which in 2012 was also awarded the prestigious award of best building in Europe, on the 39th floor has a belvedere which allows for a spectacular 360-degree view of Milan. See you next time

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