PAPUA NEW GUINEA, a tour of its disappointing capital of PORT MORESBY

hello this is back welcome to my channel and thank you for viewing my videos today I'm in the exotic country of Papua New Guinea here in the Pacific Ocean and I mean the capital of this country Port Moresby now what Moresby has a horrible reputation and this is why not too many tourists visit this place that could be really exciting if one could use common sense so I've been here for the last couple of days I've been walking around this capital city and I have been videotaping some of the sides for you to see now keep in mind these are sites from what they call the town with a capital T this is because this is the centre of Port Moresby which is really quite huge and it spans quite a few square kilometers so here are few views of the sites around Port Moresby the center of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea this is what I have experienced for the last couple of days ago and I want to share all these experiences with you this is vic enjoy what's coming up and here's the main attraction in Port Moresby and that is Ella Beach ela Beach not exactly the most beautiful beach in the world it is full of seaweed and rubbish and you can see some local kids swimming right there in the distance you will not see any tourists here there is a playground here at the beach and there is this rather curious steam engine all rusty here at the beach apparently for the kids to play at there it is and here's the rest of the playground completely destroyed you can see a little baby there crawling all by himself right there nobody around so here's the playground here's the beach you can see quite a few kids swimming in this not very clean and healthy water right there here are some views of Port Moresby you can see it's built on Hills the beach is right behind me here's a good view of a part of the city here and here's a view of the of an abandoned building here at the beach and here's the market at the beach you can see this fellow to my left here getting ready to sell also here's a brave tourist jogging this is it guys this is culture in Papua New Guinea and here are some incredible images you can see people actually barbecuing what seems to be pork is it pork or chicken Leblon lamb okay I get I stand corrected this is land they're probably posing okay thank you let's continue our incredible tour I'm causing quite a stir here's the rest of the market with more barbecuing taking place just down there Wow and this curious of the structure of the theater the lack of a better term is at the beach I guess that we called the several events here some events here I'm not sure what you can see the dog resting right there and if I turn around here is a view of Ella Beach it's called a look closer you can see the kids swimming right there right in the middle of the frame and here's beach volley to see quite a few youngsters sticking around watching the the game going on that's another one right there now I am going down to that water slide which is at the end of Ella Beach the northern end of the of the beach and we're going to have to cross the gate of this kids here so what are you doing you're cleaning the beach where's the garbage that you collected no the garbage was always there apparently i cleaning the beach and they're asking for money anyway let's go through so what are you doing holding the gate here you look after the gate in case somebody steals the gate okay I'm gonna go take a photo of the water sliding and I won't I don't have any coins okay I'll be back I'll be back let me go take a photo oh nice speaking to you may come with you things are doing this life and places I go to in this life let's go talk to the water slide here's an extra bonus and but looking at two boats are they fishing boats you said you didn't know what to go fishing but they give them a button it okay so as this guy next to me said there are passenger boats fun in the world sometimes they go fishing as well so all the way from Port Moresby on daytime drop okay ready so we'll just keep going on with these people yeah their village how far 15 minutes 15 minutes away amicable yeah all right thank you for whatever it's worth here's a water slide here's the end of the pier here is the bay of Port Moresby and to the left right there is nella Beach I gave this way and here's at the end of the pier where the water slide is at there is this path here which is missing all the boards on half of the boards there are people down there diving in the water actually young kids I'm going to attempt to go down there because very simply I'm gonna fall in the water here's another view of the town here at Port Moresby you just saw a kid jump in here's another one who's naked getting ready to jump it is the first kid here's the other one coming up who say butt naked right there where else are you gonna see this incredibly much so here's another one just just dog off and another one and here is the local bus station you can see several vans park here there are no really buses there are advanced they take you all around the place very cheaply we're going to cross the street now we're gonna go closer and here's another view of this bus station you can see the Cathedral of st. Mary's right there here's another and one thing leaving right there now here is one of my favorite buildings here Port Moresby the bsp Bank beautifully decorated with local designs and colors outside as you can see five stories high probably the most beautiful building your pork more speed and here's a central square here in Port Moresby the bsp Bank I just showed you the building it's right behind it and here is the main shopping center right at the center of Port Moresby I'm on the ground floor there's another floor upstairs here there is a supermarket it's a food court right here selling sandwiches and chicken and fries pharmacies and a lot of stores here some in clothing and suitcases shoes things of that nature here this you can get an idea what it looks like and again you want you will not see too many tourists in here if you do see some foreign people they're probably here for working assignments what Moresby is the least touristy of 130 capitals in the world you can see them waiting for the food right here we are lucky we'll get some shots from upstairs but right now I'm going into the supermarket or whether to get something to eat let's go now every place is the security guards you see them here saying hello being a security guard Kara port moresby is the prime method of employment thank you they're friendly however very friendly let's go to the supermarket right there and here is a shopping center on the first floor there is a food court down there you can see people going into the food court and a lot of stores all around some in clothing shoes the supermarket is below me on the ground floor a lot of security people I don't know what they're doing escalators they used to work at one time apparently good this is it guys this is use of the shopping center in Papua New Guinea more stores this way and more done nice drinking coke here's a friendly security guard hello how are you what are you drinking coke very nice nice speaking to you here's another remarkable view and here is the Crowne Plaza Hotel the well-guarded Crowne Plaza Hotel which is just up the road from Ella beach and if you do stay at Port Moresby you will find out very quickly where this hotel is located at and then you would use it as a reference for directions to your place or other places around the town but here it is and here is the catholic cathedral of saint mary's which is very very close to l.a beach and I am now inside st. Mary's we can hear birds there must be some birds in here yeah actually they're on the fans up there the birds it is very narrow but very long as you can see now we have seen this quite a few times we're not traveling around these parts of the world when Christianity you can see the statue of Virgin Mary here holding baby Jesus right there it's also mixed with symbols from the local tribes and traditions so if you come to the left here you see this here and also you can see a local house here with a candle and across so it's happening quite a few parts of the world when local traditions and architectures mix with Christianity and inside the churches you will see both who saw this in Rotorua in New Zealand as well with a Maui these two huge wood carvings that you see here beautifully painted are located just by the main entrance to the Cathedral here's the cathedral here's the main entrance right there and this goes along with what I was saying earlier when I was inside the Cathedral that in a lot of parts of the world Christianity has mixed with local traditions and this is a very good indication here these are about four meters in height to give you an idea how big they are and it was a scene from a game of touch rugby here Ella beach and here is a panoramic view of Port Moresby the port of Port Moresby here you can see the shipping container terminal right there here's a general view very beautiful view of the whole Bay you can see the ferry boats some of the ships park and for distance right down and coming up next as you are looking at this frame over here I'm going to show you a spectacular sunset right at this spot there are video taped last night enjoy this is Vic thank you for joining me bye-bye

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