Parents want new cell tower moved

at the polls lower school Ponte Vedra Beach campus are continuing their push to move a new cell tower farther away from campus the tower is right next to the school but it’s on PGA Tour property parents tell News 4 Jax that they are planning to speak during this morning’s County Commission meeting News 4 Jax reporter Jennifer Reddy’s joining us now live Jen you just heard back from PGA Tour talk also about this issue what is it telling you good morning the PGA Tour is now telling us that they are pressing pause on the activation of this cell tower for now until they consider all of the options and make sure that they didn’t overlook anything in the meantime parents are expected to be here this morning at the County Commission meeting asking commissioners to consider an ordinance that would ban cell towers from being within 1500 feet of schools this cell tower on PGA Tour property is concerning parents at the bowls lower school Ponte Vedra Beach campus the tower is part of the new PGA headquarters project it was installed last month on PGA Tour property to replace an older tower about 600 feet away the PGA Tour says the new tower is more updated and will be more durable during storms but some parents tell news for Jax they didn’t know about the tower going up until it was already there and they are worried about the possible unknown health risks for their children attending school nearby as a result they are asking for it to be removed we are learning this morning the PGA Tour also telling us that they have agreed with the school to continue using the old cell tower through the next school year Jennifer ID channel for the local station

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