Part 2 Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom The Worlds Best Day Trading Strategies

welcome back to part two I’ve trade your
way to financial freedom if you haven’t watched part one please go back and
watch part one fully thank you let me just get this slide happening okay and
if you’re not on full screen because in a moment we will be covering some of the
trading strategies that will just be helpful if you go down to the bottom
left-hand and just expand your screen to full screen that’d be fantastic and once
again please hold or stop this recording and just read the risk disclaimer that
we have here so before we move on to what I believe a 12 of the world’s best
Dane swing trading strategies there are three other subjects that I want to
quickly cover with you now what we’ve got to really do is create to be an
outstanding epic world-class trader which we discussed in in in part one
you’ve got to be in the top 5% you have to have a target of being in the top 5%
is to create that compelling future you need to know what your daily weekly
monthly income profit targets are and what you’re going to do with the profit
you’ve got to be able to enjoy to be able to celebrate the money that you’re
making out of the business which is critical of course is we’re gonna
quickly talk about also money management how much should you risk is I still see
educators out there and even books talking 5 to 10 percent risk well that’s
absolute suicide which we’ll discuss in a moment and which are the best markets
for you to trade now for you to truly succeed as a trader you must have a
compelling future if you’ve got a compelling future a big enough why you
can do anything you can become unstoppable so you’ve got to create that
compelling future and you do that of course through putting together what are
your goals and dreams aren’t etc for some people this is new you may not have
done this for a while you may not even believe in this but in my opinion it’s
absolutely critical to succeeding now let me just ask you what would it mean
to you if you could earn an extra $1,000 a week now if you’re trading Forex
that’s 20 pips a day on a standard lot if you’re trading futures that’s $200 a
day per contracts 2,000 week or even three thousand would earning an extra
$3,000 a week working maybe two to four hours a day maximum as a day trader
would that make a difference in your life of course it would now I know that
you may be skeptical or is that really possible course it’s possible it just
really comes down to having a clear-cut vision for your future now this is a
table that someone sent to me that’s used on a website by another very good
educator he sells a program for under $1,000 and I’ve actually seen it’s a
very very good program and this is a table he’s got under a business plan of
course as a trader you’ve got to have a business plan now what he talks about
here and this is talking about trading futures for a moment is it starting off
with $5,000 trading two contracts and having a target of only $100 a day and
I’m going to be showing you in a moment how realistic is that and that’s at the
lower end if you trade using some of the strategies I’m going to show you is that
then as your account builds that is you’re using the markets money you start
to trade more contracts now mathematically it works out to be down
here but you’re actually risking six point six percent of your capital per
contract you’re trading but you’re also earning and drawing $10,000 a week now
that’s based upon 20 contracts but one way of looking at it it’s the markets
money it’s not your money now I don’t by the way endorse that at all I think six
point six but it’s a great illustration of what is possible and using a markets
money that is parlaying using the markets money is another way
of looking at it so let’s have a look at this now the maximum risk as most of
my clients here today and in getting clients I coach know the maximum risk
ever is 2% and as your account grows you really want to drop your wrists down to
at least 0.5 per trade no work on between 0.5 and 1 percent maximum
exposure at any one time 2% and that’s across all markets by the way so if
you’re trading say the e-mini and the Nasdaq or the NQ s and maybe the
YM’s you want to have a maximum exposure of 2% at any one time well that
would be $65 so that means for that every contract you trade you need to
have 3,300 now we’ve got to allow for down day so let’s just say here you’re
netting only $100 a day that’s 300 a week that’s 9% a week on your money
9% whereas can you earn those sorts of returns and I’m allowing a down day in a
day to recover if you’re netting 200 a day that’s 18% on your money you double
your account and what was that that was 6 weeks you double your account now
let’s have a quick look at a sample income plan so if you’ve got a $10,000
account maximum risk 2% if you’re only in $100 a day that’s and you’re
averaging 100 a day that’s 1500 a week if you targets 200 a day that’s per
contract I should say sorry that’s $600 a day that’s netting $3,000 a week so
we’re looking at $100 a day per contract that you trade now this is the true
potential if you learn how to trade correctly professionally now this is
another one if you’ve got a $10,000 account and you’re trading Forex earning
just 20 pips a day per and starting off by trading minis and I’ve got to say
this is one attractive factor in trading Forex of course you can stroll start out
by trading many contracts and build from there so here on 6 many Lots earning
20 perhaps a day on average you can see here that’s 600 a week
weekly profit 6% and a maximum risk of 2% within 50 weeks you’re earning
$14,000 a week is it possible absolutely there are
traders that do this so I think this is a really applicable time I bring this up
let me quickly talk to you about the fallacy of the multimillion-dollar
trader out of a hundreds of traders that I know and coach very few I can only
think of a small handful out of the hundreds that I know actually trade
multi-million dollar accounts unless they’re running a hedge fund or a
managed account the fact is most traders they’re only trading between 10 and 20
lot so I’m talking about professional traders here 10 and 20 lots at any one
time those of you that know me and watch me trade how many of my trading 10 Lots
per trade now I might put on two or three positions at any one time that
meet my risk management rules but it’s an example at my age on 55 years young
let me say this you’re only and most of you would have seen my keyboard know
I’ve got a little thing on my keyboard it is nothing but a number and it’s true
but I have a certain risk if it suits my profile so will you look at some of
these multi-million dollar traders they’re usually not trading their own
money so it’s okay if you have a goal of trading only four or five contracts if
earning just 2 or $3,000 a a week is what your target is or what your
compelling future is that’s great as long as you’re doing your best and it
suits your parameters but these are very very real targets and goals that you can
reach they’re realistic now what if you’re only in a financial position to
open a $1,000 account so let’s just say you only have say five hundred to a
thousand dollars right now what are your options well number one do it now when’s
the best time to plant a tree in 20 years time or now well of course now
likewise in learning to trade if you have very limited amount of money start
by trading pips Forex you’d start off where
a mini account trading many contracts you can do that with a thousand dollars
if you want to trade futures and 90% of my trading as most of you know is
futures you do need to have a minimum in my opinion of 3300 or around that sort
of money you must not break your money management
rules okay if it means starting of getting a platform underway and doing
your 3-month apprenticeship as you build that account will do that don’t trade
with real money so remember if you’ve only got a thousand dollars there are
rules to it – a plot to follow that is your money management rules or they’re
really applicable one other thing which I’ve got to bring up right now is that I
still hear and see so many people with the mentality ok I’m learning how to
trade using the simulator and of course every trading platform with your mt4
with your tradestation ninjatrader sierracharts whichever one you can trade
in Sim you’re using the simulator you must use that simulator and assume
you’re trading real money because traders what you’re doing is you’re
hardwiring habits into your brain oh these are there’s a good counter trend
trade let me take it when you should be mastering one set up the t1 to begin
with I took a lot more about this in my training course but if you’re going to
break the rules you are going to fail I’m sorry and this is where perhaps my
marketing guys says I get out of out of touch with reality in trying to sell
courses but you have to follow the rules because remember we’re trading against
some real professionals out there you see willpower and discipline is like a
muscle the more often you apply your will power the more often you apply your
discipline the stronger you become just as a muscle does after a while you
develop what I call reflex action where it becomes easier to trade and it’s so
important that you understand this when it comes to the simulator is it if
you’re constantly breaking the trading rules with
the mentality it’s just a simulator guess what you’ve got to do this with a
real account I’m sorry but 99.9% of people fall under this umbrella and it’s
so true I want you to succeed I want you to become an epic war class trader I
want you to be sending emails to me saying the incredible success stories
and giving me incredible success stories but you won’t achieve that if you don’t
develop that discipline that willpower muscle so moving on I had to talk to you
about that is which market to trade so remember what we’re after we’re after a
trading range we’re after liquidity now we’ve got really young if we consider
forex or currency markets forex and currency markets and I’ll show you a
chart just once we’re going to run out of time I could go all day with this but
look they trained really well and you’ve got to really watch of course a very
I’ll move very very quickly when we have news amount announcements red flags etc
you’ve got great volume great liquidity but let’s talk about the elephant in the
room much fairer regulated in most countries we’ve seen of course over ten
billion dollars in fines by the regulators around the world against the
banks and some of the largest financial institutions ten billion in recent fines
we’ve seen now just the news the latest on the news wire is South Africa is now
going after its banks there’s been a huge amount of manipulation when it
comes to brokers and institutions we’ve seen of course the market makers the go
out there I’m running stops this has been a huge issue with forex it’s
becoming a much fairer and regulated market now you can another huge benefit
here is besides the great trends a great liquidity most most hours of a day and
it runs it’s open 24 hours a day basically five days a week you can start
with as little as one you can actually start by trading micros
now of course with a lot of brokers there will you trading micros and minis
I’ve got what we called the a box and the B box that I want to get too much in of
a broken side but that’s what happening you’re on there B book usually when
you’re on the micros and minis but now because of the regulations you’re going
to get exactly the same what you see on the screen is what you get on your film
you get mt4 from most brokers which is absolutely free a great trading program
are using the mt4 I’m a TradeStation user for an example and I pay I think
it’s what is it there I just pay I think it’s just brokerage but normally I think
it’s $99 I can’t remember now anyway it’s about $99 a month plus your data
then you’ve got of course ninja trader etc you can trade Forex with but mt4 is
free it’s a great way to start if you have a smaller account now futures
you’ve got lots of options here of course you’ve got the E-MINI the SP you
got the NQ which is the Nasdaq you’ve got the Dow you got the black
gold the CL which is oil you got gold you got the European mark of the FESX
you got the DAX of course there was a small time period they closed each 24
hours but basically we’re trading 23 hours plus a day highly regulated
particularly out of the USA you’ve got the NFA over CFTC strictly regulated
direct to market most of them trend very well they’ve got great liquidity now now
on the NQ for example I know there’s and this is the thing with educators you’ll
hear lots of people about different opinions when it comes to trading
trading quite often I will use a market order if I’m putting 10 or 20 contracts
in I will get one to three ticks slippage just a reality some people of course
have got resting orders that’s great they don’t get the slippage as long as
it price goes down or goes through what they’re often highly regulators to
mention direct access realistically using the stops that I recommend the
time frames you’re going to need three to four thousand dollars per contract
now if you drop down perhaps down to an t89 tick you
might be able to because your stop is going to be a few ticks smaller you
might be able to get underway with 3000 but risk management a maximum of two
percent is so important in this business traders this nothing worse you go and
say put two thousand three thousand near account and you sign over day margins
are as low as five hundred dollars but you blow that two thousand dollars
because of poor risk management and it really is soul destroying and just on
that point which I haven’t mentioned earlier if you don’t learn to trade
correctly from day one you’re going to miss out and you say you blow your
account once or twice and give up you’re going to miss out on
probably the greatest financial opportunity of your life trading is a
lifestyle it gives you freedom of choice it’s a business you can run basically
any 24-hour period you want to work you can you can place trades even in the
after markets on futures as I’m going to actually show you a trade I did last
night a t89 I’m actually going to show you
that and you can go back for the experienced traders and you’ll see it on
your chart you’ve got to learn because if you don’t trade correctly learn a
trade correctly and you blow your account a couple times you give it up
and say oh no one can learn how to trade it’s all rubbish or or I’m not smart
enough learning to trade correctly the first time is going to be the greatest
business opportunity of your life that really is now getting back to this back
to the slide here Commission’s are under five dollars per contract now if we
compare that say with Forex where you might have a spread of one pip up to
four pips now pip on a standard Lots $10 US. in in most of them running up to
four pips in a spread at news times or high volatility or lower liquidity
market you’re effectively playing paying brokerage because I know they say zero
commissions some by the way and just on that point
some brokers are now charging a commission you’ve got various things but
they’re still getting charged there is still a spread charged by the banks and
by the liquidity providers but effectively if you average it out you’re
paying between 10 and 40 dollars in commission for that trade that is
something you do need to consider but getting back to it there are other
advantages in trading Forex of course so we’ve got three main things happening
with the trend traders we got the trend the breakout and of course breaking out
of a range bound market now it comes up that people ask me why do I have so many
different setups no natural fact I’ve got close to 20 different strategies
that I’ll use many of them are a variance on another but just as a
craftsman has a number of tools to work with I’ve got a number of trading
strategies I use for the three different market conditions and yes where I know
for the for the highly experienced traders we could say they’re another two
or three different market conditions but in summary you’re either trending
you’re either range span going sideways or you’re breaking out of a range Brown
unbound market and so the main setups cover those now in learning these twelve
strategies now number one is that for me to give you 12 strategies in my course
I’m basically giving you a toolbox full of tools for different markets but as I
keep preaching you know and I’m like that preacher in the church that keeps
giving the same sermon but absolutely critical you start with one and it’s the
T 1 and then move on to the T 2 because there are variants of each other
and you master it you own it for an example if we take it a medical doctor
who owns the most money your local general practitioner who sees everyone
from a someone with a headache through two with the common cold or is it the
heart specialist the brain specialist the you know the specialist I special
they the big dollars become a specialist and
you’ll earn a lot more so it’s as simple as one two three watch for the pattern
as most of these setups of patterns does it meet the rules just like a pilot has
a checklist I have a checklist then you execute the trade and manage it so
remember the act of trading is simple but so many treat it like rocket science
it is simple it’s not easy let me say it again it’s simple but not
easy because there are rules you got to follow very important thing is to remove
from your screen or it’s not necessary remember ego depletion the more things
you’re looking at the harder it is to make a trading decision now remember it
may look sexy but it does remove our focus when we’re trading now Richard
Branson said this beautifully is that you know and this is so applicable to
trading a long term success in trading is rooted in simplicity is that you look at
some of the setups and say couldn’t be this easy but it is any fool can make
something look complicated complexity is your enemy and Richie too said that so
beautifully and it’s true and exactly the same thing when you go and look at
the floor traders that I work with you look at their charge do you know what I
might see on it on their chart I might see a moving average and maybe a volume
indicator or it’ll be off to the side is that most of them of course many of them
are just pure price action traders and I’ll talk about that in a moment is that
they don’t have the hugely complicated charts in most cases now let’s quickly
talk about indicators here is it yes I’ve got to trade set up that I teach
called the t25 which is the 2:00 to 5:00 candle pullback which is a pure price
action where all you need on there is really is one indicator you could go to
volume if you wish but I think it over complicates things but if you all I want
to know is what is the main direction of my trend so I might use a 34 or an 89
EMA that’s pure a price action at its best however you
probably heard this yo Lieber gets the worm however the second Mouse gets the
cheese now the metaphor here or what I’m talking about here is I’ll use
indicators of course to confirm a trade the indicators is the second Mouse I
might be in a bit later but hey I’m going to run away with the cheese so
pure price action absolutely and I teach it very actively what indicators of
course allow me to get in a little later but hey they work for me
once again everyone’s got an opinion so the following strategies are an overview
of what I believe there to be some of the best trading strategies and
techniques you’ll ever learn these are these come from years of research back
testing and trading Feb in real time the battle-proven
they’re battle tested anyone can learn these we are about trading with the
trend trend continuation counter trend and of course most importantly they are
simple and easy to learn now trading is easy when you keep it simple remember
how we learn to trade traders we start by learning one setup so Confucius said
the person who chases two rabbits catches none how that applies to trading
is I’m very focused on one market normally when I’m trading usually when
I’m training traders as a coach or running a seminar or a webinar I’ll
usually focus well usually in nearly always unless the client asked me to
look at two or three other markets or other markets at the same time I’ll
focus on my market which is usually the NQ for a whole lot of reasons now if
you’re looking at two or three markets it becomes very very difficult if you’re
day trading particularly if your short term trading now if you’re scalping you
can only look at one market scalper might get in with 5-6 ticks in and
out in and out I’m a slightly longer term scalp now trading the way that I
trade and most of you or many of you here have
seen my videos who are perhaps attended a seminar you know that I’m usually
wrapped up within one or two hours I’ve had my four wait when he trades I’m
finished ripped up hit my profit target I might refer across to and trade the ym
or perhaps a black gold oil but it makes it more difficult if you’re trading
short term now if you’re trading daily charts of course you can be looking
you’ve got the time on your side but as a day trader remember it comes down to
focus be very very careful of how many markets you’re looking at now in
mastering these setups the latest research for the University College of
London says it takes 66 days of daily practice to install a new habit now
Robin Sharma says this beautifully and so does the late jim rowland Jim Rowland of
the best personal coaches I think it’s ever lived or ever did levers it was Jim
Rowland god bless his soul he was just fantastic is it yes to say also
everything is hard before it gets easy so in developing the habit the reflux
reflux action you’re not going to learn it overnight remember earlier I said
treat it as a three month apprenticeship absolutely critical now I know some of
you might be thinking going on and on on this stuff but this is the true grit
this is what makes a trader now it’s really easy also if you’re buying dips
and selling the rallies that is trend trading only so the only way you really
want to learn how to trade is trading initially with the trend that is you
your band you’ve got to ban yourself from doing anything else now I mentioned
the simulator earlier earlier in learning how to trade you want to be
able to take 100 trades on the simulator and not break your rules once that’s
right 100 and not break the rules if you break the rules on trade 67 go back and
start the count again remember the markets are always going to be here and
you’re only going to learn by learning how to trade by learning to trade with
the trend and that’s where t1 and that’s t2 so let’s have a look at
these but t1 super scalper this is a setup that appears that say a
candlestick setup that appears on every market and this is them probably the
foundation trading setup that we have what I’ve got here and hopefully you can
see my cursor moving around here we’ve got the white paint bar that doesn’t
appear until we have our ticket above the second so you don’t need that the
paint bar at all because this will appear on any market you’re basically
looking for what I called the rule of two two candles in a trend and then a tick
above those and Carter speaks extensively about this in his great book
called master in the trade so the t1 is what I call I’ve renamed it I call it
and I’ve got a whole lot of additions and changes to it that I teach you in my
course but I call it the t1 now by the way I got code names for all of my trade
setups because when I’m training this makes a lot easier we’ve got a t1 we’ve
got a t2 we got a t10 after a while you pick up and you know what those are but
technically speaking it’s called the super scalper now you’d never require
any other setup or strategy if you focus not just on this one type of trade it’s
a trend trade and you’re trading with the trend it’s a brilliant trading
strategy now it will get you in later than say a t25 which is a pure price
action an advantage chip which we’ll talk about more about the t25 that t25
will have a smaller stop larger target but this is more visual it’s a more
visual and it’s great for a new trader now what I’ve got here and this is a
shot by the way from the Euro 5 range so if you’re wondering on the Forex what
sort of markets well on the Euro and this is taken from yesterday so today
it’s the 30th down under here in Australia set it over 30th of of May and
this was for either yesterday or the day before now
here we’ve got a t1 now by the way if you’re not familiar with this five range
means there’s five ticks in a candle so basically you’ve got a good 15 ticks and
what you may do in a new trade you’re going to enter the trade and as we know
usually the market moves in waves and there’s at least three waves so you
might only take three or four of these in a trade or in a trend just depending
on market conditions but it’s not going to much live out right now what we’ve
also got here is so this is a t1 a t1 with the trend with the trend with the
trend we’ve also got an 89 bounce on this one one of us strategies that I
teach highly-successful I trade at t89 virtually every day I
see a price comes down bounces off the 89 bounces off the 89 bounces off the t89
over here I’ve also got a t89 one of my favourite trades at T 89 and here we
wouldn’t have been into this over here but the T 89 or here but the t89 is a
brilliant trading strategy I’m going to show you some more screenshots of that
in a moment getting back to a t1 we’ve got one two three quite frankly if your
target was 200 a day per contract this is on Forex or on futures the exact
setup works whether your trade stocks forex or futures doesn’t matter what
market and it also works in all timeframes doesn’t matter where your
trading minute range tick Renko it works just remember different setups different
markets like Renko you may get in later but renko’s got fantastic advantages for
removing some of the noise noise etc but the t1 is a brilliant trading strategy
and I teach every new trade of t1 is your foundation strategy but you’re
going to start with then we move into a trade that’s quite often sets up at the
same time before the t1 or around or straight after it’s called the
t2 slingshot now this strategy has been around for years
brilliant solid trend following trend following only high probability trade
that I take every single day it’s a golden trend trading strategy now this
one was a trade just single one was taken here I think it was the what they
I love that I think I took look I take so many every day but this is where you
can see I went long I’ve got a crossover on my Stoke down here it turns up I went
long ten contracts and now and that was something to you now while that was
13 ticks so this is a strategy that I use every single day and sorry
just jumped out of it very quickly so the t2 is in way of learning you’re
going to learn your through your t1 your super scalp back and move on to t2 there
were two main ones you’re going to start with master one then you move on to the
other this is another one of my favorite trades which is probably the third most
favorite trade which is called the t10 money on the floor sometimes called the
Ka-ching trade once you trade this correctly you can see I got it this is
actually technically speaking a counter trend trade it’s a change in so we can
see here it around what’s at 5am somewhere around that time I went long
10 contracts for 13 ticks here on a t10 but because here for an example we’re
right on a pivot and by the way this tick down one tick lower my stop on the
133 is two ticks below the closest swing low for new traders you’ll pick
this up very quickly it’s one of those aha now I understand once I explain it
correctly the way I train trade is is to explain everything in a step-by-step
logical sequence so this is just a recap video I did this morning so it was 5:00
a.m. Saturday morning Down Under and those are lovely t10 after 13
ticks now up here I actually had a pivot bounce
and I then entered a secondary trade which was a t10 now remember earlier I
mentioned I’m subject to to risk keeping old sometimes open up two or three
trades but as long as I’m within well within my 2% risk my target here was the
89 where I’d come down here which office which I knew was going to bounce when I
say woulda coulda shoulda I thought it would bounce his no certainties in
trading the market by the way doesn’t care what we think but it come down and
both of them were at at exactly the same time both the 13 ticks and I
finished trading for the day went on there were some great trades for the
next 20 minutes or so afterwards but I’d had a great trading morning so that was
it for me but getting back to here this is a t10 it’s very visual the t10 is
also very easy to learn it’s the top three trade so T1, T2 and T10’s of a
top trades that I’d want you to learn from day one so some of the other trade
setups that I teach you at t18 which is a multi time frame the tradesmen concept
works brilliantly now to quickly mention I do use an anchor chart if I’m trading
the 133 NQ I will look at a three range on the NQ just to get an idea what’s the
overall trend and let’s say another topic for we could have a rule could
have a long conversation about using anchor charts we talked about it in our
course I’ll also teach you but t19a and t19 B it’s two versions of a traditional
divergence trading now a high probability but a higher risk new
traders just learn how to trade with the trend and traders if you just want to
have a really stress-free trading life just learn to t1 T2 and the T10 setup
since all you need seriously you have a great low stress trading life
that’s all you want I also tell you a trade setup called the
t25 which is on average of two to five can of pull back with the trend that’s
pure price action trading you could trade that also on its own now one of
the advantages with this particular set that will get you in earlier than when
you use indicators which means you have a smaller stop and you can have a larger
profit target but you’ll have a higher loss ratio but it’s still a brilliant
trading strategy and once you become experienced over a six to twelve month
period you’ll develop reflex action on all of these however you’ve got to
remember you go to pollution it can be exhausting sitting in front of your
screens for hours if you’re trading all of these but t69 is a generally a
changing trend or a trend following trend continuation concept using a
breakout of the channel now the t98 is a is a very solid counter trend reversal
trend trading strategy it’s got a lower probability trade however when traded
correctly you get in a good three to one it’s a great risk reward trading concept
it leads to a new trade or to a new trend what you might do is look for the
set up then once a new trends confirmed then know you’re in wave one and trade
with the trend there’s a lot of ways you can trade this then we’ve got one of my
very favorite trading strategies is a t89 most of you at that work with me
no I absolutely love this setup love it I’ll use angulation to confirm the trade
I also call this a snapback trade it offers an excellent risk reward and it’s
my favorite counter trend trading strategy I absolutely love trading this now here
we can see here this is a trade I took just the other day and by the way I
trade this every day so this is just a random trade here I shorted 10 contracts
out for 13 ticks your first logical space place by the way I could have
perhaps squeezed 16 out of this is to go for your t89 which is down here close
your one before I wasn’t worried about that but
traders little tip wait for the candle to close before your enter you’ll try it
until you understand the trading concept very important let’s have a look at a
trade this is from last night so if you look at the date stamp you’ll see over
here you see here I had a visa on the 29th of a fifth 2015 so this is last
night I was downstairs I’m watching a movie actually with my family Friday
night relaxing with the family came up just to take a couple of things on the
market and look at this beautiful t89 setup I just had to jump in on it now it
pause the movie I got in this is a quick snap of just 13 ticks and this is once
again last night short of 10 now very very quickly now
but what I wanted to show you here reason I wanted to show you this one
here was down here I had a t10 but also there was another t89 and remember I was
downstairs at movement can i and that’s a goal and that’s a target that I have
every single day is I’m constantly after improving but there’s a big difference
between saint yourself how could I improve this strategy compared to what
else or what other strategies can I find because with these I want you to make a
commitment to yourself is it lonely strategies you never have to look for
another strategy ever again because these are the best of the best I think
this is fun the final la strategy here is the 89 being a 200 b now I trade the
89 b as most of you know everyday it’s also an extremely reliable trade it’s a
89b has the best win-loss ratio it’s a bouncing off to you it’s a bounce off
the t89 just some rules that we have with it which is fine choose it tunes this
particular set up but it works brilliantly nearly every day you make
money out of this this is another one of these strategies if you wished you could
trade alone it’s just a rock-solid strategy
now the major reasons traders failed as a Fail to do the simple things so the big
thing here if we look at this trade setup it’s a simple strategy it’s an 89
bounce it’s simple but as this statement says here if it’s so easy why isn’t
everybody successful well for things that are easy to do are also easy not to
do let me say that again the things that are easy to do are easy not to do it’s a
small things for small choices that we make every day that really make us as
traders the 89b is a very basic set up but it works but being humans we want to
keep moving around from one thing to another so almost in closing here’s the
question once you ask yourself is can you do this can you learn to day trade
can you learn to swing trade because all of these if you don’t have time or you
couldn’t sit on in front of a computer and short-term trade well you can use
out the chance you can use higher range chance that these setups work in all
timeframes the questions we ask ourselves are either empowering or
disempowering move from saying yourself I can’t do this now this is really
important I’ve got to quickly talk about this one of the things I asked at
traders to do is to keep a daily trading journal as I do is I look at the
language that you’re using words can be empowering or disempowering a lot of
people say why do I always fail at this this is our assist doesn’t work I could
never learn this I can’t do this that is so disempowering to you as a trader
you’ve got to move from I could never learn to do this to what steps could I
take to become an epic day trader what can I learn from this what actions can I
take ask yourself better quality questions and you’ll lead a better
quality life the mind the brains incredible when we ask it an intelligent
question we get intelligent answers back ask yourself empowering questions it’s
critical to succeed as a trader so in closing and I mentioned traders is
going to cover a lot of things I’d even recommend go back and watch it for
second time it’s the small things that make the difference it’s a daily choices
traders well how we talk to ourselves learning some master once setup before
we move on to the other having the right money management rule so these are the
critical factors in becoming an epic day trader
so what you’ll learn is twelve of the world’s most powerful geometric pattern
scalping same trading day trading swing trading strategies trend trading
breakout trading retracement counter trend trade in continuation trading big
mouthful traders but in other words twelve great day trading or swing
trading strategies clear and concise written instructions for each they’re
not difficult to learn they’re easy to learn you focus on one you don’t try to
learn them all you focus on one you’ll break it down and you’ll learn our
experiences there’s over five hours of clear and easy to understand online
video instruction I’ll give you the indicators settings that are you so you
doesn’t matter what package you’re using whether it’s tradestation whether it be
easy charts whatever you’re using I’ll give you the settings that I use now if
you are a TradeStation user by the way I provide you with the indicators on
TradeStation I’ve nearly got everything completed or very similar indicators
also for ninja trader but basically any charting package you can customize clear
and concise rules and once you enter your trade clear and concise rules on
where to exit your trade for powerful money management strategies now
personally I normally go for a fixed stop that suits me and my styling is and
I go into the training course why I do that for me personally and what is the
most important topic and traders many of you have emailed me in the past or I
will deal with your I’ll train you and as we talk about regular your trading
plan your psychology is number one see giving you a trading
strategy is easy because as I mentioned earlier I have dozens of strategies work
but it’s how you apply them and following your rules so your investment
for this is $197 don’t focus on the costs there’s i said trade you can’t
afford not to have this program that’s alright may upset you by so many but you
can’t afford not to have it that’s the bottom line is it’s peanuts what will it
cost you if you don’t purchase it because one thing it’ll accelerate the
time in which you learn to trade you never have to look it’s a huge promise
but you don’t need and you’ll never need another trading strategy again stop
looking stop buying of course I’ve done it for you I do the research every day
it’s what I do it’ll save you money you know don’t give you cash to other
traders and stop spending money and buying systems and strategies no need
and of course a potential loss of financial freedom as a trader because
unfortunately a lot of traders will move from this and they won’t follow the
advice I’ll keep buying I keep blowing their accounts traders I want to be
upbeat for you you know because you can have a fantastic career trading is great
fun it’s besides the money it’s great money
you know if there’s no other business that you can really get under way for a
few thousand dollars and earn the income there is no upper income you know you’re
gonna take some of the great traders that have turned ten thousand dollars
into 40 million in two years you know I’ve got a whole lot of them that I talk
about in my course I talk about some of the key traders and when you really look
at them trading in many cases all they do is trade patterns that’s amazing so
to order it please drop me an email with your details or any questions that you
may have a trader at I am a day trader calm and I’ll get back to you as soon as
I can so if you’re interested of course in private coaching services I do do
coaching from one hour up with some of my clients um I have one client that I
work with one hour every week a professional trader others fortnightly
or every second etc others just want to get up and
running quickly of course I’ve got my fast-track program and I am launching
soon a web-based trading room and I know traders I keep getting us when I’ve just
got a major project that I’ve got to complete they follow me once you get
that done oh look it might be another month or so then I’ll be launching a
live trading room as well now what I’d say to you to initially start with the
fast-track program so you’ll learn my setups because in the live trading room
the setups that we run with our exact setups in this program because
there are no better trade setups as a recap with t1 or t2 your t89
and even the t25 you don’t need anything else you’ve got trades firing
off left left right in the centre all night so traders um if you haven’t
subscribed if you’re watching this not on my database but on YouTube please
subscribe me kept up to date thank you very much and I hope you got a lot out
of this please alter my program please feel free to drop me an email thank you
very much

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