Partner Visa Health Checks and “Health Waiver”

Hi Everyone it’s Emma from Freedom Migration, and this week it’s my turn to deliver some information
on everything Partner Visa… We are often asked about “Health Checks” and
“Health Waivers” for Partner Visa applications and what impact a health condition might have
on the outcome of your Partner Visa. A Visa Medical is compulsory for all Partner Visa applicants and dependents And the impact that a health condition can have on a Partner Visa will depend on what the health condition is. Some health conditions will cause no issue
at all for your Partner Visa and you will hear no more of your visa medical ever again. If on the other hand you do have a condition
or illness that results in you not passing the Visa Medical then you may risk your partner
visa being refused. If this is the case there is potential for
Immigration to still grant your Partner Visa. For this to happen Immigration would need
to ‘waive’ the health requirement. To make this easier to get your head around
I have put an article together below and broken this down into a couple of different sections
based on the questions we frequently receive about the question we receive on the health and visa requirements for a Partner Visa. Have a read and let me know what you think
by commenting below. The main thing to take away is to not get
totally freaked out by the visa medical, if you were to ‘fail’ there is a process
in place for a health waiver to be considered. We’ve helped a lot of people through
the Partner Visa process who haven’t passed the Visa Medical requirements it can be really complicated so it’s definitely
something you need to seek professional advice for either from a Registered Migration Agent
or an Immigration Lawyer. It’s not something you want to go through
alone. Have a read and put your comments below. Thanks very much!

2 thoughts on “Partner Visa Health Checks and “Health Waiver”

  • I'm from Germany and plan on applying for the partner visa with my partner next year.

    I have no health issues at all. Do you recommend doing a health check in Germany or after arriving in Australia with an Australian doctor?

    And is the health certificate something you need to lodge with your application or does the Department of Immigration ask for it afterwards?

    Thank you so much!! Your videos are really helping me 😊

  • I recieved already my referral letter showing my HAP ID does that mean that I already need to do my medical check now?

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