Partnering with Humble Design to Change Lives | Quicken Loans®

(phone ringing) – Humble Design, may I help you? Humble Design restores hope
and dignity to families that are exiting out of homeless shelters and we restore their lives
by furnishing their homes when they exit out. They usually just have
little mess on the floor, they don’t have any belongings, so what we do is we take donated goods from the community and
we completely furnish their house from top to bottom. In 2016 is when we
started servicing veterans and we’ve serviced 87
veterans since that time. And it’s wonderful. We take a vested interest in our families because we know they’ve
been through so much and so what we do is we interview them and we say what kind of
colors have you dreamt about? What kind of beds are you thinking about for your kids and we
always get this reaction like no one has ever asked
of that of me before. The designers them come
back to the warehouse and they pick and choose
specifically for the family. – Our goal at the end of
the day is to make sure that we give the client the best possible version of the home of
their dreams, really. A lot of times our
clients maybe haven’t ever had a fully furnished home and we really try to get an understanding of not only what they
need but what they want to see in each room, so we end up making a lot of stuff. – So we’re gonna have
Quicken Loans out with us on Friday and you can just do so much more with that many people. You could do the rooms that you want to do just how you want them. We love our volunteers
and we need them so badly, and so how Quicken Loans got involved is they’re sponsoring a
veteran by furnishing a home. Around two o’clock, the family comes back for the reveal and the
volunteers get to see the reveal. – [Lady] Welcome home. – Wow, wow. Man this is lovely. – It’s a sense of pride within yourself that when you have a home,
you, you know your children have beds. It just gives you that extra
boost to kind of get over that hurdle and that’s what we found is 99% of the families stay in the home. And so people always ask
us, it’s just furniture, you know, we’re like, no,
it’s so much more than that. – [Man] How’s it going man? (laughter) – Man. – This opportunity is just
amazing for a veteran. When you go out, you see these red shirts, you know, that’s Quicken Loans. – I want to say thank
you to Quicken Loans. I want to say thank you to Humble. There’s a lot of times you
think veterans can’t get help, but this, this is an example right here. This is it, people do care. People do care. (upbeat music)

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