Passive Income: 7 Ways to Build Passive Income, Make Money From Home, & Achieve Financial Freedom

alright everybody today I want to welcome you to the passive income generation thing that Chris and I are doing right now to everybody that is not familiar which there’s almost no chance that you aren’t this is Chris Jones how you doing Chris rollro absolutely my man absolutely now for those of you who aren’t familiar which I’m sure there’s a lot more of you who are Chris Jones is a masterful Amazon FBA seller coach and beanie model Chris thank you so much for joining us today so here um today we wanted to give you guys some value and not only do we want to give you some value but we wanted to give you a ton of it and so this video is about seven different ways that we have both done collectively of how to make passive income Chris Before we jump into it what is passive income and why is it so important to generate okay so if your passive income is simply making money on autopilot and not actively going out there to work the set hours to make money such as you know I truly believe if if you want to achieve like a million SAS you want to be you want to be cash cash rich as well as paper rich then you’ve got to have a stream of income that supplies you 24/7 365 now you know if you’re working at a nine-to-five job or whatever whatever job time you do work you’re getting paid for those certain times that you’re putting in your time to do so therefore you’re on an hourly wage if you create passive income that means you could go to a restaurant at 2:00 o’clock restaurant at 10 o’clock you’re going to see your family throughout the day and you will still be earning money throught process you don’t have to worry about not feeling through the hour you’re spending with your loved ones or going out for a meal here’s that passive income which is going to tick along if you implement the structures wet right from day one and it’s going to serve you into the short and long term so passive income is pretty much money on autopilot where active income is where you go and actively seek the money to work an hourly job or a task or project that something’s asked you to do absolutely absolutely and you know passive income is and you actually told this to me you know as part of your as part of your story that you one day typed in how to make money while I sleep right and and so that is the epitome of passive income where you put in work now you build assets now and then you get paid for those assets later so Chris I want to start with something that we both have experience in and that is Kindle publishing can you give an overview of Kindle publishing from your perspective and maybe give a little bit of your experiences with it and then just describe it as a phenomenon on the whole yeah so I was actually a person friend of back in Bristol in the UK in England back in 2015 I was working in a club in Bristol and this this comes back to what you just said then when I taught you you know passive income was at up online and make money with sleep but when I tap in online when I was a personal friend and looking to get out of that manda 5 the first thing that popped up on my screen was Amazon Kindle direct publishing KDP for short Amazon Kindle Kindle publishing whatever you want to refer to there’s so many different ways and so you know that that really grasped my attention from the get-go all I saw as the type of us make money through digital ebook sort of make money through you know online income you can sell your books and I thought this in the vastest another get-rich-quick scheme and later on that evening like I said you were tagged in how to make money online that can up straightaway started implementing strategies on how to create a simple recipe book and you know I went through processes I don’t really expect much from it and going back to Kindle so Kindle is pretty much a platform where you could write your own book on Microsoft Word you know translate that into an ePub or PDF document on your computer you go over to Amazon kbp you know calm and you create a profile it’s as simple as this probably one of the most simplest and straightforward processes you can do online and to make money online and to classify yourself as an actual publisher you know so so you go there you upload this book you know I started with a breasty gyul’s called the green machines and it was it was like a 10-page kind of rest the guys you think it only included ten recipes and I uploaded that and it actually start to make some sales like two dollars and I was thinking that only took me about twenty minutes so that might occurred on to do another five the day after another five and so on and before I knew I had forty recipe guides on Amazon a month later Oh doing a ton per month and the only reason why I stopped that was because another ad popped up all of that kind of shiny object syndrome started to hit me and that’s what Amazon FBA come up but Kindle is a great platform to go down in terms of to make true and I think this is true passive income Amazon FBA which would go on to shortly has a slight variation of being wrong lack of passive income just gives us more processes and more maintenance you have to put together two to keep it running but with Kindle you can upload your book okay to the Amazon KDP platform and it can go live in front of potential millions of eyes right on Amazon and that can sell then you know short long-term year five years ten years however long it lasts and you know one of the things in my experience one and why I kind of stopped it was I started to go down the route of producing more books with less quality and I thought okay so if I’m trying to build myself as a name not that I knew you know it’s not much success for myself was going to come from this but you know I would frantically just going after the quantity quantity quantity quantity and they know looking back through my books I’ve actually trucked the majority of that off mouth they were terrible and you know if people would actually need reviews it would be very very bad so I took them off and now all of my course content and stuff that I’m doing focus on quality so anyone looking to get into the Kindle publishing platform the biggest thing and my my my biggest piece of advice would be forget the quantity focus on nothing but quality in the aspect of book content book cover and overall optimization and detail of your front end listed which customers going to come or potential customers to come and buy your book so that’s my experience you know I I class my first attempt at Kindle as a failure and you know lose three months running right through 600 800 pound UK but to me you know that short term cash does not fulfill that long term gain of success that I personally wanted to achieve so the first time was failure I’m actually looking back into it now I’ve got a book coming out in the next four weeks and called you know the wealthy versus the poor Amazon seller so I’m going to see how that goes keep everyone interrupted but that is my personal experience with Kindle its what massive potential don’t let anybody put you off or tell you otherwise because it you as you know ban you got my box crap I have I had eight I’m gonna publish the 19 awesome awesome so you still see the potential you know there’s still people who need masses and money on your big success is coming from this anyway that’s my $0.50 em up so so Chris I think that was a really good description of Kindle and you know I just want to kind of go back in and hit a hit on a few points first of all when you publish on Amazon when you publish through Amazon Kindle you have two options as far as royalty ‘s if you price your book between is $0.99 and I think it’s $1.99 you can get 35% of the royalties that means every time you sell a book you keep 35% of the money however if you price your book between $2.99 and $9.99 you can actually keep 70% of that royalty okay so what does this mean well when you take a look at traditional publishing houses and you try to go as an author and approach them if they say yes your book they’re going to be taking a ridiculous amount of that profit okay I’ve heard horror stories of authors who are only getting six percent of the royalties from every book they sell when you put in your time and effort it is not worth it to only make six percent okay you can self publish on Amazon through Kindle and you can keep up to 70 percent of the royalties and by the way it’s free it does not cost you a penny to publish anything on Amazon okay so now it’s a great opportunity okay Kindles a great opportunity but there are two basic trains of thought as far as how you go about it okay what what Chris did and what I’m doing is we wrote our own books okay we took the time to do the research to write our books Chris’s were were more in the recipe guides mine’s more on entrepreneurship and self-help so that’s why I don’t have as many books out because it takes me a while to write them because I want to make sure that each one is handcrafted and it’s up to my standard now another train of thought is to act as more of a publisher where you hire a ghostwriter and let’s say you go to or freelance calm however you find an author and you pay them to write a book for you and then you publish it so all you have to work on is the marketing of the book okay now people who go this route they can pump out tons tons tons more books in a much shorter amount of time than somebody who’s going to be writing all their books right so the route to which you go with this it depends on your style are you an author okay do you like to express yourself via the written word okay great you’re Chris and I did okay or are you a publisher are you more of a business man or woman who wants to fulfill that role of a publisher and not so much an author you can do this too and you can do this you and it’s still powerful and actually the ability to scale is a lot more prevalent a lot easier to do when you just focused on that role as publishers but again like Chris said when y’all Chris is brilliant he’s an expert on many things I would very much listen to what he’s saying quality quality quality quality if you don’t have a quality book it’s not going to last you a very long time okay now if you follow Chris’s advice and my advice – and you take the time to build a quality product you take the time to find a good writer to build a good cover to do the appropriate marketing strategies and look at this as a long-term business then these books they will last you and they will last you and they will last you and these are the these are assets that you’re building that you can pass on to your to your kids – they can pass on to their kids so you’re building a foundation of financial security for your entire family through Kindle publishing okay so I think I think we talked about Kindle publishing I think everybody has a good understanding of what it is how it’s so powerful why it’s so powerful if you have any more questions on that just just leave a comment below and we will be able to get back to you in time so let’s keep going with this with this uh widget with the show so the next thing that we wanted to talk about was Amazon FBA now Chris you are the king of this and you’re an absolute legend take this one away man okay so odds NAFTA is like it’s like my little babies even though it’s one of the biggest things that you can get into tubes of revenue sales like that the actual short term of getting into this is just like you can get a product live and that eight to 12 weeks you can start earning about twenty fifty hundred thousand one month I know people are in five hundred thousand dollars a month you know I won’t name any names like how to interview them for it’s crazy so I’m just a PA fulfillment by Amazon what this pretty much means is I like to say because it’s helped me to create the lifestyle that you know only once I could have dragged on a couple years ago and so Amazon FBA is you can only go to routier so you can go down a private label route P out which is you can create your own private label product great example would be this okay so this is a sudden what’s up this is just the bottle just the lid and just the security cap within it so a three-putt kind of kind of a white label product at the moment and all that you would then do is you would put your own label your own branded design and beautiful graphics over that tub and you would pretty much legalize that in terms of setting up a business and entity and you would put that product on Amazon and you would market it to its full potential in order to get that seen evil oaks and get seen anyway cuz over 12 and half million unique visitors to Amazon’s platform every single month so by just promoting that maybe just a little bit a bit marketing strategies a bit character in your listing and you know there’s going to be great potential in order for you to not just doing a full time income that that could surpass your current day jobs income but also the type of income that will help you to quit that job get on flight the barley and live the dream life on the beach and I’m not just saying that because you know I if someone was to say that to me two years ago I would probably switch the videos but I was that person and now I’m in the position person that I wouldn’t believe back then so you know fulfillment by Amazon really can help you achieve the passive income that you’re looking for it might not be as passive as Kindle just because you are dealing actual physical goods but not kind of air products which is automation model of Kindle you actually do have to do some restocking now not to miss this out for people that think you have to hold stock in your house in your hand in your car in your garage you do not the fulfillment by Amazon process is exactly FB a they deal with a whole process or for you which means let me take you through kind of little structure of how this works I won’t jump on either Alibaba calm or Google through the main platforms I used to kind of outsource not outsource to get my products made for manufacture so I will go to Google and I will type in something like subnet supply at UK or us and go through some of the results and then I will pretty much contact with supplier and give them an ingredient breakdown of the product that worked I will ask them to see what packaging they offer what kind of capture labels color print on labels etc etc etc the cost price can make the film to Amazon what else can they offer me to differentiate my product to beat the competition blah and so on and from there I will set up my Amazon accounts now all of this I got my little basic chart here so this is like the basic algebraic that book go again you pretty much want to set up for a professional account Amazon you build all the business information in there after setting up your actual legal entity to your business owner in our baby as well so then let’s just say this products complete you then you get this you get a come on press and pull it together bro and get the information from Amazon you send it to your supplier you’ll supply those boxes up the units and then he sends it so gracefully over to Amazon and your here is there okay my kitchen looks great I’ve got no stop here at all and boy you’re doing is the middleman will literally the middleman here suppliers here Amazon cheering you will just push and stop from your supplier over your head to Amazon’s warehouse which fulfills from UK us everywhere and different marketplaces obviously for different locations but other so this is what you want to do once that hits Amazon or your job is then to be a keyboard warrior and optimise your listing to play the game of pay-per-click to over wrap people and better their listings which is your products kind of graphics is content this context and then its front end and what you’ll see in I always look at this as you want to pay attention so much the actual product listing and I mean well you’ve got Amazon you type in yoga mat type of search result and their actual product comes up you want to pay to that in such detail when you’re creating it that it becomes like your websites offer and know I keep saying that but now this is something you want to focus on especially your visual visual South to know captures going but low HD the low quality images put up stuff this and help your marketing efforts and push yourselves and revenue to the ones you know of a great exception you know put put a kind of goal on how many how many sales were hit with pursuit mark products for me I wanted to start with twelve sales a day of my first supplement that sells on the UK which is a fat burner and I wanted to hit twelve sales a day for the first six weeks until I even considered bringing out a second product and that was that was to me my personal goal so have a goal for your home but anyway but I’m looking to taking it all all throughout this guy’s you go back absolutely absolutely and by the way just so you guys know Chris has been wildly successful with Amazon FBA in the past what is it eighteen months now that you’ve been doing it yeah just approaching like six months approaching the nineteenth month and if you feel comfortable sharing maybe maybe you could toss out some numbers just just to give people some proof that you do know what you’re talking about and now what you’re saying works yeah so in the first day so in my first day of launch I hit 92 sales which which made me over 2,000 tuned upon UK most people think I try to explain this in full detail as possible I leverage Facebook in order to collect those sales from personal friends family and things like that so I made those 92 sales not just on that day as a collective I built those 92 sales up to 10 weeks prior to launch like I was doing this all day long I probably annoyed a lot of people but it actually got me to where I want it to be in terms of ranking on the first page say us my precious factor in a few day one and so our biggest month today was 52,000 UK and please a tip that there’s lots of money in my pocket otherwise I’d be driving nice fresh red Ferrari but now baby I swear but it’s around 30% margin guys it can tip up to maybe 40 or 50 percent margins depending on the category depending on the product depending on the cost prices by fault and depending on the seller price you sell for all of these different factors come in and I’ve just hit over the 315 that’s three hundred fifteen thousand pound UK in the last 19 months business is great this is proven I’m now in a position where I’m open to negotiate the sale of my business which is a massive kind of like you know I can really crack of doom that and well when I started nineteen months ago and now I’m in a position of you know discussions of the sale and negotiations and things like that it takes a lot of stresses a lot of questions to be dealt with when you go through a sales business but moreso the potential of if you start Amazon business I have got a website and got anything I hardly act on social media at all so it’s all come from the power of Amazon that there is potential to sell up a yen which is awesome and could move on to the same platform or you can do something different with your life or broaden your horizons in terms expertise so that’s where I am at the moment my biggest Dale and my biggest sale day to date 138 sales I believe which was awesome you know that does that does come over time that’s not just gonna hit straightaway but it like Disney’s talking about those sales I’ve got clients I know people from the UK in us who are Trump in my sales but they’re doing awesome there’s people with far less sales same as me and much more so my peers big protect from everything and like I say all the time forget in quantity of it focus on the quality of your products I’ve learned in every every single day about how much you have to bring your creative mindset take off the beanie and draw the hair back and put on a creative cut baby because that’s that’s the way that’s really going to bring you success short and long term so really focus on every single aspect give your physical product every single one and mass detail because that way when your product sitting on Amazon and it’s looking fresh but big fat smile on your face you know you known in confidence that people are going to buy your product over his over his but all of those guys so and then you can become the price setter as opposed to the price changer I’m off on a rock Betty why don’t you stop me because it’s gold my friend is gold I love it I love it so okay so we talked about a little bit about Amazon FBA just for people who may not exactly know what that is again you take a product you stick your label on it it’s called private label okay you have your manufacturer or your supplier send that to Amazon you do some some typing on Amazon you set up your product listing you do some marketing strategies and then as you make sales Amazon handles the fulfillment of it so they handle the packaging the shipping the customer service the storage of it so they do everything so again like Chris said you’re acting as the middle man or woman between your supplier manufacturer and between Amazon and Amazon is then sending it to the customer so that same as on FBA if you have any more questions about that I would of course go to Chris for that because he is the expert so asking questions he’s very accessible he’s the man and he knows Amazon FBA so let’s move on to the third one and I think I’m going to I think I’m going to start off on this one because I have I have some experience with this but it’s Shopify now Shopify is a website that you can go to to build your own e-commerce platform and what’s cool is despite not having any sort of graphic design skills or coding skills or really being too tech savvy you can build a very nice very aesthetically pleasing high functioning converting website okay and you can do all of that through Shopify and what’s cool about it is that it’s actually free for the first two weeks so you can go on and you can test it out and learn without having to pay any money but then there’s two basic trains of thought with how do you Shopify and and if you’re creative you can think of more but but typically there’s there’s two different ways to do it the first way is going the self-fulfilled realm okay where you get products and these could be products that you private label or products that you buy and bulk okay but well you’re buying both of them in bulk either private label products or products that have another brand name on it but when you sell fulfill you buy and bulk write to get a better price so say you might buy 500 units up front and then you ship them out or you give them to a fulfillment warehouse or however you do it or you can do drop shipping where the supplier actually sends the product straight to the customer for you and it’s Shopify drop shipping that I want to focus on in this training because that is what I have the most experience in so what you do is you basically find a product now you can do tons of research on tons of different platforms I would suggest going to ebay using watch count com going to Amazon bestsellers going to the Aliexpress bestsellers going to Google Trends Google Keyword planner and just looking at all these different tools and find consistencies so you may see that a black and white beanie with a snowball on top may be selling really well okay so then you can go to all these different tools all these different platforms and you just check okay is it selling well on Aliexpress is it selling well on Amazon is it selling well on eBay okay great let me check the Google Trends is there an upward trend is there a downward trend is it stagnant and so you go and you find a good product okay then you go into the process of finding a supplier or manufacturer okay and it’s a similar process to what Chris was saying except for drop shipping it can be a lot more automated okay and you can go to Aliexpress or Alibaba and you can go find products on there and they give it to you for a wholesale price a really good price and you can sell those units individually okay so you would go on and using an app called over low okay you can import products directly from Aliexpress into your Shopify site now this this takes care of you having to deal with bringing in photos bringing in the different variants which are different sizes and colors doing the description setting your different price points and it makes it really easy so again that’s over low you definitely want to utilize that if you’re going to be drop shipping on Shopify but the beauty of this system is that you don’t have to touch the product okay all you have to do is make a sale on a website so if you can if you if you’re good at marketing if you think you can drive traffic to a site and have people click and buy this is perfect for you okay because all you have to do is get some product on to your store or multiple products okay and as a side note you can you can either have a general store or a niche specific store a general store think Walmart Target they have a ton of different products they’re competing on price point and just quantity whereas a niche store or niche store have you decided pronounce it that is taking a very specific industry or a specific product and just focusing on that for example you may sell pens or highlighters or glasses so let’s say let’s say you’re selling glasses okay and you only sell glasses well then you might be able to name your store the glasses zone or you know whatever it may be as opposed to a general store where you sell glasses and toothpaste and guitars and fishing line so you see the difference anyways so you have your supplier and all you’re doing is making the sale okay your again you’re the middleman or one and it starts with when the customer buys from you okay and here’s the beauty of it the customer buys from you and then and only then do you buy from the supplier so you’re getting the money upfront and then you’re using that revenue to buy that item so you’re cutting down on a lot of your startup costs you’re cutting down on a lot of your risk because the only thing you really have to pay for is your marketing expense and if you’re good at marketing using organic traffic then you don’t even need to pay back so that is drop shipping on Shopify it’s really easy to to get into it’s one of the easiest business model but all the ones that we’ve talked about so far they’ve been pretty straightforward and easy and drop shipping on Shopify is the same way I mean you can you could literally get a store built in under an hour fYI I don’t know much at all about prop shipping heads extrude focus I was just putting in to listen to Ben Ben so yeah thank you bad luck but knowledge it actually seems very simple the only thing that kind of like would take the kind of teaching and kind of processes is making the success success is turning those views into sales from targeted people that you’re pushing that towards right absolutely absolutely and that’s a– that’s a really big issue for a lot of stores right so i was doing research one day and I came across a statistic and if this is an incorrect statistic let me know in the comments below just because I’d like to know and I don’t want to lead anybody astray but the conversion rate for the top the top players is anything above a three point six percent on your website so that means out of every hundred people that come onto your site only three and a half of them are going to buy so if you think about that you need to be sending a lot of traffic for very cheap if you’re an industry leader okay most stores most people are going to be between zero and one percent conversion rate if that much right so that that is working on the credibility of the story you know most people are kind of weary when they go to a new web site for the first time they might not want to buy they might not feel comfortable giving you their credit card information so it’s up to you as the business owner as a store owner to make them feel comfortable to build your store to make to make it look nice to make it look professional to make it easy to navigate aesthetically pleasing it’s up to you to have the terms and conditions the privacy statement the you know shipping policy and it’s up to you to really make that conversion but once you can do that then it’s a matter of okay I’m putting in this much for marketing and I’m getting this much out in revenue do my margins work how do I fix it do I need to go for a bigger product to sell for more do I need to lower my marketing costs and continue with this product so again you know this business is easy to get into but no business is easy to master you know and I think Chris would you would agree with me that regardless of which direction you choose or or how you choose to build your own passive income there’s not going to be a one button to press and just you’re automatically rich it just doesn’t happen okay you have to build a business you have to really learn you have to invest your time you have to invest your energy and a lot of times you have to invest your money into your business because your business is only going to be as strong as you are individually so as you’re growing as a person as you’re growing as an entrepreneur and you’re progressing on that entrepreneurial journey your business is going to grow too so regardless of which one you start on stay the course right pick one and dive into it a hundred percent and make sure that you’re consistent with it and you believe in yourself and you don’t give up yeah so you know we talked about Kindle publishing Amazon FBA and Shopify Chris I want to talk a little bit about Amazon Direct video okay and what’s great about this is that once again you’re leveraging Amazon’s platform and I think you said earlier they have about twelve and a half million monthly unique active users yeah someone quote me if I’m wrong on that button yeah yeah I mean there’s the end of 2016 please single quote me if I’m incorrect they had over 4.2 billion visitors to their website Wow that is insane so with that with that many people you get you’re gonna have customers right you should have to put your product in the right place the right way okay so Amazon direct video what is it well there are three ways that you can put up videos on Amazon direct video and essentially it’s it’s it’s similar to YouTube then that you put up video content but there are different types of video so you can have a standalone video where it’s like a movie or a clip or a short film or something like like a training like this maybe an interview if it’s just a standalone unique item and or video and so you put that video on Amazon and you can charge for it and you do charge for it okay so that that’s one route to go the other route is episodic so if you have a TV show where you have different parts of the series if you if you are doing like like we’re doing a project egg doing interviews consistently doing interviews then you can put all that together in different seasons and you can have your first twenty second twenty so so you know I trust you can see where that’s going so you can have standalone you can have episodic and then you can have subscription and this is probably the most powerful way to go okay I haven’t done extensive testing with subscription okay I’ve only I’ve only tested the standalone and episodic but I’m going to be moving into doing more subscription testing so but essentially what it is is somebody comes and they subscribe to your account to your Amazon direct video account and anytime you put up videos they get notified about it right kind of like an RSS feed anytime you upload it they get they get notified okay it’ll be a little notification because they subscribe to you but the way that they subscribe to you is that they pay you a monthly fee so you can say okay my video content is very valuable and I want to build a subscriber base but I also want to get paid for doing so so you put your all your videos on subscription and people can pay you $2.99 a month $4.99 a month you can set a custom pot you can set fifty dollars a month a hundred and fifty dollars a month just to have access to your content so if you are a Video Creator if you already create videos if you’re creating video content in any way shape or form this is another avenue that you can use another medium that you can leverage to build passive income because once you put it up there it’s up there it’s not going anywhere okay and and it’s very similar to ebooks in that it’s more of your selling intellectual property so so whereas a where as books you can sell Kindle and they Amazon will sell it for you all day and you don’t ever have to touch anything once you upload a video your hand your hands are off of it you don’t have to do anything Amazon will sell it for you so that’s direct video that’s Amazon direct video and uh Chris you know you you were talking about about jumping onto this platform pretty soon what entices you about this platform what makes you want to get on it I personally think that videos in terms of social media at the moment in terms of luring in in terms of the overall online presence mother you’ll try and market you’re trying to market somewhere a phone case whatever it may be maybe you’re trying to market someone else’s pop product to earn money in affiliate commissions I think I think using video really leverages the power of video which is now even bigger than photos and photos of 2016 more massive on social media especially on Facebook Twitter Instagram like Instagram your CMOS slowly move from photos to more video content and now obviously that Amazon one of the biggest econ platforms in the world have took that place on that to me says that something and you know where Amazon has helped me in a lot of money in sales there is obviously so much more potential if you translate Kindle the video on Amazon and FBA in with each other and I just think the actual video learn it is it’s so now but then there’s so much more of it to come and you know just like anything when something when something really sparks your impress or it gives you just a little tiny sign of saying okay this could be big this could be very very successful if I’m gonna put some time into it the time to do is now and you know this I don’t even have to tell you guys who are watching this about video because you’re probably scrolling through your newsfeed right now watching a facebook video of someone a sponsored link a friend family member who was in the outdoors with my scenery playing with their children out with their family whatever is you’re watching it through video of content and I think why be the watcher why be the consumer when you could be the person putting that content out there especially if it’s going to bring you in a monthly subscription where you can base that monetary income with your actual passion with your business with your interest whatever it may be if you could join that up then you know the app for the actual basis of working in mind to fire becomes very questionable because look at everything that that is on potential these days we can wake up in the mornings we can come and sit at our desk you can turn the computer on and we can turn the video on and we can talk exactly like BAM and I am out and if you were to turn let that actual series let’s take like TV for instance even to me is dying a multi-billion pound industry is I see it very very fastly declining especially with the Netflix and YouTube and I I guarantee there’s something else coming very very soon and Amazon is trying to fill a gap for what is missing at the moment and you know I would never ever kind of take Amazon for granted and the stuff that they do because the the traffic the power of of sparking up potential interest for target market is in terms of keyword in the search engine now like band set earlier all that you have to do is be seen be seen and do the marketing to be seen so people can buy the product that you’re promoting and it’s as simple as that photo is great powerful is even bigger video is even bigger so so leverage it don’t don’t dismiss the fact that Amazon’s doing some like this now and then ask the question how to do it two years from now be the person who starts now so people asking you how you’ve done it I think you know that’s the way to go absolutely absolutely and you’re absolutely right that this is a very new thing that Amazon is rolled out again correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Amazon rule out started allowing people to get on to Amazon direct video in 2016 so it’s a very new service okay if if you can get in on the ground floor and you can establish yourself as an authority in this niche in Amazon’s niche while there’s not that much competition think about two years down the road think about five years down the road think about ten years down the road okay you can become an authority a thought leader an expert and whatever it is that that you’re an expert at right so like for example person is an expert Amazon FBA okay he can put videos out on Amazon FBA and he can dominate that section of the market on Amazon direct video because it’s new there’s just not as many people that have figured out yet not as many people that are willing to put in the time and effort so so Amazon Drake video is huge by the way Chris what you were saying that you think there’s another thing coming I think it’s live video I think it’s I think it’s live video because TV cannot compete with things like like like Facebook live YouTube live periscope periscope I mean all this like periscope all you have to do is let’s say you’re at the top of the Eiffel Tower you turn periscope on you you put your title as I’m at the top of the Eiffel Tower you hold your phone up and there’s perhaps you’ll be seen by hundreds of thousands if not millions of people if we target that way holding your throne in the skies and live broadcast what – what else can do that what else can do that I guarantee you know what people have to be on their phones right now if you watching us in the life this is this spot on exactly what you said and the thing going back to all of this stuff now I just think it’s like you know social media who’s another leverage in that especially the business needs to start now and what I really like about how you know this is an understatement how powerful social media is fucking big understatement and that you can become you can start from the ground you can be a zero and then within three to six months you can be the guy that everyone knows you can be that hero you can literally turn yourself into a brand presence nothing zilch zero into social media stardom starling and I think all you have to do is pretty much now jump on something like the video platform on Amazon become not even back expert but become someone who knows what they’re doing I class myself not as fit and as an expert but I class myself as known a little more than the people I’m pictured in terms of my courses my culture that then gives me the authority to teach someone who knows less than me and exactly what you need to do you jump on these new platforms on because in two years time there’s going to be several other people trying to dominate a space so you know I’m sick of the talk that people say I’ll start next week I’ll start next month I’ll start with mass pigs that are insane now way being you know there’s there’s a quote and I didn’t mean to cut you off Chris but there’s a quote of of the winner when’s the best time to plant an oak tree and the answer is 20 years ago okay but the second best time is today so you know if you’re trying to start your entrepreneurial journey the best time to start was you know it’s already past okay yeah but the second best time is today in in two to five years you’re either going to be building a business and in achieving financial freedom or you’re not that time is going to pass either way okay you might as well do something that can set you up for financial success to build passive income okay don’t wait for somebody to hand it to you because they’re not going to okay nobody is going to do this for you and and you know I think Chris is a testament to this that you worked your ass off as a personal trainer right and you were saying that you were working 12-hour days you know sometimes days after days after days with very little time off and you realized I can’t do this I’m going to make a change okay and you did it and look at you now right and you know what there is nothing that is distinguishable between the two of us and anybody listening there is absolutely nothing distinguishable between any of us okay we’re all people we all have dreams and aspirations we all have strengths on the inside okay so tap into that tap into that bring it from within okay because you have it inside of you think of Elon Musk think of Bill Gates think of Mark Zuckerberg okay they did not come from money they did not come from a place of success but they built it they built it themselves in one lifetime we have that same lifetime okay to harness that power on the inside because that’s where it comes from you got to get your mind right you got to get yourself right okay once you have those two things power forward okay so enough of the motivation for now I get off on this tangent to them but um Letta let’s talk about number five which is YouTube Chris you want to you want to jump in a little bit on that yeah so you know YouTube again this comes back to more video stuff that you just covered and like the potential is enormous you know YouTube and Netflix you know what I’m when I’m eating my food well I’m watching a series at night and not watching on channel 4 I’m not watching on e4 ITB on that on the actual television I’m watching it from my computer or laptop or phone or technology and that’s either YouTube or Netflix I’m sure you know many percentage of people are watching this can relate to that too and something with with YouTube and I always liked for some reason like you know friends that with the TV show I just something I don’t know why it might sound strange but now we’re given the kind of the power to create our very own TV shows and you know just because I was like an addict if friends back in the days that always pops up into my mind that you know how did they just do an app then you still have seems willing to cut edits all of that stuff but now it becomes very real that you can actually do that for yourself you have that video uploaded whether it’s ten minutes an hour long video or series that you want to calculate onto YouTube and lessen our upload for potentially again I’ve said millions of eyes to see with a simple keyword keyword search on a search engine so you know YouTube you broadcast yourself but now we think it’s started very much as if the camera right now was on eat I still do this stuff in terms of Facebook like this is my ground here this is where I do my videos my kitchen I’m on Instagram with YouTube just starting basis it was tubing you so you record yourself but mauers and years have gone on and you know you want your kind of creative aspects to start to broaden it’s become very like Universal very scenic very educational there’s so many different angles of where YouTube’s kind of progressed from where it is now where it’s going to go in the next years that it almost is it’s a place of where you can find anything you can tune yourself again into educational systems you can turn yourself from a student into the teacher in a very very short amount of time and that’s what that’s why I started my channels on my success I think of all of Alma almost got 250 videos and I lost chakra but you know that I did that all in the course of eight to ten months I’m not sure how many subscribers I I’ve got to really that’s not a relevance to me it’s just about putting myself out there in terms of gaining confidence and putting their knowledge and education that I’ve learned over the last few years to something that could potentially spread viral for everyone to take and apply themselves in their life so you know YouTube’s massive obviously you can’t do that on Netflix as a watching screen but in YouTube you get a camera camera you record yourself on something and you can put it live and I always again always focusing back on prior to brings up this unique creative content evergreen content that is going to be watching now and it’s going to be washed in 20 years from now you know always focus on the quality touch your shrink videos flecks of it get them out and people will watch on people will share on people a like comment all of that good stuff that’s suddenly you want to create and YouTube again it’s a potential to do that and I I know some the fear of someone starting their own YouTube channel issue of this you know recording themselves right here this gap is the prevention factors in starting a YouTube channel and I had that before and as you know now I’m just like I can’t get enough like Instagram videos in my kitchen and I actually you know I was feeling the fact to do my I was burger so sweating on my first video I was walking back and forth you know how how much was doing this and especially for people to see me after the video and what I did and I hope this helps people I’ve got my phone I went to busiest town I knew around my area and I walked down the street and I recording my first two-minute video just walking past masses of crowds people looking at me some people laughing some people packing steer and whatever it be I blacked out all the why I sent it no kindness that was going on I just got it I started and I stopped two minutes later I’m from that point my confidence is built where you know I could do I could do a video anywhere if you talk about anything and when it comes to video and when it comes to YouTube stuff whether it comes on Instagram in Facebook or YouTube sometimes it’s not about the equipment you have similar it’s not about the quality of camera it often comes down to it’s not even about what’s going of your mouth it’s about how you’re acting will characteristics will actual tune body language of what you’ll do it that will translate to your boat with visual and audio of what’s him enough so you know guys start now you know everyone else who might put doubt and laugh at you and stuff at that because it’s your channel your YouTube channel your names on the channel and that’s actually going to make you a social media kind of superstar from the get-go so don’t fear anything only take protection and advantage of it absolutely and one thing I want to say about YouTube is because we are talking about how to generate passive income one way you can do that is you can monetize your videos and what I mean by that well there’s literally a button on YouTube that you can press and it’s like a little slider and you turn from no monetization to monetization and then YouTube will show some advertisements and every time people watch your ads or click through them you get paid a little bit of money okay so that’s when the front end the monetization now the seventh way or the YouTube is a fifth way the seventh way that we’re going to talk about it actually ties back into how you can utilize all the other ones to make additional passive income so there’s another way that you can use YouTube because the monetization just on YouTube is not spectacular but it is a way to generate passive income and once you have a substantial audience then it’ll actually bring you in some some pretty nice money so again YouTube Amazon direct video Shopify Amazon FBA and Kindle publishing all these very viable ways to make passive income let’s move on to number six which is logging which this is Chris’s domain you got a brother I love Morgan that’s it haha vlog it would be a big part of my like life for the last 1012 months with so much success calm I started blogging by what I do this thing back skipper right ok this is where I started I went on to and I started a free blog wordpress calm is a free kind of platform where you can literally sign up put your email and password in create a blog name play a URL and you could slap typing typing on your interest your you know your passion your skill set and you can create kind of an author page you can create and articles yourself you can add nice visuals nice videos and things like that and then you can create your own WWN a calm and you can do that over at GoDaddy calm you can clear up this after been for all of us and so a blogger pretty much is – it’s like a blog but it’s a text blog so all you’re doing is pretty much put in your words it’s coming up your mouth on to actual typing format and you’re putting that on your own website so that’d be WordPress calm that’s where I started out as a free platform I’d done after eight months and now build my which is being live like three months I just push it out to people yep because it’s got a few more tweaks so there’s different versions and the paid version I recommend you start with that and then this and the free version start with that and then the paid version what you’ve gained a bit more and skill set in that area then but with a blog you can pretty much like it said you can start to write about anything I recommend that you do choose a passion that’s going to motivate you to write about every day and and when it comes to monetizing your blog then you can use things as service your own products on your blog you can talk about your products through your actual articles and you can link out your store whether that be on Shopify shoot your said your Amazon FBA your Kindle and so on and so on and you can link your YouTube your your social media platforms at Facebook in from Twitter Pinterest all of that stuff and so yeah you can upon its ruler as well but one of the biggest things to start off while doing blog in and I’m gonna check my new site out when you live in like ten dates go to put a cockroach that’s all life success calm go and check out what I’ve done with my this would be a paid WordPress platform I put together and I’d like it oh haha lost it lost it growing okay I know where we are so Oh daddy put me back where was I blogging paid WordPress when you’re when you’re when you’re telling a story be passionate about it blog every single day yeah and then you collect out so you know talking about traffic so how do you get traffic so you want to kind of translate your blog like your Facebook and stuff at that and whether that be the same name as your blogger it’s all my success my facebook Chris Jones on their success you could inter lick them together so you build more of a presence and exposure platform yourself you can also then do the search engine optimization which can come from Bing Yahoo with Google so all you want to do is create articles based on keywords that are in demand that people are searching for online they’ll push push traffic towards your blog so then you can gain exposure for yourself through free and organic searches all that you have to do is put that log together in high quality because Google and notices high quality blogs not just quantity and then you’ll be able to link up to and where you like them so obviously the goal for blog exactly like YouTube is to gain maximum traffic but maximum quality traffic to you don’t just want loads of traffic that isn’t related to your niche so you wouldn’t go and right you wouldn’t have a broad hot Amazon and then we talked about I don’t know recipe guys like it was for site and now he won’t intellect them and you wouldn’t want to drive traffic to your recipe guy’s page if your whole blog is create an Amazon to make sure you target specific keywords relating to your niche your blog your overall concept of what you’re going for therefore you don’t throw people off when they read your blog and annoy annoy them really they’ll be able to leave comments on your blog if you enable those so yeah bad fibular wait well I mind bubbles absolutely absolutely and a lot of a curse is said is absolutely all over Christmas that is absolutely correct and I and I agree with you and blogging is a good way to start if if if maybe you aren’t comfortable putting yourself on video you’re not comfortable publishing a book or handling physical products a blog is a very easy way to get started because all you have to do is Express express yourself via the written word and you type it you publish it and then and then you’re done right and so when you have all these blog posts and you start building your community then like Chris said you can monetize it by selling your own products or you can sell advertising space on your actual website once you have a lot of traffic coming that’s when advertisers want to pay you to be on that page okay but but blogging it really is a way to express yourself it and like Chris said it’s really good to go with something that you’re passionate about because that will it’ll keep it going right because you may be blogging blogging blogging for a while and you might not get much traction and then one day BAM you go from a hundred monthly unique visitors to ten thousand because one person saw it and shared it in a bunch of his or her friends saw it and shared it and now everybody’s going to read everything that you’ve ever written okay can I get yeah please to two thoughts of the pinyons here and there is the way of building your site up so it becomes like quite credible cyclers and authority and obviously you don’t want to monetize it straight away like and I almost almost made a mistake of trying to sell things on my blog right away from blog one okay that was day one blog one and then deleted that blog revise it fully to step away from the sale and I just focus from that point on I have them now of just producing high quality content the focus is on delivering health and value within the marketplace that you’re trying to serve greater than any one else I think that’s really something to focus on just just please focus on yeah just information information information leave all of the stuff that’s going to make you money keep in your head note it down keep a vision of that absolutely but try not to translate that onto your blog too early because people can recognize that and it might seem from the get-go that your blog becomes more like a marketplace to sell to rather than the value of your friend give people and so that has really helped me so I know it’s hard I know it’s hard especially for people struggling in terms of financials like you know you really just want to get borned personal diarrhea to maybe an affiliate link and you get in 6-pound every sale but we really try to envision the long term of where you want to take your brand yourself and your future products and try and minimize the sense of selling for the short term so you can maximize that long term for your own products and have more financial gaming than selling these kind of small time and once in the short term another thing would be let them set back about what occurs is it Google Apps it’s the Google Adsense so like what how would you describe that so so like basically you can you can give Google or there are other platforms to do it like Meridian and stuff like that but you can give Google access to a certain space space on your website okay okay yeah so that’s like giving like an so that’s kind of your website’s here that’s unlike an ad here in the corner so suppose you click it again is the difference of opinion sir one you could have the ads on your website too you don’t have to lock the ads on your website personally I’m going to go down and have them since the start of having no ads because this is my kind of thought process towards it why am i building up my own website my own blog with targeted traffic who are interested in me my right in my videos my content and then then in a way seen an ad that’s not towards my company and having a potential of that person clicking on that and then leave in my website intention you never coming back the goal for me is to keep people on my website as much as possible to feed them as much high quality information value as I possibly can for them to possibly come over to my Facebook like my page drop me a message you know ask me about my course my services just continue to read the blog be inspired be motivated be you know passionate for life translate everything into changing their life not to click on ads and go to someone else’s paid to possibly buy their products no affiliate products that they’re promoting to me it’s all about me it’s all about the person visiting my site and I think that’s to me like the value that I’m holding through my blog absolutely and I think one of the biggest things that you said and this is not only true in blogging but in all the other businesses that you can think of but it’s providing value ok it’s providing value to the customer whereas a blog your customers are your readers your community and you’re providing value in the form of either knowledge or inspiration or whatever maybe you have to provide value to them because if you don’t provide value to them they’re not going to be able to provide value to you okay so you it’s a give-and-take okay you give to them it’s actually a give and give okay you give to them and they give back to you you don’t ever want to take from them you always want to give okay and the more that you give the more that you’ll get and in like Chris said it’s tough this isn’t easy entrepreneurship isn’t easy building businesses and easy if it was everybody would be doing it and everybody would be doing it successfully but in order to become successful put the money aside it will be done it will come if you build something valuable if you build something very high-quality and the people are there again you’re giving to people and you have a community the money will come so focus on people focus on the value focus on giving okay and what the money will come so we’ve talked a little bit we’ve mentioned it a few times about affiliate products or links and that’s actually the seventh way that we’re going to talk today about building passive income when was cool about affiliate marketing is that it can actually work with almost every single other one of the seven that we’ve talked about so far so what affiliate marketing is basically and in Chris I’ll give a little overview and maybe you could even go into the more into a little bit more depth with it but what affiliate marketing is is basically somebody gives you a link and that is a link to either their product or their website or or their eBay page or their Amazon pay to their book whatever it may be they give you a link to that and you can take that link and you share it with other people and if people come through your link and buy or submit lead information whatever the the affiliate agreement is between you and the program that you’re working with you get a commission so it’s essentially an online version of a commissioned sales person for example for example let’s say there’s a book that you really like on Amazon okay you can go and through Amazon Associates which is an affiliate program you can get a link to that book and it’s a special link that has your ID in it and you can put it on your blog for example and you can write up a book review of that book saying what you liked about it what you didn’t like about it and then include an affiliate link at the bottom saying by the way if you’re interested in this book here’s a link to get to it okay if they go through that link and buy the book then you get paid you get a commission okay so that’s what we bring kind of would be kind of hitting at is if you have a blog and you just put affiliate links of other people’s products you know that might be that might be a sort of a short-term solution yeah but but but you know again people build businesses that way it all depends on how you want to build your business but I think I think what Chris is more going for is don’t go for the short term go for the law so crazy maybe if you give us some insight on on affiliate marketing yeah so I you know this is many people out there that focus on many platforms and critic market in terms of sale market sample hungers literally several hundred products and services throughout their their blogs if Facebook then YouTube channel descriptions and so on and so on so while there is money to be made there like I was just saying this I’m not saying any of these are but any of these about after all there’s two options take one leave one or do both or do both and that’s similar to what I do so I’m an affiliate for two services so one is jungle scalp and I think this comes down to direct like you just said don’t go and affiliate yourself that isn’t it that pretty much an affiliate pretty much means you’re putting your name to another brand or service and you’re pushing those tubes was a customer now that only issue there if you go and like just Chuck out of 38 links to customers who want to read stuff for you and you go and check out bad links and bad services software’s black that means if that person customer has only their has bad experience that Philly a link or a finished program they’re going to come back and they might they might kind of base your name of being a negative and because you’re the one you’re passing their past them is from their link that link so you know you really want to be careful in terms of who your affiliate in with why your affiliating with them because the biggest why there should be because you’ve had great results but a fantastic experience and that you have had some sort of success by using the affiliate that your you’re promoting correct and you know that’s that’s one of the biggest things and that’s coming back to don’t just Chuck and you will nearly links up there and hope people sign up for your two bucks commission it doesn’t work like that so affiliate market is great especially if you you’re you’re starting to build quite a brand for yourself and gaining some some good kind of traffic to your website or blog this is where you can start to implement sort of affiliate but again make sure you’ve used the program make sure you can answer questions about it if people were to contact you and don’t over promote never over promote and make sure you’re writing a blog post then the link that you’re trying to promote that is very like you said that feels for a fantastic value you know high quality content and not just one sentence one sentence link photo done you really want to portray that affiliate link as if it’s your own product therefore you’re going to get paid and therefore you’re betraying the brand through like because you believe in it too and so there’s many aspects that focus on here you know learn from my mistakes where I honestly had like three or four year Philly programs before and I didn’t know which one to keep track of I lost all my passwords emails it is ridiculous so really now we’re down to the one that you believe in have full faith in confidence and I’ve had some success you are Kobe using then you can push that to people because you will have the answers if you’re going to ask you and know you can start to build yourself as as a person of authority for that brand to so they might reach out to their audience the actual product and they might mention your name has been a very big part of their company so that’s something you really want to look at but in terms of automation this is great because you can put a link up there on your blog let’s block might be up on us like five years now idiot link might be earning you $20 commission every day so it is very automated in terms of your black one blog post we make one video you include that affiliate link in your description and then that can be a forever sell off them for the target market that you’re going for and what do you say one other thing a lot I’ll come back to it but yeah that’s my basis of affiliate marketing and there is so much money to be made and just make sure you don’t forget yourself make sure you don’t forget about yourself and turn yourself into a philia machine because you know there’s much more success and brand brand building when it comes from yourself as opposed to just chugging links up other people so in a way you have to be selfish to gain success that you want to achieve absolutely in you know I just want to put out there that there’s a fine line between like Chris said just chucking out products and just trying to make sales and believing in a product enough to want to share it with your community right one of the one of the programs that I’m actually an affiliate for is Shopify right because I wholeheartedly believe that people can come and build real businesses on Shopify so I put out a few YouTube videos as tutorials on Shopify and then I’ll put in in the description by the way you know I hope I provide a value to you by the way here’s a link to go grab a two week free trial to Shopify if you go through this link that and you happen to want to invest then I get a little bit of commission right so I wanted to provide value upfront and then I said by the way if you want to here’s a link to Shopify and it just so happens to be my affiliate link right now what’s cool about affiliate marketing is that you can mix it with all these other different types so so let’s go back and I just want to give you an example Kindle publishing for example so so I want to use Chris your your cookbooks right what you could do affiliate marketing wise is you could take those those recipes and all the different ingredients you could have affiliate links to Amazon’s pantry for and let’s say let’s say that a Shopify for example you could build a store and you may have your one big product and that one big product is let’s say a fishing pole okay but in order to have a complete shop to sell to your to the fishing community you can do put on a Philly pucks you can have other products from Amazon like fishing line like the real like it the bait and tackle like all the different fishing gear that you may need and that could you know that could complement what you’re already doing it complements it’s not the foundation itself but it complements it right let’s say Amazon direct video people and people can listen your video in the description you can have an affiliate link somewhere let’s say you did a really in-depth book review and you want to put an affiliate link to that book in your video description by all means go for it by all means do it because you’re providing value and then you’re asking and you’re not even asking you’re presenting it to your customer to your viewer and if they want to take advantage of it they can okay YouTube same thing as Amazon direct video you put you put that link in the in the description and then blogging we’ve already talked about so with affiliate marketing you have a lot of flexibility on what you can do just remember that the moment it’s more about you making money rather than you providing value and through them teaching and giving to others they give back to you by going through your link there’s a big difference there okay and I trust that that you see that so you know those are seven very very very effective ways to generate a passive income just know that regardless of which one that you choose it’s not going to happen like that okay yeah when you go work for a nine-to-five you go you get paid you’re trading your time for money okay but when you’re building passive income you’re investing your time and energy now to reap the benefits later okay now I’m not saying that after 15 years you’re still going to be you know you’re still going to be hunting for scraps it’s not what I’m saying at all in fact if you’re still failing it after 15 years you might need to reevaluate your industry or your approach or something may be wrong but don’t quit after a month after three months after six months you know they say in a nice a day I’ve read before that it takes about five to ten thousand hours to master a skill okay all these different things playing on skills skin the public that’s marketing that’s writing okay Amazon FBA that’s your ability to manage a business that’s your ability to sell a product Shopify same thing Amazon direct video how good are you on camera I’ll go to you a marketing that YouTube same thing blogging how well can you write how well can you attract traffic there affiliate marketing how well can you get people to click through and buy that product okay these are all skills okay these are all skills and those skills come from you so in order to become better a better business person in order to become successful you need to work on yourself it needs to come from inside okay you have the power to do it you have the ability to do it and I believe in you 100% okay but it has to come from you and nobody else is going to do it so get your mind right get yourself right and your business will follow suit Kersh anything else to add in no you’re just going to sit awesome what everybody thank you so much for tuning in again this has been another tutorial with Chris Jones and that’s Chris Jones of his on life success so I’m going to put links to all this stuff down in the comments below is very highly encourage you to reach out to Chris he’s the man and will always continue to be the man and fix and you know take care everybody thanks guys thank you sir alright dad you

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