Passive Income Ideas 2017: Passive Income with Rental Properties

15 thoughts on “Passive Income Ideas 2017: Passive Income with Rental Properties

  • Clayton Morris I need your help I want to invest in properties my is to have 6 properties in 8months. Could you guide me

  • You have really made me feel i can do this and i want to enjoy real estate and create freedom for myself. I have schedule a call to speak to one of your analysis but i just don't want to wait i want to achieve my first rental within this month or first week of April,

  • My name is Saurel Lafume and my number (cell) 407-715-2024, Email [email protected] ' I need your help in the way you helped your mom. Please call me  or email me . three months ago , I started listen to your videos and I am very excited to start working for myself….

  • first of all ,the only way to invest in real estate is to have large amounts of money to buy the property . using a mortgage will put you in depth. hoping to sell. using the rental money to pay the mortgage. going no where.

  • Hi Clayton.
    I appreciate all the videos you produce to help me become financially free! thank you. I have seen multiple properties on CL for sale in the indy area for 10-20 however, they need to be rehabbed. what instruments/ tools would you be using to find comps and vacancy rates for properties as such. I only have 15k saved and i could do rehab little by little to get it rent ready but I would like to make sure its a sound investment.

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