Passover Diplomatic service LIVE | Major 1 Ministering | ECG Church | 22.04.2019

it doesn't matter no matter where you Jarrett ellaby tension no tension dog out you saw the beautiful summer session yes you are allelujah let's put our hands together and praise the Lord wherever you are I didn't say let's sit down I said let's put our hands together and praise the moment welcome to the Easter Monday night at diplomatic service real-life on prophetic channel on Facebook and YouTube all over the world all the viewers who ever were watching us welcome to this Monday night diplomatic service is the Easter Monday night at diplomatic service and we are gathered here this evening we are waiting for for the major one prophet Shepherd Bashir and tonight he is coming at another level after tonight your life will never be the same again after tonight tonight things are going to be a little bit but significantly different because tonight we have the Grace and we are blessed on this Monday night the primary service to have their post on of our Lord Jesus Christ in their arms and tonight ladies and gentlemen we are going to have Bishop let me say a post on Bishop Nick Magura he's going to minister to us on this very special Monday night diplomatic services we are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and he's already here in the house so I want you to put your hands together and welcome the bishop as he is taking the pulpit right line Shalom Salaam look at your neighbor and say you are lifted you will never go down you are moving from glory to glory from grace to grace from faith to faith amen okay before you sit down I just want to honor the grace of major one wonderful wonderful grace amen and his wife prophetess Mary amen I saw I saw harsh she's in the house when I met MA praise God I have known them for many years but when I saw her tonight I couldn't recognize her because she looks heavenly and glorious MA [Applause] you say the other word of grace is a beauty when you have grace you are beautiful I mean people who do not go there ugly very ugly may the grace reach them so that they can be beautiful amen sit down please we will continue from where we left off last night and I'll finish my teaching tonight LA and I will just briefly recapitulate what we learned last night last night we saw that we learned about the blessings of the Passover amen and we saw that Passover is a celebration that is celebrated by Jews and we're Christians God commanded his people to appear before him every every times amen and God said you must observe these feasts and one of them is Passover and we saw that God said that when you come before me will you were ready from German effort from Deuteronomy chapter 16 verse 16 and Exodus 23 verse 15 that when we appear before God we should not appear empty-handed we should appear willful and offering a special offering of Passover amen in many prophetic churches people want short cuts you see God has principles when you follow principles the principles of God your life will never be the same God is not like a mcdonough where you just drive through you must go through and then you get a blessing amen don't just come here say I receive I received you must also plant a seed pay your tithes amen and you see how God will move in your life and the yesterday we saw that is the first blessing of a Passover is angelic visitation agenda mention this last night but we see the phrase Passover that God sent an angel amen to squeeze the wicked and I told you last night that God knows how to squeeze the wicked amen and sometimes God waits that until iniquity is right until wickedness right I'm assuming harmony and we saw that God also sent angels when Jesus Christ our Lord was praying during Passover and we saw the story of Joshua that God sent an angel it was during the Passover we saw Hezekiah who restored they the Passover he returned a Passover the father's wicked so Hezekiah restore the Passover festival and because of that God restored years amen 15 years you will not die before time if the wicked people have marked you for death God is going to reverse that amen you live for span of your life amen and we also saw that Apostle Paul when he was going to Rome he was in a ship and in that ship the angel appeared to him and most Bible scholars believe that that was a time it was a Passover period amen so angels are dispatched in this period among so many so today I will talk about respect the other blessing of the Passover is a God is a respect God respects us oh my god if if that cannot excite you you have a big problem amen God respects us let me just mention something very very important God has two special people in this world number one is a nation of Israel Israel as a nation in special treasure unto God amen and the second group is a church we are so special to God we are so special treasure and to God am i speaking to so many amen so God has respected the church and Gordon also has respected Israel as a nation this is why God spoke to Abram he said I will kiss those who curse you and I will bless those who bless you if you attack Israel you'll be under a curse amen if you attack to the church go to begin to fight with you amen yesterday we saw that God said I will fight your enemies will be my enemies amen so tonight I want to talk about honor respects God has respected us oh my god I want to hear big amen look at your neighbor and say never God has respected you now let's go to the book of first chronicles chapter 17 verse 21 I don't know if the if the pastor is here to read for us he has a wonderful wonderful voice is he here so is one who is a good reader who can help us arrange okay pastor James face chronicles chapter 17 verse 21 now listen to me I said God has honored Israel and God has also honored a change let me show you how God or not Israel and how God honored a change amen the Bible says that Israel is the only nation that God went himself to deliver amen Canada face face The Chronicle 17 verse 21 first chronicles 17 verse 21 first chronicles 17 base 21 summed up when you do the Bible stand up amen haha good [Applause] verse 21 first chronicles 17 from this verse 21 and who is like your people Israel the one nation on the eighth whom God went to redeem for himself as a people to make you safe and named by great and awesome deeds by driving out nations from before your people whom you redeemed from eg AHA the first part and who is like your people Israel the one nation other translation says the only nation on the earth who God went to redeem himself it's God who went God himself went to redeem these people as a nation amen amen am i speaking some money so God or not Israel because he had to go himself to redeem them as a people there is no nation in the world like Israel you may not like it but that's how good our entrance amen and this is what we call his sovereignty amen and what it does what he wants how he wants it the way he wants it he asks no one permission amen so bird shows Israel people may let may not like it nations may not like it but God chose Israel and because of that he worked himself to deliver those people amen now the church also God himself through Jesus Christ Jesus came to die for us he did not send angels he did not send anyone he came himself say I'm honored by God I'm respected and I will show you as I'm finishing that the word respect or the where the owner is connected to prosperity Amen oh my god say I refuse to be broke you see poverty will reduce you to nothing and when you are broke you have no voice amen poverty will reduce you to nothing I hate poverty am i swimming somewhere near even your prayers when you are broke my god you'll be crying tears you've known some things are coming from your nose you cry God happy God but when you are blessed oh my god even the English changes you begin to say I bless you God it's a God I bless you you have been so good to me you are wonderful to me am i speaking with someone say say I refuse to be broke I will never be poor in my life even men of God winded up preaching and they are blessed oh my god I watch The Mentalist one is preaching he says God God Oh bless you he wants you to see his shoes because his bless oh yes I might use her but for me I tend not to lead all we see [Applause] – oh really when he did he come pick us up let's go undercover to keep people inside what a liar – terrible to be the star for he has died that nudity fear once again what fuck me [Applause] [Applause] ma sit down a passage Em's exodus chapter 2 verse 23 to 24 amen God has respected us now listen to this when God respects you other people have no choice they will respect you a man when God honors you other people have no choice they will honor you Malawi was not known before even on the map you wouldn't know where Malawi is but God went to Zuzu he found Amanda and he says I respect you because of that Awards this affects me – why am i speaking to someone here this is why Jesus jesus said seek honor that comes from God because man will honor you today tomorrow you dishonor you man will promote you today and tomorrow he will demote you people vote for you today tomorrow they'll vote you out sick Anna that comes from God and when God honors you is from glory to glory amen I'm assuming someone oh my god what shall I read to change my workout today to the temple at little ah I mean can you give me order King James on that one they should give us or taking James on this train amen let's see how God or not that shouldn't of Israel go – yeah begin from there X or s to verse 23 aha and it came to pass in the process of time that the king of Egypt died and the children of Israel side by the reason of bondage and they cried and their cry came up unto God my real son of their bondage verse 24 verse 24 it's the rest of the two events 24 and God heard they are groaning and God remembered his covenant with Abraham with Isaac and with Jaakko amen verse 25 based on five and good God looked upon the children of Israel and God had respect and told them I'm a good and had a respect my God my god you see when God respects you when God or Nazif I told you that honor is connected through prosperity the Bible says that you will not live Egypt empty-handed you leave Egypt loaded and the last Egypt multi-billionaires is in your Bible am i Sweden someone here when the god-honest you said God looked at them and God had a respect and this covenant and God is talking about he made it with a Abram amen and we are also part of that covenant because God spoke to Abraham that through you other nations shall be blessed and in honoring that covenant God sent Jesus oh my god I'm actually someone here oh yes can you give me except of three Vince 25 Acts chapter 3 based on the five in New King James Acts chapter 3 verse 25 are you following the teaching aha the Bible says that you as sons of the prophets amen and of the Covenant which God made with our fathers saying to Abraham in you in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed verse 26 verse 26 and to you face God have been raised up his servant Jesus having raised up his son Jesus sent him to bless you he sent Jesus to bless us amen oh my god so God or not us I will show you later on I'm about to wind up how God honored us amen give me Leviticus 76 Leviticus are only six verse verse 9 and 10 verse 9 and 10 say I'm blessed oh my god Leviticus chapter 26 verse 9 for our look on your favour agree I will look on you favorably and make you fruitful I'll make you fruitful multiply you AHA and confirm my covenant with you AHA now the New Kingdom says I will look on you favorably now can you give me King King James King James I will look on you favorable but let's see what each gem says the King James for I have respect unto you if the King of Kings when the King of Kings respects you my God my god there is no one who can stop you ma I am NOT talking about the Queen of England or they the president of America I'm talking about the King of Kings when the King of Kings respects you you are unstoppable now I told you that respect and prosperity they go together go read verse 10 for me you can gems to invest a mistake verse 10 aha and you shall eat and you shall eat odd store and bring forth the odd because of the new New King James you shall eat the old harvest and clear out the odd because of the noon oh my god that is a sign that the signs that your bless you don't keep all this stuff I'm ice cream summoner you clear all this stuff and because that you create because of the new you give away the cars of three years of one year because of the new and listen to me the sign of poverty you like to keep all the old stuff am i speaking of someone here or the underwears hey underwear underwear begins to complain shit my god you have your views be mother you have usefulness [Applause] Roopa tournaments a clear the other stuff man Lia the old staff amen when the blessing is working in your life oh my god that dress you wait maybe for 3-4 months and let me look for someone or finish it because they knew our coming am i speaking of someone here or yes sir I refuse to be proud it feels to be bribed it feels to be poor I refuse to be poor MA and then in my house I don't keep towers for a long time No [Applause] I don't wear a suit for a long time IRA listen because of the you oh my God my god I never knew you have not made this way I never know you wanna meet this way I said Oh [Applause] [Applause] ma said the blessing that's why we must hate poverty or yes I hate poverty amen man I've tested both I've tested poverty and I've tested prosperity I choose prosperity amen amen am I seeing a bansuri somewhere near [Applause] after this program you are going overseas just for shopping amen you see listen to this some people they live in Tampa and you ask them where did you go on holiday I went to Alexander oh my god say I refuse other people are going to France other people are going to Dubai there are not angels are like peoples are like you and me look at your neighbor cell next holiday next holiday is overseas is over si mas leaf tell you hi I yeah I leave to review hi [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] sit down tada two more scriptures and then I'm done prosperity and the owner they are connected when God honors you they will be prosperity go to the book of Esther chapter 6 verse 6 to 8 or the King James or the King James your King James amen God has honored you amen I love this man so much I received when we started with him long time ago I received a man a man Esther chapter six verse six aha so ha man came in and the King said unto Him what shall be done unto the man whom the King delighted to honor ah ha now Harman thought in his heart to whom would the King delighted to own a more than to myself and Harmon answered the King for the man whom the King delighted to honor let the Royal Opera we brought which the King uses to wail hey and the horse that the King riding upon my god and the Krannert listen listen the horses those days where like Rose Royce Lambeau King oh my god [Applause] don't apologize for having money amen manna belongs to God if the devil has the money his toys listen to me there was a program on on on television there was a woman who was asking a certain amount of God talking to a certain man of God and then he was attacking men of God who have jets I'm sure some of you watch the program amen and they spoke she spoke about like you know at the boy was a craze to be Joshua major one amen now and all men who were attacked Africans so my question was why didn't she mention Pope because Pope has a jet am i screaming someone in oh my god women you love shopping that is a is a spirit of prosperity am i speaking with someone here man if you are broke we should pray for you that I should have money because women their gift is shopping every function they want a new high-heeled a new dress [Applause] amen women don't like all the stuff it's only men who like all stuff when he sucks as a horse you find a manager wearing the socks say I refuse to be broke then again finish talking about horses you see the connection between honor and prosperity respect and prosperity let the Royal Opera be brought with the King unist where and the hosts that they came right at upon and the Crown Royal which is said upon his head Hey royal crown in horse my god can you see that that is prosperity is flowing into prosperity oh yes now I have mentioned that God has honored these two people the church and the nation of Israel amen this is why if you are a believer you must love Israel amen can I can I can I see something here I'm saying as a terminator and the kingdom any nation any party that who attack Israel I'm prophesying now that pattern will go down that national go down that kingdom will go down to be history but the Bible says and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem may they prosper those who love you a master in harmony and let me just mention this in passing the issue of Israel is not a political issue it's a spiritual issue amen God told Abraham I will give you the land of Canaan and if you check in your Bible very well the promised land includes Jordan and part of Iran amen what they are earning now is not the whole land of Canaan it's just a small piece of land a Moslem zombunny we must be very careful and if we love our country let's pray that South Africa is not ten against Israel I'm telling you [Applause] Israel is like a stone if you have read my book I put that in my book Israel the glory the glory of Orleans Israel is like a stone the Bible says that if you fall on this stone it will do what and if this stone falls on you it will grind you to powder amen the issue of Jerusalem is a spiritual issue okay by the Lazarus by the way amen now listen to this now God honored the church God has honored us Gentiles remember I said that God had to go himself to redeem Israel he did send spirituality is in the Bible God who went himself but when the Bible says amen now for God to redeem the to redeem us for us to be saved God sent Jesus let's go to the book of Hebrews who finish with us Hebrews chapter 2 Hebrews have a tool-less beginning from verse 6 say I'm honored I am respected look at your neighbor said neighbor you have no choice you have no choice you must respect me because Papa Gordon respects me ma verse 6 hebrews chapter 2 aha verse 6 but one testified in a state in place AHA saying what is man that you are mindful of him aha or the son of man that will take care of him verse 7 did you continue uh-huh you have made him a little lower than the Angels AHA you have crowned with glory and honor I wanted to mark that word you have crowned him with what growing flora and fauna my god God crowned man with glory and honour with glory and respect amen now let alone money since he fell from that glory that's what the Bible says in Romans Amen I will show you something continue and set him and set him over the works of your hands a harvest eight you have put all things in subjection under his feet aha for in that you put all in subjection under him he left nothing that is not put under him but now we do not yet see all things put under him aha why because of lack of knowledge okay now got verse nine but we see Jesus who was made a little lower than the Angels the same statement that God is talking about man you're talking about Jesus aha for the suffering of the death crowned with glory and honor AHA that he by the grace of God might taste death for everyone now listen keep on standing listen God man with glory and honor and manufacture that position because I've seen so to redeem man God was looking for someone who was also crowned with glory and honor to redeem man did you get that put that in your spirit and by the way the word glory is also a path words the word glory is connected to prosperity amen the word glory is connected to prosperity just give me some for the five just keep where you are term show me Sam's for the five verse 15 glory is connected to honor and the face the face place where glory is missions he doesn't talk about flowers yes cloud is part of the glory he doesn't talk about thunders lightnings lightning is a part of the glory the face place where Glory's mentioned it took us about material things is when Jacob was living lab and he left lapin and the children I believe the children or people who reported to Laban said maybe just give me I want to out recorded correctly yes before you go to jail you go to Genesis at one in the King James Jimmy has fetter this one Genesis 30 verse 1 this one aha I want to show you something in ten minutes out of it Dan amen I preached almost every day I don't fish for a long time because I presented the state of this one aha now when a ratio so that she both chuckle no children Genesis theta one this one now when jock woman hell I want order King James James and he heard the weight of love and son aha saying jacoub has taken away all that was our fathers and all that which was our fathers has he gotten all these groan aha now the way to glory there it's not a fan that it's a material things might be money aha so glory is when you are not there to find that shine when you have fans you have a big man a big that's that's a glory now go to Genesis for the files for if I've wasted team so I refuse will be broke [Applause] aha Genesis 45 base the team aha and you shall tell my father of all my glory in Egypt you will tell my father of all my glory of all my glory well in Egypt Egypt my god someone is about to tell someone but go and tell my people in the village about the glory which you have seen yes Amen there are some dresses when you wear that dress you just see the glory amen amen am i screaming some money so glory is connected to prosperity okay my god so it took someone who was crowned with glory and honor to serve man who was crowned with glory and honor God Himself was involved in the salvation in in our salvation papa God said son Jesus you know I was involved to redeem Israel so go and redeem man and Jesus is God he came he died for us let me finish go to verse go to verse when verse watch this verse 9 God west end a hebrews hebrews yeah looking jumps Hebrews Hebrews to Weston AHA Hebrews to Western New King James let's finish with that one aha I want us to live together this is a this is a moving passage 10 and 11 is a moving they're moving passages Leslie together it was fitting for him for whom are all things and by whom are all things in bringing many sons to glory to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings just which now God wanted to bring so many sons Jesus wanted to bring many sons and daughters to where to glory that's why Jesus said Papa the glory which you gave me I am giving to them oh yes amen verse 11 let's rest level here's to verse 11 aha for both he who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified Oh aha for we stand up all of you stand up aha Hebrews 2 verse 11 AHA let's read together football he was sanctified and those who are being sanctified of a one for which reason he is not ashamed to call them brethren now listen to me normally when I read this passage I become emotional said he's not ashamed to call us brethren the king of kings the king of glory the one who commands everything the glorious king is not ashamed to call you and me brother this is how God honored us this is how God respected us and remember that God in the new test in the Old Testament God called his people like Abraham a friend now when you're in the Bible you must meditate they went very well the God of heaven cool calling you in friends now the church jesus said i'm ashamed to call them my brethren when you read you must jump in your bedroom that's why in the book of first John chapter 4 verse 17 I believe can you give me in first John chapter 4 verse 17 first John chapter 4 verse 17 let's see what things aha listen together love has perfected among us in this that we may have boldness in the day of judgment because as he is so we we in this world as he so we in this world can't read that passage and remain Brock as he's the king is nodded as his so he is so we are in this wards I didn't I didn't know you will fell for me be swear they didn't know you will let me this way you protect me this way I said thank you I said No i tiga mighty God we give you praise Oh God my god ma Passover God respected us oh yes ma I'm coming back with me Joanne to release the blessing of the Passover when we live a mega Oh give us three powerful songs after that you hand over to the worship team and then we are coming back with major wanna see ya what see ya soon [Applause] ah before Russia we'll see you soon you got a party for me I can't I'll turn it on which they do [Applause] if I'd found 10,000 tons it still would be we see now [Applause] [Applause] right [Applause] ooh ship you with city Oh Oh yeah Oh nowhere [Applause] you hear aku you were too you are the powerful [Applause] you are dr. Spivak change oh I didn't I [Applause] let's put our hands together and praise the Lord thank you so much a pasta maker the bishop minute for such a powerful message it is and gentlemen for those who are joining us live on prophetic channel on Facebook and YouTube welcome to this Monday 90 primary service it is the past over Monday night people Mary service we are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ it's time for us to praise and worship the God of our father the god of nature one in this house and our father Mitch Irwin is on the way and he's going to come here and is going to check the pulpit and is going to take you to another level tonight so as we are worshipping and praising I'm going to call upon a son of mature one to take the stage together with the praise team and he's going to lead us in worship and praising tonight with a few songs from his album he has been away from the diplomatic stage for a long time because now he is a pasta is pastoring ECG branch in now spread tonight [Applause] tonight tonight is back in the house is here with us on this Monday night a family service from the look of things we have missed his performance we have missed his songs so ladies and gentlemen [Applause] okay all the viewers were watching at home let us welcome pastor Richard [Applause] come on with your hands to Jesus River you are just with your hands to Jesus and just begin to worship their king just begin to worship her [Applause] my heart America do your they want that Martin's your the one died miners love you unless of me you're the one that bothers after is it a dot all these they see after ups and downs [Applause] No No he said very simple sir he says says after always saying I'm done your your love is the same after all my ups and downs your love is the same he doesn't change and I just want us to sit together after all we say Dada your love these I see your love is is it your they want that baggage she got up to all my ups and downs I am shit down you're the one that mother seen again these are saved your love is a seat your they want God – he models I'll tell my heart after all my ups and downs Jesus Jonathan sester God your it or not you these are say these are seeing you they want that body singer after all my ups and downs these are say your love these they say after all up through lamps and downs yo D the same guy [Applause] after all your God you're moving in on a rope let your police reach out to Iran as you touch in a row Lord I'm to open up my heart lead you breathe sing ah yah moving in here can I hear the chicks in out here I tomorrow sir reach out to me Jesus husband in divorce here [Applause] here I sit out here talk to him talk to even the on words you know I would you begin to talk to the [Applause] they're too good my son I put my trust in you I you are you are you are always by my side [Applause] I put my chance to you by my side you're my hope is in you cause you always mama I put my faith in your eyes for my side I put my trust you are always I put my trust [Applause] I say like a Billy I put my trust shit up piranha heart diseases we para hasta yours a beautiful king we like we like the Jesus the price of with a voice of Sarai damn you Jesus when I go to church on sit up we'll lift our voice of serenity here I let you critics whoa Here I am ween my heart win my soul take it all now taking on now everything I am everything I am take it or not here I Here I am nothing without your crazy my redeemer walk with me walk with me walk with me my return whoa whoa whoa [Applause] without your crazy singer hey stay with me stay with me my redeemer stay with me stay with me stay with me Jesus once again stay with me stay with me I am we do my redeemer my redeemer Oh my [Applause] oh that's free easy well my shred easy my Redeemer anyway of my regime Oh once again oil my shred easy still clapping hands for Jesus Christ everybody [Applause] that's a horse it's a moment we thank God for everybody who is here by the grace of God we are gathering on this wonderful day let me recognize apostolic McCullough thank you for coming once again blessing us with the world you're such an amazing man and we really thank you for your support and I hope every person who is here today has this information that God is with us praise be to God as a praise be to God you know I really wish I should teach something along a just walk around for a few minutes and speak to few people okay just have your seats thank you [Applause] how are you Andy what's bothering that's bothering means the life of my kids Papa stop stand here [Applause] every person who is here it doesn't matter as long as there is revelation as long as this what's revelation revelation is a key we are in a season of Passover the purposes on Passover the angel of death was released but on every door where there was a sign of blood on every day there was a sign of blood the angel did not touch that house but the angel passed over I am here to declare in the season of Passover what is going to happen to other people will not happen to you in the name of shoes I prefer you that God will begin to fight for your battles in the mighty name of Jesus Christ [Applause] [Laughter] so Sergei what fess again no sisters what be careful there's so much power oh yes when we speak the Word of God oh yes we don't confess problems will confess solutions smile we are in the temple we're in the house of the Lord and then I said we're in the house of the Lord amen and then [Applause] I'm just trying to to move around and see what's going [Applause] cheese [Applause] over there no no no give a megaphone get that lady that lady they give a megaphone how are you I'm not fine I want to tell you something yes the idea that there is so much fever coming upon [Applause] what's her name I mean who me are you working yes lady why are you working at office travel services at chavant it's a travelling agency ah harvest is a travel agency chaves chaves is no you are the ESG target okay can I good can I go there yes okay there is something the Lord is ministering to me to speak there is so much favored the God wants to pour upon him because in the spirit realm yes I begin to see so many problems yes among the problems I'm seeing right now are you married no I'm not no I'm not you're not married let me see this here yes okay spiritually I want to handle your kiss now father because the Lord is sticking me okay the Lord is taking me yes – I'm seeing from 1800 1900 there is something that must be cut off let me say this you lady there was your great-grandfather yes there was a problem with him because from your great-grandfather he was connected to chieftainship okay yes Daddy there was a connection with chieftainship now because of that there was an issue where he began to be sick this sickness it's not like a sickness sickness but was a demonic attack that appeared to him and from him it is being passed from one parent to another parent do I know you no you don't know me ever spoken to you know is somebody here no I you have information today speaking to me it's a first time to be his father maybe you wrote on a paper No No maybe you email me no oh you what you have information no no solo nobody okay so this great-grandfather are you hearing me I'm hearing your father this great grandfather yes this was a demonic attack okay he was coughing coughing his firstborn daughter had a problem this problem appeared also like difficult to breathe okay it was now passed to another one passed to another one passed then to immediate grandparents I'm seeing it also appear that person has asthma yeah my father died huh there's a father too yes asthma your father asthma is no problem of your father I appeared to you also yeah they do you have also asthma also a built one of the child this child died of asthma the source of your problem began in 1800 the moment I handle the sauce the ha problem will be destroyed because right now as I'm talking to you you can touch money yes the money disappears do you know how this problem isn't with you how your problem come to you can I tell you how the problem can help you further can I tell you oh you already know tell me daddy I should tell you ok I will tell you problem and how it is static of everything to do with you you will choose anything I must talk about or letting me stop let me ask you to choose what I must I'll talk about why my mind is not staying in my hands no why your money is what is thing in your hands it was on a good Tuesday 11 minutes past 1:00 you are working you are wearing a maroon Miren Miren Miren brows and a black trouser we are passing this place as it is a robot at this place there were two magicians they were trying to play like like again you now they through a demonic spirit of enticement there now entice you you stop your throat dizziness you now walk towards them if you put them under here yeah that's the voice just something to remember I'm talking about [Applause] win or you lose you lost the ten runs as you are walking you had a black pass when you open a black person in the best disappeared that's where your problem started ever since that day all the money wake for disappears goes to them [Applause] now don't worry I'm here to tell you for you okay what else about what again Susan but weird weather but children wait about marriage your career yes let's start with your wake yes career I mean I'm now in a spiritual chariot I am moving I take anyone I'm moving with anyone yes as if I'm going to your husband yes I see this – yeah I take revani offer we are moving to Winter Street I take with the streets – autumn streets streets I am moving in the streets I find a saloon hundred meters from there I see a complex that's where you that's where you're working laughing at the complex there's a festive row you're in the second floor second floor with this glass glass door glass door when I open it they are one two three four five six six desks yet you on the corner you're working [Applause] bitch shower to feel it cetera nine months oh yeah in my mother swore by us too professor [Applause] peroneus of a peroneus of a iris to your pereira suitable cv receive in the Irish Sea wait I am here summon I can break the source of your problem every source of your problem oh yes wait when Jesus is dealing with your problem oh yes he does not deal with your problem just like the way they are oh yes he does with your problem from the sauce oh yes – its nature [Applause] whatever sir recipe Hannibal to pray every sauce must be uploaded right now little play remove every sauce Li ke ladoo sorry REE hey Katella dynamo Presutti ki illaha Sato briquette Elodie l'amour reducer p r e que ella glad yeah and Jesus name we pray amen oh yes it doesn't matter oh yeah whether you are here or you're far all yes buts this anointing or you to destroy your problem from the sauce I receive I remove a problem a problem can come out but if the sauce is not removed the Bible says there's a hope for a tree if it is God's it will shoot again we don't want your problem to shoot again only we are not cutting a problem we are uprooting your problem [Applause] imagine our problem regarding 1800 and she's not even aware 1800 listen to new woman if I be a prophet testimony that you are bringing the whole Wow to talk about it if you get married now do you hear me if you get married now yes Daddy there'll be a separation okay it has been like this already a man comes goes yes goes yes listen to me do you know where is the is the coming from no I don't know father you don't know it's a listen listen if you now become pregnant that baby will be miscarried it's happening already with witness Karen I don't know in my family I remind me Father now let me tell you something sir professor [Applause] [Applause] by this time next year oh yeah wherever you are by this time next year oh yeah your testimony will shake the whole Irish say let it lady hear me when you after you live here I'm sing okay you're at work place yes they do where you're working yes they do God will give you I'm you are having two thoughts should I continue working or a must continue dating all right simple question there'll be two people yesterday who can become victims yes Teddy would I would say these two people they must no longer with the company yes okay yes Teddy the Wed Masha masya she's my neighbor where's she my death and that's a desk as well okay she's sitting next to a dish next to my desk what about to get you a okay [Applause] [Applause] we come every picture that is here Rashida oh yes begin to prefer that picture right now let a miracle happen begin to profit picture begin to prefer that picture left her secretary lambreaux Chiquita Lee dld neckla to be reallocated Alam Oh racket LED lhamo Shahrukh a tea illaha Casa Liki tell Adil amo raclette ELAP reduce me el rato say Rekha tell Adele amo jelica ethically reduce opee yo hitaka Allah suitability la Doce de la la la be reducibility reduce La Colonia Elsa – DP rarity Lada reduce APL agility reality Laveau jolly elechi real AHA ha AHA Joseph II rocket allá de l'épée real dis re-entry key L Aquila P raha – sofy la cosa P illaha parody say Jesus Jesus save us my boss that's my boss now c-dawg c-dawg c-dawg c-dawg c-dawg c-dawg hey you come in [Applause] [Applause] there's a big problem a very big one I working I'm running a business but business panel booting and spray-painted sir that is a big problem thank you Jesus today's my day can I solve it so we drop a Soviet papa do it papa so don't worry you don't know me let me told me a problem no papa how maybe you wrote on a paper no Papa gave information to people on hello papa by this time next month if I don't pray for you will be arrested super yummy in a rim of the spirit oh yes you see prophets are sent by God when there is drought my coming here it is to help somebody who is in drought situation so yes pepper everything with you is wrong what am I saying everything is with me is wrong boards sooo yummy yes Papa who is pregnant Jan NFS of is pregnant at the moment I I don't know I don't know okay I'm a sink a man who has got a pregnant woman who I'm seeing something happen to do the ten thousand okay oh yes I'm seeing two thousand ten thousand it should be the 10th 11th yes okay yes it's a car – true yes you remember now I remember okay this you see prophecy how you know is a true prophecy when if the owner forgets and the Prophet reminds you oh yes hey Thank You papa thank you God major one sir yes mummy I'm singing a Kia oh my god yes what is this gear it's a car driving it's a car driving right now this key also is not 100% yours – true Bharat yes I'm sick forecast oh yes papa all these forecasts but through Papa I'm seeing you renting a place to do business yes this place you also always you know you haven't paid rent the reason why I'm here when I look at your eyes I saw this problem go to save him thank you the road he said what save him save him the moment I pray for him was a prayer for him yes the moment I deliver you you are now you are a great man you know you do permeability you know all these things but you can't understand what is happening with your be super / you understand after deliver you I received I receive I receive okay oh yeah how many kids do you have I have four kids for kids okay ramier dream [Applause] it's deliver us happening to him now you're free away from from Zimbabwe now from where from boots one okay do have anybody here from Botswana [Applause] let's there's a lady watching me from Botswana your name is Cody teeny the quarry tiny you're having a package problem God is she's watching me now in Botswana you're watching him in Botswana as I'm talking [Applause] God is hitting however she is in the mighty name of Jesus first something I said jesus said that's my boss that's put a hands for Jesus cross a few [Applause] Zita Idaho Seto I received a and all saya beedo science who sadly decider lead on a more Saturday [Applause] da-da-da-dah Ledo Sun acid wherever you are receive a miracle in the name of Jerry Caesar a Tito Sarah IRA see nano saruman Osito t da da da see sit up sit up sit sit down as you sit down the Lord has a purpose for you say Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus say that's my boss that's my boss can I pick two people here and what if I said to them can a professor a few people here [Applause] [Applause] hey wasn't it cannot deliver you yes papa deliver me every person who is here today get ready for total deliverance so Jesus that's my what does this win Winnie Winnie win was this Winnie win let me talk to you a come come come imagine I'm saying what does this win she's like I'm not winning that's why I'm asking you what is win because I'm healing this win even if he I don't have ten minutes in this room I can profess that all of them come over here [Applause] you come on I set your free pickup said Jesus [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] where they were I pronounced deliver lost your family deliverance your finances I received in the mighty name of Jesus I receive in the mighty name of Jesus I receive in the mighty name of Jesus karate receive sorry several civil Silverson I receive are a cigarette cigarette cigarette see a with a letter here Aska was an M especially I am winning major one you're winning yes [Applause] you have another weenie [Applause] hey wasn't it Winnie you what's her name weenie I don't what I would talk to all of you prophecy is not a problem yes a fish flows in water I flow in prophecy oh no problem wafer your way from Tempe sir tell me sir do you know each other no papa no Papa you don't know each other no of you from Teresa Teresa yes we need women who is working I'm not taking you with marriage I'm separated Papa you have you been married before no what was that what was that okay are you married or were you married before yes papa I'm items once when's Papa was yes and you separated yes papa okay and he wasn't a weenie weenie yes welcome in Spain atrophies but probably pomp original or original from the poem about something atrophy okay [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] not problem let me preface others people with the VESA porterfamily it's poisoning it's caused me first me what force main force me for smile do I know you know you don't know you know Papa ever met you before no papa okay so the day you've refused you've never married before okay I will tell you you have in fact twice little bit money but you are married yes yes you are married yes so I stay with a baby they didn't pay money no okay if I be a profit I say prophecy is not a watch come you stand here first this up your phone as recipe phone wherever you are oh yes a professor I receive that a God will begin to fight every person blocking that good who used to come to your phone I receive in the mighty name of Jesus cross after I receive in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray I receive ready let me start with this fist when you know what I'm gonna talk to all the witnesses as long as they are willing to receive professor are you ready for prophecy you are ready for prophecy okay let me talk to somebody let me take this person first come see this person I must prophesy to [Applause] what [Applause] just sit down just sit down just sit down no problem sana what's her name yeah don't be just relax what's her name be huh man don't be man Tommy yes what does it mean okay ah again ago I am I am in two countries yes yes I am in South Africa yes I miss was a lie yes yes yes I mean debit yes I'm from the bin yes wait do I know you not at all yes on a paper email me who look did you – and a person no pop now yeah me yes my father I am seeing a financial door opening for you yummy Isis so many things gonna happen oh I see now it will hear me sent to me farewell is a gorebyss oradea okay can I start [Applause] can I talk can i prophesy ready you see when I look at you if I don't deliver you today yes tomorrow is euro committed suicide even today 18 minutes past 3:00 p.m. you are thinking I better die is Joe my father listen this damn one of suicide is becoming strong in your mind there's no reason to die because I would deliver you know no reason to die majority refer me now I am very because God led you here yes yes my father you what is your problem Oh what is bothering just mission they say I'm being bothered where there's a school where there's family where the relationships where the marriage is a buffet choose in a prophesy did I have a problem don't tell me your problem Oh what is bothering you just say health whether sickness whether it's school where there's business my help my family a relationship relationship that's all it's so easy can I can I talk about them hear me if and when I tell you the source of this problem yes tell me everything how are you I'm very I'm telling very sick this year you're turning 36 years this year is date okay your problem started in 1989 can I talk to my father because if I don't remove your problem from the sauce if you don't remove from the first then your problem was to remain if you're here tonight the source of your problem will be taken out I receive listen to me later I was born to Professor me the source of your problem II happened in 1989 he's mine you don't want to explain you don't know I was young you were young okay good so I said major wait I love I love I love it [Applause] I love this overflow more than demented [Applause] listen I sent a problem began in nineteen watts 1989 1989 listen to me there was this good day it was on Saturday in the morning oh okay there was an old woman she was washing oh okay as she's washing I see you now wanting some clothes yes taking putting it up on the line yes my father what was he they were ladies she put on the line the clothes I'm seeing a cow hey a cow yes Teddy I know I know what's up with a cow we were hanging the clothes in the line huh and then it come and take my my dress okay and the ranch where your problem began to remember now yes I remember she forgot you forgot yes no you remember yes I remember my son a cow and took a green dress oh yes it was your dress yes it was my dress yes I'm hearing you Teddy you were young about today's I was very young yes did I was young yes it is 1989 yes even if I got a year he hear me after this cloth was taken it went to the grave when now 20 there it was done in two pieces but the mud was said the clothes must be taken he said I don't want to this growth so they did another channel and we'll win the eventual a woman became a wheel a week yes it was a big win huh and then that we took another dress of mine in the line again it's kept and took another dress all of you is on the line yes [Applause] wait that was not enough they said go and kill her there's witchcraft but there is also echo holy ghost crafts oh yes oh hey Charlie I am just here to help you help me my father tell you the sauce and dinner with the sauce in Stadium you're free talk talk my father okay okay okay now they said no they said now send its neck seven days later when your clothes were a ticket and sneaky camera yes what happened a snake why you have got a wound and Maki a black spots on your leg where is it where the spot where the spot shit huh you see that that's it that's a snack in 1989 if I be a prophet oh yes hear me is this snake eventually that's seven seven days later when the two close disappeared is snake again as you are now hearing another sneaky camera a male suited this time around this snake do not bite but it spit saliva on your face my father your business and appeared on yes this is what I'm ready to stop school Yemi I'm just here as a prophet I want to remove the source of her problem [Applause] do you understand she's saying a relationship job you see she's imagining things which she is not even aware how all this problem she's telling me now you had it she said they're irrational shape wake you hit her right what do you want she's she was young she's now remembering the story do you remember this story hit me ma'am you know do you know this waiter came from this do you know this one this is Mac I remember is made by he listen to melody our our this our now what I'm about to do now what I'm about to know is very spiritual okay uh-huh it will need me to do some spiritual thing – now wait Amy are you okay when this snake put saliva it's now your problem began to happen shoot it now there is something in your body it is appearing like a disease oh it is – what is giving you stress saying I'm gonna die I must kill myself now it's you think you people it's as simple as you think I murdered before I never could wait let me tell you you said the relationships the first boyfriend you had is when he was about to marry snake Cheston is my word a second boyfriend to come in your life so much he was loving you so much when I was about to murder you he told you that he seen snakes and a snake – chased him the third boyfriend now I'm seeing another man about to leave you also the boyfriend who what happened what do they see the boyfriend don't understand me anymore he wants to marry me but he's confused the other one who what did he say he just disappeared he just disappear the father of my child he just disappeared Wow I was sick and then he said he didn't come back he never came back listen I won't do some resolution on another it's – its major Sonia now I just move out huh as a prophet what I'm about to do now it will now break the chain your net you needed a major prophets to now remove okay it me just under there [Applause] [Applause] major problem [Applause] pick up just friendly [Applause] what a hands for Jesus Christ if you can put the hands wash your picking up god I worship you worship you worship in washing you are so real in this play I see your praises movie this movie the way you the way you speak you think please hello see ha the way you hold an ECG please oh Jesus hey I hear let it speak Portuguese yeah I come from Fargo Lola what I guess later you want a translator yeah I tell who's pickable together please come help me comes nah oh no no sabe baba not doable tell me – problema de vista yeah did related to gays now my daughter my god stay here Elizabeth oh I'm not feelin sake Elizabeth II the sweats I want to prefer somebody I am Sing prison opa-locka pop reserved Risa Palma pessoa Kate I'm in prison and the Lord said to me it does follow para el that there's a lot of family attacks came winter attacker familia yes yes yes yes papa yes going to going to want to mesh point problems you say that is too much yes too much true wait wait wait where is Elizabeth it is a bit easier my daughter ah yeah go mr. Osterberg obrigada yeah you're also receive [Applause] listen [Applause] Jesus name pick him up pick him up pick him up cheese up snip okay well we we we what's happening whether we win Swiss with where the wins how are you are you married no no I'm having a boyfriend yes uh-huh yes Papa said 2001 mm what is this it's not this thing with him in 2001 ah okay go in you know is it a marine okay no problem I'm gonna pray for you hey where's the other win you're also in okay so you said you've never been married because they didn't pay money yes Baba okay [Applause] hear me it sounds it the sounds it is sounds anybody sit down everybody sit down it sounds Oh watch that prayer for you do you have a problem I've got this serious problem you have a serious problem I need their family serious three values so you want family deliverance you are the most most clever woman yes have ever met in 2019 [Applause] did you what you said she said family telephone us she says serious family deliverance let me tell you I have delivered that every day they write Yes Mother okay a problem your own is worse than her problem is true I'm not looking for you okay you're the wind you're sowing the wind I was talking about I was looking for is this wind back back back back back back back back back back okay I was getting back back back back back II yes okay I'm coming back to you that's the windows looking for but because she came out she said I'm also wind let me talk about you okay you're also inner you are the two that I know when I talk about it so it's fine but this this one and then I was looking for you but when I saw this wind I am now attracted to this wing because her problem is West than your problem now let me help her fast when hear me there is witchcraft in the family I just want to help you in the spirit realm I'm Singh spiritual warfare where's your father may fight that passed away was the mother madness in the same symbol okay listen to me yes Baba the day what happened in 2010 can I remind you yes can I remind you yes Baba you see as a prophet I can remind you [Applause] she's trying to remember I can remind you don't worry don't her she's like should I remind you you can't pop but I wanted use that food 2004 you wanted me to set up return for yes okay I was touched from the a way upon thank you ah [Applause] I want to start to entertain she says turned for I have decided in fact I was stuck from the yeah he's how fat that was born [Applause] summers a professor woman yes papa I am seeing a serious problem in your family whoever I'm gonna start with your grandfather then die yes Papa is from your father from your grandfather yes I'm seeing there was ancestral worship yes it's true it's true as I'm talking now this ancestral worship is passed to one of your brothers yes he's actually having a small in his bedroom yes true is true – yes okay I am seeing this problem because of this spirits yes the people in the family went so deep yes through a level whereby this prisoner became so strong yes I'm sick people extended family people worshipping ancestor yes yes to a level whereby some people now are being affected yes hello hello it's here me this way a problem began with an a grandfather cotton ah yes this man was worshipping this spirit see a nothing to the manifold okay okay brother from him now pass to another person to another person to a level where but I'm saying there is a man quad force man yes papa there's another one called blessing yes papa where's blessing it's my own breath and I'm saying Winnie ice me then I'm sick – missing yes they passed away ah they passed away wait when 2004 they were ten hey you wanted to meet but now you wanted you wanted to talk about soya okay so should I go 24 yes 2004 yeah this will begged me to talk about 24 can I talk about 24 yeah you're not talk about 2004 can i yes okay let's go to 2004 it was on a good friday yes Baba some sir prophesy I want to tell you what you want to hear of 2004 I want this all you want me to talk our talk yes I don't talk about it but since you say I must talk 2004 yes ma'am our talk yes it was on a good Friday is I'm seeing people packing yes into a minibus yes they're travelling of Chanel yes yes I'm Singh accident yes yes papa Robert they were going to a real area for a function and then they enter in a truck for bricks and they died on the place so what I'm saying yes into the land wat pho at this accident that's where two of your family members ain't on this board died on the spot yes that's what you wanted me to talk about yes okay all right [Applause] it's a buffet you can choose naea and choose now hear me now when now they took this best people the paradigm yes a problem after problem name I'm single brother is blessing yes worshipping idols yes I'm now seeing another brother is force man yes should I talk about it yes yes but no it's very sensitive I know talk about it I want to eat [Applause] okay okay father help me for the sake of deliverance I'm waiting for Creoles I want heaven to clear me before talk about it uh-huh I got clearance ready I hear I will now know how to talk what else given a new wisdom how to talk about nether yes your brother needs deliverance I know I know something is happening between your brother and his own daughter yes yes you know yes you know just to say yes you went to see your brother yes you are in the house yes you had a sound your own brother with his own daughter yes doing something in the bedroom yes you remember all don't I even enter and I beat you enter and beat him you'll find him on top of his own daughter [Applause] wait some of the prophesy lady this thing you even involved family members oh you don't know this issue to police yes but not any help nothing happens your brother on brother yes eventually his daughter became pretty pregnant then now they daughter went the boyfriend and they said this is your baby I'm not saying anything she's finishing I start she finishes [Applause] hear me lady oh now you want help of your brother yes this issue you know that it's an insertion of demonic forces nobody we hope them your brother mm yes the one who's doing so much mode is on 2,000 words please do it hey I want you to be finishing I will a medium sing mass of in a vision meeting him in fact I'm seeing him coming to see me next week I see when we deliver that demand then now it would be easy for the whole family to be what you what is happening in this a family yeah no let me finish the other one what my young brother his name listen ah please see so you want to talk to me – professor no I'm asking you but what you tell me about him yes okay just wait I'm just a pickup I'm singing nothing about him I'm see nothing wrong about him no no it's wrong wait blessing I'm seeing him drinking like nobody's business if you think it lost his ah if you think if he drinks huh you think is now made the actually takes off your skirts and whoa want to make it yes wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet you receive the phone call yes you received a phone call from the wife or girlfriends wife the wife here he said the company CEO brother you want to see the product yes they took off his clothes and the show and he'll show you yes this says look now hey I was sleeping in the night and they cut me here yes ma'am my manhood is has stopped working he was showing you this is how us over professors look like hey ready yes did you know do you know why we have am professor like this because the angel of destruction must be defeated if it was on the pass over it was on Passover where they had to divert the Angel of Death why understanding me that's why tonight every arrow coming to you I must have at it piracy better hear me you have come to last bustopolis I will be meeting blessing I'll be meeting foresman all the same they are coming to me to me Chauhan I receive up the kingdom of God is suffering virus and the virus if I be a prophet oh yeah I'm seeing them coming and I will say deliver us hear me how can a man do such a thing with his own daughter how can a man show his sister taking off his clothes he is what lying that you woke up I saw it got cut with laser prints in the nightly sleeping but they came all this mess it is because of what ancestral powers that now waking against the family is fun don't worry I will deliver you I'll do something very prophetic around you no wait I asked you are you married she said no have you been married she said they didn't pay but what I'm singing a spirit sees all these two under the ground yes the older the or deities do you understand what I'm trying to talk about now wait now I want to deliver you okay this was go to me – how I must tell if I understand me yes okay can you just move everybody move this is hard 11 us just get ready for her okay give me a pepper a pepper that I can tear apart we handle mysteries with mysteries this was a loss certainly as I tear this paper you will see her shoe manifest and that'll be her deliverance watch [Applause] you and your family where're you where're you where're you where're you where're you you still say don't sit down I didn't want I didn't want Stu to bridge by the Holy Ghost is forbidding me to do so [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] they slid over here this lady go go go go to other let it go just go where that lady's what's her name Dora so it's the professor Rufus I come in [Applause] what's your surname your surname is Peary yes you don't know your name my name is Dora Dora yes can I help you what's your problem what should i watch everything fuck that person who was watching the TV in Botswana is your daughter relax I'm simply children okay there's something spiritual around you that I want to remove listen listen telling you this is a season of Passover meaning there are powers of darkness which have been moving in your family we want to divert that demonic visitation to live your family a long letter but let me say this to you I'm married I'm seeing getting married Wow [Applause] give me give me a finger of a ring do amethyst in the sense what I'm doing here is very spiritual listen to me you are supposed to get married but a demon now come in and confuse what you'll need to do do I know you maybe um maybe you wrote your name on a paper give information to people around here listen in 1993 yes you had a boyfriend yes Bobby 1994 yes but you wanted to marry you yes but I'm hearing a word Edward mates with where's he said 1 1994 yes what's happening in the fall you met him and you attend tomorrow you just disappear you have never worked in your life never married until you have made a profit today listen I'm gonna pray for you that's how your problem will finish yes okay now your daughter also will be huge [Applause] hey you are now free in fact I must gives you direction yes that I'm singing a piece of lunch yes but it's like a plot yes you are thinking should I go into that place or not yes in fact not thinking you are scared you're your Portland and this lunch I'm seeing in sangoma glass Obama this thing is staying in this house now he's living out of this house now you are supposed to enter this house but now you are scared to enter in this house not after your better nature one well we are [Applause] that every person who is here my prayer for you this is so spiritual than you think are you on this bus over our spring I said God why are we calling it a diplomatic pass over another loss spoke to me he said on Passover we need the event every error every plan they are planning in secret places or you it shall come to nothing for the Lord is with us every person who is here whether you are in here or you are in the overflow wherever you are whether you're watching on the TV oh yes because of Passover oh yes every arrow will pass you over I receive listen I want you to find this book crucifixion all right I want to get this copy today the better the best or this week make sure you have this book I have written some secrets in this book that will change your destiny and there's another book that have been all waiting for a book of the year the book called open doors that one I'm not introducing it tonight I will talk about it on Sunday are you hearing me and remember as I said you must subscribe to profit ship a Boucherie YouTube subscribe to prophetic channel on YouTube once you read to my name then your profits Shepard will she be TV my name I mean they might if you come out subscribe alright and I think that giving you that on the on the screen a demonstration of the washing and only Friday I'm having international business program by a divine demand divine demand God said so and all I have to do is to obey God said I must call people and deliver them I was delivering inter-services the other week God said next week again now I had it then this week again said this week again co deliver the people bring them here as international visitors so I'm having a program and on Saturday I have a partner's meeting in the morning at 10 o'clock I'm having my stewards meeting and allow themselves and at two o'clock I'm meeting all my partners are coming for prayer at the prayer mountain very very important it's very very important to say this and every person as opposed to nakum agora said i want you to understand we're in a season of pass of a semester pass over now how menacing prophet oh I don't know the source of my problem or the source of our family problem does anybody here who says I also want to know what is going on in my family listen to me listen the day I discovered what was going wrong what are the source of my problems I dealt with the sauce the following day I had a breakthrough if you don't know the source of your problem you'll be praying wrong prayers every arrow that is fighting you fighting or family fighting or calling fat in your ministry fighting a job fighting or marriage a relationship we are dealing with it a decision I command every arrow to be broken in the name of Jesus tonight by the authority of heaven oh yes I terminate I destroy I approach I squeeze every demonic interest in the name of Jesus I remove it from your family in the name of Jesus I receive it every person who is here today by the elect of God that a post Anika McCullough said that a person must prepare a Passover offering wherever you are if I've got a pass over offering that you said this is my pass over I want the enemy the enemy to pass over my family to pass over my finances I want that person to raise up that Passover offering because a post on akima Cora's gonna come and declare and speak a word and speak a declaration and your life will never be the same again everybody stand up this is a very serious moment now Oh lift up your seat lift up your seat god wants to honor you God has a decided to respect you look at me look at me look at me God has decided to honor you God has decided now let's do this face before I decree so what some some people lie in the house of God amen some people lie in the house of God bring you a seat to the autumn my own is here in dollars and in pounds because I won't draw us I'm believing word for dollars and pounds and euros amen bring you our said put it on the altar quickly those people there they were put on the author and the please listen to me listen to me ash as people still mana here [Applause] Alison any person who'll steal this money you're going to die if I be a terminator and you steal this money you are going to die people have lost fear they still in the house of God take the seed and put it on the altar come quickly while they are giving us a song put it on the altar to take [Applause] Hey you Oh you

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