Pastor Darlene Haywood "Resist" Covenant Sister’s Retreat 2019

you've given us revelation knowledge wisdom thank you Lord you Charles got gotten to speak in you you put your work down in their belly and they be strong in the Lord and the these last days grace we walk in do not so I take my position [Applause] and she got loose back there what was released he know if you have you seen the word or if you have not you know it would be ashamed to the sense to lock out what you have received a sense to walk it out that's right that's just in vain we are and he wants us to walk in unity and unison with what is whatever will be in unison and wonderful one another and so as we said at the beginning when we wrap this mission in this purpose and it was to get away with God to have a fresh new song and half a million Jesus that we would influence one another hallelujah to be sharpened that's why God has given me this message giving honor to God is awesome speaker well educated in description doctrines masters well first slot brains got a man and his wife [Applause] we have had word and wisdom revelation imparted to us you don't think we you what's the lock you think everything's quiet watch the boys watch the quiet because who is the devil got you the quietness you right now she came she's barely doctors have given her treatments at the treatments at the treatments and they send the text and this woman has poured herself out to us you have to give spend her own money to buy things to show us visually what God is saying in the scriptures just giving up herself really so [Applause] because of the calm because the enemy wants to speak first aid fine Hey my god Jesus so means to be learned it says be sober be vigilant because yeah walk it that th please continue he walketh about seeking whom you got on the couch on the enemy you must have know the captain of the enemy how do you Jesus what but you know so when you show you to be alert and the spirit watching he comes you can see but you can see the effects of it so you watching okay that's the [Applause] [Applause] you challenge [Applause] you move it in the character watching he's swallowing you up in that character so understand what you mean when you can only get bad and you don't like somebody and then you want Dawson just just you are character [Applause] with the character of God has already said he's over what are you walking to resist things and people who laugh and obstruct instigate and divine all these the whole piece of captain Oh hallelujah stop in the name of Jesus what are them without my son keep working simple character comes to evil working don't work what dizzy come on King James is working work so this is the character talking this is a character that is funny he said he you say with evil genius you must resist and the person that you try to double into position you can sharpen your sister and you when you find instructions to the world you find distractions what's this deal what how big move watch how their feet in and out even up don't you she's all about holiness the word but because maybe you that's from the soul that's from the song to what the Word of God is spirit so if there's another language a man and it's not the language of the word of God is guiding you so I won't come up and tell you thing is that right what kind of character do you okay don't come telling me you got word for me from the Lord and your character so won't come talking to me and giving me a word hmm I need to say something together you ain't gotta do nothing so one person sharpens another you can't be shocked when they hand you can't be shocked and you're walking into tension you're pretending you okay you to resist me to empower me to oppose it be should withstand withstand to be fine to confront to huge to prevent to refrain to upstate oh yeah that's what it means to resist come stand up so we got some repenting to do we got some investigating then we can lay down before God God shot at me can we see your sister when she speaks to you sharpening you some sparks can fly yeah but if you can't have your sister come and talk to you and share a word and then to you to do Oh [Applause] [Applause] Jesus [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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