Pawn Stars: A Very Rare Triumph Motorcycle Gets Rick Revved Up (Season 13) | History

[music playing]
EMPLOYEE: Hey, Rick? Yeah? EMPLOYEE: There’s this
motorcycle out back. You should take a look at it.
– Is it cool? Yeah, it’s really cool. OK. That’s shiny. SELLER: It’s an original
1969 G100C competition model. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love it. I wouldn’t be selling it except
my wife’s making me sell it. [laughs] This Triumph is one
of the very first dirt bikes, and most of them
were beaten to death. This bike looks like
it’s been restored right. I’ve always loved old Triumph
motorcycles, so [sighs] I’m gonna have to contain myself. [laughs] Tell me, how much
do you want for this thing? I’ve seen these go
for as much as $25,000, which is kind of where
I’d like to settle. RICK: Do you mind if I have
someone take a look at it? OK. I’m not nervous about
an expert’s opinion or anybody else’s opinion. The bike is perfect. It speaks for itself. Mercy be, that is
something special. Brings back memories, buddy– Yeah. –of the way it was. The history behind these
kind of things, Rick, is just unbelievable. I mean, Elvis Presley at one
time bought every person– his crew one of these bikes. That near-fatal crash
that Evel Knievel had jumping down there
at Caesar’s Palace was on a Triumph. RICK: Wow. Everything Triumph is
today came from these bikes right here. Very, very special. RICK: That is definitely cool. I’m Mark Yuill of
Freedom Euro Cycle, and I’m an expert in
Triumph motorcycles. RICK: So is it all original? This is a very rare bike. This is a C model T100. Those were the ones that
were the most sought after, especially now by collectors. You know, as I look
over this bike, simple little things like the
foot pegs– they are right. I look at all the switches,
the housing, the headlight. These tanks still today
are hand-pinstriped. It’s a pleasure to
look at something like that, knowing they’re
still maintaining that today. The upswept pipes on it– very, very rare piece. Very few of them left. Pretty special bike, Rick. RICK: OK. So what do you think it’s worth? Somebody that was an avid
collector of these motorcycles right here– I mean, they might pay $30,000. But realistically, it’s in
that $20,000, $25,000 range. Something like that is really
what this bike might be worth. RICK: All right. This is really cool, but– Would you like to
take it out and ride it? Yeah. That might sell you on it. [laughs] I don’t need to ride
this bike to make this deal, but I’m going to because I can. I’ll give you a
call if I buy it. Thank you, Rick. Nice meeting you, sir. Good luck. SELLER: Thank you. Finding a 1969
Triumph Trophy 500– it’s so rare. This is a motorcycle I think
that would fit in the store here, but I would like to
see Rick keep it for himself. [motorcycle revs] RICK: Here we go. Nice. Awesome. RICK (VOICEOVER): This bike
rides like a 1969 motorcycle. Actually, a little better
than most ’69 motorcycles. It handles all right. It doesn’t have a lot of power. The suspension sucks. But damn, I look good on it. [laughs] RICK (VOICEOVER): I’m
in love with this bike. I really, really hope I can
make a deal on this thing. MARK: What do you think? Pretty snappy? RICK: For a ’69 bike, yeah. It’s like a brand new bike. SELLER: It is. So I mean, what’s
your bottom line? I’m still talking $25,000. I’ll give you $14,000. No, I’m not going to
lose it for $14,000. RICK: I mean, what
is your best price? I’ll come off my $25,000– $20,000. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you $15,000. I mean, it’s a fair price. I mean, if you put this in an
auction, you know, by the time you pay the auction
fees and everything– you know what a nightmare
the auctions can be. SELLER: $17,500. It’s a really cool bike. I– don’t get me wrong. But I think as far
as business goes, it will be hard for
me to even sell this. $15,000 is it. You drive a hard
bargain, Rick. If it wasn’t for my
wife making me sell it, I’d stick to my guns. $15,000, I’ll do it. Sweet. Let’s go do some paperwork, man. SELLER: OK. This is great. It’ll make my wife happy. Gonna settle for
$15,000 for the bike, and then I’m gonna buy
another motorcycle. I just hope my wife
doesn’t find out about it.

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