Paws at Work: Dogs Make Everything Better | Quicken Loans®

My name is Rachel Kudzia. I sit on the benefits
team at Quicken Loans, and I administer the Paws at Work program. And this is Piper. This is MacIntire. He is seven years old. I have here our fur baby. She’s Luna, and she’s a little diva. [Rachel] The Paws at Work program launched in August of 2016 as a result
of a team member suggestion. She’s my best friend; she’s my baby. Wherever she is, she brings everyone joy. He gets excited to see a
couple of the team members that sit around me. And this morning he just
ran right up to them when they got there and
gave ’em a bunch of kisses. Not only does it make me happy
but it makes my dog happy and also other team members as well. It’s seems to like
reduce everybody’s stress and just make the day go even better.

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