Pay down student loans with Fifth Third Momentum™

Want to make your college loan disappear? Introducing Fifth Third Momentum. It’s the app that links your Fifth Third debit
card to your student loan and let’s you round up transactions to pay it down. Download the app and sign into your Fifth
Third account using your online user name and password, then it’s as easy as 1-2-3! One, tell us about your student loan. Two, select a debit card. Three, confirm your choices. Fill your tank, round it up! Triple grande mocha, round it up! It’s easy to keep track of your monthly round-up’s
and payments from the dashboard. You can view lifetime progress and click for
monthly details. And every week you accumulate five dollars
or more, we’ll add it to your payment. So that’s how rounding it up helps pay it
down, and down, and down. Taking this small step can deliver the big
result you’re after.
Making your college loan disappear.

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