Peace – “Beautiful Black Woman” @WANPOETRY

– Beautiful black woman. They wonder where your beauty lies. They will never understand the
power of your magnificence. It runs deep in your veins. So strong, it radiates through your melon and you are wiser than your years. Ancestors whisper in your presence. Beautiful black woman, they wonder where your confidence lies. You tell them to be broken
yet make yourself whole for everyone else is the
greatest curse of all. You can’t fathom the hard work we have to go through to shine or out shine. Just to still finish last. Black women don’t get
the option to be mediocre for we end up a statistic or here for someone else’s pleasure. Beautiful black woman they wonder why you still here and alive. You tell them they cannot kill you for themselves be erased. Everything begins and ends with you. You can’t eliminate an existence
yet they’re so foolish, they will try anyway. Beautiful black woman, hold you head high, wear your crown upright
and don’t look down. It is not your job to excuse
the ignorance of others. Queens don’t address peasants. Humility is your thrown,
resilience is your sword. You have everything you need to survive and humble beginnings make
for the sweetest victories. (applause)

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