Peace by Chocolate’s Tareq Hadhad | 22 Minutes

Last week the founder of a growing Nova Scotian
chocolate company who came to Canada as a refugee from Syria became a Canadian citizen
and we’re very excited to welcome the Peace by Chocolate founder here tonight, Canada’s
own Tareq Hadhad. Tareq thank you for doing this! Mark thank you for having me. So you fled your native Syria and lived in
a Lebanese refugee camp for three years? Yup. And then you were sponsored into Canada, and
then you arrive in Halifax in the middle of the night in December and I assume you then
wonder, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’ That must have been a shock looking out the
doors. So much. Yeah, to be honest with you I have to say
that Canadians are very smart. In every single way, and every video, every
picture, every article, everything you see is between May and October. Chocolate was in your blood. That’s right, it’s a family tradition, it’s
been there for 30 years. My father graduated as a civil engineer and
he went to a wedding, he found that everyone was happy when they were eating chocolate. He gave my mom a box of chocolate and they
fell in love. I was born because of a box of chocolate. That is the most romantic thing ever! Now the Prime Minister is a big supporter
of yours, he gave a speech at the UN about you, he congratulated you on your citizenship,
he gave your chocolates to Nancy Pelosi, is Justin Trudeau too clingy? Are you ever like, bro, I need my space. You had your citizenship ceremony on Wednesday,
what went through your mind when you were being sworn in as a Canadian? Nothing is more Canadian than being sworn
in in the middle of January on a snowy day, right? They wanted you to have that experience but
really I was thinking of all Canadians who have sacrificed their lives throughout decades
and centuries so we can have that level of quality of life and peace and safety. There’s a citizenship test, what did you score
on the test? 20/20, it’s 100% What a nerd! That’s amazing. So the first thing you said you want to do as
a Canadian was buy a Tims with a Toonie, why that? Loonie, Toonie, Double-Double is the first
three things I heard about Canada. Loonie, Toonie, Double-Double that’s what
they said to me at the embassy. That’s what they said at the embassy! Who’s the hoser at the embassy! Uh couple things you gotta know eh, Loonie,
Toonie, uh Double-Double. That’s wild. Now your chocolates have also been to space! It has been to the International Space Station,
yes. An astronaut from NASA Dr. Andrew Feustel. His wife wanted to surprise him so she sent chocolate
in his package to space and when he opened it he found our maple leaf chocolates. You come to this country and then the next
thing you know your chocolates are in space, really pissing off the Milky Way bar people. Now, I have a traditional Canadian gift for
you. This is something that we Canadians give each
other. This is a gift you would give someone that
you don’t know very well, in Canada. What is it? Have a look. Chocolates! It’s a box of Pot of Gold chocolates. Now I have a second gift for you here, and
you went to an Ottawa Senators game and they gave you a jersey? That’s right. With your name on the back, we have a picture
there. But you live in Nova Scotia, so you’re going
to need a Mooseheads jersey. Number 22. Speaking of gifts, everyone in the audience
is getting Peace by Chocolate bars. Tareq Hadhad everybody!

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