Peace for a Valley

it's so much bigger than my personal attachment to a portion of this province it's a loss for the entire province because this is a very valuable area how do we just split it we do not want to lose this precious resource this valley has been our home for over 10,000 years and it's going to continue to be our home there's no other place I would want to live look at it it's absolutely gorgeous here everything we need to survive is here not actually even surviving you could thrive here it's the Peace River we're standing on right now ancestral lands of the dinies of people which are my ancestors the West mobley First Nations and all the treaty eight First Nations I've said from the very beginning we're not opposed to development but we're opposed to is the unnecessary impacts that plenty of this valley is unnecessary the economics are bad just from an electricity user standpoint an underestimated construction cost the financial state of the corporation you know what could put considerable pressure on all all a B C's debt so financially it's not a winner in the length of time it's going to take to build this project if it goes forward we're gonna see a tremendous change in technology I don't see why we don't invest in some of that new technology if you know we're talking about a lot of cost and environmental loss here where we could show the world what we can do as came out in the joint review panel recommendations their project isn't required at this time you know the analysis of demand has to be really looked at because the demand obviously isn't there I was born and raised in the valley if sightsee does go up again we will lose everything that we have here the water level is just below our house and also the proposed highway goes right through our our yard the Site C reservoir if it went ahead would back up both of those jars and according to BC hydros stability impact lines all those three hills there they're all going to slide in they're not stable banks as they are you know I can't live without without eating them if this project was to go ahead you know we would they would be flooding some of the best farmland in the Northeast area you know you can grow grain anywhere in this country but that's stuff that can grow down there it's you name it fruit berries corn so it's a shame to be growing hay or grain down in the bottom or oil seeds our property here wasn't affected from the first time or the second down let's see would be a different story my grandpa like when he lived here in the 70s BC Hydro had come to his front door he just said I'm I'm not selling you know I'm not moving until the water is up to my knees and so now Here I am you know third-generation forty years later and we're still talking about having to fight and a hydro down the best case scenario possible at this point would be for site C to not be shelved but to be taken off the table and destroyed we're gonna press on and live our lives and try not to live in the shadow of site C home is the Peace River there has to be a new way of thinking that the old way of thinking can't continue to happen from an economic standpoint I just can't get myself in favor of it no matter how we look at it we just cherish every morning when we can get up and look out and see that River flowing by and will continue to do that forever as long as we live here be damned if I'm going to walk away without a fight

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