PEACE LILY – Air Purifier Plant Care Tips, Propagation Repot and Mistakes

Hello Friends, Today will look into a very
beautiful ornamental indoor plant � the Peace Lily which is a NASA recommended Air
Purifying plant. Will look into the care tips, the common mistakes
we tend to do while caring peace lily and also how to propagate peace lily. Coming up.. Spath or peace lily or closet plants with
botanical name as Spathiphyllum is a beautiful indoor air purifying plant as recommended
the NASA. They are evergreen perennials with large leaves
and unique flowers which are produced in spadix. Spaedix means a spike having small flowers
on a fleshy stem.This spadix is surrounded by a spathe which is a curved white bract
or hood which covers the spadix. When it comes to indoor plants, peace lily
plants are some of the easiest to care for. But, while peace lily plant care is easy,
proper growing conditions are still important. Let�s take a look at the care of peace lilies. 1. Sunlight: Peacelily prefers medium to low
light � that�s indirect sunlight and can be kept in shady places. Again Peace lilies that are kept in more light
tend to produce more and healthy flowers, and in low light will bloom less and will
look more like a traditional foliage plant. SO keeping this mind, you can keep indoors
at a spot which receives adequate indirect bright light. 2. Watering: This point is very important for
peace lily care and the most common mistake gardeners tend to do is overwater the peace
lily. Peace lilies are far more tolerant of under-watering
than overwatering, which is one of the most common reasons for a peace lily plant to die. So what you can do is check once in three
days and dip a finger into the soil to check for moisture and if the soil is till damp,
never water it now, check again after 1 or 2 days and then water the container. 3. Also one more tip on Watering: Some people
also wait until their peace lily is starting to droop down before watering their plant. As these plants are very drought tolerant,
this method does not harm the plant and will prevent overwatering. 4. Soil: Soil at any cost has to be well draining
soil. If you bring your plant from a nursery and
you find its planted in clay rich soil, please remove the clay rich soil by soaking the root
ball in a tub of water which dissolves the clay rich soil. Then repot the plant in a larger container
in a well draining soil. Please watch my video on Universal Potting
soil from a link in description and also from the top right corner link, but please complete
this video first. 5. Well, Now the Fertilizer Requirement. You can use NPK 20 20 20 5 � 6 crystals
once a month or decomposed cowdung or horse dung powder. 6. Propagation of Peace lily: It can be grow
from seeds, and by dividing the root ball during repotting if its over grown its container. 7. One last bonus tip to keep it healthy with
proper photosynthesis, keep its leaves clean of any dust by spraying water or mopping the
leaves. So there we have it folks, That was an episode
on peace lily care tips and propagation. Please comment below the video, if you like
it or not and also any extra points if I missed here. Also please give a like or thumbs up to the
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39 thoughts on “PEACE LILY – Air Purifier Plant Care Tips, Propagation Repot and Mistakes

  • Thank you so much for your efforts on making useful videos with great presentation. I had a peace lily and died – because i never knew the watering requirements of peace lily plant.

  • I have a peace lily at my office. It is an air conditioned cabin but its kept away from the direct AC breeze. I watered my plant 4 days ago. When I came back to office after the weekend there were about 3 yellow leaved and many wilted leaves. My peace lily is kept near the window facing north. Please help.

  • Cutting the roots make it susceptible to root rot. Ive also never heard of over watering peace lillies. Theres many cases where people grow them in full water culture (all water, no soil) and they do extremely well.

  • I have bought 3 plants last year but potted them they stopped flowering. they all are healthy but no flower since 8-10 months. do I need to apply any special hormone for flowering.

  • 3 months back I will planted one. It s not at all growing instead it s dying. I kept in veranda .no direct sun. Yesterday I kept in rain. I am from Kerala. What to do. Pl guid e

  • Thanks for the video.. It's very useful. I have a peace lily which is placed indoor and I'm watering it once the top layer of the soil is dry. But still the leaves are turning yellow and brown. The flowers turned brown.can you please help me. I'm much worried about my peacelily.

  • I purchased a peace lily 2 months ago and I kept it in direct sunlight and watered it daily. Now the flower has burned from the top and there are only 7-10 leaves in it. How do I make it healthier?

  • My peace lily leaves are going black. I don't overwater the plant or keep it in direct sunlight. I kept on removing the leaves which went black and now the plant is left with only few fresh green leaves. What should I do to protect the plant?

  • I have a question, my peace lily has small buds of flowers that grow, but they become brown and black wither and die after a week. Very small grown buds, The rest of the plant is very healthy.

  • Thanks for infermative vedeo. My piece Lilly plant is with good growth but it's leaves margin become black slowly and gradually whole leave becomes black and dies plant is not over watered not in direct sun light and having ideal swel Please gaudier

  • I have a peace lily from 1967! I’ve divided it into 3 different pots over the years. How do I encourage the white seed flowers???

  • My peacelillies always have broqn tips… i take utmost care with watering everything but they are not healthy

  • I've read few blogs about this lily and sometimes they mention a resting period after flowering, do you ever do that with your peace lilys? And if so, what should I do exactly?

    Oh and I finally know why mine stopped to flower! It grew beautifully, lots of large green leaves but no flowers! It was getting a lot of direct sun!

  • Hello, I have brought this plant from one of my friends place, But the pot is filled with lot of peace lily plants & it's a mud pot where I can't keep it in my bedroom, So how to remove one of the plant n keep it in a new pot, any condition for this or I just need to pull one of the plant and put in new pot or need to put in water for few days.

  • is it like so if this plant is initially grown in soil. And then if one removes the soil and try to grow it in water , then it won't grow?? As i have done the same thing. Will it grow and flower?

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