Peace of Mind for IDF Veterans

My name is Dr. Danny Brom I'm the director of Metiv Herzog Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma. We've been dealing with trauma in Israeli society for the past 26, 27 years I've personally seen amazing experiences of healing and growth. One of our flagship programs is called Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind is dealing with combat soldiers or combat units who come out of the Army and now have to re-adapt to civilian life There is actually no support for that. Some of these young people have lost friends on the battlefield. They may question split-second decisions they made in combat. Left unprocessed these experiences can leave a mark on them and their partners, their children and their functioning. Here at Metiv we've developed an innovative program that lets these veterans speak their hearts about their experiences by helping them work through both the meaning and the difficulty of their service. We help Israeli society as a whole heal and grow from these wounds. Through Peace of Mind we've already worked with over 600 combat veterans This work depends on the support of Jewish communities abroad, where units travel for the core of the program Israel's security is built on the ongoing service of these young men and women and our future depends on their resilience and health

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