Peace One Day – Get involved and lives will be saved

hi my name is Jeremy Gilley I'm a filmmaker in 1998 I was thinking hard about what was going on in the world the starvation the destruction the killing of innocent people I was trying to make sense of a world that I was growing up in and finding it difficult and so I wanted to see if I could make a film about peace but I realized there was no day of peace there was nothing that United the world above politics and above religion we have an Earth Day we have a Valentine's Day we should surely have a Peace Day so I decided to try and establish the first-ever Peace Day with a fixed calendar day a day of ceasefire a day of non-violence a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that we've never known before so I set out in 1999 I traveled the world meeting people like the Dalai Lama Kofi in there Shimon Perez Oscar Arias Mary Robinson going into Burundi Somalia ours at West Bank in defaul and Central America all over the world and what I learnt it was speaking to humanitarians who were dealing with saving people's lives on a daily basis is that if we hadn't their ceasefire on non-violence we could immunize children move aid lives could be saved children could be inspired there was a day that had immense benefit in September of 2001 the British and Costa Rican governments put that idea forward to the United Nations General Assembly and the first-ever Peace Day with a fixed calendar day was created it is so decided unanimously adopted by every member state of the United Nations the 21st of September now and forever a day a ceasefire a day of non-violence a day for youth act as a cannonball to make a difference last year there were commitments to Peace Day by ordinary people like you and me in 200 countries twenty seven point six million people organizations like the World Food Program dropped a into southern Sudan International Rescue Committee reunited a young girl soldier her family in the Congress star syringe did immunizations in lots of different countries 2.2 million young in the UK singing simultaneously no wars will stop a singing there were marathon picnics war people saying sorry the day is work is not just symbolic that is only the beginning we're here today to ask you to become involved in the process please after watching this film make your own commitment to peace day whether it's holding a minute of silence coming together with the family organizing a football match organizing an immunization doing something in the workplace the community or in the school whatever it is no matter how big or small please do it if we want to move from a culture of war to a culture of peace then we are going to have to unite and the 21st of September is that starting point we are trying to unite as many people as possible we need to come together as one to lift the consciousness around the most fundamental issue the protection of each other so please please don't wait for government to make the difference make the difference yourself and please log your commitment to peace day on our website now by working together there will be peace one day you

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