Peace Points: Nobel Peace Prize 2018

the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize has just been awarded to Denis mukwege a in Nadia Murat for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war what are your reactions well first of all I think that these are two quite extraordinary people Nagi Murad victim of an atrocity who's risen above being a victim through courage I mean bravery of an extraordinary degree and including the bravery and the determination to speak out about her experience and Denis mukwege II who's a doctor who's made the choice to use his skill and his talents for helping women survive atrocities and who himself has put his own life at risk because of that he's been has been threatened with being killed so these are brave people they are articulate they have spoken out I think that there it's they are extraordinary people and they deserve this honor I think that the second thing is that this really directs attention towards a serious problem sexual violence has been part of war since time immemorial since before we have records but it's really only since about the 1970s that it's come out of the shadows there was a book published in 1975 seminal work by Susan Brown Miller called against our will which was about rape as a general phenomenon and it shone the light on rape in war as part of that and then in more recent years there have been the UN resolution 1820 that's about ten years ago there's been the work in the campaigning that was associated with Angelina Jolie and with William Hague the former foreign secretary of Great Britain to bring attention toward sexual violence in in time of war so this award is the latest step in that process I think it's I see this also as being a prize of our time if you like thinking about the me2 movement and I think that what this award does as also the me2 movement does is to call upon us all women and men alike to listen to the victims of sexual violence and sexual abuse of any kind and to affirm the dignity of women who've been the victim of it because part of being victimized is that their dignity is stripped away from them and then with that as this whole issue comes out into the light as we hear the voices of people who have been abused in this way then the next step is getting justice for them so I hope that this this prize this Peace Prize 2018 really does move us on to that next step

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