Peaceful Cuisine Q&A #1

I always enjoy watching your videos. I got to know about vegan when I first saw your videos. Do you have cooking license? Also, do you have any licenses other than cooking license? Is there any license you want to get? I don't have cooking license. I've never even thought of getting one. But I have many licenses actually. When I was teenager, I went to technical collage for automobile. I got over 10 licenses when I was leaning there. such as a forklift license. But I'm not using any at this moment. There's no license I want to get since I'm not interesting in getting license. I don't hate people. This kitchen hasn't changed a lot, so watch the kitchen tour video I made before. as far as I saw your videos, you use your ingredients directly from the package or bottle. Can you eyeball anything? I do scale. outside of camera frame, I always scale each ingredients. Let me ask you a &$^Q&(&^ Let me ask you a question. okay. How do you manage all the expiry date of your spices and seasonings. I don't. It would oxidate and change color if you keep them too long. I usually don't keep them over a few years. I put them in a bottle and place them somewhere in the kitchen. when you go to travel, which do you shoot more, still or movie? It depends. I shoot more movie if I decided so, and vice versa. This is too long. I have a question. can you freeze mochiese? I haven't tried yet, but Yes. probably. I've been vegetarian for 9 months now. I was thinking of spreading vegan lifestyle by showing my recipe on the web. But when I saw your videos and lifestyle, I thought I couldn't do it better than you. So, is it possible that I share your recipe and lifestyle in Facebook or something? Yes, of course! I'm getting tired. Excuse me, sir. I do have a question. What food did you like the most….. I guess this person is woman. not like this. Hi there! Can I ask you a question? What food did you like the most when you traveled? since you travel a lot, I appreciate if you answer to me. You know, every country has different taste, flavor and ingredients. I just can't choose which food I like the most. every country has their own delicious food and I'm just enjoying it. okay, last question. I only have 13cm paring knife right now and have been wanting the second knife. What knife do you recommend? If you had 13cm paring knife, the next one would be 24 or 27cm chef knife. Knives are not something like you buy every year. so personally I haven't owned many companies knives before. so I can't really recommend particular company. Buy something you would love to get. one more. I still got so many questions to answer. I'll ask you to leave your questions again. Leave your questions on this video. Then I'll make Q&A #2 video. please don't ask the same question which I already answered. Leave a question. and I'll use the same comment picker. See you!

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