32 thoughts on “Peaceful Relaxing Instrumental Music, Celtic Nature Music "Mountain Peace" by Tim Janis

  • P.S Tim I forgot to mention my favorite song is the journey home, because I've had to trek through lots of mountains to find my way home and it was so incredible! So magical that it made the journey to the mountains worth it, each day of seeing the forest is such an inspiration of me of hope and healing, does the forest have the same effect on you and Reno? :] And also thanks for making each day very special with each of your wonderful videos! :]

  • Greetings Tim, oh I'm so happy that you considered my alpine stream idea! Isn't the bubbling of a creek or the rushing of a river just so peaceful! And I love spending the week with you and Reno, it's very fun and I always get excited for a new upload :] I hope you and Reno have a awesome weekend as well and may God bless. :]

  • Beautiful music and places I wish I could go to I just close my eyes and I am there thank you once again my friend✌🏼️🌎🌈🙏🏻😎🌻🌅🌌

  • HI,Dear Tim! Lehet újra írni…? Én most lefekszem fáj a fejem nagyon , kitárom az ablakot..és nagyon szép zenét kérek,ha nem"jelzek" vissza is..Én hallom csukott szemmel is..nagyon meleg van, most 28C -nappal 30-38 C…Sötétben is hallak..Kérek egy kis Mainei-Óceán fuvallatot..Ezt a zenéd most kezdtem hallgatni..nézni még..Szép estét és szép hétvégét..Nektek..(Rénó és Bella)Szeretettel Rebeka ..jun. 28 –22:53 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ***

  • Good morning Tim, gosh you've done it again! This Celtic music is so incredible it never ceases to amaze me! I love how you have pictures of translucent, vivid and colorful nature untouched by man! It's so wild and free awe that's what I love about the wilderness! Also the unicorns add such a magical touch to the Celtic theme and I am brought back to my Irish heritage :] The butterflies are like tiny sparkling jewels with their dazzling orange wings captivating me into so much peace and relief from stress. Truly your music redeems me from my darkest hours and the tranquility and color of nature is so calming, I especially love the majestic castles and snowy mountaintops they really remind me of where I live with the needle trees :] Though some needle trees look boring, I actually found a few I like they're so tall and some have different shapes than others. Traveling across the country, I've learned to appreciate nature in all its forms, though I must say my favorite is mountains and meadows :] Both provoke such freedom and tranquility, truly God's masterpieces! My favorite song is Realms of Heavens because the music in it can very much sound like angels singing and the mountains like God's natural castles! I also love how you have the flowing waterfalls that place me into such calmness and marvel at how beautiful they are! Each changing picture is like a walk through time and I absoulty love each one, expressed so well in all its forms! Maybe you can make a video with a alpine stream with some flute Tim? It would mean a ton! Because the stream is such a nature course sound of the forest that is very soothing to me :] I in fact used to sit in the forest and listen to a creek bubbling and it would remind me about how precious life is on our planet and we must protect the few wild places that still exist. Anyways I feel like each piece of nature is a gift provided from God, for the colors and awe it invokes especially the very tall mountains there is nothing as special as that! I hope you and Reno have a fantastic week and may angels be with you through each journey :] :] P.S thanks for being my true friend Tim when I needed you :]

  • Under the lighthouse ist so wunderschön !!!! Sooooo wundervoll !!! 🌼🌻🏵🌼🌻🏵 Danke ! Ich wuensche Euch immer Engel an Eurer Seite und allzeit Engelschutz.☄☄☄☄ Frieden und Segen . 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Carola


  • Hi Tim here you are again with another incredibly beautiful music video for us to enjoy. Thank you from Connie and Tucker 🌷🐕

  • Thank you Tim for another marvelous video. Peace and blessings to you and Reno

    “I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2 🙏

  • Many Thanks for your Ministry of Music. God Has Blessed You and You are a Blessing to so many – thank you! And your art and tech team are an amazing group of people as well! Blessings to all of you!

  • I have wanted to go England Ireland Scotland for years the sounds music and mountains I close my eyes and listen and I am there the Lochs river and all take me far away from the things I cannot change. JB

  • Thank you very much Tim for your music, I listen to it every day, even, in days like today, that the heat has been overwhelming here in Barcelona! We have a few hot days and the worst is expected for tomorrow ….. in the area where I live, we will reach 40 ° c. I would love to have the air of the mountains, like yours … you are very privileged! 🍃🏔🍃💚

  • Really wonderful !!! Thank you Tim!!! I really love your amazing creations, my very best wishes to you as always…

  • Thank you Tim for this beautiful video and music. As I listen to this music sent on Wings of God’s Love I let go of all negative thoughts. Resting with peace of mind soaring on Wings of Serenity. This music and video takes me into God’s presence. Embarrassing His sweet and tender unconditional love with a heart full of gratitude🥰

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