28 thoughts on “Peaceful Relaxing Instrumental Music, Meditation Calm Music "Sacred Places" by Tim Janis

  • This music makes me think of Ireland and my Irish grandmother who loved music. I think I get my love of music from her. Thank you Tim for blessing us with your music its a great way to start or end the day!

  • Todos tus vídeos son magníficos, realmente los disfruto, es un placer verlos y oírlos.Gracias y que sigas siendo bendecido con el don de la creación.

  • Prachtige natuur en mooie muziek om te ontspannen dank je tim dat heb ik nodig om tot rust te komen ,! God bles jou

  • Hi Tim, I just found this music you posted. I will share it. Brightest Blessings Karissa

  • Dearest Tim you don't have to fear of being behind, no worries! I'm usually asleep at 10 PM anyway, and I'm really enjoying chatting with Mieko :] What are you filming for? I'm looking forward to new videos!!! Maybe a Celtic one? Those are my favorite, the flute seems to just filter and calm my very core :] The ocean is also very beautiful with its mysterious rocks and cliff formations, I enjoy the sound of the waves crashing against the beach and I also like the lighthouses, beams of light through the darkness to save the lost :] Above all is the castles in those videos, they are like ancient temples of where dwarves and faires once reigned, maybe even dragons still lurking behind them :] The hidden pathways make me feel wonder and anticipation of what magic lies on the end of them :] And the valleys are like wide open lands that carry me into eternal peace and freedom. Anyway I can't wait to hear for more of your delightful videos, I hope you and Reno have a great week and good luck on your big show! May God bless and be helping you on each step of this bumpy journey called life lol :]

  • “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good…” Gen. 1.31a
    🙏 🐦 🌷 🌿

  • Dear Tim, beautiful video with a fascinating title. I share with you a beautiful phrase of the Zen master Thích Nhất Hạnh, about our common Home. If we all could deeply see the sacredness of our planet, we would love it and respect it more … Let's keep working on it.

    "… The third virtue of the Earth is its non-discrimination, and that means that it does not judge things, it's a lot of harm that we human beings have caused to Earth, but it does not punish us for it. He gives us life and receives us in his womb when we die.

    If you look deeply until you experience the connection that

    you join the Earth, admiration, love and respect will seize you. When you realize that the Earth is not only the environment that surrounds you, you feel motivated to protect it as you protect yourself. Because there is no difference between the Earth and you. And, in that kind of communion, there is no room for alienation … "TNH

    The earth, our precious home, our Sacred place … where it is necessary to take off your sandals when treading … perfect mirror of Paradise so longed for, place of Peace, Love and Joy …

    Thank you, dear Tim, for this beautiful video.

    May this Maine enjoy your new presentation … I wish you a good rest. Blessings and Peace. 🙂 Emi

  • Bonjour M Tim , vos paysages sont magnifiques , que du bonheur à regarder et votre musique si relaxante me fait du bien , merci , un calin pour Reno ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  • Another epic orchestration and performance. Just beautiful. And perfect for me as we are heading to Scotland for June. Thanks -ANRT

  • Thank you for creating such beautiful music, it's helping me still my mind in what is a very difficult time. I used to express myself through poetry and someone once said to me reading my poems was like listening to Mozart. I haven't written for a while but perhaps your music will inspire

  • Bonsoir, magnifiques musiques instrumentales tellement relaxantes avec ces divers beaux paysages qui m'inspire à peindre ou à composer des très jolis poèmes sur ces merveilles de la nature…! Quelle belle vidéo, cela me transporte beaucoup …un vrai enchantement …! Merci pour ce magnifique partage remplie d'émotions… ! Amitié.. ! XUAN

  • Hallo Tim.
    Weer zo mooi . Elke avond zo genieten van jou muziek.
    Ik verheug me iedere keer weer, om naar je muziek te luisteren.
    En van je mooie video's.

  • Good morning 🌞😃 Tim! Gosh this music is so beautiful and enchanting! I love the glorious, majestic waterfalls truly God’s example of fountains of life! My fav song is if someday, the flute is just so powerful and captivating it really places warmth throughout my heart ❤️! I also love how radiant and vividly is the color of the trees and green grass when the morning sunlight dapples it’s golden pools 🙂 and I must say the hidden pathways are my fav! I begin to think there is a hidden castle ahead 😃. This video also reminds me of a recent trip I went on to Oregon, it’s the second most beautiful state to Maine. They are very similar, the same trees and mossy floors with some colorful tall green grasses I love!!! So in a way it was like going back in a walk through time, I had so much fun! The mountains were so tall though! There was a lake so clear blue too, that was my fav part of the trip! I hope u have fun for ur show Tim! How is Reno? And what’s the weather like in Maine right now, keep in touch 🙂 and have a awesome rest of your week, may god bless.

  • Oh wow Tim, this music🎤🎼🎹🎶 was really very peaceful, relaxing and energetic. Keep posting such beautiful😍💓 videos and help people in forgetting all their stress and anxiety.
    Blessings👼🙏❤ and peace,
    From Aryan!!

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