PEARL Reading Solution from Freedom Scientific

Hi, I'm Charlie. Today I'd like to show you
Freedom Scientific's PEARL camera with
OpenBook. The PEARL reading camera weighs less than
two pounds and deploys in seconds to connect to
your computer's USB port. Align your page with the guide at the front of the
base, and press the spacebar. The PEARL snaps a picture, and OpenBook
begins reading in seconds. (Shutter click sound) Read along on your computer with the enhanced
text view. (OpenBook begins reading the text on the screen
out loud.) Or use the exact page view that shows the
pictures and column structure. (OpenBook begins reading the text out loud.) You can even see your document both ways in
the split view. The highlighting tracks the reading voice in both
views. (OpenBook begins reading the text on the screen
out loud.) Use the multipage automatic mode to read most
paperback books by placing them sideways in the
9-inch by 12-inch reading area. Press the spacebar to take the first picture and
the PEARL will sense when you turn the pages… …so that OpenBook keeps acquiring pages as it
reads the book to you. (OpenBook begins reading the text out loud.)
(Shutter click sound) (Shutter click sound) (OpenBook continues reading as pages are
turned and the camera acquires new images.) (Shutter click sound) Enlarge the text or spread the letters out for
easier viewing. The words always wrap on the
screen. Change the text and background colors to suit
your vision. Even change the highlighting. Connect one of our Braille displays to instantly
transcribe printed documents to Braille. When it’s time to go, the PEARL packs away just
as quickly. That’s the PEARL scanning and reading solution
from Freedom Scientific.

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