Pedal Boat To Freedom with Oscar Nunez

– I’m here with Oscar Nunez. I’ve kidnapped him. We’re in Lake Orion, Michigan. Let’s do this. That’s reverse. – [Oscar] Oh, that’s reverse. Well, you know it goes reverse. – Now that I have you in the car, I need you to say as a dad,
do I make a right or a left? – It says right turn only, but if there’s no cops around, you can make a left. – [Woman] There aren’t any. We’re gonna use your fame to get out of it if there is. – Well, I’m not wearing
a bra, so that’ll help. – I’m gonna make a right turn. – [Oscar] Okay. (laughs) – Beautiful, Lake Orion,
it’s very pristine. Is this good? – [Woman] You can get out of the car. – [Oscar] Thank you for the ride. – [Woman] Bye, you got your lunch? – [Oscar] Yeah. – [Woman] You got your phone? – Yes. – [Woman] You got your smile? – Yes. Oh, hi, I’m Oscar Nunez. (upbeat music) (duck quacks) This is Lake Orion behind me, and this is the New American Road Trip. (upbeat music) Lake Orion has become a supportive and nurturing place to grow up electric. According to the electric
car charging map, there are 173 vehicle charging stations within a 30 mile radius
of where I’m standing, and 16 Starbucks. Why have I brought you to this adorable little village, just 45 minutes outside of not so adorable Detroit. (record scratch) – Uh, oh. (laughs) – You’re already in trouble. – I said not so adorable. Detroit’s still adorable,
but not as adorable as Lake Orion. – As Lake Orion. – The reason we’re here
is to show you that besides the electric car, there’s other wonderful things going on out here. This boat is sun powered,
believe it or not, and these people are gonna tell us a little bit more about it. – I’m Ken Robinette. – And I’m Marcella Zinzor. – I’m Tony, I’m Marcella’s dad. I’m just going along for the ride. – We both live on the lake. So, we got solar panels on the top. – [Oscar] And pedal power. – [Ken] And pedal power is
the most important thing. – And Lake Orion is so
beautiful and clean. – People go out and
cruise and party on it. – Yes.
– Oh, yeah. – [Oscar] You take them
for a tour around the lake. – The last group was a whole bunch of moms that said where’s the motor. – You’re the motor. You’re looking at your thighs. – [Ken] You’re looking at it, yeah. – [Oscar] You’re sitting on the motor. – Exactly. – So, you feel you’re an
example for other people? – I mean, first thing is I fish. We both fish a lot. Well, him and his garden. – All organic. – Everything 100% organic. He doesn’t throw a single thing away. – That’s so cool. – I collect rainwater off
the roof of the garage. – Thank you guys for
taking me out on the lake. I’ve gotta get back to LA, though, so if you guys could
start pedaling please, I think we could make
it back in four days. – [Marcella] Okay, let’s pedal. – [Tony] Here we go. – [Oscar] Oh, this is easy. The pedal’s really nice. – [Marcella] It is. (upbeat music) – Scissor, this doesn’t look like LA. – No, this actually can’t take you to LA. Yeah, it’s fine. We got a car waiting for you. Thank you, captain. We are all charged up and ready to go to my home town of
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Let’s do this. (upbeat music)

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