Pella Careers: Empowered to be Extraordinary

I got recruited to work at Pella Corporation as a Department Manager — loved it, it was a great experience, and it also opened up other opportunities for me to try different roles in the corporation. In my role, in the roles that I’ve had in the past, I’ve gotten a lot of different developmental opportunities, and I got support from my managers and guidance and all that. And really I think that’s why I’m in the role but I’m in at Pella today. We’re on a great growth trajectory as a company, and as we grow we need to ensure that we have people who are ready to handle this great growth that we’re going to deliver and the complexity that comes with it. So it’s our obligation as leaders to get people ready, with great coaching, with great development opportunities, really helping them to stretch and learn and be able to take on new things. I’ve been here for ten months now, and I’ve already strategized with my manager about where I’m at today and how I’m going to go through career development here to the next step. Development is up to each individual team member and what they want to pursue for a career here at Pella. With that being said, I strongly feel that our leadership team does a great job of promoting development as well as giving us all the tools that we need to be able to pursue any of those opportunities that we seek. It’s very important for us, as an organization, to utilize the strengths management foundation, which says you have strengths — things that are unique to your talents, that you would provide to the organization. And then there’s the other side of that which is one of the things that are weaknesses, that are just not a part of your offer, that you need to understand and insulate. So it’s really important for people to have a good balanced understanding of what they deliver in their offer, and what they don’t deliver, as they think about how they contribute. We make it a priority, as an executive team, as well as throughout the organization, to make sure that this is one of the top priorities because we understand that we have to double down on this investment to really make a great environment for our team members and to impact the future of this company.

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