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– Whatever – I think you look amazing – Thank you! You want to fuck me. (laughing) – Yeah watchu doing tonight? – So she's not a virgin. (laughing) – I'm Cat King. I'm a bartender and hairdresser. – My name is Sharee. I am a former high school Spanish teacher. – [Male Interviewer] Today
you're going to be guessing who's a virgin. – Aw sweeties, yeah let's do that. C'mon, this is going to be horribly fun. – I'm excited. – [Male Interviewer] Do you
think you could pinpoint someone who hasn't slept with someone? – I do feel like sometimes
you can just tell. But I also have never
played this game before, so I'm really just making up stuff. – [Male Interviewer] We're
gonna get them lined up behind you. You guys are good. – Damn this is some shit. – [Male Interviewer]
Alright, look behind you. – This is gonna be really tough you guys. Oh my goodness. – [Male Interviewer] I think
we'll just go down the line. – Okay, you first please. Would you come to the chopping block? You party a lot? – I did party – Were you in a sorority? – I was in a sorority. – Oh shit. – Do you like big dicks? – Um, yes. – [Gray Shirt Girl] Yes? – Yes I do. – You know you're well put together. I think that you probably
get hit on all the time. – I think you're a virgin. You just don't look like you've
had your just life forced just sucked out of you by somebody yet. – She's fucking hit a home run With herself and probably
somebody with a big dick. (laughing) – [Male Interviewer] Alright, next. – Okay, thank you. – So, how old are you? – I'm 22. – What's your sexual orientation? – I'm pansexual. – Dope! – Do you masturbate a lot. – I would say yes. – Okay – I do masturbate a lot. – Typically, when you're out
do you consider yourself shy or insecure? – Completely. – Let's do it. Talk dirty to me. – Girl – No (laughing) – You was finna gonna go into
an R&B you know like bridge. Girl. – Ya, I'm gonna say he's a virgin. – I don't think you're a virgin. – [Male Interviewer] Who's next? – What's up bro? How you doin'? – Good – What kinda stuff are you into man? – Drinking and smoking and playing guitar – And what do you do for a living? – This and that. Why do you ask? (Sharee laughs) – This and that? I'm curious. – Do you like big dicks? – I'm pretty impartial. – Really? – Yeah – This question is getting me somewhere. – He has very nice eyes. I actually see him more as
someone that women might approach I'm gonna say he's not a virgin. – I don't think that Nat is a virgin because he has a hickey. It's right here. – [Male Interviewer]
Is that your decision? Right away? – Yeah pretty much that was it. – [Male Interviewer] Alright. – I haven't seen a hickey
in a really long time. – So what's like your profession man? – I have worked as an actor
for about two and half years. I have worked in a ware house for about the same amount of time. And I also work in a sandwich shop. – Oh shit, so you mix it up? Shit. – Talk dirty to me. (blue shirt guy speaks some Spanish) (Cat screams) – I'm not so great at this. – You're not. – You got to give me some pointers. You got to help me out. – I got a nice ass. – You have a nice ass. – That's not enough. – I don't know man. – I'm not trying to sell you something. – You look like a salesman motherfucker. You tryna sell me something for real. – I'm kinda stumped by
this like insurance look. – Oh man. – I don't think your a virgin, even though you're terrible at dirty talk. – Oh shoot, damn it! – So, you're a virgin. – Mmmk – Yeah, is that offensive. (blue shirt guy laughs) – Is it, tell me the truth. – It's not offensive. Don't worry about it. – Okay then, cool. You're a virgin. Go back, boom! C'mon. – Hi. – Hi – I'm Anica. – Hi Anica. – Do you do any online dating at all? – I have done online dating? – How would you approach me
if I'm just on the street and you're interested in me? – Hey, you're looking pretty good. You're pretty cute. – Oh word, so are you. Thank you. – Thanks. – That was awesome. I've literally never heard
that in my life so that's good. – [Male Interviewer] Does she
look like a sexual person? – I mean I'm just gonna say no. You're just too cute. – To me, it's like half my
age so when I look at her I'm like no she hasn't
slept with anyone yet. No, no! – What do you call genitalia? I call my The Bermuda
Triangle or the squishy. What do you call yours? – I haven't really thought
of a name for it before. – Fuck, are you serious? – Yeah – I think she's a virgin. I do. – She's a virgin. – [Male Interviewer] Next person. – Hi What do you do? What's your life? How old are you? – I am 20; I will be 21
in a couple of weeks. – [Cat] Oh, hey! – So go me! I'm more of a stay at
home nerd on the computer. – So do you do online, I'm
assuming, online dating at all? – I have tinder, but I use
it more like a video game. It's something to do with my thumb. – Okay. – This is harder than I thought. – Anyone that does their hair like this. Anyone that puts that much
effort into walking out the house has definitely hit
bases, riggled the bits, touch the titties, motor boatin'. All that shit. – Do you consider yourself a sexual being? – Yes. – Yeah, no. Okay, she's not a virgin. – [Male Interviewer] Alright. – Hello – Hi – I'm Cat, nice to meet you. – Jamela – [Cat] How old are you? – I'm 28. – Have you been injured
or is this a disability? – Well I do have a disability, but I actually tore my
ACL for the second time. – Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. – I want to say people typically
think that disabled people don't get down. But like I know that they
are some fucking freaks in the disabled community because
I've met the motherfuckers Right? – Could you show me how you
would approach somebody you're interested in? – Hey handsome, how you doin? – Hey, that would work
like a motherfucker. Shit, hell yeah. – I think you are a virgin. You're just so sweet,
not crushed by the world. – Thank you very much. I think you rigged your bits. She's not a virgin. They be tryna trick me. (laughing) What the fuck was that? What was that? Was that your signature dance? – Whatever you want it to be. – You get down? – I get down. – Is that . . . oh shit What the. . . – There's no way that that guy's a virgin. (laughing) He's got such moves; look at him! – Like you can tell he's older, but he has like this more
youthful fashion sense. – Would you please talk dirty to me? – Roll over (Cat screams) – Is that your natural speaking voice, or are you like trying to seduce me? – No – No – He's not a virgin. – [Male Interviewer] Why? – Because he's very approachable. He just came right up to me. I feel like he's very
comfortable around women. – He's not a virgin. You can go back Murphy. Thanks Murph. You hear that shit; he called me momma. – [Male Interviewer] Raise
your hand if you're a virgin. Now, turn around. – Aww, none of 'em I got right. – You fucking piece of. . . That's bullshit. – See I knew you was acting, motherfucker. – Cause I have lots of questions. – [Male Interviewer] Yeah,
I'm just going to bring the virgins out to talk with you. And you can talk to them about it. – Hey – I knew it, I knew it. – You're the only person
ever to have guessed that. – Cause I'm smart, and I'm psychic. – I did not get this one right, but he's also got a hickey
so I feel misdirected. – Do you feel like having
sex would change you, or your life, or the
way you look at things? – Yeah, I think I'd be a . . . I don't know that much more so distracted. – Do you ever want to lose
it or is it something? – Absolutely not. . . yeah of course. There's no like chastity belt
and I lost the keys somewhere. – I don't even know what the fuck that is, but that's what's up. – Do you want to? – Yeah, what're you doing later? (Cat screams and laughs) – See that's a pick up line you guys. – Alright, c'mon out here salesman. How you doing? You're a virgin. – Ah yes, I am. – You haven't riggled the bits. – I haven to riggled the bits. – Is that a choice or is it? – It's monosizing. It's just cause I'm too busy. – Do you wanna fuck something? – Is that a proposition? – I don't dibble and dab with the pen'. Thank you salesman person. – I appreciate that. – [Male Interviewer] The next person. – So, I surprised you, huh? – You sure did – How? What? You don't fuck? You haven't fucked? You were so ready for me and you? – There's something about people
that're talkative that just kinda makes it seem like they'd be easy. – Do you date? Do you still have relationships? – No, I've never been in a relationship. – I'm very into like you're look. I'm very into you. I think that it's great. I hope the person fucks
the shit out of you over some tables, up against
the stove when it's not on, like I want you to have a good time. – [Male Interviewer] Next person. – Your ass is a fucking weirdo. (laughing) – You're a virgin
sweety; that's beautiful. – Yeah, why? How old are you? – 52 – Wow – Wow – So why are you still a virgin? – I haven't found the right one yet. – Okay, that's… – Came close a couple times. – Yeah – Do you think you're asexual? – I don't think so. – Are you looking for some dicks, or are you trying to go the other way? – I don't know what I'm
looking for at this point. – I think you might need
a big dick in your life. – I think that there's
somebody out there who can make Murphy's dancing hips and
put 'em to some good use. We'll get you some dates. – [Male Interviewer] Cool,
let's get back in line. Alright. That's it guys. Thank you. (applause) – Yay! – [Male Interviewer] And then
you guys are good to walk off. Everyone together. – Goodbye lovelies. – Are you a mother? – I am. You want my information? – What's your name? – Let's talk after this, c'mon. – [Male Interviewer] Rayne,
you're good to walk off. – Oh walk off. I'm going with him then because he tryna proposition me. – [Male Interviewer] And that's a cut. Good job guys.

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