People & Planet: Farmer Assistance

coffee drinkers should of course care about the quality of the coffee that they're drinking they should also be concerned about the well-being of coffee farmers there are a number of challenges that coffee farmers face weather changes pressures related to land development there are also many young people who are moving away from coffee farming and so our farmer assistance program helps build coffee farmers resilience in the face of these challenges Makana cover Violetta vision into 34 year on Juanita ma lava def gonna be our Gubicza community about karate tournament which in north america journey will be no bragging University for never – no – we work with NGOs like technoServe to help coffee farmers not only improve the quality and the quantity of the coffee that they grow but it's also helped improve their income we train the farmers for a period of two years and they'll learn all of the best practices that we know will increase the deals and improve the quality of their coffee the changes that I've seen since I started coming here 10 years ago have been incredible digitizes a good to see a mug shot to deactivate a wooden or junk we recovered a vanishing trick their income has increased by threefold even tenfold in some cases farmers have been able to invest in their farms to support the education and the health care of their families and also to build separate side businesses to further increase their income Oh No at Pete's farmer assistants is a way for us to live out our values as a company there's a lot of demand for high quality specialty coffee we want coffee farmers to be able to take advantage of this opportunity

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