People Read Strangers' Race Secrets

in sixth grade I was in the school girls bathroom when a couple older girls came in they held me down one of them tried to scrub my blackness and dirty mud skin when I told the staff they ignored it my parents still don't know to this day I hate being Indian I don't think there's anything wrong with it of course but more than anything I wish that I could just be white I'm technically Native American but I used to identify as white so I could blend in more and keep off the negative stereotype I wish I could change my race so I wouldn't be looked down upon taken for granted or bullied all my life I'm black and my father has always told me to never date outside of my race if I did he would be infuriated I have a baby on the way with the white girl my grandmother jokingly would say that when I was a kid she would say don't bring no white girl and I think it was just a thing from her past growing up in the 50s and 60s when things were segregated but that's tough to do the thing that your parent told you not to do now you have to face it I'm always the one to speak my mind and the first to fight back against injustice but when directly confronted with a racist remark I'm left powerless and speechless resulting in me laughing the comment off and indirectly essentially perpetuating racism as a whole all the time like you get to like a party or get together like a family function and like someone's uncle or someone's like friend of a friend makes them like racist comment and you don't want to ruin things for your friend or your family or your loved one by starting a thing I relate to this it's like are we letting people get away with hurting us and they may not even mean to hurt us but we should just let them know that that's what's going on I'm brown but I wish I was white because I don't want to be associated with all the violence portrayed in the media I love being a person of color and you should embrace yourself and I know being a part of a culture in a community that's got these deep roots or that's different is a beautiful thing you should find a way to love yourself and be proud of who you are and not let the fear get in the way of that because that's how they win I feel like no matter how good I look or how beautiful I become I will never be able to be as beautiful or desirable as a fully white woman sometimes I don't feel black enough I can relate to that because I would hear from other black people that I wasn't black enough or just because I have a lighter complexion I have green eyes it's like I don't fit into the mold of what a black girl should look like therefore it's like I get secluded as if I'm not black enough what does it mean to be black or white it's just a color like it's just a word I got the end of the day we're all human beings I don't understand why we have to constantly fit into a mold or be categorized or labeled like I don't want to be black enough or white enough I just want to be me hey guys Jason from jubilee here we want to say thank you so much for watching another episode of seeking secrets and we also want to say a big thank you to our sponsors simple habit simple habit is an amazing mental wellness app that has guided meditations and therapy I've used simple habit in the middle of my day when I'm stressed at work and have an important meeting coming up it's just a great way to take a moment take a breath and and think about ourselves for those of you who are interested make sure you check out the link below with that link you actually will get seven days of premium content for free I know I loved I know our entire Jubilee team has loved it too so thank you guys once again for watching and we'll see you guys next time

33 thoughts on “People Read Strangers' Race Secrets

  • Funny how now white people wanna be black nowdays by getting lip injections , butt injections and curling their hair😴

  • I’m of total mixed race, I’m part white, part Korean, part Hawaiian and my grandfather was Native American, and I just never feel like I fit in to any one race. Asian people think I’m “too white” and whenever I have white friends they always call me “the Asian friend”. It can be isolating and can hurt your self esteem to feel like you don’t really fit in with anyone.

  • It makes me happy to know that I know very many people who hate the discrimination against my people and religion but what hurts me most is that fact that despite that…..I don’t think I know anyone who would actually have the courage to stand up for me if I’m in a situation like that even if I’m in front of a crowd of people I don’t think anyone would help which makes me feel defenseless and that all together scares me in a way I can’t explain……..

  • I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure that there is no white person in this video. If I’m right, it gives me the impression that people don’t think that white people experience racism which is a false belief. I’m white and I’m not taking it for granted, but it’s not a perfect life like people seem to perceive it as. People will just automatically assume that I’m a racist or only have white friends. But I am happy with who I am. I also feel bad that people will perceive me in a way that makes them jealous.

  • Even some peoples have dedicated their lives to working for a psychological restoration, there's still so a long way to go, Damn !!!

  • I am 75% Mexican and 25% black. One time a girl told me I act Hispanic and told I should start acting more black. She told that I that I ashamed of my black culture. I was raised in a Hispanic household, learned Spanish, ate Mexican food, and watch shows in spanish. It is not my fault on how I was raised.

  • Am i the only one who ive seen racism towards white people? It happens all the time at my school which was originally a black school
    But when a black person is racist to a white person that isnt racist for them but the moment a white person just says "black" its all racist and there gonna get jumped and there gonna get this and that

  • Growling up in a majority white town and school, I began to hating my own skin because I don't feel like I'm black enough for my own culture. I don't like that certain things, I don't certain things that other black people do. And coming from a bad home, it didn't help my self esteem or my depression

  • When an asian says something that is stereotypical about white or black people they are instantly called racist and hated but when some else is making fun of Asians it’s a perfect time to laugh.. I absolutely hate when this happens

  • it makes my heart hurt that we cant just accept each other as human beings. when someone said they werent able to feel as beautiful as a fully white woman, it really hit. I'm a fully white girl and I dont feel comfortable or beautiful with myself. I'm not the skinny, bright blonde barbie girl, I'm the chunky girl and to hear other races- people in general say they wish they're something their not just to be accepted in society, isnt okay. we should be able to walk outside and meet a new race everyday, without out us or them being afraid of one another. all of us, as whites, blacks, Indians, hispanics, asians, need to ban together and grow bigger than what the past was and obliterate the racs stereotypes, because its just pushing a society farther and farther from each other. we really need to get our act together

  • What disgusts me the most after the comments that were made about color is the number of dislikes this video has
    You sick people that disliked this I hope you get some sense knocked into your head soon

  • There was a 9/11 documentary and everyone just looked at me like I was meant to control it?

  • at school i wish i was white because i always get bullied by white girls saying i poo in the toilet everyday.
    so now i have constipation most days.

  • The only reason I wanted to be white, was because I was tired of black girls at school making fun of my natural hair. They would always call it nappy or told me that I needed to put a perm in it. I would purposefully wear box braids for months, because I knew that once I took out and the humidity hit, it would make my hair poof up again. I liked how white people's hair was always straight. I also wanted to be Hispanic because the guys who I had a crush on liked Hispanic women. As I got older, I wanted to be more black. I would get made fun of for how I enunciated my words. People thought I was white by the way I spoke. Now that I'm in my adult years, I'm proud to be in the skin I'm in.

  • I'm actually white and these last few years I've been thinking "Damn I'll never be as beautiful as a black woman". You ladies are wonderful, your culture is amazing and yes, enviable.

    PS I'm not wishing to be black, I know you all go through things on the daily that I probably couldn't handle. I'm just saying non white people are incredibly attractive and so interesting and bad ass 🙂 Its awful what some societies put you through

  • Hearing these secrets makes me appreciate the way my parents raised me, the self love that they instilled in me. I love the skin I'm in!

  • Tell you what guys, love yourself for the way you are. We are all unique in every way. Different race, different gender, different religions, different DNA. It's amazing to know that you exist in this world filled with people you can be friends with. You are a specific person in this world with your own stories. Be happy with what you have and love yourself. You are so beautiful and people words shouldn't effect you. You are special. Be proud to have all these differences because you are important in this world and you are put here for a reason. 😊💕

  • All these comparison are to a white person. As if, they are the ultimate image of beauty. It's tragic because people of color are so incredibly gorgeous it's breathtaking.

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